Alien Interviews with L.A. Marzulli

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This book is a fascinating read!  Absolutely a must for anyone who is interested in this area of the “supernatural,” and paranormal.  I have been studying and researching this field for quite some time and own many of the books written by people interviewed in Marzulli’s book.  I have – for the longest time – come to the conclusion that these aliens are nothing more than demons in disguise (sounds like Transformers to me, because they literally transform themselves into something they are not, in order to deceive).

There are many interviews in Marzulli’s book.  You will find interviews with abductees, researchers, non-believers and the like.  One interview with Dr. David Jacobs (The Threat), it is interesting to note that Jacobs’ research leads him to the conclusion that the alien phenomenon is real, and to him, it is scary.  Why?  Because he firmly believes that the aliens have been in the process of inter-breeding with humans for some time.  He believes that their end goal is to infiltrate and eventually take over planet earth.  The difficulty is that though among us, it is next to impossible to determine that they are non-human because of the way they look, carry themselves and communicate.  In fact, if one considers the fact that there are so many individuals within our society who are “weird,” then the reality of determining who is and who is not an alien, becomes an overwhelming, if not impossible task.

Now I realize of course, that this sounds exactly like “Men in Black,” and other movies in which the plot revolves around the fact that aliens have already infiltrated our society, and for the most part, live and look as we do.  Makes for a fun movie, but is that a reality for us?  Does this phenomenon exist?  To Dr. Jacobs, it is a reality.  He believes it firmly and makes no apologies for it.  Others of course, are not convinced that these are real aliens.

In Marzulli’s interview with Joe Jordan, he believes he has uncovered some extremely interesting data that is never discussed, nor is it brought to the surface in general.  He believes that the so-called breeding program is a smoke shield, a deception, which these “aliens” use to cover their real purpose.  He believes their purpose is much more malevolent.  In that sense, he agrees with Dr. Jacques Vallee, who “has gone on record stating that he believes these entities are interdimensional rather than extraterrestrial.” [1]

For instance, Jordan has found that people have been able to stop abductions.  How?  By calling on the name and authority of Jesus Christ.  He interviewed a man in the mid-90s who stated that while he was actually experiencing an attempted abduction, “he called out in the name and authority of Jesus Christ.  He immediately woke up startled in his bed.” [2]  In fact, he began to come across more and more individuals who stated the same thing.  Jordan also provided insight into this area by pointing out a number of things:

  • Christians who were devout, or solid in their faith never experienced any of this
  • Christians who were weak in the faith, or who did not evidence a strong walk with Jesus were succeptible
  • Children whose parents were involved in questionable and even occult practices were often the targets of these “aliens” for abduction

Ultimately, Jordan believes that “we are dealing with angels, fallen angels from biblical scripture.  There (sic) purpose is to cheat you out of your God-given promise of hope.  This is the conditioning program they are up to.  To take your eyes away from the one true God.” [3]

If we consider much of the evidence (or at least research) available regarding this area, we learn a number of things about these “aliens.”  When taken as a whole, I personally believe it tips their hat, and shows them for what they truly are; demons.  I also believe these demons are the result of the fallen angel/human intermingling that is hinted at in Genesis 6.  If they are the Nephilim, then it would appear that while their bodies can be destroyed (as in the Global Flood of Noah’s day), their spirits would continue to exist.  Since they are the unfortunate product of fallen angels (even though part human; e.g. their physical bodies), they are non-redeemable.  God’s salvation does not extend to them.  Until such a time that they are given the sentence of the second death (eternal separation from God in the Lake of Fire), these spirit entities simply roam the earth.  These demons are not devils (or fallen angels).  They do not necessarily fall into rank under Satan, yet obviously due his bidding.  What I mean by that is that these Nephilim are not the original fallen angels, who rebelled with Satan.  They are the product of the intermingling of the fallen angels with humans.  Because they are not able to be redeemed, then they fall under the same category as Satan and his “angels,” yet they did not choose to follow him in his original rebellion.  Unfortunately for them, since they exist in a fallen state, they too are under his influence.

