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Facts and Figures on Voter Fraud

This is certainly a hot button issue for many people. Those who supported Mr. Obama’s bid for a second term see absolutely nothing amiss with the voting that took place across America. Others that do not support him believe that voter fraud was very much part of the picture. These folks are essentially relegated to the “sour grapes” part of the auditorium.

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The Growing Threat to Israel

I have to admit that I am a bit dumbfounded that there are so many people within Christendom who actually believe that Israel is the reason for the problems in the Middle East. These individuals do not believe that Israel should be supported and that God has nothing to do with that nation.

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We Cannot Afford to Focus on Symptoms

There are a good many people crying about the alleged voter fraud that took place with our last round of elections. In one case, Allen West, who ultimately lost his bid at re-election, faced an uphill battle regarding the voting process. It was reported that in one particular precinct there are 7 voters, yet West’s challenger received 100.

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Using the Muslim Brotherhood to Change Society

Since embarking on a path of research regarding the changes that are happening in society, a number of my questions have been answered. Probably the most annoying question that seemed to kick at the side of my head was why this particular administration has seemed completely blind to the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is so against basic freedoms. I mean, seriously, could the Obama administration be that stupid? Obviously not. Something else is going on here.

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Buying a President

Watched a few episodes of the new History Channel series titled, “Men Who Built America” last evening and realized how interesting they were for any numbers of reasons. First, I enjoy learning about history immensely. Always have. Second, much of what I learned from this series confirmed aspects of what I’ve recently read from Dr. Dennis Cuddy with respect to the developments in this country involving Carnegie, Ford, Morgan, and Rockefeller.

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The Revival of the Nazi Plan

Dr. Dennis Cuddy states, “…For some reason, most people do not seem to take [the secret Nazi plan for today] seriously, saying those Nazis from World War II are dead or too old to pose a real threat. They miss the importance of [Sumner] Welles’ statement [from the book The Time for Decision (1944)] that the German General Staff ‘made detailed plans for a later renewal of its attempt to dominate the world… when the favorable moment arrives… perhaps two generations from now,’ which means the plan had to include succession.”

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Summarizing Before We Delve into the Secret Plan

What is most interesting to me as I have been reading through many of Dr. Dennis Cuddy’s articles and summarizing or commenting on them here, is the way in which he takes concepts that many people use as a firebrand to gather people to themselves so that they will also get swept up in the conspiratorial nature of the subjects he discusses, yet he himself does not do this. I applaud him for that. I’ve read books by any numbers of people who believe in all types of conspiracies. I’ve watched their videos as well. They appear to me to be so out there that I find it difficult that they could reign themselves in even if they wanted to do that.

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