Power Behind the Power Elite

November 11, 2012 at 1:35 PM 2 comments

Before I get into the history and impact of the Muslim Brotherhood, I wanted to take time to offer another article that provided an overview of the power that has established and maintains the Power Elite (PE) since their inception. It’s too easy for many to simply reject anything that has to do with some cabal or group of men who are so powerful that they have been able to direct world affairs from deep within the shadows because it sounds so conspiratorial in nature that for that reason alone, intelligent people tend to avoid the subject.

How Does Satan Work?
Whether intelligent people avoid the subject or not, surely the authentic Christian, armed with knowledge from Scripture can easily discern and understand that a tightly knit group of individuals who work way out of sight of public view could easily be molding society.  For the Christian, we understand that if Satan exists at all, as the Bible indicates he does, then that must be our starting point and it is mine.

Satan exists and is the most intelligent creature every created by God Himself.  We learn about his failure to remain obedient to God in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28.  We also know that he is not above using trickery and even disguises to gain the upper hand, as he did in Genesis 3, when both Eve and Adam were tempted to disobey God’s clear commands.

A number of things stand out for us from the Bible regarding Satan and his abilities that we need to be reminded of:

  • The god of this age.  In 2 Corinthians 4:4, we learn that Satan’s powerful abilities as the god of this age include the capacity to veil the intellect of men and women so that they are completely unable to see the truth of the gospel.  Also note that Paul is really telling us that through this blindness, Satan is ultimately worshiped by people throughout the globe.
  • The prince of the power of the air.  Paul refers to Satan this way in Ephesians 2:2.  Satan controls the atmosphere above the earth where there is tremendous demonic activity.  It is from there he issues his directives that are implemented on this earth.
  • Father of lies.  In John 8:44, Jesus said that the religious leaders were like Satan.  They lived by lies as does he.
  • Murderer from the beginning.  Jesus also stated that Satan was a murderer from the beginning, in John 8:44.  He not only prompted Cain to kill his brother Abel, but through temptation, caused Adam and Eve to not only fall, but to begin the process of dying, both spiritually and physically.
  • An angel of light. This is actually the flip side of lying, but it is an illusion that is caused by lying.  Satan’s favorite disguise is an angel of light, meaning, he will often appear to be promoting truth, when in fact, he is still lying.  Too many are unwise to this scheme and fall prey to it.  Think of the ultimate con man.

Now, if Satan is all of the above, we are up against a terrifyingly astute and brilliant individual with tremendous supernatural power.  His power is absolutely not unlimited and he is always kept in check by God Himself, who is the only One who is able to keep him in check.  We need to remember this.

Satan’s Dark Cabal
With all this in mind, it should not at all surprise us that from the beginning Satan began working to create a group of people who would share his power and ability in order to bring his aspirations to fruition (remember Nimrod, a hunter of men, in Genesis 11?).

It is much easier to get things done when the CEO disseminates his plans through his upper level management team.  They in turn, relate those plans to their departments and the leaders in those departments process and disperse it through their people and so on and so forth until it gets all the way to the bottom.  Upper management always reaps the rewards of doing their jobs well and it is no different from the PE.

It would be absolutely foolhardy for a CEO of a large enterprise to take the time to walk around and talk to everyone individually.  There needs to be one central group and mindset that provides a pathway to get the message out in the quickest way possible.  This is what Satan has done.  It’s simply logical.

Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:12, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”  I have emphasized certain words or phrases to show that Paul is pointing out that within Satan’s kingdom, there is a hierarchy, just as there is in a large business or the military.  The directives come down from the top and are disseminated throughout the ranks.

I thoroughly believe that Satan has at least one major group that is charged with activating his plan for this world.  I cannot see any other way he would do this, especially if one considers that Satan is not able to be everywhere at the same time.  He works through his hierarchy in the heavenly realms, and his minions direct Satan’s affairs through their contacts here on earth – through human beings.

