Power Elite and the New World Order, Pt. 3

November 9, 2012 at 7:57 PM

National Socialism & Fascism
National Socialism as envisioned by the Power Elite (PE), is largely being created in the United States (and elsewhere) by modern-day fascists who believe in private enterprise that comes under the control of the government.  “Fascists seek to unify their nation based on commitment to a nation-state where its individuals are united together as one people through their national identity.” [1]

Beyond this, “Fascism advocates a state-controlled and regulated mixed economy; the principal economic goal of fascism is to achieve autarky [the quality of being self-sufficient] to secure national self-sufficiency and independence, through protectionist and interventionist economic policies. It promotes regulated private enterprise and private property contingent whenever beneficial to the nation and state enterprise and state property whenever necessary to protect its interests. It supports criminalization of strikes by employees and lockouts by employers because it deems these acts as prejudicial and detrimental to the nation as a whole.” [2]

Dr. Dennis Cuddy thoroughly discusses the plan for global domination conceived by the PE and their use of Nazism as well as the Muslim Brotherhood over the years.  The two entities are interconnected still, even though Hitler is dead and most would argue that the remnants of Nazism is primarily kept alive only by small extremist groups called Neo-Nazis today.

Muslim Brotherhood & Mr. Obama
Because the Muslim Brotherhood has played such a huge roll for the PE for decades, is it any wonder that the PE’s choice for president during this day is Mr. Obama, a man who is both sympathetic to Islam and can well understand the Muslim mindset because of his background and upbringing?  Whether he actually is a Muslim or not does not even really matter, though for me, it was a serious point of concern. Not any longer.

Now, after understanding much more about the PE, how they work, and who they work with to accomplish their goals of global dominance, the fact that Mr. Obama is the president seems the perfect choice as far as the PE is concerned.  I no longer question why or how he came to power.  It’s simply a matter of pragmatism and business for the PE and nothing more.  They continue to move forward.

Mr. Obama has an extensive background regarding Islam, having grown up with Muslims in Indonesia.  He speaks their language and understand the Qur’an.  He is very comfortable among Muslims and many Muslims within Islam firmly believe he is one of them.  Whether Mr. Obama is or is not a true Muslim really doesn’t even matter anymore at all.

Like King Herod of old, who was equally comfortable being part of the Jewish ceremonies and participating in Temple practices while in Jerusalem or participating in the pagan Roman practices while in Rome. Didn’t matter to Herod at all.  I don’t think it matters to Mr. Obama at all.  I don’t really think religion matters to Mr. Obama.  In the end, he likely believes himself to be a god, as most of those within the PE believe of themselves.  We see that as narcissistic.  To them, it is simply a fact they have come to believe.

It’s very possible that Mr. Obama is not truly a Muslim or a Christian at all, in point of fact and he doesn’t need to be.  It is actually better for his position in the PE if he is not.

He simply needs to be able to relate to both groups because the PE knows that here in America, the most difficult people to reach and overcome are authentic Christians.  Yet, there are plenty of professing Christians and even people who very likely sincerely believe they are Christian who have open arms toward Mr. Obama. (By the way, remember Rick Warren?  He’s been around and even involved with aspects of the PE for years.  We’ll get to him in another article possibly.)

The problem is that many of us have been focusing on Mr. Obama’s religion and I was one of them.  Guilty as charged.  Now, I realize that this is simply another misdirection of the PE.  That, along with his birth certificate issue and the many other things that we do not know about the man have absolutely nothing to with anything.

I am not saying that these are not important issues and let’s face it, if he is not eligible to be president, then that would mean treason and jail.  Can you imagine the reaction of many blacks in society if that were to happen?  That’s not going to happen, at least as long as Mr. Obama dutifully plays the game.  If he fails or becomes too big for his britches, then the PE could use that as a means of extortion.  Right now however, they are getting what they want, because part of society that is fixated on his qualifications and his religion.  Not me; not anymore.  Part of society is doing exactly what the PE wants them to do, instead of looking where they should be looking in order to see more of the whole picture.

Do you really think the PE is that stupid that they would deliberately elect a man into the Oval Office who could turn out to be a fraud?  Even if he is a fraud, none of that will come out, no matter how hard anyone tries to make it happen.  There are many examples throughout history proving that the PE plays for keeps.  They are not above using extortion, coercion, or even murder to accomplish their goals.  I have absolutely no doubts whatsoever.

