Summarizing Before We Delve into the Secret Plan

November 14, 2012 at 3:33 PM

What is most interesting to me as I have been reading through many of Dr. Dennis Cuddy’s articles and summarizing or commenting on them here, is the way in which he takes concepts that many people use as a firebrand to gather people to themselves so that they will also get swept up in the conspiratorial nature of the subjects he discusses, yet he himself does not do this.  I applaud him for that.  I’ve read books by any numbers of people who believe in all types of conspiracies.  I’ve watched their videos as well.  They appear to me to be so out of the loop that I find it difficult that they could rein themselves in even if they wanted to do that.

There is one individual who has a large website with plenty of news videos and articles.  He’s also had a show on TV in which the goal was to learn what was really behind many of the things that we see as conspiracies.  In my view, it was like watching another show where the focus was on tracking down and capturing monsters of which myths are made.  That show never gave us anything at all, except somewhat dubious testimony and hand-drawn sketches of alleged beasts that the rest of the world would love to see.

However, because of Cuddy’s intelligence, education, and astuteness, his articles read nothing like these types of overly hyped conspiracy articles.  This is why I have taken the time to discuss his articles and even pointed out that those who read my articles would do very well to read his articles and books because he says things much better than I do.

We have previously presented much information in the way of the Power Elite (PE) and how that group works.  We have tried to show from Scripture that it is not illogical to believe that Satan himself would have tried (and likely succeeded) to form such a group of human beings who were (and remain) thoroughly dedicated to him.  Their dedication provides Satan with the direct path and ability to bring his plans to life on this earth.  I believe that this group – whatever we want to call it – sits at the very top of the organizational structure, just under Satan and his minions.

I’ve explained that it would be very logical (without being unbiliblical) for Satan to work through one group as a CEO works with and through his top-level management team.  They in turn, take what is given to them, turn around, and work with their respective teams and so on and so forth, until the plan is carried through all the ranks within a corporation.  Why would Satan not use this method, especially if we consider that he cannot be everywhere at once, nor is he infinite as God is infinite?  While Satan is eternal as we are and has tremendous supernatural ability, he doesn’t even come close to being like God in any sense.  Human beings are more like God (though we are not) because unlike Satan, we were made in God’s image.

So the plausibility of one large group of fallen human beings who have been wooed to Satan and directed by him is not at all difficult for me to believe.  I believe to the members of that group, he has given wealth beyond what we can imagine and power to accomplish his goals, in exchange for their loyalty to him.  Think of a mob boss and those under him as part of their structure.  Then multiply it times one million and you begin to understand the power and ability that lies within this one group.

As I’ve stated before, I believe all of this really began in Genesis 11, with Nimrod and his ability to gather men to himself.  Once he had done that, he found a way to get them to do what he wanted to do and that first project was in building the Tower of Babel.  That is where Satan attempted to create a system that would work as the foundation to a system that he wanted to create.

Of course, we know that God put that system at that point in time on hold, but Satan went to work crafting the same system anyway.  This time though, it would take much longer because by confusing the languages as it were, people ultimately would up separating themselves by language into new culture groups (cf. Genesis 11).

Again though, Satan was not told he could not ever do that.  He simply learned that what he had tried to do would not be allowed to happen that soon.  He never gave up and as we progress through history, we see the rise and fall of dictators.  When America rose into a nation, I fully believe that American powers were connected to the global elite that had long existed.  Even though this type of thinking is often swept aside as being fully conspiratorial in nature, if we are honest about it, the power elite has given too much of their hand away in many cases.  This has resulted in “what socialist author H.G. Wells called ‘The Open Conspiracy,’ as prominent people such as Bill Clinton have openly written in support of world government. It will probably be a World Socialist Government, synthesizing western capitalism and eastern communism.” [1]

While the mechanism for change has evolved into one that Wells and others refer to as “the open conspiracy” in that many of the major players have been placed in positions within our government that allow them the ability to effect change throughout society, the real players in this drama – in my opinion – remain steadfastly deep within the shadows.  I don’t think it’s because they are scared of coming out into the open, but because they simply see no reason to right now.  I also believe that this will change as time moves on.  In other words, the coming new world order is the big secret that everyone now speaks openly about and few even try to negate it (like Rush Limbaugh).