Satan Runs the World (as God Allows)
Again, we need to realize that even Jesus said that this world is governed by Satan.  This is his kingdom…for now.  Even though Satan was fully defeated at the cross of Christ, his actual removal as head of his kingdom has not yet taken place.  Please recall Jesus’ temptation in Matthew 4.  There, Satan offered Jesus all the kingdoms of this world.  Why?  Because he controls them.  Jesus did not argue with Satan about it.  He didn’t call him on it, so we can be assured that in that respect, Satan was not lying.  Jesus simply rejected the offer.  One day, another will come – the Antichrist – and will be offered the same deal.  This coming one will accept the offer.

So it seems reasonable and biblical to me that Satan created a cabal of individuals in this life that would be his arm of influence for the affairs of men.  The fallen people here are simply used by him for his purposes; some more than others, depending upon ability, etc.  I believe ultimately, this has been carried on from generation to generation in the same general families, with some additions and/or subtraction as time has moved forward.

Christians should never be taken unawares of up short by what transpires in this world.  After all, we are not part of this world any longer because our citizenship has been transferred out of Satan’s dark kingdom into God’s kingdom of light and truth, (cf. Colossians 1:12-14) because of our receipt of the gospel and the salvation that comes through it.  In essence then, though we are here physically, we are in fact, behind enemy lines.  Our main job – as I’ve said so many times – is to rescue others from the kingdom of darkness.  We do this by living and preaching the gospel.  God will open the eyes of those whom He chooses and they have the opportunity to embrace or reject that truth.  Our job is to present it.  We can only do that as we live among the fallen of this world; Satan’s kingdom.

Satan has been and continues to bring his will to pass.  God allows many aspects of Satan will to succeed because God alone is in charge of all outcomes.  Everything that happens in this world will bring glory to God, but of course, Satan’s goal is to glorify himself.  God never allows that to happen, though to us it appears to be the case at times.

It should also not surprise us that things happen in this world that are diametrically opposed to the truth.  Therefore these things are opposed to God and His purposes.

Consider the storm surrounding “Fast and Furious.”  Think about “Benghazi.”  Understand that abortion burst onto the scene years ago and Christians have never been successful in pushing it back.  The demand for it continues to grow.

Politics as Usual
As merely one current example, consider the recent election and the reports of voter fraud that have allegedly occurred.  Here are just a few examples to consider.

  • Apparently, the number of people who live in North Carolina aged 112 and up number 3,020 people. [1]    Unfortunately, records indicate that there are actually only 129 people in the entire state who have reached the age of 112.  Something is weird. Logic alone dictates that it would Guinness World Record stuff to have that many 112-year olds in one state!
  • We previously pointed out at least one individual – Jim Turner – who blatantly stated on his social network page that he proudly voted for Mr. Obama four times (and he listed the precincts), then declared he was going to vote for him again.  How many others did not brag about it?
  • In Cuyahoga County, Ohio, the total population is 900,135 voters.  Apparently, all 900,135 voters voted for Mr. Obama.  Not one vote was cast for Mr. Romney.
  • In Philadelphia, as I previously mentioned, 99% of the total vote went to Mr. Obama.
  • In another county in Ohio, 106,258 votes went to Mr. Obama.  Unfortunately, there are only 98,213 eligible voters there. [2]
  • Reports of voter fraud have gotten so bad that one group has petitioned the White House for a recount.
  • Yet another group points out that 16 million fewer whites voted in this election than in 2008. [3]
  • In Florida, concerning Allen West’s attempted re-election, allegations continue to surface regarding tremendous voter fraud issues there. [4]
  • St Lucie County in Florida is reporting that 141% of the people there voted for Mr. Obama.  I have no idea how you can have MORE people than actually live there vote for someone.
  • There are numerous counties throughout America reporting percentages well above 100% having voted for Mr. Obama.
  • True the Vote has released statistics regarding the massive voter fraud incidents that has been proven to have taken place in previous years.  So for those who say that it doesn’t exist, they either have no clue, or they lie to cover their rear ends as many others appear to be doing. [5]

In my opinion, it seems apparent that voter fraud is very much alive and well in America and I would guess that both parties have relied on it.  I’m also sure that the voting machines have made it much easier since they run on software which can be manipulated.  In this most recent presidential election, it seems that the PE has relied too heavily on it.  It is almost embarrassing how wide in scope this issue may well be.