Mr. Obama may not be eligible to be president and the PE wants us to focus on that so that we will miss the larger picture.  Isn’t it fascinating?  They don’t care about the rule of law.  They care only about doing what they want to do and they all believe that they are completely above every law that man has ever created.  They are the gods of the coming new world order, who will all bow to Lucifer.

In any case, even if Mr. Obama is ineligible, we will never be able to prove it, unless, as I said, he screws up royally.  That would be an absolute last resort though because it would not merely affect Mr. Obama, but too many people associated with him who would be guilty of having hidden that information.  The PE would have to take all things into consideration before making that move.

Regarding Mr. Obama, Cuddy makes these statements:  “In following the PE’s strategy of using a dialectical process via regionalization to achieve a World Socialist Government, Barack Obama was elected president in 2008. With his Muslim background, he would be able to relate to the Muslim revolutionary uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East beginning in 2011. He made presidential overtures to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) from the beginning of his administration. And as the MB was the leading organizational structure in these revolutions, they would be in a unique cross-country position to facilitate the regionalization of the nations involved.” [3]

By the way, Cuddy also alludes to the issue of the Arab Spring and the rise of what are supposed to be “democracies” that replaced dictatorships.  For most of us, we look at their so-called democracies now, and we see them as nothing at all like the democracy that is used in the United States of America.  Cuddy points out that this doesn’t at all matter.  What matters is that the old dictatorial regimes are gone (or going) and replaced with something akin to a democracy.  Once the dust settles with any type of democracy in place, these nations are then much more vulnerable to losing their sovereignty in exchange for global dominance by the PE.

To us here in the United States, much of what has been transpiring in North Africa (Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, etc.) seems rigged and appears to be far worse than what existed before the overthrow of individual nations there.  It is rigged and it also does not matter how it seems to us.  The truth of the matter is that as far as the PE is concerned, those countries are far more vulnerable now and therefore, places the PE in a far better position to seize the day by absorbing those nations at some point in the future.  They will all need financial resources, right?  They will all need to borrow money, right?  Word is that Morsi’s new Egyptian government is almost completely out of money.  Gee, I wonder what will happen?

Jeb Bush in 2016?  Really?
Please note this next quote very carefully, all right?  Is Cuddy just making things up as he goes along?  Is he spinning his wheels just to make noise?  What is he doing?

Obama as president could also move the U.S. increasingly toward socialism, which would be necessary for an eventual ‘comfortable merger’ with other socialist regions such as Europe and Latin America. Therefore, he may be re-elected (with an ‘October Surprise’) in November 2012. [This quote is from article he wrote in June of 2012 – ed.]

He could be followed as president by Jeb Bush 2016 in time to accept the ‘Phoenix‘ as the new world currency planned for 2018. And if Jeb Bush is re-elected in 2020, the new president would begin term of office in 2025, the year by which Luciferian occultist Alice Bailey proclaimed the ‘World Federation of Nations’ would be ‘taking rapid shape,’ according to ‘the Plan’.” [4; emphasis added]

Take a moment to re-read that, all right?  I’ll wait.  Good, now notice that he mentions Jeb Bush as possible president in 2016.  He also notes that as far as the PE is concerned, there is to be the inauguration of a new global currency called the Phoenix.  Wow, that’s fascinating.  Hey, isn’t that what’s on the U.S. one dollar bill?  Yep.  It’s not an eagle, folks.  It’s a phoenix, rising from the flames.

Look, it would be pretty difficult to make this stuff up without sounding like a complete moron, wouldn’t it?  I’m quite certain Dr. Cuddy realizes just how conspiratorial all of this sounds, but his articles and books are filled with solid documentation.  He goes into more detail regarding Jeb Bush as well.  He’s not simply pulling a name out of thin air for the sake of it.

If what Dr. Cuddy is telling us about Mr. Obama and then Jeb Bush potentially following him as president in 2016, doesn’t that tell you that the PE has full and absolute control of the presidency and who takes up residence in the White House for four years at a pop?  Consider that we had Reagan, followed by Bush, Sr., followed by Clinton, followed by Bush, Jr., followed by Obama, then possibly followed by another Bush.  It just goes back and forth, doesn’t it?

