Manipulation is the Game for the PE

November 13, 2012 at 8:11 AM 2 comments

I was reading through a couple of articles by Dr. Dennis Cuddy recently and he made some very interesting observations.  His observations were specifically related to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and the events that have come to be known simply as “Benghazi” that portray to Americans and the world the types of things that have been happening and continue to happen for the sole purpose of shaping the way people think.  Cuddy has numerous articles on the art of manipulating public opinion that are well worth reading.

Of course, let’s not forget that Benghazi has once again taken a bit of a back seat because of the news of Gen. Petraeus’ affair and we seem to be learning much more about that with each new.  Benghazi?  Fast and Furious?  Not so much.  Folks, we are being misdirected here by the PE.  Our thoughts and beliefs are being manipulated by the PE so that we think what they want us to think.

How It Works
Let me provide a basic illustration in a very simple form regarding the art of manipulation.  Do you remember when you were a kid and your friends wanted to goad you into doing something?  If you didn’t want to do it, you might simply say something like, “Nah, I don’t feel like it.”  However, too often kids don’t simply let go of things like this, so before you knew it, you heard comments in response like “What, are you chicken?”  This dare was designed to force you to do what you might otherwise have had no interest in doing and not because you were allegedly scared, but simply because you just didn’t care about that subject.  It didn’t move you at all.

But, how did you respond more often than not?  You probably became indignant and wanted prove to your friends that you weren’t scared so you  agreed to do what they were prompting you to do.  Even though you still had no interest in doing whatever they had suggested in the first place, you now found yourself in the unfortunate situation of doing it simply to prove that you were not scared of doing it!  Sounds like A Christmas Story, doesn’t it?

Racing Toward the Finish
During 2008, leading up to the election of Mr. Obama, the race card was being played as a type of dare not only by the media but by average people in society.  I personally heard people from the black community make comments said with disdain like, “This country will never elect a black man president!”  It was a dare, implicitly meant to goad whites into proving they were not racist.  So, many white people took the bait and decided that the only way they could prove they were not racist was to vote for Mr. Obama, regardless of what he believed or promised.  Many did just that.

The race card continued to be played throughout his presidency and even leading up to the 2012 election and I believe it will continue to be played.  I recall on the day of the election, Chris Matthews saying something to the effect that if you did not vote, you were racist.  The implication of course, was that if you did not vote for Mr. Obama, you were racist.

Many still fall prey to this type of “triple dog dare ya” thinking as we come to place more value on how others perceive us than how God perceives us, as if we are going to stand before people in judgment when this life is over.  It’s really more than a shame, but what can you do when ignorant people stoop to this level of manipulation in order to get what they want?  It becomes thoroughly asinine, but the PE knows how well it works.  Why should they change tactics?

Whites Want to Build Up Their Race
I read one article where black political pundit, Nancy Giles stated, “‘It’s been weird to watch white people report on this,’ she said. ‘And, you know, when you just showed that graph of the decline in the numbers, I thought, ‘Maybe that’s why they’re trying to eliminate all these abortions and stuff. They’re trying to build up the race.’ You know, maybe’.” [1]  She was speaking of the post-election polls.  Notice the last statement regarding abortion?  In truth, her argument really doesn’t hold water when considering the actual statistics involved in ethnicity of babies being aborted.  Most, by a slight margin are black babies, followed by white babies, and then followed by Hispanic babies. [2]

If whites were so hostile to blacks, wouldn’t we want to support abortion because of all the black babies that are aborted?  Moreover, since the numbers of black babies vs. white babies that are murdered in the abortion process are so close, whites are certainly killing their own unborn babies as well. If abortion halts, we can surmise that both the black and white populations would increase by roughly the same amounts.

So the problem of abortion – because slightly more black babies are aborted than any other group – is really a problem of racism, isn’t it?  This is exactly why Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger believed in abortion as merely one form of eugenics.  It originally was meant to eliminate a race of people that she considered to be “unfit” – blacks.

