We Fail to Realize the Depth of Corruption

November 14, 2012 at 11:48 AM

The System that Controls and Guides
Let’s face it.  I think that most people – Christians included – fail at truly understanding just how perverse, pervasive, and corrupt this world system is, something the Bible refers to as Babylon.  We fail because we cannot see beneath the surface and we rarely even try to look there.  What we generally see is on the surface and we see them as symptoms though I believe many of us see them as the actual problem.  There is a huge difference and at one time, I also believed that by simply changing administrations, we would solve the “problem.”  Of course, I now realize that this is not true and had Mr. Romney won, it likely would have given everyone a false sense that things were going to be “okay.”

We tend to see things about our government that become public after they happen.  We see the result of issues that our government deals with, but they are still symptoms, not the problem itself.  We do not see what has led up to a particular event; the making of it.  Moreover, we also do not see the path that takes us eventually back to the people who make the decisions for this event or that one to occur.  We also do not see how a particular issue ultimately starts with Satan himself.

I believe we truly see precious little of that and even those things that end up becoming public are the tip of the iceberg, with most things remaining cleverly hidden deep in the shadows.  This vast network of darkness is so detailed, so embedded into the world’s system that it really is impossible for us to gain more than a glimpse of it.

Powering the Front Liners
Let’s say that a group we call the Power Elite does control who becomes president and has been at it for a while now.  Does that mean that the president himself knows who these people are and the type of true power they wield?  I don’t think so.  I believe that each president gets his orders and it is up to him to make them happen with as much backing of the PE as he needs.  Numerous presidents have made comments about the “powers that be” or the system that works deeply from the shadows.  Logically, we must ask, why would this not be the case?

I know, I know.  That sounds so conspiratorial, doesn’t it?  It’s like believing in hobgoblins lurking behind every tree in the forest.  Most people prefer to believe that with few exceptions, what you see is what you get.  They tend to think that while there are areas or aspects of corruption in our government, it can’t be all-pervasive.  They refuse to believe it and because of that, they believe they can make a difference within the political arena, or that ultimately, our leaders essentially have altruistic motives for whatever they do.

Regarding the idea of something that is pervasive, yet always out of sight except as one sees the symptoms, let me provide a medical example that I think will help to illustrate this situation. This might make it easier to understand what I’m saying.

The Problem is Truly Systemic
There are many diseases that can affect people and many are not fatal, but simply a constant annoyance.  A disease like this that remains in a person’s system and is able to continually attack parts of the person’s body throughout their life at various times.  This type of disease is difficult to treat.  Because it’s not fatal, scientists spend more time focusing on those diseases that are fatal.

In the case of a non-fatal disease that currently has no cure, all doctors can really do is treat symptoms of the disease, not the disease itself.  In some sense, this is what medicine does in nearly all cases, yet for the diseases that can be cured, the symptoms, along with the actual disease goes away.  Treating the symptoms though, does not eradicate the disease itself in the disease that has no cure and is not fatal.  Medicine simply treats what is seen superficially.

For instance, an inflammatory skin disorder known as lichen planopilaris is not fatal and has no cure.  Doctors have no firm data on how a person contracts the disease and neither do they know how to get rid of it permanently.  They are fairly certain that it is not genetic, but environmental.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Itching
  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Discomfort
  • Burning

Often, the disease attacks the hair follicles on the head, killing individual hairs and leaving what is known as scarring alopecia where hair used to be.  These patches of baldness point to the fact that the lichen planopilaris was there, did its damage and left…for a while.  The body’s immune system helps push back against the disease, but it cannot eradicate it.

This disease can also attack the mucous areas inside the mouth, creating enlarged (purplish and painful) gums, and can even crack molars if the stress in the mouth becomes too much.  Burning, redness, profuse sweating of the underarms, constant itch, and general discomfort are all added to the mix making the patient extremely uncomfortable.