By the way, I read today a report stating that the entire city of Philadelphia came in with 99% of all votes for Mr. Obama.  That’s a joke, sorry.  I don’t believe it.  I lived in Philadelphia for four years a number of years ago and there were plenty of Republicans and conservatives at the time.  Now though, I’m supposed to believe that nearly 100% of the people in Philly voted Democrat, for Mr. Obama?  Ridiculous.  He’s president for a second term because the PE made him president!  They have too much to lose to let their carefully crafted plans go awry.  They have also poured too much money into getting Mr. Obama into the Oval Office.

Every one of the presidents noted above (with the exception of course of Jeb Bush) has done (or is doing) their part to move this nation forward toward the idealism that is part and parcel of the PE plan.  Every crisis – real or imagined – has been foisted upon the American public (and in some cases, the entire world) to help move us along the road toward national socialism in the form of one global government.  The entire world will become one nation from which national socialism reigns.  Isn’t that swell?

Those Planned “Surprise” Crises
It’s actually hilarious once you see the full picture, or as much of it as can be cobbled together.  George W. got us involved in Iraq.  Why?  Ultimately, to eliminate Saddam Hussein.  Do I believe that the original 9/11 attacks were an “inside job.”  No, but I do believe that our government at the very least either knew about the potential for this event, or was simply too stupid to figure out that some basic precautions should be taken since terrorists had attempted to attack the base of the WTC in 1993.  Wouldn’t you think that our government would stop and go, “Hey, you know since that tried that once, they might try it again.  We should do what we can to be prepared“?

Instead and in spite of the intelligence that indicated a major attack was on its way (though Condoleezza Rice stated publicly that there was “no actionable intelligence”), our government either ignored it or simply didn’t know what to do about it.  This is very reminiscent of what just occurred in Benghazi with Mr. Obama either not knowing what to do, or simply refusing to do anything and allowing the chips to fall where they might.  What do you think…honestly?  Be on the lookout for our government to simply release the blind sheik to Egypt.  Mr. Obama does not need to worry about anymore re-election madness.

This type of misdirection is carefully planned and often used by the PE for one purpose and one purpose only.  What happened shortly after 9/11 took place?  For one thing, the TSA got really busy abrogating our rights.  The 4th Amendment was set on the shelf.  Now, they had a right to pretty much bend us over and investigate our rectal cavities if they wanted to and if we don’t allow it, well, we’re just not getting on that plane.  Moreover, they may arrest us for our lack of cooperation or “obstruction.”  How’s that feel?

Flying the “Safer” Skies
I hate it when I hear the sheep say, “Well, if it makes us safer in the air, then I’m all for it,” as so many uninformed and unthinking people say with a smile.  They are idiots!  What’s next?  The TSA will be telling us we have to lock ourselves in escape-proof, bullet-proof boxes (coffins?) with holes in it for air (maybe) and be loaded onto cargo planes in order to fly.  “Well, if it makes us safer in the air, I’m all for it.”

There has never been an example of any TSA person capturing a terrorist before they got on the plane.  It simply hasn’t happened.  Yes, they’ve taken away knifes and even a few guns (one recently was from a flight attendant who forgot she had it in her purse), but they have never stopped a terrorist from boarding a plane.  If they had, they would be bragging about it from here to eternity!  The job of fighting off the terrorist is usually left to the people on the plane.

I read today that a fighter jet was dispatched to intercept a flight because apparently someone was kneeling in the aisle praying.  Because he would not go back to his seat, the captain radioed the ground and they dispatched a fighter jet.  What, was the jet going to blow the plane out of the sky before any potential bomb on the plane would have detonated and blown the plane out of the sky?  That makes sense…not.

Wow, so this is where we are now?  Americans are in danger of being shot out of the sky because of some guy who feels the need to pray at that moment on a plane?  No word on whether he was Muslim, or Jewish, or what.  The article did not include that information.  I seriously doubt if I would be afraid of anyone praying in the aisle of a plane, unless of course, they were completely blocking my path to the bathroom and I was in danger of peeing my pants because of it.  Each new crisis brings with it more of a choke hold on the throats of Americans and too many are “like, totally fine with it.”

I hate going to the airport.  I hate it.  I would rather drive 20 hours someplace than take a flight that lasts one to three hours.  I hate going through security.  I have absolutely nothing to hide, but we are treated as though we are criminals who do have something to hide and we have to prove that we do not.  It’s just like dealing with the IRS.