I suppose Giles’ statement might have some truth in it if the only babies who were being aborted were white, but that is clearly not the case at all.  You tend to wonder how these people wind up being given a soap box at all.  However, once again, when you step back to see the whole picture from the point of view of the Power Elite, it makes sense.  Giles’ comments were meant as a support of abortion.  She was trying to make the case that whites are opposed to abortion because they want the white race built up.  Implicit in her comments is her support for abortion and a “heads up” that whites want to make abortion illegal so that they can see their own (white) race enlarged.  There is no real logical reasoning here at all.  In fact, it is so ridiculous that it is embarrassing pointing out the lack of logic here because of the risk of offending you, the reader, who also sees it.

Corporate Socialism
The powers that be try very hard to mold us and manipulate us so that we wind up becoming what they want us to become.  They do it because they have been hard at work attempting to overthrow traditional biblical values for decades.  At all costs, these must go if we are to move toward a world where their brand of Socialism becomes the norm.

As I have said before though, the type of Socialism that the PE looks toward is  what Cuddy calls “corporate socialism” [3] and is used to create change so that national identity is supplanted by a type of national socialism.  At the same time, the corporate structure to some degree remains, but only benefits those who are part of the plan and completely eliminates all competition.  This is often done through tremendously burdensome regulations that are directed at specific types of industry and under the auspices of a very altruistic cause.

For instance, many of the coming EPA regulations are specifically geared toward shutting down the coal industry.  Doesn’t this seem to be a tremendous burden for just the coal industry?  We are told that America needs to be “greener” and more energy-efficient.  Who can disagree with that and still want to be seen as having environmental concerns?

However, no such new burdensome EPA regulations are coming (of which I’m aware) that are directed toward the oil industry.  Why?  Because the PE is heavily involved in that industry, but not the coal industry.  So, on the surface, it appears to the average person that the reasons for the EPA regulations that will be foisted on the coal industry are mainly due to environmental concerns.  It is only as we look beneath the surface that we learn the real reason for the new regulations: shutting down competitive energy sources in order that those within the PE who are heavily invested in oil will stand to make a great deal more.

If a person can no longer heat their homes with coal, what will they do?  They will be forced to convert to oil, gas, or electricity.  Of course, the Carbon Tax that’s coming will be added to all those.  Still, the PE stand to benefit greatly because less to no coal consumption means a greater reliance on other energy sources like oil.  In spite of the Obama administration’s efforts, neither solar or wind power has taken off at all.  Instead, millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars have simply been shoveled down a large, empty hole because these companies that received government loans and grants have gone belly up with of course, no ability to pay anything back to the government.  Of course, the consumer is really hit twice since no new and sustainable way to create energy has been produced.

Using the Muslim Brotherhood
If we turn to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), we might be able to put this into perspective by following the same reasoning as we have regarding energy sources.  The MB has gained quite a bit of ground since Mr. Obama took office.  That much is obvious.

The MB was founded by “Hassan al-Banna…in Egypt in 1928.” [4] Once Hitler and his Third Reich arrived on the scene, they began using the Brotherhood to achieve their own goals.  Interestingly enough, prior to Hitler’s Third Reich, generally speaking, Muslims did not oppress or think negatively of Jews.  Granted, there was no revived state of Israel at this time, but there was general acceptance between Muslims and Jews then.

It was only after Hitler began working with the MB that many Muslims became more hardcore in their stance against Jews.  The MB gradually adopted a position of contempt where Jews were concerned and they even became outwardly hostile to Jews once the MB began working with Hitler.  I believe this very same thing is happening today because of the very same goals of the PE that were pursued through Hitler when he lived.

I’ve always thought it was interesting that while something as “right-wing” and extreme as the Muslim Brotherhood could gain more and more ground, Christianity and those who in general respect the Constitution and biblical values in this country are seen by our own government as potential extremists or “terrorists.”

Going Easy on Radical Islam
Isn’t it odd to you that regarding the thousands and thousands of terrorist events that have occurred just since the original 9/11, Mr. Obama has done everything he can to soften the blow of radical Islam, while at the same time doing everything he can to denigrate Christianity and other faiths within the United States?  Think of Ft. Hood, in which a radical Islamist shouting praise to Allah massacred many of our military personnel there.  Mr. Obama was quick to call it “workplace violence” instead of a terrorist act.  Why is this?  Because the MB is very useful to the PE and Mr. Obama will continue to do what he can to assure to the world that radical Islam and the MB is not as extreme as people think, even though most do not agree with that stance.

