Using Misdirection to Achieve Direction

November 10, 2012 at 9:48 AM

You’ll notice that since the re-election of Mr. Obama, things have gone downhill fast.  The day after the election, stocks tumbled and the dollar took a huge hit against the Euro.  We’ve also noted that many companies have announced layoffs, again, something that was not noted until after the election.  Beyond this, Mr. Obama has just announced that he is closing 1.6 million acres of land so that it cannot be drilled for oil.  We have also learned that there are at least seven new taxes that will hit the Middle Class who earn less than $250,000/year.

What has happened?  I thought that Mr. Obama was going to help us become far more energy efficient?  He is, in the area of wind and solar energy.  But he also promised to not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250k.  What has gone wrong?  Nothing.  He was lying because that’s what the PE wanted him to do in order to retain the presidency.  He is not the first president to lie and will not be the last.

Think back to 1913 in history when the personal income tax began.  This tax – under then President Woodrow Wilson (considered to be a progressive of his time), was meant as a temporary tax, solely to help the war effort.  As is often the case with government, unfortunately for Americans, once enacted, it eventually became permanent.

But if we go back even further in America’s history, we note that the income tax itself began under President Lincoln in 1862 and during that same year, the department we all know and love as the IRS was created.  The PE has long had control of what happens in this country and they are loathe to give up that power.

So between the coming Obamacare that is being rolled out in stages (more will apply in 2013 and more still in 2014), the new taxes that will begin to take effect in 2013 (including the new Carbon Tax that will hit everyone’s pocket book because these taxes will be added to all fuel resources, like gasoline and propane), it appears as though things are not going to go well for Americans.  No, they are not.  Truthfully, the only ones who will not really feel the pinch at all are those who are extremely wealthy and those poor enough to qualify for Welfare.  Everyone else will be affected.

But as if all this is not enough, we also take note that not long after his re-election, Mr. Obama’s own administration appears to be imploding.  Don’t be fooled though.

What’s happening?  Well, Attorney General Eric Holder is talking about resigning.  Hillary Clinton has stated that she is done as soon as a replacement can be found.  The latest news is that Gen. Petraeus – Director of the CIA – has just announced his resignation.  What is going on?

Several things and since I’m not part of the PE, I can only provided educated guesses, based on what I’ve learned.  Starting with Petraeus, it is very likely that he does not want to play ball with the administration over the Benghazi affair.  In fact, we know that when his agency was blamed for the lack of security after we learned that individuals in Benghazi were told to stand down, Petraeus almost immediately came out with a denial that that command came from him or his department.  What we have heard from the White House is that neither Mr. Obama or V.P. Biden personally knew of any requests for additional security.  We have also heard the story change several times.

The Benghazi issue is coming to a head and many in Congress want answers.  He is not accepting blame (as the Obama administration may want him to do), so all of a sudden, he is out.

The idea that because he had an affair, he feels the need to resign is laughable to me.  What, is there some type of high value in Washington placed on morals all of a sudden?  With people like Larry Sinclair who have come out and written books on their alleged homosexual dalliances with Mr. Obama, why is that not taken more seriously?  The press has dutifully ignored it.  When it is convenient and necessary for the PE to get their way, the press then also dutifully focuses on certain things, the issue with Petraeus being one of them now.

By the way, I’m not saying that what Larry Sinclair has said is true, though it does give us pause to wonder.  The press gave the man absolutely no attention at all.  Yet, when the true conservatives were running for the GOP nomination for president, the press did everything possible to knock them out of the race.  This was seen most clearly with Herman Cain, a very successful businessman who is also black.  It would not do to have a true conservative black man running against the presidential incumbent.  They got rid of him very fast.  Between Gloria Allred’s constant line of women being paraded across the state with one allegation after another that Cain discriminated and/or sexually harassed these women, it became ridiculous.  It was a case where the PE seemed to go way overboard to ensure that Cain would have no chance of success.

Consider Bill Clinton and his “non-sexual” (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”) sexual contact with Monica Lewinski.  We know what happened.  We know he lied.  Did he resign?  Was he forced out.  No, so why Petraeus?  It is likely that they are giving him an exit that will mean that it is over for him.  In other words, he is not going to have to testify regarding Benghazi, but apparently, his replacement will testify.  Not sure what his replacement will actually know or say, but we can be certain that he/she can easily point to mistakes made by the CIA (whether true or not) and play the administration’s game…that Mr. Obama did not know of any requests for additional security.

