Scientist Believes Alien Life Already on Earth

January 26, 2010 at 9:28 PM

For those of us who believe that aliens have been visiting this planet for some time, it’s always interesting to read of a scientist who likes to think the same thing.  Of course, when they think about it or consider it, then there is real merit apparently.  When the rest of us consider it, we’re weird, extravagant, senile, eccentric or whatever.  It takes a scientist to bring credibility to the area of Alienology, I guess.

One particular scientist has come to the defense of the belief in aliens, and has decided a number of things about aliens and life on earth.  You can read the entire article here:

Part of it states, “Paul Davies, an award-winning Arizona State University physicist…said Tuesday that life may have developed on Earth not once but several times.”

Davies further believes that these aliens exist in the form of tiny microbes, which live within some of us.  If you think about it, claiming that aliens could be here (either under or in our noses), is a pretty safe thing for a scientist to say.  Shucks, they won’t have to worry about being drummed out of the scientist core.  Since there is not a tremendous amount of knowledge of microbial science, then it is very possible that at least some alien life form exists in at least some of these microbes.  Why?  Because we cannot detect them, or see them, or in most cases, determine if they are present or not, so we do not want to discount it.

An Aside:
Funny though, isn’t it?  Science came to the conclusion a long time ago that God does not exist.  Why?  Because you cannot detect Him, or see Him, or in most cases determine if He is present or not so we automatically assume that He is not.  That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Getting back to aliens, once again, science, far from leading the way, is actually kilometers behind.  Most of us who have any interest in aliens at all have read everything that we can get our hands on and have come to our own conclusions.  We are well aware that for decades, people like Barbara Marciniak and “Raphael” have been receiving transmissions from these “aliens.”  For the most part, these aliens have been sharing with us the “good news,” not of Jesus Christ, but of “Elohim.”  Elohim is apparently the name they give themselves for the body of aliens that are said to have created life on earth.  Somehow humanity got their wires crossed and soon came to believe that Elohim was the all knowing, all powerful God that created all things, and when humanity in Adam and Eve fell, He became Man, while remaining God, dwelt among us, died a horribly painful and brutal death, shedding His blood for us.  Isn’t that something?

It absolutely amazes me that people will literally tune into some space transmission from someone who simply SAYS they have the truth, but these same folks look at the Bible and laugh.  I asked one person who emailed me a week and a half ago, when I talked about Monjoronson, WHY he was taking what he was being told by these beings verbatim?  Why was he ASSUMING that what he was being told was the TRUTH?

This same individual told me that he had gotten WAY past needing the Bible.  He no longer needs it because he currently receives what he needs by direct communication in some form, with Jesus.  Jesus appears in clouds to him, or comes to him in some other way, depending on the situation.

One of his many comments to me was that the Bible does not contain all of God, because God is so much bigger than the Bible (my paraphrase).  This is another DUH.  Of COURSE God is infinitely bigger than the Bible.  The Bible does NOT contain everything about God because it would take an infinite amount of books to accomplish that.  But that also assumes that he has gotten everything out of the Bible he could possibly get and no longer needs it.

However, what we DO have in the Bible, I firmly believe is what God wants us to know about Him now.  The rest we will spend eternity learning about when we get to heaven, for those who are going (and I hope to see you there).

When you take the time to study Alienology, you quickly find that almost all of these “transmissions” – and it does not even matter which alien entity is the source – are essentially all the same, which small variances here and there.

Instead of telling us how to eradicate AIDS, or cancer, or even the common cold, the messages from these aliens are ALWAYS religious in nature!  Imagine that.  They say they want us to improve, and continue evolving, yet they are extremely fearful for us and our future.  They say things need to be done so that we will not obliterate ourselves.  They say that we need to learn to get along and the quicker, the better.  Why?  Because as soon as we reach that necessary level, they will be able to reveal themselves to us.  That will undoubtedly occur and I guarantee that they will not be the size of a microbe either.

Are you aware that some of Marciniak’s received transmissions speak of a coming “Great Evacuation” in which upwards of 20 million people will be taken off this planet in the “twinkling of an eye” (this is the phrase they have used)?  I must have mentioned that to you before – or maybe I just wrote it one of my books – I can’t remember.