People have accused Mr. Obama of wanting to protect Islamists because he is one, therefore he is protecting his own.  I’ll admit that I have done that in articles on this blog in times past.  I will also have to admit that I have been completely missing the big picture.  It does not matter whether Mr. Obama is a Muslim or not.  He is recognized as a black man with roots in Islam from the time he spent in Indonesia.  That alone makes him valuable to the PE because of his ability to work with groups like MB as no white president could.

If the overriding goal of the PE is to control all aspects of the world for their sole benefit in a form of a global “national socialism” (which would ultimately be regional socialism on a global scale since all countries would be rolled into one unit or system), then how do you do that easily or at least effectively?  Basically, you let others do the hard work for you, then once they have done the grunt work, you simply take it from there.

Muslim Brotherhood Grows
In North Africa for instance, there were Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and other individual nations each controlled by their own dictator.  While those dictators all claimed to be Muslims, the reality is that they were still separate nations of Arabs (mainly) and controlled by one leader for each nation whose Islamic beliefs likely differed from the leader of their neighboring country.

But, consider what happens when one organization – the Muslim Brotherhood – that is said to represent true Islam gains control of one, then another, then another country?  What we see then is the growth of a modern caliphate (Islamic government) that includes several countries together, instead of several countries that are separate, each one controlled by a separate individual with no ties to the MB.

What happened in Egypt?  Well, it’s very complex and nuanced, and I’m not sure I understand all of it.  However, I do recognize that the Muslim Brotherhood provided a candidate for the “democratic” elections that took place in Egypt.  Lo and behold, he won!  Surprise, surprise!  President Morsi of Egypt is the leader of Egypt and he represents the Muslim Brotherhood there, who stands behind him in support.

My belief is that eventually, those individual countries that fell during the “Arab Spring” will become part of the Muslim Brotherhood, though they may continue to appear as still separate countries because each one will continue to have one primary leader.  I believe these individual leaders will all be tied to the MB through their loyalty and commitment to that organization.

On the surface, we will continue to see separate individual leaders for each nation.  Below the surface, the tie that binds will be the MB.  This is how an Islamic caliphate is created and eventually becomes an Islamic empire.  Once the Islamic empire has grown large enough, the PE will physically take over the reigns.  I believe they have already started by helping Egypt (as a for instance) go into debt in order to survive.  Egypt’s debt is held ultimately by the PE.

As Is Naziism, Is the Muslim Brotherhood
Cuddy explains it like this:  “The Nazis had allied with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) beginning in the 1930s, and because the PE doesn’t like strong nationalist leaders, a pan-Islamic movement and loyalty were created that transcended national borders. As the (international) MB takes over more and more of the countries in the Arab world, it will be easier for the PE to negotiate a regional arrangement with them rather than many national leaders. This regional entity can then be linked with the European Union and other regional entities to form the World Socialist Government. President Obama’s Muslim background will help facilitate this for the PE.” [5]

There are some within Islam who recognize what is happening.  Cuddy tells us that, “liberal Marxist Muslim Tarek Fatah said, ‘The religion of Islam is being used as a tool by a Fascist force…. Instead of bringing victory over the Fascist forces of the Muslim Brotherhood, we now recognize that their infiltration is right up to the American White House, but we can’t say that’.” [6]  This is not how it is seen by the average American who is concerned about the encroachment of Islam not only in various areas of the Middle East, but primarily within the borders of America.  We see this in Dearborn, MI, Murphreesboro, TN, DeKalb County, GA, and in numerous other places as well throughout America.

