Civil Strife as Never Before is Coming

November 10, 2012 at 6:24 PM 1 comment

I touched on this subject briefly before in a previous article related to the Power Elite (PE), but it’s probably time to go into a bit more detail.  We’ve talked very briefly about how the PE has been working to overthrow the norms of society.  They’ve done this through misdirection, eugenics, and especially abortion, which was and remains a direct attack on the biblical values (of the sanctity of life) upon which this country was founded.  They’ve also used the issue of race and I think we are starting to see a new wave of racial difficulties approaching.

Uniting the Races?
Far from Mr. Obama uniting the races, it would appear that he has really done nothing that would help various races move toward one another in sincere reconciliation and trust.  I’m not saying that this has been his idea, but if you’ve been reading any of my articles related to the PE, you’ll know that I believe they have a plan and that plan is currently being carried out by Mr. Obama and his administration, along with many other PE members and agents who are located throughout society in order to foment change through any way possible.

One of the things that the PE has worked very hard at is in their attempts to overthrow what are currently and cynically referred to as “traditional values.”  Once they began the attack, they have never let up and I believe now more than ever, they will increase these efforts to replace these traditional values with a far more modern or progressive (relevant) approach if you will.  This has been happening for a while.

We all know what these traditional values include.  Years ago, the husband/father worked outside of the home and earned the salary that provided for the family.  The mother/wife stayed at home and cared for the home, the children, and everything related to that.

Homes generally had one male parent and one female parent and normally had fairly well-adjusted children that were the result of that environment.  Of course, that was not always the case, but it was generally so.  Most families attended church, or at least the mother did with the children.  Dad would attend on important days.

Dad was seen as the head of the home and was respected because of that position he held.  Remember the phrase, “Wait until your father gets home“?  I heard it only once.  That’s all it took.

I’m not trying to give the impression that families of yesteryear were perfect because they were not.  There were problems, but most of them were societal, as they are today.  The home was often the safe haven.

The Old Won’t Work Anymore
The PE realized that in order to move the world (and especially America) forward toward their goal of global dominance, these values – which are based in the Bible – would need to be overthrown.  They would then need to be replaced with something else, something that was the antithesis of what comprised traditional values.  Since we know that the PE knew that it would be impossible to change value systems overnight, they would have to hunker down for the long haul, gently nudging here, pushing there, maybe losing some ground there, but always coming back to push again later. They have never let up and the push to change has been essentially consistent.

Now of course, what we have is a society that has been turned upside down, at least compared to the values that existed six or seven decades ago.  If you stop to consider it, that amount of time is relatively short.  Things have obviously progressed very quickly and accomplished a lot.

Years ago, the favored shows were “Leave It To Beaver,” “Father’s Knows Best,” “I Love Lucy,” and many others that emulated the traditional values found in society.  Because they emulated what already existed in society, people felt confirmed in what they believed and how they lived.

Over time however, things began to change.  TV changed, slightly at first, then much more as things moved toward the values emulated by those on the Left.  The most interesting thing about this to me is that many within the PE do not agree with those values at all.  They push them for the sole purpose of removing traditional values from society.

Bible? Out; Check.  Prayers? Out; Check
Of course, we need to remind readers that it was not long ago when the Bible and the Ten Commandments were forced out of schools, along with prayer.  These rulings were handed down by the court systems in 1962 and 1963.

However, what is interesting today is that many institutions (including public schools) are opening their doors, classrooms, and hearts to Islam.  This includes teaching young children how to actually participate in Islamic prayers and other things that are Islam-specific.  While Christians in this country are being told they cannot pray in public, no such ruling against this seems to apply to Muslims who pray five times a day throughout New York City, as just one for instance.

Though our government goes to the extreme in many cases to ensure that there is not even a hint of support for one particular religion when it comes to Christianity, the same cannot be said about our government’s leaning toward and even the encouragement of Islamic doctrine and beliefs in American society.  This can be clearly seen in places like Dearborn, MI and Murphreesboro, TN where huge mosques and extremely large Muslim populations have grown to clearly become the majority.  While there is not necessarily anything wrong with that, it becomes a problem when mayors and chiefs of police seem to cater to Muslim sensibilities, even going so far as to allow their religious beliefs and tenets become public spectacle while denying the same privilege to Christians.