I believe that these Nephilim are the demons of the New Testament and even of today.  In my research at least, there appears to be a growing incidence of demonic oppression, possession and havoc throughout the world.  Russia is a hotspot for it.

Regarding the “aliens” we hear so much about.  If as Dr. Vallee, Jordan and others believe, that they are interdimensional beings, as opposed to extraterrestrial beings, then this would explain a great deal.  In fact, it explains how Jesus in His resurrected form was able to do what He did (walk through walls, but still able to eat, etc.).  I’d like to be clear here though that Jesus Christ WAS and REMAINS God, the Son.  It could very well be THAT fact that allowed Him to walk through walls, and still eat.  However, I am inclined to think that this is not ONLY an attribute of deity, but of those in THAT particular dimension.  I am NOT at all trying to take anything away from God Himself.  There are an infinite number of things that beings in that dimension (including us when we arrive there) will NEVER be able to do, as God only does them.  However, the fact that Jesus did these things in His resurrected form may indicate something of the nature of beings within that dimension.

If we consider the fact that our world – earth – is governed by many physical laws.  We have gravity, physics, and a host of other things that make this world what it is now.  However, if the spirit realm is merely one or two dimensions away from us, then the spirits, which exist in that dimension are always near us, and are able to interact with our world.  Why?  Because it is highly doubtful that the laws, which govern our world govern theirs.  The laws of nature, laws of physics and other scientific laws are not needed in those other dimensions.

I’m sure we’ve all thought of what it will be like when we get to heaven.  Will we float or be able to glide through the air?  Will we eat?  If so, will we ever feel full?  What will we see?  How will we exist and in what form?  Obviously, Scripture tells us we will have bodies like the risen Lord, but we also do not know the details about that body.  If it is true that within that dimension of heaven, a new set of “physical” laws exist that will then apply to us, it makes sense that we will interact with God’s creation in a completely different way than we do now.  Our character and attributes will be more in line with the angelic realm, however we will be greater than the angels.

Because there is a good likelihood that the spirit beings within these other realms are not governed by our laws, then it is likely quite easy for them to manipulate things in our world.  When people speak of alien abductions, the question to ask is, is the abduction actually happening, or is it some grand illusion foisted upon the victim?  In the case of actual sightings of UFOs in the skies, could that also be an illusion on a similar grand scale?  In other words, if these aliens are in actuality, demons, they would not have to actually create anything physical at all, but merely create the illusion of it; an illusion so strong that the individual will firmly believe that it is actually happening and that they are awake, when in fact, they may be in a coma-like state experiencing that inner reality.

In one of the books I have (either Book of Jubilees, or Book of Enoch, or one of those; I can’t remember offhand), there is a narrative of Adam after he has been kicked out of the Garden of Eden.  One day, as he was busy taking care of his household, by gathering wood, etc., he glanced up and saw a beautiful woman standing in front of him (and it was not Eve).  The woman was nude and instantly tried to seduce him.  Interestingly enough, Adam cried out to God to be rescued (something he should have done in the Garden with the fruit), and God came to his aid.  The voice of God spoke to the woman and commanded Satan (for that is who it was) to reveal himself to Adam as he existed.  Satan was forced to do so and the form of the beautiful woman evaporated into Satan’s own form.  He looked at Adam with seething hatred.  Now, is this a true story?  Who knows.  In reality, it does not have to be, because the it obviously tells us that whoever wrote that narrative (whether true or not), was familiar with the fact that fallen angels (and Satan) can change the way they appear to humans.  Is it difficult for them?  I sincerely doubt it because of the fact that they exist in a completely different dimension than we do.  Even when they come into our realm, our laws do not apply to them because of the fact that they actually exist in their own dimension.

Marzulli’s book is a good one.  It highlights what I believe to be the power of Satanic deception at work today.  In fact, it is fascinating to understand how Satan is likely working today to achieve an artificial appearance in our world that is being more and more accepted by the masses.  He seeks to destroy faith in God by communicating through “aliens,” which are not aliens at all, but demons in disguise.  It stands to reason that this is the case, since the primary message of these entities is religious in nature.  Moreover, their messages always seek to downplay Jesus.  They always speak of Him as something much less than what He is in actuality.  In fact, the messages of these aliens is very much in line with the preponderance of New Age thought that has existed for decades, though has become more refined over those decades.