It’s also very possible that Petraeus did not have an affair, but it is simply being made to appear as though he did.  There are a number of things that seem very odd to me regarding the situation.  Certainly, I believe that if Petraeus had been willing to go along with the administration’s story involving Benghazi, we would not have heard of any affair, real or made up and he would not have resigned his position.  That goes without saying, as far as I’m concerned, even though I just said it.

Regarding Clinton, she said long ago that if Mr. Obama was re-elected, she was not going to continue on in her present position.  Is she done in politics?  Is the Pope Arab?  She has done whatever this administration has wanted and is likely very anxious to get out and away from it all.  Once she does that, she will have nothing but superlatives to use when speaking of Mr. Obama.

Eric Holder is also considering leaving.  Why?  I’m really not sure, though some have mentioned that if will likely be considered for appointment to the Supreme Court once another seat becomes available.  I’m not sure that he needs to stop being Attorney General because of that possibility though.  It is more likely that with a major lawsuit having just been filed naming him as one of individuals being sued (for racketeereing and money laundering [1]), along with “Fast and Furious” has caused a great amount of stress and he is hoping to reduce that by getting out of the way.

We can certainly be assured that anyone appointed to replace Mr. Holder will be just as hardcore about things like gun control, etc.  There is no doubt about that.

Based on what we know of the Power Elite (PE), we need to be aware that at least some of this may well be misdirection.  Again, are they trying to get our eyes focused on this issue or that one, in order to not see the big picture here?  To us, it looks as though things are not going well for Mr. Obama.  I don’t believe that for a moment.

I think it is being made to look like there are problems, but the PE has everything under control.  I can almost guarantee that nothing will become of “Fast and Furious.”  If something can begin to crack it around the edges, it will take many months if not years for it to break wide open.  By that time, Americans will have forgotten about it and it will mean less than nothing.

I believe the same holds true for Benghazi, which is probably one big reason Clinton wants out.  Nothing will happen.  The PE is too powerful to allow it to happen, but in the meantime, they can give Americans the impression that people in Congress are really worked up over things and heads will roll.

I also want to say at this juncture that I do not believe all Congressional representatives are part of the PE, or play their game.  I believe that there are many individuals in Washington who want the truth and like playing by the rules of the U.S. Constitution.  Those people, however, always remain on the outer fringes.

It’s very much like the fact that within either Mormonism or Freemasonry, there are really two societies.  There is the outer ring, made up of individuals who sincerely believe that these societies have and teach the truth.  However, they remain in the outer circles because they have either not been in them long enough to have become trustworthy to those in the inner circle, or they simply do not care about moving up in the ranks.

It is the inner circles of both of these groups where people learn the truth about these organizations and what they learn is far different from what those in the outer circles learn.  How do we know this?  Because there have been many examples of people who have made it to the inner circles of these groups and after finding out what the truth was all about, eventually left.  Many of these people became authentic Christians and then wrote about the inner workings of these groups, to their own potential danger.

I think this is the way it works in Washington as well.  There are many elected officials who are members or agents of the PE.  They keep a careful watch on all newcomers and they decide how far those newcomers will get.  For the PE, it is likely very easy to stall the efforts of many in Congress.

Don’t forget that many of these politicians who are allegedly at odds with each other in public are all members of many of the same groups, such as Skull and Bones. [2]  The names that we know who are also members of this group fascinates us.  Of course, we have video of the goings on at Bohemian Grove, north of San Francisco, thanks to Alex Jones.  There, for the first time, we see the rather obvious occult connection that many of the world leaders (including many presidents from both sides of the aisle), enjoy and participate in.  Is it all just for fun?  That’s what they’d like us to believe, but even more important to me than what they do at Bohemian Grove is the fact that so many of them who are allegedly diametrically opposed to one another in public with a palpable hatred, seem to be the best of friends there.

Again, the thing we need to keep in mind is that the PE is genius at creating situations and events that serve to misdirect the minds of Americans.  There are too many examples of misdirection to note here, but a couple will suffice.

Dennis Cuddy states “so that the PE can ‘pull the strings’ of its puppets, presidents have monitors. Just like Col. Edward M. House monitored the activities of President Woodrow Wilson, do you really believe Hillary Clinton just happened to meet Bill Clinton in the library at Yale University? Also,do you really believe Huma Abedin just happens to be Secretary of State Clinton’s deputy chief-of-staff? Abedin has 3 family members associated with organizations having ties to the MB.” [3]

Cuddy goes on to ask, “do you really believe Valerie Jarrett just happens to be perhaps the closest adviser to President Obama? Jarrett was born in Iran in 1956 to a father who was in Iran from 1950 to 1961, which (perhaps coincidentally) includes the time the CIA was overthrowing Iranian leader Mohammad Mossadegh (1953).” [4]

Let’s face it, if something as powerful (and well-hidden) as the PE exists at all, then these “coincidences” are not at all beyond the realm of possibility.  These monitors do much of the grunt work for the person they are assigned to watch, while at the same time, keeping their “mark” on the task, and toeing the line.

