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Toward the End of the Age…

The rhetoric in the Middle East ceases to go away, with Fatah Party leader, Abbas, calling for an “unofficial” boycott of all Israeli products. Madman Ahmadinejad continues his pompous tirade against Jews and Israel. More and more Muslims seemed poised for the next jihad, and the world is completely on edge, though trying to remain calm and approach life normally. With fears of a nuclear Iran, that becomes a near impossibility.

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Ahmadinejad Claims US Blocking Return of Mahdi, 12th Iman!

Ahmadenijad rants about the power that keeps Imam out of the public. He is of course attempting to turn the tide against the United States. That will happen anyway, just as sure as the world will turn against Christians.

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Islam Will Dominate

The sad fact of the matter is that even when no one says anything bad about Islam or Muhammad, Islamic extremists continue to rain terror down on people with suicide bomb missions, attacks by Taliban or Al Queda, or otherwise.

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