Since there is no known cure, doctors simply treat symptoms individually.  Steroid creams, shots, allergy medications, or pills are often administered as well as other drugs that have had some success treating malaria, for instance.

Symptoms May Go Away…For A While
All this is to say that even when the symptoms subside, the disease itself remains in the person’s system.  In effect, lichen planopilaris is a systemic disease because it can affect any part of the patient’s body and is always there even when it is not obviously active.  Some people have lost all of their hair – head hair, body hair, whiskers, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

So, while treating the symptoms certainly helps the patient, since the disease never goes away (but simply goes into remission), it can always recur after a time of dormancy.  This is what a person living with lichen planopilaris can expect.  In the past 20 years, no scientific or medical gains have been made against this disease.

I firmly believe that the system of Babylon that has become so pervasive throughout the world and has been active for generations and generations is very much like a systemic disease such as the one I’ve just described.  Of course, the big difference is that there is a cure for Babylon.  God is the cure and He will destroy it when the time comes.  Ultimately, God will begin a huge push back against the religious and political systems – both called Babylon – that Satan has been using for thousands of years.

Revelation 17 & 18
This is what we see very clearly in Revelation 18.  There, we understand the Babylon system – created by Satan – is in full view and in Revelation 17, the destruction of the Babylon religious system took place, and by the way, this occurs during the coming Tribulation.  The Tribulation is when God pours out His wrath on Satan’s kingdom – the earth – and also destroys the very thing that undergirds his system – Babylon.  We’re not there yet.  We still need to see the rise of the Antichrist, the one-world system, then this system broken into ten manageable parts.

In Revelation 18, the political and commercial aspects of Babylon are in view and will also be destroyed by God.  “And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird,” (Revelation 18:2).  The “he” in the text references the mighty angel that comes down from heaven to make the announcement.

Folks, this is what we are up against on this earth.  As Christians, we are behind enemy lines in Satan’s kingdom.  We are on this earth to fulfill the Great Commission.  During our work here, we will encounter and be affected by the corruption of Satan’s Babylon.  It cannot be helped.  It is present, palpable, and very much alive.  It is also being allowed to grow with tremendous ferocity and global coverage. It is the foundation upon which all earthly governments rest.  Every government, to one extent or another, is empowered by Babylon.

This should not surprise us as Christians, but it does at time, doesn’t it?  It should not cause us to wail, moan, and wring our hands about the terrible things that we see occurring on this earth.  It’s not as if God has not forewarned us.  While we should do what we can within the legal system to stand against the system and its inherent evil, we should keep in mind that we will not be given success.  We should vote.  We should most definitely pray that His will is accomplished.  Ultimately, we should lean on God.

Will God Save Nations or People?
But we cannot expect that God is going to save any nation on earth except Israel.  He may choose to provide respite in some individual circumstances that involve His elect.  He may also decide to hold back the powers of darkness here and there, to keep them in check.  But ultimately, He will do as He sees fit, accomplishing what is best for His children.  Of course, in the end, He will reap all the glory.

It’s probably really good that we cannot see beyond the veil that separates this physical realm from the spiritual realm.  Some have been given brief glimpses of it and we can read about those in the Bible.  Daniel was one.  John was another.  Elijah certainly saw beyond the veil, as did Paul.  Most importantly, Jesus saw behind the veil when it coincided with the Father’s purpose.  Numerous prophets saw things they related to us in the pages of Holy Writ, but one wonders if they were fully able to understand them when they saw them.  There are obviously and logically things in the spiritual realm that are either too frightening or too remarkable for us to understand from our vantage point.

So, what does all this mean for the Christian?  I think that in the end, what we are allowed to see of Satan’s spiritual kingdom, we see as symptoms.  We do not see the actual causes of those symptoms. Unfortunately, many still seem to not recognize it for what it is and believe that more work, more effort, and more prayer and trust in God will bring about the needed change that is desired by so many.  I really do not believe it is wise to get caught up emotionally in what Satan is being allowed to do to this world.  We can and should have a greater heart for evangelism, but too many are still involved in fighting our government to see that 150,000 people still die every day.  What is more important for them; a revived government or salvation?