So what now?  Well, there are calls from many on the conservative side that this needs to be investigated.  I haven’t read about this in any of the mainstream media bureaus except FOX News.  But of course, the Left has no problem chanting that “FOX Lies!” as often as possible, as if that makes it true.  Nonetheless, the Left will be busy using their talking heads like Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz and others to explain away what only appears to be voter fraud.

Nothing to See Here!
In the end, nothing will be done about this alleged problem of voter fraud.  Not one thing.  Life will go on as usual and those who complain about it will be called racists or out of touch with reality.  However, this issue has also helped the PE by creating more angst, anger, suspicion, and mistrust in the American people.  It’s working out well.

Again, I would like to emphasize that the outcome of the election is what God has allowed.  There is no other way to look at this.  It doesn’t matter if voter fraud actually happened or if it was purely conjecture with no basis in fact.  None of that matters as far as the outcome because God is fully in charge of that outcome and I fully believe this outcome is what He has decreed.

Do you wonder why Romney has not called for a recount, with all of the allegations of voter fraud?  Is it possibly because he played his part and it turned out the way he was told it would?  We don’t know, do we?

So, am I sitting here as I type this with a “sour grapes” attitude within me?  Absolutely not!  If voter fraud occurred, that is wrong without doubt.  People should try to get to the bottom of it.  However, one thing Christians should not do is allow themselves to be manipulated emotionally by the powers of darkness so that we become so angry that we want to storm the castle!

We cannot take to the streets and threaten to overpower our government or, as some are doing, calling for secession.  That won’t be allowed to take place, but it will give our government a reason it needs to use the military and all law enforcement agencies to stand against average citizens, which may result in carnage and bloodshed.  This could even result in Martial Law being established and we know when that happens, the U.S. Constitution goes out the window.  Do we want or need that?

Christians should always stand up for truth, whether it’s dealing with abortion, voter fraud, or something else entirely.  However, we also always need to have a clear head and keep our emotions in check.  We cannot risk looking as though we are taking the law in our own hands by stirring up problems in society.  We also cannot afford to be controlled by our emotions either.

I recently noted more than one person (a Christian) post on their social network page their belief that the reason Mr. Obama was re-elected was because we (Christians) did not do enough.  He is very angry.  My heart goes out to him, but I cannot disagree with him more, unfortunately.  He is also in danger of being in rebellion to God by believing that God is not in control of anything or that the successful implementation of God’s will is somewhat dependent on what people do.

For the past four years, Christians and other conservatives have been working diligently to create grassroots organizations that gained much strength and power.  The hope was to replace some in Congress who only said they were part of the GOP with people who are true conservatives.  Some gains were certainly made, but not enough.  Is that God’s will or our fault?

Did Christians fall down on the job since 2008?  Did we fail to do what we were supposed to do?  Did we stop praying?  Did we get lazy and give in?  Did we throw up our hands and simply admit defeat?  Some did I’m sure, but millions of other authentic Christians did not.  We kept at it, praying, submitting ourselves to God, asking that only His will would be accomplished.  Then, when He shows us without doubt what His preordained outcome turns out to be, we go, “WHAT HAPPENED GOD?!”  Simple.  His will happened, unless you believe that God is powerless and unable to push back against Satan?  That’s not the God I worship.

Satan’s World Means Ugliness
This world belongs to Satan.  Though he is technically a fully defeated foe, God allows him to continue to do what he will to thwart God’s plans.  He has never been successful yet and he will continue his “One Failure After Another” world tour in order to be the primary reason God receives so much glory.  That’s what’s in the Bible.

Since I have begun once again to realize these truths, I am absolutely amazed at how at peace I am with all of this.  Do I believe Mr. Obama is the best man to be president of the United States?  No, not at all.  Do I believe it would have been wonderful to have an authentic Christian instead?  Absolutely, but I know that it will not happen.  Would Mitt Romney have been better?  Possibly, but not by much and the reason I voted for him was because I was more interested in moving us back toward the center.  Moving past the center into the “right” zone wasn’t even in the picture this time, though increasingly, the media portrayed Romney as a “right-wing” conservative without actually coming out and calling him that.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?

