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Conjecture vs. Conspiracy

There are many conspiracy theories in life that take the form of aliens getting ready to take over the earth and are currently living among us as Reptilians. Because of sound and light vibrations they emit, are able to cloak their native alien skin in something that appears to us to be far more human.

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Agenda 21 and the Loss of U.S. Sovereignty

When you consider all of the things that Mr. Obama has made happen since he became president, one has to wonder what will become of it? I’ve talked about this as have many others; that the overarching goal seems to be a world that is effectively run by the UN, which then will have sovereignty over all nations. Of course, we need to remember that eventually, there will be a one-world government that will control all nations. The way it appears now is that over time, the UN will be given greater and greater power to establish itself as the vehicle through which the world is forced to conform.

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Our Lord and Savior? Really?

Many people in Hollywood often make asinine of statements and whether they are simply trying to make a joke or attempting to be taken seriously doesn’t seem to matter. Most, when they are off-script, cannot put two cohesive sentences together, try as they might.

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The Men Who Would Be Kings

There appear to be many similarities between President Morsi of Egypt and the desires of a certain president of the United States. It seems that both wish to have autonomy that can be challenged by none.

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Mr. Obama’s Committment to America

Ever since Mr. Obama was installed in 2008, he seems committed to three goals: 1) destroying America’s economy, 2) moving America toward national (read global) socialism, and 3) empowering the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Did the U.S. Empower Morsi?

Recent events in Egypt have indicated that something happened to swell Egyptian President Morsi’s head and his bid for nearly absolute power over Egyptian people. What happened?

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What People Do Not Realize…

What people do not realize is that the Muslim Brotherhood is being thoroughly used by the global elite to advance their goals. A number of months ago – and I’ve noted this before – the one question that nagged at me continuously was why was the Muslim Brotherhood constantly being allowed to do what they do with the seeming approval of most leaders throughout the world? The reason became obvious after reading more articles by Dr. Dennis Cuddy and others.

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