So, in far less than a second – poof! – 20 million people gone, just like that.  Wow, sounds like the Rapture that Paul speaks of, if you ask me.  The fact that these aliens need to actually inform people of this coming evacuation is amazing in and of itself and it also tips their hand.  By the way, this is what they are telling people firmly entrenched in the New Age movement, who are not church goers, and are not part of any established religion.  Even if they once were, they probably never studied Eschatology (study of End Times).  If they DID study Eschatology and all of this sounds familiar to them, they will come to believe that Christianity has messed it up and the aliens have it right.

Of course, the fact that the aliens need to share this inside information indicates that they KNOW that something like the Rapture will happen, and they are forewarning their followers so that WHEN it occurs, it will not take them by surprise.  This is all very fascinating.  But where is science in any of this?  On the wrong side of the tracks, as usual.

Another book I found online in the form of a PDF is interesting because it perports to showcase the information received by a Mrs. Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy.  MacElroy (now deceased), was a Senior Master Sergeant with the Women’s Air Force Medical Corp, of Ireland.  There is no reason to doubt MacElroy’s veracity that she received messages and transmissions from aliens over the years.  She put all of this into a journal, which Lawrence R. Spencer edited and published after she sent him all of her documentation and written materials.  Spencer himself notes that he cannot corrorborate anything MacElroy claims.  As far as Spencer is concerned, he views MacElroy’s work (titled “Alien Interview) with a jaundiced eye and as fiction. 

What I question is the believability of the aliens who transmitted their information to MacElroy.  IF the transmissions actually occurred, why are we to believe without question that the being sending the transmission is to be trusted?  This makes no sense, considering the fact that these very same “aliens” could well be the demons that were written of since Christ’s day to the present.  Why should we believe that these aliens are benevolent?  They have given us no good reason to do so.  They have not helped our society one iota.  In fact, what they have “revealed” turns out to be nothing more than New Age mysticism, which is only its current name.  It has been around since nealy the dawn of time, just ask Nimrod.

Jacques Vallee (known from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, as well as his work in the fields of astronomy), did not believe that these aliens were actually from other worlds, but were in actuality, simply from other dimensions.  In one interview, he states, “my own personal speculation which I could not prove is that the phenomenon (alienology – author) represents a form of consciousness that is nonhuman.” [1]  The more Vallee studied these extra-terrestrials, the more he concluded that they were not aliens and that they were literally up to no good at all!  Isn’t this what demons do and how they operate?  They live, according to the Bible, in other dimensions, but can affect ours.  They are never that far away.  How difficult would it be for them to create dramatic sightings of weird-looking ships in the sky, if they exist in another dimension, which is more powerful than the dimensions in which we live?  It is clear from the Bible alone that these demons can inhabit and take people over.  They are extremely strong and they can manipulate things in our world without even touching them.

In the same interview, Vallee noted, “In Confrontations (one of his books – author) we report on a trip Janine and I took to Brazil where there seemed to be evidence of UFO hostility. Objects would literally zap people with beams. In several cases it seemed that it killed them. It certainly injured them. We couldn’t really prove a direct cause-and effect relationship in the cases of death, but there was a cause-and-effect relationship in the cases of injuries. People were, in fact, injured by those beams.” [2]

You know, when I read these things (and by the way, Vallee was not an idiot by any stretch), I picture demonic activity, and it reminds me of what times will be like during the Tribulation, as we read in Revelation.  There, we get a small glimpse into the coming apocalyptic period of seven years, in which the gates of hell will literally open, emptying its demonic hoards onto the earth and its denizens. 

Funny how Christians and non-Christians alike can argue about the Bible, and the meaning of many passages related to the End Times.  While we are arguing, demons continue their work, from their dimension and reaching into ours, either lulling people into sleep, entertaining them with the filth that pours out of Hollywood, or mystifying them with demons assigned the task of impersonating aliens.  In all cases, they create what people want to see, and so people become completely deceived.

The truth of the matter is that all of us are literally (and always) one breath away from death all the time.  Death for all of us is ever imminent.  Go ahead and try to argue that away, but you can’t. 

Christian: we need to be evanglizing the lost.  We need to be sharing with people about Christ, helping them to realize that they have a need and that need can only be found in Christ’s redemptive work.

The more I study God’s Word, and the more I realize what is going on around me in the world, and the more I understand the need to share Christ with as many people as possible.  People need the Lord and they need Him today.

[2] ibid

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