Satan is alive and well as the title of the book says and he is busy deceiving the entire world through aliens and UFOs.  More and more people believe that these ETs actually exist and they are here to “help” us improve, or to evolve to the next plane.  This is creating a major falling away from the faith because as Jordan said, it takes our eyes off of Jesus and the hope we have in Him, and puts our eyes on the aliens and the “hope” they promise to provide us.

Meanwhile, Christians are arguing about the timing of the Rapture, or if it is a real biblical doctrine at all.  This is nuts!  The deception is already HERE in the form of the New Age movement, which has made tremendous gains into the visible Church.  That version – the Emergent Church – is alive, well, and stealing people away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you are a Christian, you need to be armed with the Sword of the Lord and your faith solidly locked onto Jesus Christ.  You need to be in His Word and dedicated to prayer.  By the way, what if you HATE reading the Bible?  What?!  I know, no one likes to admit that, however, if truth be told, many of us would admit to finding the Bible at least boring at times.  If you find yourself there, then I have two suggestions for you to help you grow to love His Word:

  1. Pray
  2. Memorize Scripture

You see, Satan wants us AWAY from the Bible because he understand the power that it possesses.  I’m not talking about it being some magic trinket.  I’m talking about the fact that it is the very Word of God and as such, carries the weight and authority of God in it.  This, faith and prayer are the most powerful weapons the Christian has at his/her disposal.  If we go into battle without one or the other, we are sunk before we even begin.  We will have nothing for an offensive move, and will have to resort to being on the defense of the enemy’s onslaughts.  That makes no sense.

So, if you don’t like to read the Bible, then start memorizing it!  I guarantee that you will soon learn to LOVE His Word because those verse that you have memorized will begin speaking to your heart and prodding you to learn MORE from His Word.  In a previous Blog, I posted about memorizing Scripture.  Go back to that one and click on the link where you can download 101 Scripture verses.  Print them out on card stock (they are already formatted in Landscape mode with verses printed on them (in PDF format).  Put them on a round ring and take them wherever you go.  Hide the Word in your heart so that we will not sin against the Lord.

For anyone who would like to find out more about L.A. Marzulli and his books, you can find him here at his website:

[1] L. A. Marzulli, The Alien Interviews (Spiral of Life, 2009) 
[2] Ibid 
[3] Ibid

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  • 1. Mark  |  March 4, 2011 at 7:48 PM

    I’m proud of you. I happen to believe the same things as above, yes, but have experienced things of God as well as read about them. Inexplicable any other way.
    If you look up a doctor, Dr. Issam Nemeh, of Rocky River, Ohio, you would find him fascinating. Naysayers? Of course, you know to expect this. Par for course, just like you mentioned when you said the plan against us is to keep us from the Bible. I have been saying this to people out of my own humble opinion.
    Anyway, I have been to Dr. Nemeh, my father as well, who was a NASA engineer. Also, Dr. Nemeh cured the daughter of another engineer who then worked with Dr. Nemeh to provide physical, tangible results that when Dr. Nemeh prayed, the ‘energy’ was seen as modulated on a graph. This was a presentation to several hundred people at Mt. Zion Church. Also, during a conversation with Dr. Nemeh he mentioned a young boy who had was trying to remove himself from the occult, but couldn’t. They had taken over. So, while in the process of allowing the power of Christ to work through him, Dr. Nemeh told me that this ‘thing manifested itself to me, and it looked like, you know, an alien.’
    This is not a joke and I did not expect to be here, now, even on this computer. Dr. Nemeh is Syrian and an M.D. four times over, I believe. People fly from all over the country to see him.


    • 2. modres  |  March 6, 2011 at 4:17 PM

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for writing. I’ve not heard of the individual you mention and because of that, I removed the contact information for him. I will certainly check him out.


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