What You Don’t Know Will Kill You

November 10, 2012 at 12:19 PM 2 comments

I know, the title of this article is rather arresting, isn’t it?  I’m not trying to be sensational at all.  Once again, in this latest article about the Power Elite (PE), I am simply trying my best to present facts.  Ultimately, you will decide for yourself if what I’m saying has any merit at all as far as you’re concerned.  If you do not believe it does, then you will reject it.  If you believe it might or does, then you will keep on reading, studying, and researching.  My point is that you should not end here, but possibly use these articles as starting points and go on from here to other sources, other authors, other people who have something to say.  You will quickly learn who the sensationalists are and you will avoid them.  You will realize that not everyone believes that one aliens will come out of the ground, through the septic system, up through your toilet and take you captive.

Regarding the PE, as I have previously noted, they have been busy, working completely behind the shadows in order to bring their plan to fulfillment.  I have talked about the development of the PE, how they have insinuated themselves into every part of society, including America’s and have briefly talked about presidential elections, the Muslim Brotherhood, and how the PE uses misdirection in order to bring their goals to fruition while the general populace is looking elsewhere.  This is done much the same way that the illusionist pulls the wool over the eyes of their audiences.  There is nothing supernatural about what magicians do.  All of it relies very heavily on the ability of the illusionist to use the art of misdirection very well.  Without this one thing, all of their illusions fail, because people then see how they are accomplished.

Plan to Be a Non-Parent
What I find absolutely amazing today is how people view Planned Parenthood.  This organization began through a woman named Margaret Sanger.  We’ll lay out some actual facts about her in a moment.  Today, Planned Parenthood is seen as a champion of woman’s rights, allowing them to terminate life (via legal murder) any time they wish.

I’ve previously noted that Mrs. Obama is very much in favor of partial-birth abortions and I would not be surprised to see that become law in the near future.  God will allow it happen because it fills up the cup of wrath that He will pour out on this nation (and the world) because of things like this.

But getting back to Planned Parenthood, people who actually know the truth about this organization know that if it were not for abortions, they would make precious little money at all.  As an example, in June of 2008, Planned Parenthood received $349 million dollars from taxpayers to in exchange for the 324,008 abortions they performed that year in the United States. [1]  The president of their organization – Cecile Richards – was paid a total of $397,039 for salary and other compensation.  Abortion is big business.

So while Planned Parenthood appears to the public to be an organization that champions women’s rights, what is often ignored is the fact that it did not start out that way.  To anyone who truly wants to know the facts, Margaret Sanger was an avowed racist.  She believed that blacks were sub-human and all costs, children of black parents should be aborted before they were born.

Margaret Sanger’s Racism Remains Alive Today
In a letter Sanger wrote in December, 1939, she stated, “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members,” [2; emphasis added].  In other words, Sanger wanted to hide the fact that her goal was literally to exterminate “the Negro population,” but of course, she did not want that to be public knowledge.

In 1925, at an international birth control gathering in the city of New York, Sanger warned in part against the “menace posed by the ‘black’ and ‘yellow’ peril,” which of course was her reference to blacks and Asians.  Many of Sanger’s friends and colleagues were avowed racists along with being Nazi enthusiasts.  Again, this is absolute common knowledge and truth and only those who choose to ignore or overlook it deny or question it.

Sanger not only wanted “blacks and yellow” people to be eradicated through abortion, but went beyond this to include anyone she saw as “unfit” for society.  This has become known as eugenics, which is essentially applied science to improve the genetic make up of society.  It is indirectly tied to the evolutionary premise of the survival of the fittest.  However, instead of nature being allowed to take its course, in eugenics, scientists step in to “help” mother nature along.

Abortion is now one of the accepted ways of eliminating what are considered to be undesirables from society.  Abortion will never go away, until Jesus returns to this earth.  No matter what we do – and I’m not saying that we simply throw up our hands at all, but that we should continue to work for what is right – abortion will remain on the books as a firmly legal practice of eliminating unwanted “fetal tissue.”

Eugenics Lives
Sanger was very much involved in the early eugenics movement and deeply supported it because she believed – like the PE overall – that the unit in society must be filtered out of the population.  There are several reasons for this.

  1. there are way too many people on the earth now and it is dangerously close to not being able to support the current population of over 7 billion
  2. the more fit the average person is, the better the PE will be able to use them for serfdom in the coming new world order
  3. people who are more fit are less inclined to disease and early death
  4. the Power Elite believes that they and they alone are the true inheritors of the earth, put her to rule the earth and subjugate its population
  5. this same Power Elite not only wants the earth’s population to be reduced from 7 billion down to 500 million, but has been working to make it happen

One of the things that the PE has continually used to at least keep a check on population is war.  A stable, peaceful society is just that and when it is that, population grows.  That’s not good for the PE, so they find ways to keep the world off-balance through wars and rumors of wars.  Millions of lives have been lost in the many wars and conflicts that the United States has been involved in over the decades.  Throughout the world, this is also the case with other countries.