Doesn’t it seem strange to you that a country that was largely founded upon Judeo-Christian principles has become a country that prohibits public prayers, or the placement of Bibles or the Ten Commandments in government buildings?  The PE has been working overtime to establish their set of values as a replacement to the traditional set of biblical values upon which this country was built.  As I’ve said before, even though biblical values were widely incorporated or reflected in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and in the  correspondence of many of our Founding Fathers, this in and of itself does not mean to imply that those men were actual Christians.  I’ve discussed the fact that many were likely Deists.

Be that as it may, it is certainly unsettling to many of us that the traditional values that were part and parcel to this country have been all but swept away, replaced with the PE’s relative truth that is guaranteed to change as they see fit.  Nonetheless, it has been imperative that this country’s original value system be erased from public and eventually, erased from memory.

However, we also need to realize that once again, this is part of the PE’s structure and push within society to keep everything off-balance.  Because of what they force (or allow) on society, they know that at least one group in each situation will be offended and come to believe that their civil rights have been abrogated.  This frustration can and does cause flare-ups and confrontations.  As the tension continues to build, anger can turn to civil unrest and even large-scale rioting.  At this point, the PE sits back and gloats over what they have created.

As unrest continues to build – as it is doing in Dearborn, MI as merely one example – the government will begin a campaign of clamping down.  First, a curfew might be instituted that would call for everyone to be off the streets unless going to or from work after 10:00pm, as a for instance.  If that does not work, stricter measures will be enforced to curb potential conflicts between groups, but not so much so that it is eliminated altogether.  Eventually, if things progress even more (if that’s what the PE wants to occur), then Martial Law can be called for an area of a city, an entire city, or even a larger area.

Martial Law
Where Martial Law is in place, local law enforcement makes its own rules.  This is what occurred in the wake of Katrina, when the Chief of Police of New Orleans arbitrarily decided that no one would be allowed to keep guns.  This resulted in law enforcement and military people being brought in from all over the United States to New Orleans and going house-by-house dressed in full tactical gear under the guise of determining whether people inside the homes were okay.  Often, these enforcement agents kicked down front doors and entered the homes.  Once they determined how many people were there, the first order of business was not whether they were okay or if they had food and supplies.  The primary reason was to gain access to that homeowner’s gun stash and remove them.  Martial Law means the U.S. Constitution does not apply.

I believe that this is where our society is headed.  If Mr. Obama (or any president) declares Martial Law for whatever reason, the U.S. Constitution is placed on the shelf and a whole new set of laws are established for the populace.  For as long as Martial Law is in place, the Constitution has absolutely no effect whatsoever.

The PE is forcing society to move rapidly toward internal strife in order to bring about massive change in America.  During Mr. Obama’s first term in office, it has become well-known by many that black on white crime spiked.  Did this have anything to do with the fact that America had a first mixed-race president?  I can’t say, but I can say that this type of crime increased severely (read the book White Girl Bleed a Lot as just one example of the tremendous increase in this type of crime in America over the past few years).

What did the average American hear about though?  We did not hear about all of the crimes that occurred in our society in which whites were brutally attacked, raped, and even murdered simply because it seemed convenient at the time by the blacks perpetrating the crimes.  Certain local papers covered that type of news, but it was rarely, if ever, in the mainstream news media.

However, one incident in which we did hear was the Zimmerman vs. Martin killing.  To make this more racially “appealing,” George Zimmerman, a light-skinned Hispanic whose one parent is Caucasian was described as a white-Hispanic.  Of course, the media knew that in order to foment deep-seated feelings of racial antagonism and angst, the story would work better if the main characters were white and black and especially if the “white” person killed the black person.  The circus began almost immediately with Al Sharpton leading the way.

