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May 13, 2010 at 5:26 PM 2 comments

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I have been considering the fact that the earth seems to be in a state of violent flux.  We’ve been experiencing earthquakes seemingly as never before (and no, I don’t have any facts to back that up, which is why I used the word “seemingly”), droughts, flooding, volcanoes and tornadic activity.

On top of this, crops are dying off before they’re harvested and there seems to be no real reason for this.  For the past how many years, we’ve been told that Global Warming is a major threat to ouro existence, but just recently, it was determined that this belief might be a stretch, to say the least.  In fact, unprecedented snowfall this past winter have left some areas of the world completely enveloped and not knowing what to do.

Jesus stated in Matthew 24, “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.  And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows,” (Matthew 24:5-8). 

Don’t worry, I’m not going to do any predicting at all.  I’m simply pointing us to a discourse in Scripture where it is clear that Jesus is speaking of a time when the world will seem to have gone crazy.  I am aware that Preterists, Covenant and Reformed people believe one thing about this passage of Scripture, while people like myself believe something else.  That’s fine.  I’m certainly not interested in debating the differences, which have been stated repeatedly, ad nauseum for years.  People are entitled to their beliefs about Scripture and that includes me.  So, if you’re reading this and you believe I am desperately wrong, that’s fine.  Don’t assume though that I am ready to enter into a discussion or debate with you about it.  I’m not.  There’s no point.  We’re both firm in our beliefs.

I did want to point out that Jesus’ words strike a chord with our world today, at least that’s my belief.  There has certainly been an increase in claims of messiahship from individuals or people who support them.  From Benjamin Creme’s indirect claim that Raj Patel is the man the world has been waiting for to release us from our captivity and to bring us to the next spiritual plane, to other individuals who also claim to be this last Maitreya, the world is hearing these claims from one end to the other.  Many are being deceived by these false prophets and false messiahs and many are found within the New Age movement, in one form or another.  Roughly 2,000 years ago, Jesus warned that toward the end, this would become what seems to be common place, with many vying for the title of Maitreya, or Imam, or Mahdi, the last wise man who will usher the world into an existence of unprecedented peace.

Jesus also pointed out that there will be wars and rumors of wars.  We could quickly lose count of how many wars there have been over the past 50 to 100 years throughout the world.  Dictators have risen to the heights with such speed that it makes your head spin, and been vanquished the same way.  Here today and gone tomorrow.  Yet, they continue to come.  The world saw the last of Saddam Hussein and his regime, including his sons, yet others step up to take his place in other parts of the world.  Does anyone doubt President Ahmadinejad’s hatred of Israel?  Only those with blinders.

The Middle East has been a hotbed of wars and rumors of wars for as long as I can remember and there seems to be no end in site.  One day, there is a good deal of posturing between Iran, Syria and other countries against Israel, and then things seem to calm down for a short period.  The rhetoric then heats up again to a near-alarming state, and still no nuclear warheads are shot off in the direction of Israel.  This does not mean that rockets are not continually being lobbed into Israel by surrounding nations, because in actuality, rocket launches have not stopped since before the Six-Day War of 1967.

The rhetoric in the Middle East ceases to go away, with Fatah Party leader, Abbas, calling for an “unofficial” boycott of all Israeli products.  Madman Ahmadinejad continues his pompous tirade against Jews and Israel.  More and more Muslims seemed poised for the next jihad, and the world is completely on edge, though trying to remain calm and approach life normally.  With fears of a nuclear Iran, that becomes a near impossibility.

In other portions of the world, one revolutionary army overthrows the government of a nation, only to be overthrown by another revolutionary army.  The tragedy of course is that the world is in a constant state of flux.  Terrorism came to the fore in a big way on September 11th, and remains with us.  They have become more brazen and we have seen how their efforts have allowed them to gain access into many levels of the United States. 

We have a president who remains tight-lipped about his actual birth location, ignoring the rumors about him, or treating them as a joke.  We have just found out that he is using a Social Security Card issued from the state of Connecticut, where he never reportedly worked, and it is also said that he has more than one Social Security Card that has been issued to him.  On top of this, our current administration is far more outwardly favorable to Arabs than to Jews.  In fact, just today I read that there is a growing backlash from Jewish communities against President Obama of whom they believe lied to them, only to be elected.  Many Jewish supporters gave large sums of money to his presidential campaign, based on his promises at that time, only to discover that there seemed to be little truth to those promises.

Gil Ronen reported today noted that, “If senior journalist David Goldman is right, the correct word for describing the way a growing number of US Jews feel about President Barack Obama is not ‘anger’ but ‘rage’ – white-hot rage, at that, and a conviction that they have been swindled.  Goldman, Senior Editor of First Things magazine and ‘Spengler’ columnist for Asia Times Online, spoke last week at a convention on intellectuals and terror at Ariel University in Samaria. In his lecture, he quoted a top Jewish campaign donor who used the word ‘sociopath’ to describe Obama. In an interview with Israel National News, he predicted a possibly dramatic ‘train wreck’ for the Democrats in the November mid-term elections, with Jewish fundraising for Democrats drying up and a possibly high turnout of anti-Obama evangelical Christians.” [1]

None of this seems to bother President Obama though.  In fact, though he promised he would not even consider raising taxes during his campaign, it appears that he will have to do this in order to sustain his health care program.  There is no way around it.  President Obama goes merrily along, determined it seems, to bring his plans, his will to fruition.  The only thing that will slow him down (apart from a supernatural intervention), is loss of Democratic seats in Congress later this year!  He will be forced to stop and listen, or at least appear as though he is listening.  He can then take the time to be pleasant, say “hi” to some Republican Senator’s “crew” (family) as if he really cares, when in fact, what he cares about is getting his agenda up and going.