Cancers continue to take the lives of people, as do automobile accidents, and many other illnesses that people wonder why science has not been able to find cures for yet.  In one article by Cuddy, he noted documentation where individuals actually spoke of the fact that cures for cancers have been realized but they are not being used because of the PE’s need for the world’s population to reduce.

Cuddy also notes that at one time, the United States had its own eugenics program.  “In August 1963, high-ranking officials in the Kennedy administration appointed a secret commission (called the Special Study Group) ‘to determine the nature of the problems that would confront the United States if and when a condition of ‘permanent peace’ should arrive, and to draft a program for dealing with this contingency‘.” [4]  Not surprisingly, they learned that having permanent peace would not be good at all.  The commission stated that, “War fills certain functions essential to the stability of our society; until other ways of filling them are developed, the war system must be maintained.” [5]

Probably what is most amazing – once you get past the idea that our government wants many of us dead through wars – is the other options that this same commission came up with in order to further reduce the population of just the United States.  Without concern, they states that “the following substitute institutions, among others, have been proposed for consideration as replacements for the nonmilitary functions of war—an omnipresent, virtually omnipotent police force,… massive global environmental pollution, fictitious alternate enemies,… new religions or other mythologies,… and a comprehensive program of applied eugenics.” [6]

Isn’t that exciting?  Well, if true, then it is clear that rather than wanting to protect us, our own government prefers to kills as many of us as possible in order to bring total population down to a manageable level.  Later of course, and not surprisingly, the author of the report – Leonard Lewin – claimed that his report was nothing more than a hoax, a big joke.  Ha, ha.  Chuckle, chuckle.  Others have come forward though to negate that claim.

Ways the Government Thinks About Killing Citizens
According to Cuddy, other programs were actually instituted that would go a long way in reprogramming society to think in terms of fewer children.  For instance, the role of women in the workplace became a real hot button issue.  There’s nothing wrong with women working, especially in today’s economy where it is nearly impossible to live comfortably on one salary, however, the problem then becomes the issue of balancing work with the desire for children.

Decades ago, it was very common for parents to have three, four, five, or more children.  Hey, the more, the merrier!  Now, it seems that most families have two, or even one and they call it a day.  It has become extremely expensive to put children through college these days, unlike what it was when even I was attending college.

When our daughter was in college, it was costing us roughly $27,000 per year.  How can people do that when they have three, four, or more children, unless they are extremely wealthy.  Do you rising costs of quality education has played at least some role in parents choosing to stop after one or two and in some cases, not have children at all?

Our government – under orders from the PE – wants the population to greatly decrease.  It is very possible that they will stop at nothing to make that happen.  Dennis Cuddy asks what might happen if something akin to the Black Death were let loose in society in a controlled way?  Area populations would be decimated.

New Age Double Speak – “It’s All Good”
I’ve been studying the New Age Movement for years.  I have read many books by those from within that movement and have written several on it myself.  What astounds me is that those high up in the New Age Movement thoroughly believe that a far greater age is coming.  This age will usher in peace such as this world has never known.  It will be a time of fantastic scientific discoveries and bliss for all of society.  Of course, what those within the New Age do not tell the average person is that there will still be a hierarchy.  Yes, they speak of a hierarchy of celestial or spiritual beings, also known as ascended masters, but they do not highlight the hierarchy that will exist on earth, except for the ones who refuse to join this new age willingly.

Between 1975 and 1980 is when the New Age Movement in America really began to take off and if I didn’t know better, the goals of this movement are in perfect alignment with the goals of the PE.  The one main difference is in how they mean to achieve those goals.  The New Age Movement has literally swept across America and is still going strong, even continuing to pick up momentum.  Some of those who promote New Age thinking and beliefs are some of the most well-known “pastors” in America or the world and they speak from their church pulpits weekly, illuminating their congregations with a mixture of New Age shamanism and Bible truth.  Is it any wonder these churches are known as “mega-churches”?

What is also interesting though is that both the PE and the New Age Movement propose a serious reduction in the earth’s population.  Just take the time to read books by Barbara Marx Hubbard or Marilyn Ferguson, or any numbers of books that have been written by authentic Christians as a rebuke against these systems.

