Thomas Ricks and His Arrogance

November 30, 2012 at 1:46 PM

I saw the video – and probably so did you – where Thomas Ricks was on the FOX News channel to discuss the Benghazi implications.  He quickly took the time to twice castigate FOX for “politicizing” the Benghazi situation.  He was roundly cut off and the interview ended.  By the way, sorry ahead of time that this is a bit longer than previous articles of late.  I’ve been trying to keep the length manageable, but got on my soapbox with this one and didn’t know when to quit! 🙂

Before it ended though, he got off a few shots with respect to the Benghazi situation.  He pointed out that no one cared when contractors were killed and no one reported on it.  But here was FOX News reporting on a story that could make Mr. Obama and his administration look bad if true.  To me, it appeared as if he was smirking while he made the statements.  You can watch the video here:

Now, the interesting thing is that of course, liberals gloated over how Ricks had become their hero because of the way he slapped FOX News around.  Of course, what Ricks doesn’t seem to realize is that there is a HUGE difference between contractors and U.S. Ambassadors.  Contractors go to a foreign country of their own free will, they are normally there to help rebuild an infrastructure and they can certainly leave when they want to do so.  In other words, they are there – often – as a result of their own enterprise, not because the government has “stationed” them there in some foreign country.  They do what they do at their own risk and if they encounter problems, they are basically on their own.  This is why many contracting companies employ their own forms of armed security because they don’t want to take chances and they know that they cannot depend upon the U.S. government to “send in the marines” when things get bad.

This is absolutely not the case (or should not be) with respect to statesmen serving the U.S. in a diplomatic capacity in foreign nations.  Ricks of all people should know that.  After all, he has won a Pulitzer Prize for his journalism and he was educated at Yale.  But maybe logic was not really his forte.

The Benghazi situation is interesting because of what we do not know.  The Obama administration has been closed mouth about it and attempts to sound tough in a press conference when people question the role of Ambassador Susan Rice.  The truth is that the American people do not know the half of it, or we should take as truth what our government is now telling us about it.  By the way, I’m not trying to hammer the Obama administration here.  I’m simply using the Benghazi situation as a point of reference.  If Mr. Obama or his administration is guilty of attempting to hide the truth, it is not hidden from God and that plays true of every presidency before Mr. Obama’s as well.

I cannot imagine the pressure of being president, frankly.  I don’t see how a person can get to that position without having to be in debt to a lot of people and groups.  That alone creates a situation where moral slippage can easily occur for anyone.

You know, the most appalling thing here is that we can go back over the decades with each presidential administration and find places where things were not as they appeared.  The American people have been often sold a bill of goods.  With Richard Nixon, he claimed he was “not a crook,” but it turns out, he was and was forced to resign because of it.  Ford became president, promptly pardoning Nixon and looking like he was in collusion with him for it.

When it came time for Ford to be re-elected, he lost to Jimmy Carter, who so abysmally handled the economy and the Iranian hostage crisis that people said no on re-electing him as well.  Then we have Ronald Reagan, who is probably the most loved president in modern history for conservatives.

Then it goes to Bush, Sr., Clinton, then Bush, Jr.  Now we have Mr. Obama.  In each of these administrations, problems existed.  Reagan was terrible at the certain aspects of foreign policy, especially with the Lebanon situation and the peace in the Middle East.  But really, has anyone had any luck there?  No, and they won’t until Mr. Antichrist shows up to broker a peace treaty.

We are all aware of Clinton’s sexual proclivities that brought charges of impeachment down onto his head, yet he survived.  It must have been seriously embarrassing though, don’t you think?  After reading several accounts of what transpired between Clinton and Lewinsky, you just have to wonder.

Of course, we can’t forget Bush Jr.’s problems.  In fact, one website lists 99 big problems related to the Bush Jr administration.  Are they all true?  Not sure as I have not taken the time to read all 99 of them, but obviously someone believes they are and to be fair, Bush Jr. did not leave the Oval Office with this country being in top-notch shape.