Satanic Corruption Pervades the Globe
We know there is corruption in most, if not all governments.  We know that this corrupt evil is alive and breathing and that it is pervading the globe.  Yet, we do not actually see the malevolence itself, but the results of that malevolence upon which governments are built.  Let’s not forget that the system of Babylon pervades the hearts of everyone who is not part of God’s kingdom, doesn’t it?  It’s everywhere; all around us and this system was designed to be the antithesis of God’s kingdom.

The other day, I was trying to pull out of a gas station.  As I approached the exit, two cars were coming in and each of them turned left right in front of me as if they had the right of way.  Had I not been watching, an accident would have occurred.  I recall looking at the driver in the second car, who gave me what she thought was a withering stare while she said something with an angry expression that I could not make out.  The first driver hadn’t even looked at me, as if I had not been there.

I saw the results or symptoms of selfishness in two drivers.  Fortunately, I was going slowly and there was no harm done.  I did not see what actually caused their self-centered behavior.  Was it because they have grown more self-centered because they have never received His salvation?  Could be.

In another instance, I have read reports of things people have threatened to do if Mr. Obama lost the election, or as Hurricane Sandy approached land.  In another article, I read where high school students posted all sorts of nonsense and vile remarks directed at Mr. Obama.  All of these remarks – from both sides – were completely lacking in respect and many were even filthy, yet these remarks are still only the external symptom of the underlying problem, which is the Babylon system itself.  I cannot see into their hearts to determine exactly what motivated them to say them, though of course, in general, we know that it is the sin nature that leans toward favoring Satan’s agenda and kingdom.

We see a world of people acting out and doing things that we have names for, but in the end, these things are still symptoms of the real problem.  We see instances of corruption that rise to the surface here and there and we are shocked.  We are appalled.  We don’t understand how things like this can happen.  Well, we should have a better understanding of it than we do.

Even those people who have cataloged one instance after another within certain governmental administrations seem to miss the point.  These things are always there, but are hidden most of the time.  Every once in a while, something rises to the surface, which we notice and it offends our sensibilities as it should.  But it really should not surprise us, should it? Sometimes I wonder if these incidents occur because the PE is attempting to misdirect, or is taking care of a problem within their own ranks?

The Truth or Misdirection?
Was Gen. Petraeus forced to resign because he wouldn’t go along with the administration’s convoluted explanation of Benghazi?  Was Petraeus set up by the PE because of his refusal to go along?

If you consider it, Bill Clinton lied to the American people about whether he’d had any sexual liaison with Monica Lewinsky.  Though impeached, he did not leave office and he is still highly sought after as a speaker today.  There have been many instances of politicians having affairs – both Democrats and Republicans – and not all of them were forced out.

Is all this “noise” in the media simply another misdirect so that Benghazi becomes less and less of a concern for Americans?  I wouldn’t be surprised, but it is difficult to know.  For one thing, we know that the attention span of the average American is far less than what it used to be.  Again, I just don’t believe that we truly understand the actual dept of corruption in our government.  If the real truth came out, can you imagine how people would react?  I’m speaking of people who have at least some moral fiber at work in their lives.

God’s Word explains the whole process of the Times of the Gentiles starting with Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian Kingdom, until the time in the future when Jesus physically returns, destroys all the kingdoms of men, and establishes His own Kingdom.

The system of Babylon is alive and well.  According to the Bible, we will never get a handle on it.  We will never overcome it (except within ourselves through the strength of Jesus).  In Christ, it will also not finally overcome us, though it will give us tremendous problems in this life as we travel through.

Nimrod: Hunter of Men
The system of Babylon had its true start with Nimrod (Genesis 11) and its source of course, was Satan.  Though God interrupted Satan’s plans at that point, Satan was allowed to continue, though he had to essentially start from scratch and it has also taken him a great deal longer to get things to this point.