Interestingly enough, the concept of reduced population with respect to the New Age Movement is highlighted in terms of loving people and doing what is best for them.  Do you hear the ethereal music yet?  Kind of reminds me of one of the final scenes in Soylent Green, where Edward G. Robinson’s character goes to a facility where he will be put to death.  However, he will have a full 30-minutes to watch whatever he chooses on the 360 degree screen and hear the music of his choice before he lapses off to a permanent sleep, guiding him into eternity.

Hubbard – and I have written about this before in several of my own books – speaks of a time when at some point in the future, spaceships will hover above earth’s atmosphere, just out of human sight and will at the same moment throughout the earth, take 20 million or more people from the face of this earth.  They will be taken and gone forever.  Where are they going?  According to Marx, they are going to a better place, a place more suited to them and their stagnant ways of thinking.  There, they will be reunited with family and friends until they evolve spiritually enough to allow them to move beyond that plane and rejoin the rest of the earth’s population.  Big sigh of wonder here.  Isn’t that swell?

Millions Missing in an Instant
What Marx is actually describing is something we call the “Rapture” that many of us believe the Bible speaks of in numerous places.  But if you read Hubbard carefully (and I would suggest getting one of her books), you’ll note that she is really saying that the malcontents on earth will be removed from it, but it is all done for love; love for the earth and love for those being removed.  These malcontents are so because they do not buy into the propaganda and lies of the New Age Movement for the future.

Ultimately, the powers that be here on earth (and the spiritual powers that are in heavenly places who prompt people on this earth to do what they do) want to reduce this planet’s population by nearly 90%!  They’ve been hard at work, but I really do not think we’ve seen anything yet.

I particularly think that Cuddy has hit the nail on the head with the statement he makes about what Jesus in Matthew 10:21.  “Jesus Christ, Who personified REAL love, warned us almost 2000 years ago of what was to come, when He stated in Matthew 10:21: “And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death [Nazi death camps of the past], and the father the child [abortion today]: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death [euthanasia tomorrow].[7; emphasis added]

Frankly, I have never understood that Scripture in that sense before.  Jesus was referring to the times that were close to the point of His physical return.  I always assumed He meant these examples as references of persecution, dividing families – some who were believers and some who were not.  However, Cuddy’s interpretation of Christ’s words certainly makes sense and it is where we are today.

I also believe some of this will happen as time continues to progress with respect to the arena of religious persecution that millions will live under because of the fact that Christ is our life and we belong to Him.  Remember that Satan hates God, with a passion that has fueled his purpose for being since even before he fell from grace.  Since Jesus is God, Satan naturally hates Him.  Jesus warned that because the world hated Him, this same world (guided by the same god of this age, Satan himself) would transfer that hatred of God in Christ to Jesus’ followers, in His physical absence.

Get It and Keep It Together Christian
Christian – and I am speaking to authentic believers now.  I’m not talking about people who simply attend church on Sunday and do everything the world does on Monday through Saturday.  How can those people actually be true Christians?  Authentic Christians will resist the devil.  Authentic Christians will stand against the policies of the god of this age as he attempts to bring his goals to fruition through human beings who have submitted themselves to him in worship and undying loyalty.  This is what Jesus did and it is what we are called to do.  Our very lives should be a witness against the hatred that Satan espouses.

Eugenics has been around for generations and since nearly the beginning in the United States.  It was huge in the state of Indiana at one time and it is likely still going on behind the scenes.  Abortion is merely a state-sponsored form of eugenics, which is why it will become even more popular and accepted as time marches onward.

Euthanasia is also a hot button issue today.  Are there “death panels” in Obamacare?  Not as such, however, there is a point at which it will be determined by doctors whether the expense of keeping someone alive is worth it.  Age will certainly be a factor in that decision as well as overall health and the ability to fully recover from whatever ailment has them bound.  If the expense outweighs what the “state” is likely to receive in returns from that particular individual, there is precious little incentive within the structure of Obamacare to keep that person alive.  They will simply be allowed to die and made comfortable while doing so.  Not a “death panel?”  Then what is it?

If the goal of the PE is to reduce the population down to a far more manageable 500,000,000 people throughout the entirety of the earth, then obviously, they need to ramp up their efforts don’t they?  You can bet on that and I thoroughly believe that this is why we are going to see some very nasty and for most people, thoroughly unexpected situations and events occurring throughout society over the next several years and increasing from there.

I’ve said this before, the PE plays for keeps.  They take seriously their goal of ruling this earth and ruling it their way.  There are many who believe this idea is so outlandish that it couldn’t possibly have any basis in truth whatsoever.  Maybe you’re one of them.  I submit that if you share this belief, it is completely illogical, based on what we know from history itself.  The Bible reveals to us what the plan is all about in its overall picture, with many specifics that are undeniable.