This morning I was talking to a friend of mine at church.  He admitted his abject hatred for Mr. Obama, though he knows it is wrong as a Christian.  He can’t even stand to think of the man.  I can relate, but as authentic Christians, we are not supposed to go there.  I pointed out to him that if he can step back and begin seeing the big picture as God sees it and has revealed it to us, he will soon realize that Mr. Obama is really an empty sock or puppet.  I don’t mean that disrespectfully.  I simply mean that like too many past presidents, they represent figure heads as the man who simply sat in the Oval Office.  Don’t kid yourself because they take orders from the “powers that be.”  They answer to the PE and you don’t want to cross them.

I cannot hate Mr. Obama at all.  I cannot even be angry with him anymore as I used to be.  When I think of Mr. Obama, I have the same feelings for him now that I have for a paper plate.  Again, that is not being disrespectful.  It means simply that I can easily look past Mr. Obama to realize once again the truth of what Paul tells us that our battle is not against flesh and blood.  The true battle is what takes place everyday in the heavenly realms and the earth is often the battlefield.

I’ve often wondered how many saints were able to face their persecutors without anger and hate.  It was because they understood that the big picture told them that God was in charge of all outcomes and that their persecutors were simply being used by Satan to cause division and hatred in society.  I now believe that the saints we read about in His Word faced their persecutors with pity and a desire to see them receive the truth that leads to salvation.  This is certainly what Jesus did and it is what many did who came before Him.

Those saints who came before us had their eyes firmly set on God’s will and His purposes.  As Christians, we must always stand against unrighteousness.  We have an obligation to do so, but it is when we allow the fallen emotions within us or in the world dictate how we should react to the unrighteousness that is so prevalent that we actually become part of the problem.  In doing, so we lose our testimony and God does not receive the glory.

I am extremely thankful that God has shown me what He has chosen to show me recently.  There is tremendous evil in this world and I dare say that it is growing at an unprecedented rate.  If you take your eyes off God’s big picture, you will become swept up in the problems and darkness of this world.  You will be focusing solely on what Satan is doing in this life, instead of the fact that God controls all outcomes.

We will begin a short series on the Muslim Brotherhood as they have been and continue to be used by the PE and we will also look at the overall plan of the PE (not their history as we have already done).  We will find that it looks very much like the plan of the Nazis decades ago.

[1] http://www.examiner.com/article/number-of-112-year-old-registered-democrat-voters-now-at-3-020-north-carolina

[2] http://www.examiner.com/article/citing-voter-fraud-petition-at-white-house-web-site-demands-recount-of-election

[3] http://beforeitsnews.com/u-s-politics/2012/11/16-million-missing-white-votes-where-did-they-go-2445032.html

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[5] http://www.truethevote.org/news/how-widespread-is-voter-fraud-2012-facts-figures

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  • 1. Deacon Dan aka Daniel Webster Lowell  |  November 11, 2012 at 4:03 PM

    God waits for the wheat to mature then He removes the tares.

  • 2. Sherry  |  November 11, 2012 at 3:24 PM

    Now, now. There was no voter fraud where percentages and numbers of voters are concerned-that’s just Obama math.

    Seriously, Christians who are angry with Obama, or anyone, should pray for them. It keeps away any sin in the anger. Satan doesn’t just want to rule the world, but he wants as many souls of men as he can get-he was willing to give Jesus the kingdoms of this world because, had Jesus accepted that offer, He would not be our Savior. Then we would have become the evil one’s own to do as he pleased with. So, praying for our enemy means we pray for their salvation from God’s wrath and deliverance from the dark kingdom of Saan’s. And we need to pray that God will help us to be the light that shines brightly before men. Satan loves to tempt us to fall before the unsaved and look the hypocrit to them so they will harden their hearts all the more against God’s loving will for them.

    Another note: I’ve been looking at the opinions of different Christian leaders and bloggers and such. You can tell that there are those who believe the Kingdom Now teachings in how they respond-such as praying for revival in our nation. I’ve really had to exercise the discernment! I’m sure I’ve passed along some questionable articles, though but I’m trying not to promote erroneous teachers while wanting to share what they have to say.

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