Greece (along with other countries) are in deep financial trouble, having been Socialistic for generations.  They can no longer afford to do what they have done; provide handouts to their populace.  They are ready to go under and they are hoping the European Union can help them, but it is doubtful that the EU, even if they wanted to, would be able to provide enough help to Greece and the other countries that are lining up behind Greece.  How far behind them can the United States be, if we continue to adopt Socialistic policies that have been proven not to work?

Jan Markell notes, “Today Greece, tomorrow America. Debt and deficits are the gifts that keep on destroying! People do not willingly give up benefits, particularly if they have benefited from them for years or decades. Most people are self-focused. They often do not see the long-term damage being done due to these entitlements. And politicians don’t seem to think about the consequences either. They are busy buying votes that always come with hand-outs.” [2]

There are very strange things happening in the world today and have been for some time.  False messiahs, wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilences and earthquakes in various places.  Today – May 13th – so far, there have been 30 earthquakes throughout the world.  While most are below the 4.0 range, 13 are over that range, as high as 5.1.  The last two days have shown nearly the same number of slightly greater.  On the 9th, Indonesia experienced a 7.2 earthquake.  On the 6th, there was a 6.2 offshore Chile, on the 5th another Indonesian quake at 6.1, on the 3rd, a Japanese quake at 6.1, and so the list goes.  This may or may not seem like much to you, but that doesn’t really matter what you or I think of it.  What matters is what the earth is going through. 

Christ says these are the beginnings of sorrows.  Sorrows.  That describes it.  The earth,. the people, the Creation itself is in sorrow due to the curse that God placed on it thousands of years ago because of Adam’s sin.  The curse was actually to our benefit because it likely introduced the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, which means simply that things run down and stop.  People die, animals die, plants die.  The earth itself is dying and there is nothing humanity can do about it.  Maybe it is better to say that there is nothing humanity really wants to do about it.  Oh sure, we’ve got the Eco-friendly this or that, but in general, cultures still hate other cultures, people are just as distrustful today (if not moreso) of those outside their culture than in the past.  Man has not improved at all.  He has found a way to live longer, but he is not new and improved.  He is still corrupt and dying.

The people who believe that a messiah will be here to rectify wrongs are in for a huge surprise.  There will be a messiah, an individual who will take the reins to the earth promising to extricate it from its lowly and worn out position to a place of newness.  Believe will believe him, only to find out later that it is all a lie. 

The way things are turning out in the Middle East and countries not far away, seems to many as if the world is getting ready to observe Ezekiel 38-39 invasion, or the one from Psalm 83, or both.  It is difficult to know for certain.  One thing seems fairly certian though, and that is that countries in and around the Middle East are posturing for position and they are turning up the heat against Israel.  Only time will reveal how all of this will work out.

One of the other fascinating things that I recently read about happened this past December in Norway.  Apparently, a high energy beam was fired into the heavens from “the United States High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) radar facility in Ramfjordmoen, Norway.” [3]  Even though it was done in Norway, it is also reported that the United States was involved (hence the name of the facility).  If you stop and consider it, what possible problem could a high energy beam shot into the heavens cause?

According to more than one reporting agency, Norway succeeded in puncturing the sky with the 2.3 megawatt short wave signal.  That seems weird, doesn’t it?  How could anything puncture the sky, since it certainly appears as though the sky goes on forever?  If it actually did go on forever, then it would obviously be impossible to puncture it, but it looks as though scientist at the radar facility, did in fact, punch a hole in the atmosphere.  Why?  They were searching for inter-dimensional beings or interdimensional life.

The article in reference states, “To how catastrophic for our Planet this massive thermal inversion has been Anthony Nunan, an assistant general manager for risk management at Mitsubishi Corporation in Tokyo, is reporting today that the entire Northern Hemisphere is in winter chaos, with the greatest danger from this unprecedented Global event being the destruction of billions of dollars worth of crops in a World already nearing the end of its ability to feed its self. [4]

The ramifications are mindboggling, considering the fact that scientists are so concerned about it.  The article goes on to say “So powerful has this thermal inversion become that reports from the United States are stating that their critical crops of strawberries, oranges, and other fruits and vegetables grown in their Southern States, are being destroyed by record cold temperatures. The US is further reporting record amounts of snowfall in what they are now warning may be their worst winter in 25 years.” [5]  This article is from January 10, 2010.  You’ll recall that the big question of Global Warming was put to rest due to the unprecedented cold and snow during this past winter.  Did this short wave radio signal have anything to do with it?  Well, whether it did or did not, it could not have been good.

For those who have not heard of this event, nor seen the photos and video, here is a good link that shows both; pictures and video:

Folks, these are strange days, and they promise to get stranger.  Christians should not be taken in by the confusion because Jesus warned us. 




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[5] Ibid

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  • 1. modres  |  May 18, 2010 at 10:19 AM

    Would not be surprised. Thanks for your comment.


  • 2. knowledge is power  |  May 18, 2010 at 12:14 AM

    Raj Patel is being used as a mouthpiece for maitreya. Don’t be fooled by any of these smooth talking liars.


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