Did the U.S. Empower Morsi?

November 24, 2012 at 12:11 PM 1 comment

Recent events in Egypt have indicated that something happened to swell Egyptian President Morsi’s head and his bid for nearly absolute power over Egyptian people.  What happened?

Last we heard Hillary Clinton flew to the Middle East to help resolve the fighting between Hamas terrorist forces and Israel.  For some reason, she went to Morsi and – as noted in my previous article – “sponsored” the resultant cease-fire.  Why would Morsi do this since he has sworn to eliminate the greatest enemy to Islam, the Jews and their state of Israel?  It doesn’t really make sense to me.  Of course, we see the surface of things and we have to judge on that basis.

You’ll recall in my previous article, I spoke of the elite’s need for the Muslim Brotherhood.  As far as the elite are concerned, they find the Muslim Brotherhood to be a thing of beauty simply because it plays into the elite’s hands quite nicely.  The Muslim Brotherhood is ready, able, and willing to sponsor as much terror, death, and mayhem as necessary in order to deal with their Zionist enemies.

Yet, Morsi is seen internationally as someone who joined the photo-op in order to help the situation, so our State Department here in the U.S. is seen as actually working with Morsi to help create a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel.  This works out to Morsi’s advantage because it makes him appear as someone who truly wants the nations surrounding Israel to be at peace with Israel.

However, just one day after a cease-fire was achieved (with the help of Morsi sponsoring it), Morsi made a true grab for absolute power in Egypt and to date, no one in our government has come out to condemn his actions.  As noted previously, the UN came out stating their major concern over Morsi’s power grab, but not a peep from our own government.

So what did President Morsi do that has caused such concern from the UN and fervor from Egyptians, including Egypt’s highest body of judges?  President Morsi simply declared that his decision were above judicial review.  In other words, according to Morsi, he has turned himself into a modern-day Pharaoh where his word is final and absolute.  In essence, as many of us feared would be the result of the Muslim Brotherhood gaining power in Egypt, Morsi has decreed that whatever he decides becomes the law in Egypt.

In this case, there is no need for a body of judges to determine the legality of any law that Morsi decides to enact.  Of course, it goes without saying that this move by Morsi is the furthest thing from Democracy that can be hoped for in any nation.

The edicts Morsi issued mean that no judicial body can dissolve the upper house of parliament or the current assembly writing the new constitution, which are also both led by the Brotherhood. Supporters of Morsi feared that court might in fact dissolve one of these bodies, further postponing Egypt’s transition under the aegis of a new constitution.” [1]

President Morsi holds executive and legislative authority and did so for the latter when he dissolved the existing parliament when he took power.  By issuing the decree regarding the weight of his edicts against judicial review, he has effectively created a government where he is the absolute ruler.  We know without doubt that because Morsi is part of the Muslim Brotherhood and has their support, any new constitution for Egypt will involve Sharia law.

Since the edict presented by Morsi, there has been a backlash.  “Egyptian judges and prosecutors struck back on Saturday against an edict by President Mohamed Morsi that gave him unchecked authority without judicial review, vowing to challenge his decree in court and reportedly going on strike in Alexandria.” [2]

Because of all that Morsi has done and is attempting to do and with the complete silence of the United States, it appears that the U.S. is standing back and allowing Morsi to do what he needs to do.  Could the U.S. even be helping Morsi behind the scenes?  Knowing what we know about how the CIA has worked in the past, this is completely possible.

Again though, we must ask the question regarding why this is happening?  Why is the U.S. seemingly silent and why is Morsi making this very strategic albeit dangerous move for Egypt?  It all goes back to the needs of the global elite as we discussed previously.

The global elite are using the Muslim Brotherhood because they both have the same goals, yet for different purposes.  Since the Muslim Brotherhood has no qualms of stooping to any level to achieve their goals, they have become a tremendous source for the elite.  In effect, the Muslim Brotherhood is the foot soldier for the elite, bringing the goals of both organizations to conclusion.

