Christians Need to Be Voices of Reason

November 12, 2012 at 8:52 AM 6 comments

This morning after waking up, I checked the many Internet sites I normally check for the latest news and one thing struck me.  People are very frustrated regarding our nation’s most recent election.  Certainly, if there was any type of vote tampering, then we have a right to be, because that shows us that the system does not work.  It’s completely broken.  I’m still reading even more reports of alleged voter fraud throughout the nation and it is very disconcerting.  If these reports turn out to be true, then it is very clear this nation has big problems.

In the wake of all this, there are many within this country that are calling for secession.  Apparently, there are now at least 19 states (some reports indicating the number to be as high as twenty-six), that are petitioning our government to allow them to secede.  This reaction to the alleged voter fraud is under-standable to a degree, but it is still very alarming.  I’m really not sure that people are thinking this all the way through.

It will likely simply turn out to be a huge waste of time (hopefully), because there is absolutely no way that the Federal government will simply allow states to secede.  If leaders in these various states want to push the issue, then I honestly believe they will playing right into the hands of our current administration and the Power Elite (PE).  How?

If it comes down to it and things get really bad where civil strife kicks into high gear, I can easily see the Feds calling out the National Guard and other forces to attempt to keep things under control.  If that does not work, then of course, Martial Law will be enacted.  If that happens, the U.S. Constitution is set aside and the current administration makes the rules up as they go.  Yes, I realize that in some cases, they have seemingly done whatever they’ve wanted to do, in spite of the fact that the Constitution is the rule of law, but imagine what would happen without the presence of the Constitution.  At that point, America will truly become a dictatorship.  Is this what you want to happen?  Is this what Christians are supposed to do?  I’m pretty sure we’re not supposed to be part of something like that.

In the back of my mind I can hear the words of Paul in Ephesians 6:12, reminding us that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against those powers that are at work in the spiritual realm.  We battle those powers in one way only:  through prayer.

This idea that we need to take things into our own hands because of the way this election went is the world’s way of dealing with it.  It is not a way that I believe glorifies God in any way, shape or form.  In fact, it will wind up ruining any testimony that Christians believe they have if they get behind something like this.  Cooler, more reasoned heads need to prevail in this situation.  We need to rely on God’s wisdom, not man’s brawn.

It still amazes me how many people who call themselves Christians believe that we can yet take over America, even through revival or the ballot box.  Folks, I also believe that God wants a revival of sorts, but I believe that revival is going to be for one individual at a time, not some alleged national revival.  God is very interested in saving people and He does that individually.

I simply do not believe that God will bring this nation to revival.  He will undoubtedly bring America to her knees, but not necessarily in repentance, but judgment, just as I believe He is preparing to judge every nation on the earth through the upcoming Tribulation.

I suppose it is possible that as far as God’s prophetic timetable is concerned, we are not even close to the start of the Tribulation.  However, I find that difficult to believe based on my understanding of Scripture and seeing what is happening in the world today.  If the Tribulation is far off then this is merely one of those periods in time when, like many “empires” of old, things went up and things went down.  But if we really stop to consider things, America may be on the verge of a total and complete collapse.

This seems to be in keeping with Scripture because as I have discussed previously, the Bible points to a time when the world will be one in goal and purpose and will be ruled by one individual, the final dictator (the “man of sin” as referred to by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2).  Though many prefer to understand these passages as allegorical, it is best, in my opinion, to understand the Bible in its most plain sense unless the context demands that a symbolic approach is necessary.  However, even there, the interpretation of various symbolic imagery is nearly always provided in the text itself.

Yet, there are too many (again, in my opinion) who prefer to allegorize Scripture and it creates all sorts of interpretive problems that they normally do not see.  The reason they do not see it is because they are not allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture and are generally focusing on this issue or that, without even trying to understand God’s big picture as He has revealed.

But getting back to the problems facing this nation, we’ve got Obamacare coming in greater measure in 2013 and more so in 2014.  That means new taxes, even for the Middle Class.  There are at least seven of these new taxes that will hit families making less than $250,000/year in 2013 and this is in spite of what Mr. Obama promised us.  (I’m not saying that to be critical of Mr. Obama.  It’s simply the facts of the matter and by the way, he, as a Democrat is not even close to being the only politicians who have lied to the American people.  It seems to go with the political territory, regardless of which party a person is a member of.  Remember Rep. Richard Nixon’s declaration “I am not a crook!“?)  Beyond this, we also know through new EPA regulations coming down the pike that new taxes like the Carbon Tax will hit our wallets and purses.

Moreover, every day we read of companies laying off more and more people, forced to downsize because of the new regulations created by Obamacare.  Many small businesses are having to reduce the number of employees and make most of their full-time employees only part-time.  Part-time under Obamacare means working less than 30 hours per week.  If you are a small business and you have at least 50 employees, you will be hit hard.  This is why many businesses are doing what they can to prepare for the coming major increase in taxes and other fees.

So, going into 2013, we will continue to see joblessness increase dramatically along with unemployment claims and more added to the Welfare roles. This will be greater stress on our economy, from which we may not recover.