Racial Crimes
Everyday, there is a tremendous amount of black on black crime, yet that is also not covered.  The media doesn’t care about that and neither do Sharpton or (Jesse) Jackson.  They only care when the tragedy involves a white person having the upper hand against a black person.  That harkens back to the days of slavery, when whites owned blacks.

Do you recall the DC Sniper or the Beltway Sniper?  A black man and a young black protegé of sorts, roamed around shooting at white people.  At first and interestingly enough, professional profilers who were involved in the case indicated that the perpetrator was an angry white male.  That’s what we heard in the news.

I’m sure it came as a tremendous surprise to the news media especially that after the suspects were caught, it turned out they were both black!  Uh oh, now what?  They had to follow through and report on it, but it is interesting how much they deliberately left out, especially regarding the older man, John Allen Muhammad.  In fact, here in the U.S., the media failed to report on the Muslim connections of Muhammad and his racial antagonism.

Instead the corrupt Liberal Media has claimed that Muhammad’s real motive was to eventually murder his ex-wife, and his murdering the 10 other people was just a diversion to muddy the waters of a police investigation of his  ex wife’s eventual murder. (They also censored his Muslim Terrorist beliefs.)” [1]

Apparently though, Muhammad had a multiphase plan from information gained from Muhammad’s accomplice, a minor named Lee Boyd Malvo. “Malvo testified that Muhammad, driven by hatred of America because of its ‘slavery, hypocrisy and foreign policy’ and his belief that ‘the white man is the devil’, planned to kill six whites a day for 30 days.” [2]

Malvo also testified “that Muhammad wanted him to shoot pregnant white women.” [3]  So in the end, what Americans heard was not only far different from what other countries heard, but was also completely different from the actual truth!

Imagine had the tables been turned and the two perpetrators had been white instead of black and they wanted to kill six blacks each day and black pregnant women as well.  How do you think that would have been presented in the news?  Well, since we have examples of what happens when a person who appears to be white because of the lightness of his skin (as in the case of George Zimmerman), we know what happens, don’t we?

That is the type of situation that our media loves to focus on because it provokes righteous anger of blacks toward whites.  This very same thing happened during the Rodney King riots that were the result of verdicts handed down in which white police officers were seen as being shielded by the “white” establishment.

Any time the media can use racial unrest to create more of the same, they will do it.  It’s part of the PE plan.  It is this type of rhetoric that is being played out in the news as often as possible and most people swallow it hook, line, and sinker when it comes to white on black crime, but not when the reverse is true.

Not Just Race
But it’s not merely race that is an issue that is constantly being played out in the news that attempts to show whites (mainly white men) as the problem for blacks and other minorities.  It’s also happening with respect to white men in the political arena.  I recently read part of what turned out to be an extremely asinine article by columnist Maureen Dowd in the New York Times.  Her article was titled “Romney Is President.”

The entirety of her article was a very sexist (and even racist) presentation of her attempts to portray white men who are severely disappointed that Romney lost and will not even consider the fact that Mr. Obama is still the president, solely because he is of mixed-race and recognized as black.  The article was completely made up.  She offered no factual basis for anything she said and what’s more, she didn’t need to because she knew that she would hit a nerve, with women especially.

Dowd intoned, “Mitt Romney is the president of white male America.”  [4]  She then went onto say that “In its delusional death spiral, the white male patriarchy was so hard-core, so redolent of country clubs and Cadillacs, it made little effort not to alienate women. The election had the largest gender gap in the history of the Gallup poll, with Obama winning the vote of single women by 36 percentage points.” [5]

First of all, polls prove very little to me at all, but they’re convenient when they give the illusion that a person speaks truth.  Second, what Dowd fails (miserably, I might add) to note or possibly even believe is that the Power Elite is made up of a tight-knit group of men who are, for the most part, white.  I frankly believe that the PE loves this kind of blatant misdirection and hogwash!