You go up to security, you remove your shoes, you empty your pockets, you take off your belt.  By now, you have two pieces of clothing on (if you go commando) and walk through a metal detector (if you’re lucky), but most of us wind up going through that scanner machine.

I hope it is not lost on you that with many of those machines, you have to stand with your feet on the yellow footprints painted on the floor of the machine, and you must raise your arms above your head as though you are under arrest.  You have made that connection I hope.  It’s part of the deliberate humiliation process.  It is not accidental.

Then, the machine scans you.  You wait until you are “allowed” to come out of the machine where you can see the image that the “highly trained” (cough) TSA agent sees.  From there, they either let you go or you must endure more invasive tactics. One time, the machine highlighted part of my head.  So, the TSA agents (two of them) had to inspect my head.  It’s times like that, that you wish you had a severe case of lice…

The TSA has now begun checking drinks you buy after you go through security.  If you do not comply by allowing them to manhandle your drink, you will not be allowed on the plane.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to simply check the place where you bought the drink – the source?  Well, that wouldn’t be intimidating though, would it?  That’s the object – intimidation.  Again, they interviewed someone on the news about that  and guess what their answer was – yep, “Well, if it makes us safer in the air, I’m all for it.”  If the TSA told these people to jump down, turn around, and pick a bale of cotton, they would do it…with a smile because they’re just stupid enough to believe that those actions will somehow translate to a safer flight.

Is it any wonder some people have gotten so frustrated that they have simply removed all their clothing?  It’s asinine and our government does not care.  In fact, I’m sure the DHS is laughing hysterically at society because of how willing most people are to simply give up their own rights for the illusion that “we’re safer because of it.”  We have a society of loons.

Erosion of Gun Rights
With every new massacre involving guns in American society, a call goes out for greater gun control.  Inevitably you hear people say, “Yes, I’m in favor of stricter gun laws if that means I can go to a movie and not have to worry about being shot.”  Yes, it is scary. No one wants to go through that.  No one.

Mr. Obama came on the news after this to point to his two daughters and wondering out loud how he would feel if they had been in that theater.  He said that so that people will think he’s able to relate to them.  The truth is that had his daughters been in that theater, there would have been Secret Service agents on all sides of the girls and at each exit.  The agents would not have been watching the movie, but the crowd.  James Holmes would have been shot dead before he had the emergency door even part way open.  Imagine how many lives that would have saved.

Forgive me, I’m not trying to say that Mr. Obama was disingenuous here based on some flaw in his character.  All presidents who would have made that statement following that massacre would have been just as disingenuous because they will never be in the situation that the rest of us have to travel in.  It just won’t happen.  They do not live in our world.  We live outside their world and that’s the way they want it to remain.

The average person does not consider the fact that rapists, burglars, murderers, and every other scumbag lives among us all the time.  Who knows how many of them we bump into on a daily basis.  If we thought about it much, we would probably not want to venture out of our homes.  The government cannot be everywhere and they don’t want to be everywhere.  They only want us to think they can be everywhere so that we will give up our guns.

The more people cry out for stricter gun laws, the more the government will give us what we want, but at what price?  Loss of our freedoms and greater gun-related crimes because the criminals will always have access to guns. You mean they won’t give up their guns?  Nah, it’s simply not convenient for them.  How would they kill people?  Guns are quick and thankfully, many criminals are not into dragging out the pain for their victims.

Ultimately, the PE wants to reduce the world’s population anyway, which is why they really don’t care how many people die by guns each year (which is a paltry amount compared to deaths by cancer or automobile).  We’ll get into the subject of population control in an upcoming article.  It’s a doozy.

In some way or another, I believe that all of these crises involve some sort of propaganda by the PE, designed to make the average citizen believe that the government is there to protect us all the time.  Really?  Since when?

This does not mean that I believe our government is behind every criminal act that occurs.  That’s ludicrous.  I also do not believe that our government (or the PE) purposely or necessarily sets these situations up to occur either.  In some cases, they might, but more often than not, they don’t have to because there are plenty of loony toon people in America who are capable of doing all sorts of terrible things because they are already seriously damaged.