At the same time, many who had full-time jobs will be met with reduced hours.  This will mean that they will need to get another part-time job (or full-time if they can find it), but that will not provide them with health benefits.  If they do not have health insurance, they will be forced to purchase it, or be taxed.  Even though the administration continues to say that this is not a tax, but a “penalty,” we can be assured that because of the Supreme Court ruling, the IRS will see it as a tax.  So, if you find yourself in the position of having to pay the tax for not having or being able to afford insurance, the IRS will also tax you on the tax you are being forced to pay.

Yes, there is tremendous frustration that appears to be building, but we need to have clear heads and use discernment and wisdom that only comes from God.  We cannot react to all of this viscerally. We cannot afford to allow ourselves to be guided by emotions, especially now.  Not only will those emotions rob us of God’s peace, but they will cause us to act like the average lost person, who acts before he thinks.  This is not good, folks.

God is in charge and those who are so angry that they “have” to do something are not trusting Him.  Take it to Him in prayer!  Do whatever it takes to submit yourself to Him in this, as in all situations.  Are you this angry about abortion that you want to go protest in front of an abortion clinic?

What people do not seem to realize is that this particular administration (that God has allowed to exist at this particular time in history), is doing things their way.  They have the support of most, if not all, of the media.  There are people throughout society that are prepared to “go to war” for this administration if necessary. We saw this before and leading up to the election, with the many threats of violence and even assassination if Romney won the election.  Again, that is so foolhardy given the fact that Romney is not a “right-winger” and is not even right of center!  This is how valuable the media is to Mr. Obama that they are able to take someone like Mr. Romney and portray him essentially as a Bush clone!  He’s not even close, but this is a perfect example of people who think with their emotions and not their heads.

The only possible way to fight this is through prayer and then once you pray, we need to accept God’s will regardless of whether we like it or not.  Isn’t this what Jesus did in the Garden of Gethesame?  Yes.  He was so overwrought at the thought of what was coming beginning that very night, that His sweat became mixed with blood from His forehead.  However, He persevered until He had given up all vestiges of His own desires and willingly turned Himself over the Father for His care and keeping.  He arrived at the emotional state of being in peace because of it.

I firmly believe that this administration, having been re-elected, is fully empowered by powers that we cannot see, but feel.  They have switched into high gear now to accomplish what they want to accomplish.  They will push ahead and anyone who stands in their way will be run over without mercy.  Frankly – and this may sound odd – but I am excited about what God is doing in America and throughout the world.  Persecution always brings people to Him and that is something that Satan has never been able to stop!

I know that there are people – Christians – who believe that another civil war is coming and we are to arm ourselves and be ready for the fight.  I cannot go there.  I cannot take on the government.  If someone tries to break into my home to do harm to myself or members of my family, I will defend them to the best of my ability.

I cannot go on the offensive where our government is concerned.  While you might think I’m simply being too afraid or too cautious, the truth of the matter is that I cannot picture Jesus doing it!  I cannot envision Jesus leading the charge against a secular government – a government that has the position of authority because ultimately God is in charge of all outcomes.

I am not telling you what to do.  I am simply asking you to take the time to step back and pray about anything that you are planning to do in the coming days and months.  God is in this and He has certainly not left His people as orphans.  He knows our needs.  He will provide for us, but we have to learn to lean on Him, now more than ever.

Either God is in charge, or He is not at all in charge.  I know that some believe God is waiting for us to pick up our weapons and stand against the tyranny.  Do you really believe that this is why God has us in this life?  Where in all of the New Testament can you tell me that along with the Great Commission, Jesus appointed us to physically fight the fight against government powers when necessary?

Yes, we must stand against unrighteousness whenever we can.  When we see things wrong with our government, we have legal recourse.  The problem though is that what some are advocating right now may well lead to a far greater problem for the entire country.  At least give this some thought, will you?

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Power Behind the Power Elite Manipulation is the Game for the PE


  • 1. Sherry  |  November 12, 2012 at 7:29 PM

    I’m glad you wrote a post on this subject. I’m fine with signing petitions for vote recounts and taking abortion funding out of Obamacare and whatever I can to help people in this time but to secede from the Federal government I’ll take no part in. Yes, its constitutionally legal but we aren’t dealing with an administration that cares about that.

    And thank you, also, for mentioning about Revival in America. If we weren’t so close to the coming Anti-christ I might say that a Great Awakening 2 could come. Are we not to watch Israel and world events to know the times we are living in? From what I’m watching, the time for the NWO is here. I’m watching for Isaiah 17: 1-3 to come to pass any day now. I just hope its not by Israel’s doing but by one of their enemies’ errant missiles or bombs… 🙂

    • 2. Sherry  |  November 12, 2012 at 7:32 PM

      LOL! I live in Illinois, why am I concerned about us seceding? 😆
      I’m waiting for the new licence plates to say Land of Obama on them…

      • 3. modres  |  November 12, 2012 at 7:36 PM

        Too funny, Sherry 😉

    • 4. modres  |  November 12, 2012 at 7:35 PM

      I’m wondering how long it will be before we see thr Gog/Magog War play out right before our eyes too.

      • 5. Sherry  |  November 12, 2012 at 8:50 PM

        But won’t the Rapture come first? It may even come before the fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1-3…any time now!

      • 6. modres  |  November 13, 2012 at 7:03 AM

        It certainly could. I’m not really sure about some of the timing here. In my view, it’s difficult to be dogmatic about it, but some are firm in their convictions that the Gog/Magog war will occur after the Rapture. I guess we’ll see…

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