Satan has been working hard ever since Nimrod and God has allowed it to continue because God will receive tremendous glory from the full and final failure of Satan’s system of Babylon.  This will happen in the future as already noted, but in the meantime, Christians must learn to understand that this system that Satan created will be allowed to continue and grow until God (and only God) actually destroys it.  We cannot stop it.  In fact, we cannot even put a dent in it, unless God allows it.  I’m not saying that we should back down because of it.  I’m simply saying we should recognize the obvious truth of God’s Word.

From all appearances, God seems to be allowing Satan’s system to take off on wings of its own making.  I believe that though this system will become thoroughly great, overcoming everything put in its path, God will continue to grant victories here and there for His purposes and He will use His children to accomplish those victories, especially in the area of evangelism.

It’s About Salvation, Not Governments
Remember, the greatest victory is not that an evil government is successfully pushed back.  The greatest victory is when a lost person finds salvation that only comes from Jesus on the basis of what He has accomplished for us approximately 2,000 years ago.

That has been and will be the greatest victory for human beings.  The most interesting thing is that God will do this in “good” times and “bad.”  He will do this during times of peace and times of war.  He will do this when we actually see the symptoms of large-scale political corruption and when things appear to be running smoothly in the seeming absence of that corruption.

From the posts, articles, and comments I have seen lately on many Christians’ social network pages and blogs, it seems to me that they are working themselves toward a heart attack.  They are so angry and so beside themselves with frustration that they do not know what to do except rant.

Unfortunately, they are unable to see as I have mentioned so many times, that God is in charge of all outcomes.  He neither needs us nor relies on us to bring His will to fruition.  He simply does it and allows us to be part of the process if we are committed to Him and His purposes.

Babylon Has a Divine Appointment
The system of Babylon is very much alive and well on planet earth.  This system is what has given birth to much corruption and unchecked evil throughout the earth.  The Bible tells us that this same system has much more work to do and it certainly appears that God is going to allow this to occur before He utterly destroys it.

When Jesus returns to this earth, it is interesting to note that the only thing that will be alive and well at that point (not counting people) is the Antichrist and his false witness, but not the system he relied on to put him in power.  God will have already destroyed the system of Babylon that Satan has used for thousands of years and the final “man of sin” will have used as a step-ladder to gain control of the world.  Once that happens, he has no more use for the Babylon system.  The Antichrist will stand alone and will demand to be worshiped as God.  Having been fully empowered in the supernatural by Satan himself, he will need nothing else to buttress his stand and position before the world.

When Jesus returns, He will kill the Antichrist and in fact, both the Antichrist and False Prophet will be the very first two individuals who come to occupy the Lake of Fire.  They will be tossed into it alive.

What About You?
For us in the here and now, we need to focus on what God is doing, not what we want Him to do or what we think he should be doing.  We need to understand how God is moving throughout society; what He is allowing and directing and what He is negating.  We cannot use our own human logic to determine this (such as it is).  We must learn what He tells us in His Word.

This age is coming to a close.  Before it closes, there will be hell on earth.  I see the system of Babylon growing in scope and energy.  Why?  It would appear that God has given the go ahead because the time is short.  Satan needs to move and God is allowing him.

Do we really believe we can honestly push back against the system of Babylon that Satan created and has used and perfected since time out of mind?  The changes that are coming to American and this world are major and they will affect every aspect of society.  Christians will feel the pinch and it could very well include persecution that rises to a level we have not seen in history in a very long time.  How will you respond to it?  Will you try to take on the system in your own strength, or will you simply understand that this is what God is allowing and then entrust yourself to the One who saves us from ourselves?

I promise we are going to be putting up a few articles in which Dr. Dennis Cuddy deals with the issue of the Power Elite and their Nazi Plan that they have tried to keep secret for generations.  Stay tuned!

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