We are now dealing with several issues within the Obama administration that he wants to run from or sweep under the carpet.  I can’t blame him frankly.  IF he has done criminally negligent things, why wouldn’t he want to avoid being prosecuted for them?  But focusing on Benghazi for a moment, let’s just say that this event, added to all the other events and scenarios of past presidencies from both sides of the aisle confirms to me that our government cannot be trusted at all.  That is tragic and it did not happen over night.  It has been building for decades, if not generations.

What has been the biggest change though in recent years?  The Internet for one and the ability given to every individual who has a camera with a phone in it to be an instant reporter.  This was not the case several decades ago.  The game has changed because while the mainstream media – all of them, including FOX – can distort facts, ignore them, or simply present one side of the story, that has become extremely difficult to hide when you have things like and other places on the ‘Net that allows people to speak about their concerns and add pictures and/or video to their articles and reports.

Of course, the thing that we all need to be aware of – myself included – is that every one of us comes at an event from a different perspective.  None of us are exempt from being one-sided or given to presenting only part of the facts.

My difficulty is that it is nearly impossible for me to hear what the government is telling me and immediately believe it to be the truth.  Being lied to by representatives from various administrations – both Democrat and Republican – over the years will do that to you.

I tried getting this point across to the Republic National Committee twice in the past week when they called to beg for money.  I simply don’t want to give anymore money to them.  I’m taking a wait and see attitude to what develops.  They have to earn my respect back and they are not really even on that path yet.  We’ll see what happens.

Do you ever wonder what really happened in wars way back when, in the 40s or the 60s?  Whether it was WWII or Vietnam, you have to at least be curious about what we would know about those wars if soldiers had phones that enabled them to take pictures and video.  I think our understanding of those wars would probably be a lot different.

I think the Obama administration understands that as well, which is why they moved to make the visual images from the drone surveillance feeds classified as Top Secret.  Most of us will never really know what they saw and how it affected their decision-making for that event.

But for Thomas Ricks or anyone to go on any news show and say that either that news program or the GOP or someone else is politicizing the issue smacks of demagoguery.  We should be able to ask questions and when things do not appear to make sense, we should be allowed to ask more questions.  Instead, people who push for information are called racists, or bigots (or both).  This is simply misdirection at work.

What happened in Benghazi?  I have my suspicions and unfortunately, it involves gun-running (like another program that this administration is under fire for being involved in) and regional conflicts in that part of the world.  Who is doing what to whom and why does it appear as though guns and military-grade weaponry is possibly being funneled into the hands of the insurgents?  Does it have anything to do with Russia, Syria, and Saudi Arabia?  It could.

But more importantly to me – and I’ve written about this before – it simply seems that Mr. Obama’s presidency has been bought and paid for and if so, that should cause us to ask why and by whom?  There has to be a reason, if this is true, right?

He is certainly not helping the American economy and continues to blame Bush.  Yet, Bush is not the one who just recently cut the money to the Pell Grant system (by roughly 35%) that will affect college students seeking help paying for their tuition.  He’s the one who has created Obamacare that will add roughly 20 taxes to Middle Class families.  How are these things Bush’s fault?

So if he is not helping the American economy, what is he doing?  I think we need to stop and focus on this question.  Where is Mr. Obama putting most of the taxpayer dollars to work?  It is not here in America.  It is oversees.  Why?  That is where the answer is if we are willing to look for it.

Now, in the end, even if we find out the true answer, where will we be?  We will be in a position to know the truth.  So what?  Then what do we do?  I’m not sure the average person can actually do anything.  So, maybe it’s better to not know the truth and just go through life pretending that everything here in America is hunky dory.

It’s probably safe to say that the more we know about our government, the less we will like it.  Of course, the other argument is that the less we know about our government means the more there is to potentially hurt us.  Seems to be a no-win situation, doesn’t it?