Regarding Mitt Romney and Mr. Obama, Cuddy notes (from an article written October 1, 2012), “Although Mitt Romney is a puppet of the PE (if elected president. he will not cancel NAFTA, GATT, or Permanent Norman Trade Relations with Communist China), their preferred candidate for 2012 is puppet President Obama because of his Muslim background and movement of the U.S. toward socialism (e.g., taking over Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, General Motors, etc.). For the PE, Mitt Romney is their Wendell Willkie of 2012 (Willkie was chosen by the PE to lose to President Roosevelt in 1940).” [5]

With respect to the presidential campaign and what Romney could have said regarding Mr. Obama, Cuddy also notes that “it is important to note what Romney could have used against President Obama, but hasn’t. For example, Romney should be pounding the national airwaves with ads saying the Obama administration (especially Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) did not provide enough security for the U.S. ambassador and other Americans in Libya, but he hasn’t. Instead, President Obama is made to look like a macho commander-in-chief, sending the Marines to the region and demanding the Libyan perpetrators be brought to justice.” [6]

Of course, in this, the PE failed somewhat, didn’t they?  No worries.  What did they do following memos and emails that came to light regarding multiple requests for additional security at Benghazi?  Pointed fingers, denied, and misdirected.  It was very good for the Obama administration that Hurricane Sandy happened, isn’t it?  It allowed the news bureaus to focus on that instead of continued and growing problems regarding Benghazi.  Mr. Obama could then be shown at the forefront of the preparations for Sandy to hit land and if any journalist tried to “distract” Mr. Obama from dealing with that looming issue, they would be roundly shown for what they are – someone who was simply trying to bring down the president when he is obviously weighed down with the dangerous circumstances regarding Sandy’s approach.

To their credit, the mainstream news focused solely on Hurricane Sandy (with the exception of FOX News, who divided its time between Sandy and Benghazi).  This gives the illusion that someone is trying to get to the bottom of things.  By the way, do I believe that the journalists and pundits on FOX News are all in cahoots with the PE, by pretending that they are concerned about Benghazi when they may not be?  No, not at all.  I think though, that much direction comes down from the top and it filters throughout all the departments.

Unfortunately, I have come to the point of believing that America’s mainstream news is pretty much bought and paid for and because of that, there is precious little (if any) unbiased information being presented the American public.  I’ve noted before that one of the richest men in the world (worth approximately $18 billion dollars), is also ranked as the most influential Arab businessman in the world.  Incidentally, he has invested heavily in CitiBank, Motorola, FOX News, and numerous others.  Does he have a say in what is presented to Americans via FOX News?  I have no doubt.  Again, we need to be thinking in terms of misdirection and for whose benefit?  To benefit the Power Elite.  Do you think that this man I’ve just noted by the name of Al Waleed bin Talal is a member of the PE?

Another classic example of the use of misdirection by the PE (if true) is found with respect to the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Many books have been written about this subject.  Cuddy states, “The Second World War began with America declaring war (reaction) to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor (crisis). And the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor was their “reaction” to the “crisis” of an American blockade and other actions against them. The misdirection was against the American people in that the attack upon Pearl Harbor was presented as a surprise, when President Roosevelt’s actions intentionally provoked the Japanese attack, and FDR knew it was coming.” [7] 

Cuddy notes numerous potential examples of this type of misdirection used with respect to wars, going back to the Spanish-American War, when misdirection was likely the culprit in assessing blame to Spain for the explosion that rocked the battleship MAINE, yet in the final analysis, it was later determined that said explosion did not occur because of anything from outside the ship (like a torpedo, etc.), but actually came from inside the ship.  Whoops?  Did someone make a mistake?

Is it any wonder there is an anti-war movement?  Yet, that in and of itself may well be something the PE created to foment antagonism between those who believe war is useful and needed at times, with those who do not believe war is ever justified.  This type of misdirection really comes more under the label of social reprogramming and keeping society on edge.

A peaceful society sees absolutely no need to change anything.  Leave us alone. We’re fine.  However, factions in society create angst, frustration, and even anger.  This anger can lead to several things and we will discuss them in an upcoming article.

In the meantime, check out the links below and I hope you’ve been doing some research on your own.  Until the next time.




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