Once the Muslim Brotherhood is able to achieve what they want to achieve with respect to Israel and the Jews, it will be extremely easy for the elite to sweep the Muslim Brotherhood aside and take the game over from that point onward.  It is very doubtful that the elite rely only or even mainly on the Muslim Brotherhood, though in this instance, they are very valuable to the elite.

But why is there this push for Morsi to have supreme dominance over all of Egypt?  It is simple and pragmatic.  Once Morsi becomes the dictator he envisions himself to be, Sharia law will be fully implemented throughout Egypt.  Once that is accomplished, people will be ruled with force.  Stepping out of line will mean prison and/or death.  Egypt will become what Iraq was before the Butcher of Bagdad’s regime was toppled.

This is what the elite wants and needs as I’ve discussed.  The more the region becomes governed by the Muslim Brotherhood, the greater will be the Brotherhood’s power.  They will then continue to add more nations to their regime, even though those nations may still appear to be separate and unique, governed by a person or body.  Ultimately though, that person or body will be part of the Muslim Brotherhood, so it will be as if the Muslim Brotherhood controls all of those nations.

This is why one nation after another needs to be toppled.  George W. Bush went in and took out Saddam Hussein.  Since that time and currently, a man by the name of Jalal Talabani has become president and things are not good in Iraq now.

Just a few months ago, the world learned that Mr. Obama “had tried to convince Iraqi President Jalal Talibani to relinquish his position for Iyad Allawi to take his place, after the Iraqi elections that Allawi won by a slim margin over Nuri al-Maliki, yet the latter still became Prime Minister.” [3]

This tells us that the Obama administration (and likely the global elite) does not support Talabani.  Because of this, we can be assured of further degradation in Iraq.  Now that troops have been pulled out, some report that Iraq “is less stable domestically and less reliable internationally than the United States had envisioned.” [4]

Though Mr. Obama wanted Ayad Allawi to replace President Talabani, the latter did not go for that deal.  It seems that with Allawi in place, he likely would have continued as a puppet for the United States, as many believe he has been.

Even though Allawi has been tied to Sunnis, many of them believed his overtures to them were merely covering the fact that he had ulterior motives.  Ultimately, I believe that the Obama administration (under orders from the elite) want someone as head of Iraq and all the nations in that region, to be firmly connected with the Muslim Brotherhood.  It will allow for greater movement by the elite within those nations in their attempts to take over Israel and Jerusalem.

What is very interesting to me is that the global elite wants and needs to control Jerusalem because of the coming new world order that is in the making.  They believe once they are able to establish this new world order in which they control all people on this earth, their own god – Lucifer – will be able to step physically onto this planet and rule it!  This is their ultimate goal that they have been working toward for generations.

I believe that this is the reason Satan has granted them as much power and wealth as they have gained and kept within their own families as they have worked together as the global elite.  They don’t really plan on sharing that wealth or power with anyone who is truly not of their ranks.  This is why it is unfortunately sad and humorous at the same time that we see so many people like Mr. Obama, Gov. Christie and all the liberal democrats in our government and throughout the United States working so hard to give the global elite what they want.

In the end, the average person will get little to nothing.  Those who have merely been puppets of the global elite may not even be kept around.  This is obviously something that these people do not consider and unfortunately, it seems like the average American who believes that Mr. Obama is doing what is best for this country, simply fails to see the big picture because their eyes are on themselves.  As long as they benefit, things are great.  But that will not last long and once the global elite get what they want, life will become what it became under every regime governed by socialism or communism.  The individual loses his/her complete identity in favor of the state.  In this case, the state will be clearly represented by the global elite.
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What People Do Not Realize… Mr. Obama’s Committment to America

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  • 1. Deacon Dan aka Daniel Webster Lowell  |  November 25, 2012 at 4:27 AM

    I remember my mom telling me I would be judged by the company I kept. America ( the not a christian nation ) has a new friend. The Pharaoh. Is this company we want to keep?

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