Cuddy discusses the Oklahoma Bombing situation as a prime example and the details and ramifications are terrible and fascinating at the same time.  Apparently, the Muslim Brotherhood has been operating within the United States long before that particular bombing occurred and also according to Cuddy, they had a hand in that bombing.  Oh, not directly, but through training of individuals who later carried the massacre out.  I bet you didn’t know that, did you?  Cuddy documents all of it and we’ll talk about the Muslim Brotherhood soon.  There is a great deal to say.  They have been thoroughly useful to the PE and will continue to be so.

I have come to the conclusion that many within our government who belong to the PE (either as members or agents) know far more about at least some of the events that have taken place in society and simply allow them to occur as planned because of what they consider to be their greater goal.  At the very least, they certainly take advantage of many of those crises in order to continue to push America forward to line up with their intended plans.  Why would they not?  If the crisis can benefit them, they will make use of it.

For instance, do you think we are simply imagining the fact that race relations in the United States have gotten worse since Mr. Obama took office?  No, my friend.  It’s not your imagination.  It is moving us toward a form of real and dangerous civil unrest, in which the government will be “obligated” to further remove more of our civil rights and there will be the bleating of the sheep who say, “Well, if putting a shock collar around everyone’s neck and activating it every ten minutes so that we pee ourselves dry makes it safer to be in public, then why yes, I’m all for it!”  Don’t forget to smile.

So, with every new crisis, things like the Patriot Act come into play as law.  Once law, there seems to be nothing that anyone can do about it.  I’ve been hearing the “officials” in Congress talk about repealing the Patriot Act for several years.  Well, is it gone yet?  I’m still on hold…

Cuddy talks about things like the Colorado massacre.  He essentially states that the goal is not necessarily (at that point) to create more gun laws, but to simply remind us of the need for them and to reprogram our thinking so that we – as a society – become more accustomed to the idea (my paraphrase).  It’s all good. Ya feel me, homes?  Whatever.

They Can’t Handle the Truth!
The world is filled with people who do not want to believe that there could possibly be a hidden cabal of extremely wealthy people (and who have been wealthy for generations with what is known as “old” money) who share the same goal of taking over the world for the major purpose of making their lives and their children’s lives wonderful, while the rest of us slave away for them.  In some ways, think North Korea, where the blessed are given important positions in the regime, while the rest either die in a prison or in their field.  Doesn’t matter to “dear leader.”

I do not have time in this space to go over all the facts and information that Dr. Cuddy brings to the fore regarding the many presidents that have come and gone through the Oval Office.  His articles are there for you to read at your own pace.  What I’m trying to do is take the information he presents (as well as others) and offer brief summaries of that information so that the you can see how all of it is interconnected.

Suffice it to say that there have been numerous presidents – including everyone’s beloved Ronald Reagan – who did their part in moving America deliberately forward toward the goals outlined by the PE.  No one becomes president without their stamp of approval and only those who are completely willing to sell their souls to the PE (because they are usually part of it themselves) become president.  It simply does not happen otherwise.   That trip I made to the voting booth recently?  Waste of time.  So was yours.

You can read Cuddy’s articles and books and decide for yourself if what he is saying makes sense and is even possible.  For me?  At this point, since what he (and others) have revealed about the PE coupled with the revelations from Scripture, it seems much more than simply possible.

Dr. Cuddy’s books and articles are filled with documentation and specific quotes by past and present leaders.  All of it supports the idea that the PE exists, it is an extremely powerful (and well-hidden) organization, and they have been moving the world toward their goals for hundreds of years.

With Knowledge Comes Freedom
I don’t know about you, but I am sensing a great deal of release and freedom right now.  The big picture is coming into focus and wouldn’t you know it?  God was right again!  Man, who would have imagined that?  Certainly, not the PE or the many sheep in America.

Knowledge is not only power.  It is freedom.  I hope you haven’t decided that there’s nothing here worth your attention.  I know this one was longer than the previous two, but I wanted to keep this info together.  My apologies.  Stick around because it’s going to get even more interesting.

We will continue this discussion and bring in elements of the Muslim Brotherhood, how it has been there from the days of Hitler (and before) and how it has been infiltrated and even used in many cases by the U.S., Great Britain and other countries for their benefit and ultimate goal created by the PE.  Stay tuned.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism

[2] Ibid

[3] Ibid

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Power Elite and the New World Order, Pt 2 Using Misdirection to Achieve Direction

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