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Demons, Devils, and Exorcisms

I never want to downplay the dangers and power of the demonic. However, that power pales in comparison to the love, the riches, the freedom, and the salvation of Jesus Christ. True deliverance comes to the soul who gains his/her freedom from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light. That only happens through the gift of salvation. When salvation enters the soul, it comes in because of the Holy Spirit. Who would dare say that any demon can (or would) co-exist where the Holy Spirit dwells? That is nothing short of blasphemy.

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Demons in Disguise – Update!

The web of deceit carefully and meticulously laid out by these forces of darkness is incredible. They seem to have covered their bases. Of course, we know that they will never be able to cover them enough to rule out God’s sovereignty. Putting quite a few pieces of this puzzle together has led me to conclude a number of things that I had not considered previously.

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Alien Interviews with L.A. Marzulli

Marzulli’s book is a good one. It highlights what I believe to be the power of Satanic deception at work today. In fact, it is fascinating to understand how Satan is likely working today to achieve an artificial appearance in our world that is being more and more accepted by the masses.

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