If you consider many of the names of the people involved in the Bilderberg group, or those who have been and are part of the Skull and Bones and other secret societies, rarely are they anything but white!  There are many Jews who are part of the PE, but then again, there are many Germans who are also part of it.  Does that surprise anyone?  Look at George Soros – a Jew – who turned against his own people years ago, betraying them to the Third Reich!

People like Dowd who actually believe that the racism is so thick from the white male end of things are absolute fools.  That is not to say that racism does not exist, from white to black and black to white.  What we are seeing happening now though is the continued belief that the white male is the essential reason for the racism and ills that exist in society today.  What good does repeating this type of rhetoric do for society?  No good at all and that is the reason it’s said.  It causes or fans into flame latent feelings from one group toward another solely based on the color of their skin.

Dowd attempts to prove her point when she states, “Just like the Bushes before him, Romney tried to portray himself as more American than his Democratic opponent. But America’s gallimaufry wasn’t knuckling under to the gentry this time.” [6]  Dowd and too many like her, simply don’t get it at all, though of course, they thoroughly believe they not only get it, but are far ahead of the game.

Excuse Me, But Romney is NOT a Conservative
What is so thoroughly ludicrous is that Romney is not a right-winger or even a true conservative by any stretch!  He is left of center, just as Mr. Obama is, but the media wanted to paint him as a conservative because it works better to pit a conservative white man against a liberal black man. Romney knew what he was getting into and even though his political career is likely over (as far as becoming the president is concerned), I’m sure he will be nicely rewarded by the PE for doing it their way.  They won’t forget him.

I read through some of the comments following Dowd’s article and it absolutely amazes me those people who left comments think they truly understand what’s going on when it is obvious that none of them have a clue at all.

Dowd crows about the Bushes, however, all of them are part of the global elite, what we have been referring to as the Power Elite, or PE!  As I’ve said before, no one gets to be president in this country without the backing of the PE, of that I’m certain.  So not only Bush, Sr., but Bush, Jr., as well and now there is the possibility of seeing Jeb Bush as president in 2016, as noted by Cuddy in a previous article.

Dowd just doesn’t get it and neither do most people it appears.  They actually believe that the Dems and the Republicans are at two opposing ends of the spectrum.  I guess I cannot blame them at all because I used to think that myself.  In truth, as I’ve said, both parties are two sides of the same coin.  They have the same goals (and I’m referring to the big leaders in each party that come under the direct rule of the PE) and the only real difference is how each party is allowed to appear to the public.  The GOP is seen as pandering to the rich and keeping women and minorities at arm’s length, while the Dems have become the party of the minorities and the average person.  It’s a hoax.  Smoke and mirrors.

The PE has been creating social change through race-baiting, propped up sexism, sexual harassment, and the continued placement of gays in very visible places throughout society.  This has caused and will continue to cause issues that people will adopt, fight for, and come to blows over.  It’s what the PE wants because at all costs, traditional values needs to go if they are going to create their coming utopia.

It is coming to a head in American society.  It is coming.  Do what you can to be prepared for it.  Lean on Him and trust in His guidance and don’t get sucked up into the rhetoric.



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  • 1. Lester  |  November 11, 2012 at 9:13 AM

    I have many thoughts in the natural. I wondered if giving the vote to anyone under 21 was wise. Also I wondered if woman should have had the vote because of emotions that are easy swayed. Not that woman had not the intellectual ability but I think maybe smarter than us male counterparts! Then as I think in the spiritual mind and understand that Father is in control and has a purpose for men and women with both attitudes needed for His will to be done. All you said in the above printing is thought provoking. However in the end we know Father has seen the dye caste and we are in for it! I remember the much more stable society it was in the 50’s and part of the 60’s.
    I for one did not have a functional family life and if not for the Godly mother and grandparents I’d probably be in jail. It’s to bad that we have to say “race” when we are all the human race. It’s just cultures and narcissistic societies that put people in a certain slot looking at prosperity, education, civilization standards and physical characteristics that separate and are used to create chaos to the plans of a few! Even so come Lord Jesus and bring the Kingdom Of God to this earth!

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