Why Is Radical Islam Given a Pass?

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I’ve read articles and books by many people who tell us that radical Islam has no intention of stopping until Islam rules the world. These people are routinely ignored by the left (could be due to the fact that many on the left also hate America) as if Islam poses no true threat to world peace and safety.

Why is this, since radical Muslims does not care whether their victims are conservative or liberal? You would think that liberals would speak out and you would also think that gays would speak out against the atrocities done to gay people in countries ruled by Sharia law. With the exception here and there, the left essentially turns a blind eye to all of it.

Recently, one such radical Islamist tweeted that Islam would not rest until the Islamic flag flew over the White House. He stated Sharia law is good for the world. This one particular Twitter member has over one thousand followers.

People like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and too many others to list here have spent their lives since the original 9/11 trying to educate people in America about the dangers of radical Islam. For their trouble, they are often maligned by the left who are either agents of Islam, or who truly do not understand the framework in which radical Islamists think.

Obama is soft on Islam, even when the rest of us know a terror event when we see one. Whether it’s Ft. Hood or Benghazi, Obama appears to be either in complete denial or he’s simply tongue-tied when it comes to calling out the extremist groups within Islam. Yet, neither he nor the DHS has difficulty calling Christianity and other “right-wing” extremists a problem here in the United States. When it comes to Islam though, he constantly warns us to not jump to conclusions.

There are many liberals who mirror Obama’s attitude toward Islam. Recently, a Michigan judge ruled that Muslim violence against Christians is acceptable if it offends Muslim beliefs and sensibilities. Essentially, Federal Judge Patrick J. Duggan dismissed a civil lawsuit brought by Christians against Muslims who had pelted them with rocks and urine. The judge stated, “The Court finds that the actual demonstration of violence here provided the requisite justification for [the Wayne County sheriffs’] intervention, even if the officials acted as they did because of the effect the speech had on the crowd.” Can you believe that?

Based on what the Christians did and said, the violent reaction by Muslims was excused by this federal judge. The ramifications of his ruling are scary. First, the judge ruled that the First Amendment should be curtailed in order to please people who might be offended by our freedom of expression. Second, the judge gave on “okay” to the way in which Muslims reacted. Violence was fine.

Does the judge realize then that if his ruling is upheld on appeal, it could lead to attacks on women?  If they are not “covered” while walking in a neighborhood known to be largely Islamic in nature, they could be raped or attacked.  By virtue of the fact that these women are uncovered, the judge then – to be consistent – would have to side with Muslims if the woman was attacked. A woman whose head is uncovered could easily offend radical Muslims.

The judge ruled in favor of Sharia law. Fortunately, the ruling is being appealed and will hopefully, be completely overturned.

Judge Patrick J. Duggan is said to be a conservative Democrat and was appointed by Ronald Reagan. He has an interesting history with race-preference cases. I’ve believed for a long time that it really does not matter who the president is because no one gets to that office without the approval and support of the global elite. In many ways, Reagan was a good president, however, the global elite still managed to get some things put in place for their own benefit.

In the case of Duggan, we are seeing the “benefits” of his appointment now. Obviously, the global elite must see radical Islam beneficial, or it would not be gaining ground. If for no other reason, radical Islam keeps the world on edge and off-balance. Because of the fear that radical Islam generates, governments restrict the way people live. We’re seeing it happen.

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