However, just as the MB was very useful to Hitler and the PE then, it is just as useful to the PE now.  In America, the PE has ensured that Mr. Obama remains in office in order to facilitate greater freedoms for the MB and Islam in general because as stated, they do a great deal of the grunt work.  Remember, at the very bottom of the social construct within Islam there are people who are willing to become livingbombs for Allah.  What other group can we say this about today?  This type of Muslim will go to his death willingly in the hopes of blessing Allah, gaining their eternal reward after death, and by helping to create the next caliphate.  They see  themselves as hero martyrs.

What is the most tragic of all is that the PE (and probably Mr. Obama) has absolutely no concern for these individuals at all.  These are true serfs, willing to give up their lives for some notion that this world will be blessed because of it.  To the global elite, the Muslim who is willing to become a human sacrifice for the cause, is not be honored by the PE, but to be used so that in the end, they will have what Cuddy refers to as “a techno-feudal society, where the proletariat would be labor serfs or machine serfs and the elite would remain in control.” [7]

Socialism for Us; Capitalism for Them
The PE are the consummate capitalists, yet they want to create a type of utopian global state of socialism for everyone else.  They have absolutely no intention of giving up their power and fully believe that all of their hard work and effort to bring Lucifer’s plans to fruition will reap benefits many times more than what they have now.

Yes, they will take care of the worker, to an extent, only in so far as they are needed to do the physical labor, but the best and brightest will be better cared for because the PE will need to rely on them the most for their ideas and science.  That group will represent an extremely small percentage though.  The rest are the grunts, the people who do the actual physical work and they will be a dime a dozen.

Several things have occurred since the election that I find remarkable.  There has been a drastic attitude change with Mr. Obama.  Either I’ve missed it, or the news hasn’t been reporting it, but Mr. Obama is fairly scarce since his re-election.  I haven’t seen any articles regarding his concerns for the people who are still suffering because of Hurricane Sandy.  FEMA is AWOL and apparently even what little they can do is severely hampered by unions of the northeast.  Supplies are simply stockpiled and not getting to those in need.

I know that the day after the election, Mr. Obama signed another executive order that essentially marries the DHS (and TSA) with the private sector throughout the United States.  Wonder why?  Hmmm.  I also know that Mr. Obama and Congress are starting to look at the oncoming “fiscal cliff” that everyone is talking about and Mr. Obama has stated that he will consider no plan unless it involves tax hikes.

No Surprise to the PE
Regarding this re-election of Mr. Obama, Cuddy reminds us of several cogent points.  “For months, highly paid conservative national talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck were telling us that because of continually high unemployment, etc., there was no way President Obama would be re-elected. On the other hand, for months I have been telling listeners on Radio Liberty that the Power Elite (PE) wanted Obama re-elected in order to fulfill their plan for world control.” [8]  It makes perfect sense when you stop to consider it.

This would make one think that the Republicans are done.  Cuddy would disagree.  He stated, “In the pundits’ post-election analysis, they next said it would be a long time before the Republicans came back. My response is ‘No, it won’t!’ By 2016, many Obama supporters, and perhaps President Obama himself, will wish he had never been re-elected! Why? In the immediate future, he will have trouble avoiding the ‘fiscal cliff’ with the House Republicans coming at the end of 2012, and a recession could result. And over the next 4 years, the national and global economies will be even worse than today.” [9]

Next up, we will break down the Nazi plan to see whether it is still in play today.  Stay tuned.







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[9] Ibid

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  • 1. Sherry  |  November 23, 2012 at 6:05 PM

    You may have addressed this in one of your articles and I haven’t yet read it but I was wondering how such men like Obama get “seeelected before they are eeelected” as Rev. Wright once said of him. I can understand that men like the Bushes come along to be selected as it would be all in the family, or, say, that a candidate was a freemason, but an individual who seems so unlikely lke Obama has me curious about the recruitment process.

    Thanks for these articles~

    • 2. modres  |  November 23, 2012 at 7:08 PM

      I think it is very possible he was specifically chosen and groomed by the elite. I also think it’s possible he is not part of the global elite but WANTS to be. The true elite come from families with OLD money and tremendous power. He certainly is not that and has never been. He may simply be little more than an agent for them or less than that; just a wiling pawn. If that is the case, he is also disposable when they are finished.

      Imagine what the result of that would be in American society?

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