Come Out of Babylon
The world is moving toward a day when it will literally be one with itself, as it nearly was in the days of Nimrod of Genesis 11.  To me, it is clear that God wanted the world to get to this point, however, during the day of Nimrod was way too early for that to happen, because Jesus had not yet been born into this world, and had not lived a perfect life, nor had He offered Himself as King to Israel only to be rejected as a blasphemer, and to die a painful – yet substitutionary – death on Calvary’s cross, for you and me.  Once that was accomplished by fulfilling every aspect of the Law and the prophecies, then Satan was free to once again bring the world together as one.  This he has been doing diligently, but because of languages, cultures, and the truth of the gospel of Jesus, it has taken much longer than when Nimrod lived.

There have been many obstacles that Satan has faced and removed and there are many more he must face and overcome as well.  He will do it.  God will allow it, in His time and ultimately for His glory.  Satan has gathered for himself human beings who will do his bidding without question. If they fail, they are removed from society and there have been plenty of people involved in political schemes who have died mysteriously for one reason or another.  Neither Satan or the PE cares about those people.  They were pawns or tools, to be used for the greater good.  They didn’t work out, so oh well.

Christian, we can expect things to really begin ramping up now.  Do not be fooled by the PE’s use of misdirection.  Do not become or remain enamored with the trinkets, bells, and whistles of this world.  Do not allow yourself to become part of the system of Babylon that will be destroyed by God Himself during the coming Tribulation.

I can almost hear the cackling of glee from Satan’s underworld as they know that they have been given the go ahead signal to continue moving forward at an even greater pace than before.  Time is short, but I fully believe in my heart, that God will take care of His own on this earth.  Nothing will touch us unless He permits it.

Create a Workable Plan
My suggestion is to come up with a plan, while you are going through your normal daily activities.  We are not supposed to hide in fear.  We are not supposed to crawl into our bunker and pretend the world doesn’t exist.  I would strongly begin storing up basic supplies, like additional food stuffs, blankets, water, and anything else you need as if you were preparing for a hurricane.  Look what the people in the northeast are going through because they had little to no preparations.  In many cases though, their homes were fully destroyed so it would not have made any difference anyway.

For us, the Bible reveals too much to us for us to be ignorant.  Make a plan that takes care of you and your family and after you have done whatever you can to reasonably provide for your family as life becomes even more difficult, God will bless you.  You never know how you might be able to share what you have stored with an unbelieving neighbor one day and in doing so, be able to also share the information that will provide for him the salvation that he/she so desperately needs but is blind to.

Above all things, as we continue to discuss and confront some of the things that the PE is bringing to pass in America and the world, we must come to the point of knowing that God is absolutely in control of all outcomes and He is for the sole purpose of bringing glory to Himself.  We cannot falter.  We cannot doubt Him.  If we start to, then we need to – through concerted prayer – bring ourselves back to that point of trusting Him to provide what we actually need every step of the way.

You know, I have to say that I have learned much of this before I ever heard of Dennis Cuddy.  I spent a number of years studying about the end times, the global elite, and their plan to dominate the world.

When the election took place and I fell flat on my face, it never should have gotten to that point.  I should have known better than to put any of my faith in a human being candidate.  God allowed that in order for my eyes to be opened to the truth.  I am glad because I now am on my way to fully realizing the freedom that comes from knowing God is in charge of all outcomes and that He loves me tremendously.

The times ahead are going to be very tough indeed, financially, economically, and in other ways.  However, they do not need to be difficult spiritually if I am willing to keep my eyes on God, understanding what He is allowing to take place in society.

Stay tuned for more articles on the practical ways that the Power Elite is molding society for its own benefit.  It stops being scary when you see what’s going on!


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Using Misdirection to Achieve Direction Civil Strife as Never Before is Coming


  • 1. Lester  |  November 10, 2012 at 2:29 PM

    It’s almost a textbook case! The book 1984 must be the book thy are using along with other books and plans of the past. Mien Kampf for one! These plans have been in the works for hundreds of years! My uncle pastor who died at 95 a couple of years ago told me that 1914 was the turning point and that the Beast system would rule. It is always darkest before the dawn! Christ’s coming will obliterate the plans of Adamic mankind and the kingdom of this world will be in the hands of overcomers and Christ!

    • 2. modres  |  November 10, 2012 at 3:24 PM

      Dr. Cuddy refers a great deal to the book, 1984.

      Yep, the system of the beast is fully ensconced and moving ahead at what appears to be breakneck speed.

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