Nope.  Not to me.  Government corruption has been around since the dawn of time, folks!  Read the Bible.  How many kings of Israel and Judah were fully corrupt and abysmal when it came time to leading the nation of Israel toward God and His decrees?  Precious few.

How many kings, political rulers and leaders in all of history were completely above-board and had the full trust of the people they governed?  Precious few.

Our current government is – in my opinion – arranged by powerful people from overseas.  Mr. Obama was installed as president to provide favors and support for their agendas.  Forget about the birther issue.  Forget about potential voter fraud.

Benghazi could very well be the key that opens the door to what really motivates the Obama administration.  It definitely seems to be tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and I’ve discussed that at length previously.  So the question to ask is who benefits from the position Mr. Obama has taken with respect to Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood?  It is the people behind the Muslim Brotherhood and that may well be the Saudi family that very likely paid for Mr. Obama’s education and created him into the Manchurian Candidate that he is today.

To me, the possibilities are absolutely hilarious, yet at the same time, very calculating and ironic.  Somehow, over the decades, very rich and powerful people got hold of our democratic process and literally inserted a person of their choosing into the process in order to have someone in place who would simply be their puppet.  If true, the most frustrating thing is that these powerful individuals are not even Americans!

You’ll have to forgive the rant.  I know some reading this are probably thinking I’m looney-tunes, but the truth of the matter is that if you really do some digging about Benghazi, or any other events that took place in our Federal government that appeared to change the direction of things, there may well be a connection that will ultimately lead to the revealing of the Antichrist himself.  Whoo-hah! (as Al Pacino’s character would gruffly yell in the movie, The Scent of a Woman).  If it didn’t sound so absurd, it would be terribly funny.

Yet, I am encouraged.  Yep, encouraged.  I still believe that God is in control of all outcomes.  In the end, God gets the job done His way.

Look at Joseph.  In Genesis, Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers who have not seen him in nearly 20 years!  Of course, they are absolutely shocked into silence.  They do not know what to say, so they say nothing.

Joseph tries to draw them out and tells them he has forgiven them.  They don’t believe it and after their father Jacob has died, they again plead with Joseph not to harm them.  This brings Joseph to tears because he has forgiven them but they just don’t believe it.

Finally, Joseph says that what they did was absolutely evil and meant it for that.  But God meant it for good!  Is that awesome or what?

So whatever we learn about how our “elected” officials act, God has promised to use every bit of their evil actions for His glorious good!  That is the truth that Christians need to understand!  We need to praise God for His purposes and His ability to take what others mean for evil and use them for His good pleasure!  What an absolutely amazing God we serve!

Not only is He never taken by surprise at the ways in which humanity can concoct evil, but He guides it so that the end result is used for His glory.  Don’t ask me how, because I don’t know, but Paul tells us that in everything we should give thanks because this is God’s will concerning us (cf. 1 Thessalonians 5:18).  Paul does not qualify that by saying, to praise God for most things.  He says everything or all things.

Make no mistake, this defines our God who is in perfect control of all things so that the outcomes of every event bring Him glory.  It is very difficult for us to see and realize because we do not see the entire picture, do we?  We see what happens and how often it appears that crime goes unpunished and evil gets away with evil.  We are not at the end yet.  We have not arrived to the point where God has worked every event out for His glory, but we can be assured that He will do that.

Reading about Benghazi or some of the other events that have transpired under this administration or another simply prove to us that many of our elected officials do not believe they answer to God.  In most cases, they don’t even think they answer to the people who are alleged to have elected them.  Their actions have not gone unnoticed by God, though they fully believe that they have pulled the wool over our eyes.

I posted an article earlier today that has two links in it purporting to portray the actual events of Benghazi and what really happened, from the perspective of an “intelligence insider.”  Did things happen that way?  Did the events leading up to Benghazi unfold in that manner?

