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Why Is Radical Islam Given a Pass?

We have people like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and too many others to list here who have spent their lives since the original 9/11 trying to educate people in America about the dangers of radical Islam. For their trouble, they are often maligned by the left and called bigots and worse by people who are either agents of Islam, or individuals who truly do not understand the framework in which radical Islamists think.

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Hating Islam? No, Hating Evil…

It will never cease to amaze me how often I (and other conservatives) are charged with propagating hatred toward Islam. It usually stems from people who understood little to nothing about Islam.

There IS a difference between Muslims whom we would consider to be militant, radical, or jihadist, to those whom we would consider to be moderate or even peaceful. The difference is seen outwardly in how Muslims from each group acts toward those outside Islam.

The big problem though is created because it becomes difficult at best sometimes to determine the underlying motivation of each Muslim. Some who have been seen as moderate all of a sudden come under arrest for planning an attempted act of jihad.

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Bill O’Reilly, the View, and Ignorance

If this world does not wake up, Islam will get what it is pushing to have. The idea that Islamic extremists can not only destroy two huge towers in NYC, along with the people inside and then push to have a mosque – a symbol of victory – built right alongside where the towers they destroyed once stood seems impossible to picture. Yet, it is happening in NYC and it will happen in other places in the United States.

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Islam: What is it and Who Started It?

What people are failing to see is that while Muslims certainly may have the right to practice their religion in this United States, they do not have the right to break the laws of this land in so doing. All 50 states have laws against husbands raping their wives. Apparently though, if you are Muslim and your religion teaches that women can never say “no” to a husband’s desire for sex, then you are exempt.

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Becoming a Christian May Mean Execution…if Muslims Have Their Way

This country was founded by right-wing extremists who above all things, wanted the citizens of America to be free from the tyranny of other countries. Islam wants to push the world back to the dark ages. Is that okay with you? If it is, you’re either Muslim, or just plain blind. I hope you wake up and soon.

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Islam Will Dominate

The sad fact of the matter is that even when no one says anything bad about Islam or Muhammad, Islamic extremists continue to rain terror down on people with suicide bomb missions, attacks by Taliban or Al Queda, or otherwise.

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