For me, the intelligence insider has great credibility.  People like Thomas Ricks don’t.  Ricks seems to be more interested in misdirection through his baseless accusations.  A U.S. Ambassador died, needlessly, yet Ricks and others like him are willing to say “that happens” and press us to move on.  Can we at least try to remember that a U.S. Ambassador is dead?  It’s not as simple as Ricks would like us to believe and if he was as half-intelligent as his resume declares, he knows that it is not as simple as that.

Instead of allowing and even encouraging an intelligent discussion, Ricks wants to obfuscate through misdirection and name-calling.  It’s a favorite tactic of someone who wants to hide truth.  We’ll probably all done it.

In fact, I remember when I was in 7th grade, just after the Stone Age, one of the practices of young me during that time was to spit whenever we could; normally every 5 to 10 feet.  We thought it made us look tough.  It was kind of like smoking but without the potential health risks and cost associated with it.

So one day at school, I was walking in the halls to class with my friend and we were doing our usual spitting.  Unfortunately, one of my spittoons clipped the arm of a tough character who could have easily chewed me up and spit me out.  I realized my mistake immediately and kept walking at a slightly faster pace.

He called out and I froze.  He walked over to me and said, “You spit on me!” and showed me the proof on his arm.  Well, I had three choices.  I could run which would immediately mean that I had spit on him and he would eventually catch up with me.  I could also collapse into a heap of self-regret and tears, begging him not to kill me.  Finally, I could act dumb.  I chose the last one and simply said as boldly as possible, “Right, like I would spit on you!”  It was a huge risk, but it worked.

He looked at me not quite so sure of himself and I could see the question forming on his face.  That caused me to keep it up, denying I had spit on him without actually saying that I not spit on him (which would have been a direct lie).  I recall saying something like, “Look man, why do you think I spit on you?”  Again, he pointed to the spit on his arm.

I just stood there and eventually, he turned and left.  I hustled myself into the nearest bathroom to change my underwear.  The truth was that I had accidentally spit on him, but I didn’t think he would appreciate the difference between accidentally doing something or intentionally doing it, so I let him think he was wrong without me acting saying that I had not done it.  It was misdirection and it worked.

This is what people like Thomas Ricks do.  They use misdirection to change the way things are perceived and those who already believe that FOX lies are ready to take Ricks, raise him to their shoulders and cheer loudly.  They don’t see that Ricks was not using real logic at all, but simply sounded like he was using it by accusing FOX of politicizing a situation that could very well be a complete cover up by this administration.  People don’t care about that though if they already believe FOX simply makes things up as they go.

In the end, what do we have?  We have opinions.  Some will read the articles associated with the links I provided earlier and go, “What a bunch of garbage!” while others will go, “Makes sense to me!”

But in the end, we must start with this question:  do you trust our government?  If you do, what are your reasons for doing so and if you don’t, why not?  This is where everything starts.  It will determine where you stand on various situations related to the way our government works.

It’s nice to have some answers, isn’t it?  We all like to feel that we have looked behind the curtain to see what’s really been going on.  Trouble is, when it comes to government and humanity, we can never really be 100% sure.

That’s the difference between man and God.  With man, we will always have doubts.  With God, He lays it out for us and gives it to us straight.  He is God!  No one will ever successfully stand against Him!  It’s fine to learn how corrupt our government is, but we cannot allow that to be our sole focus.  It should always bring us back to how perfectly just and holy our great God is because the difference is absolutely stark!

Praise God from whom all blessing flows.  Praise Him all creatures here below.  Praise Him above ye heavenly host.  Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Amen.

Praise Him because He is in control.  Praise Him because he rules over all things.  Praise Him that He continues to be patient, extending His lovingkindness to all on the earth – evil and righteous.  Praise Him because He continues to hold out the invitation for each person to receive salvation from His hand.

Praise Him for He is God.

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