For America, this secret movement has been in existence for quite some time.  “In 1891, gold and diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes formed a secret society, the Society of the Elect, to “‘absorb the wealth of the world’ and ‘to take the government of the whole world…Rhodes’ conspiratorial secret society lasted almost 60 years. By that time, enough members of the society and Rhodes scholars had penetrated the areas of politics, economics, journalism and education, so that the society was simply replaced by a network of power elite, who would openly pursue world government’.” [2]

Cuddy goes onto point out that the man who made the above remarks – Prof. Carroll Quigley, of Georgetown University and incidentally, Bill Clinton’s mentor – also said, “The [Rhodes] scholarships were merely a façade to conceal the secret society, or, more accurately, they were to be one of the instruments by which members of the secret society could carry out Rhodes’ purpose.” [3] [4]

Cuddy presents information on the growing existence of secret societies within America and how they have sought for control of various aspects of society.  “During the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the trend toward socialism was obvious, but even after World War II it continued, as U.S. Rep. Carroll Reece on April 6, 1956 delivered a speech saying, ‘We approach closer and closer to socialism,’ and ‘The foundation-financed cartel promotes the idea of government by an elite’.” [5]

A Rhodes’ scholar by the name of “Walt Rostow who, in The United States in the World Arena (1960), proposed ‘an end to nationhood as it has been historically defined’ and who ‘became Deputy National Security Advisor for President John F. Kennedy, whose Secretary of State was Rhodes scholar Dean Rusk, who in September 1961 issued ‘Freedom From War: The U.S. Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World‘.” [6]

This move from nationhood to the “world arena” has been something that many leaders within America have attempted to inculcate within society.  In fact, many have also pledged allegiance to this coming new world order.  By the time we get to John F. Kennedy, there are already things in place that would help to achieve this and much of it had to do with something that “Richard Gardner wrote in “The Hard Road to World Order,” that it would involve ‘an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece’.” [7]

Interestingly enough, there turns out to be a deep connection between Gardner and Bill Clinton as Cuddy explains.  “[Gardner] believed [an end run around national sovereignty] would ‘accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault,’ and he further explained how GATT could be involved in the process.

Gardner would eventually become an advisor on the United Nations to CFR member Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign, after which he would become U.S. Ambassador to Spain, from which would come Marxist Javier Solana as the head of NATO with the support of the Clinton administration. [8; emphasis added]

Please take the time to note the text in bold.  Gardner was connected to Clinton, and because of that connection, became the U.S. Ambassador to Spain.  Javier Solana (then head of NATO), went on to become deeply involved in the burgeoning European Union and held several very high positions within that body. [9]  There are many connections that the average American never sees simply because they do not look for them.

There have been connections between Bill Clinton and Great Britain’s Tony Blair.  Blair has been recognized as a socialist for some time (Cuddy notes that Blair is/was a vice-president of Socialist International) and in 1998 called for what was termed “ethical socialism.”

While it is relatively easy for most people who know anything about socialism to point to Clinton and many other Democratic presidential hopefuls, it is not as easy with people like the Bushes.  Yet again, as Cuddy points out, the whole move toward socialism has been a progress (or progressive movement) to bring socialism to pass one step at a time here in America. The Bushes emphasized national education and a very large education budget (No One Left Behind).  Schools and educators became accountable to the Department of Education.  As Cuddy states, this certainly cannot be a move away from socialism, can it, especially if one considers the fact that in the United States, the Federal government was created essentially to support the individual states.  Yet, over time, the Federal government has enacted more laws that put the states in the position of having to answer to the Federal government.  This, in and of itself, is a form of national socialism, where the individual states lose their power and identity, in favor of the Federal government gaining more.

In fact, we are aware of Clinton’s efforts to pass a national health care bill during his tenure as president, causing at least one political pundit to note, “You can’t think of a more Socialist program than the health care program that he [Bill Clinton] tried to get us to adopt.” [10]  Interestingly enough, that comment was stated by Milton Friedman on C-Span, on November 20, 1994, not someone from FOX News.

However, Obamacare is not seen by most as having anything to do with socialism, is it?  They might refer to it as “socialized” medicine, but in most cases, do they even really understand the ramifications of socialism in the first place?  Let’s also not forget that as far as the global elite are concerned, their goal is to create a two-tiered system, where they – as capitalists – are at the top while everyone else is relegated to socialism as a lifestyle.  The reality is that this is the way it seems to be with most dictatorships; benevolent or not. The ones at the top always have whatever they want, using those on the bottom as workers in the hive.

Cuddy points out in great detail the involvement of another secret society, Skull and Bones, as well as other Fabian Socialist groups, some of whom became presidents and statesmen in the U.S. Government.  Over time, we have seen more of the Federal government’s desire to condition Americans to be more accepting of greater restrictions.  They knew the best way to accomplish this was through events that carried with them the need to respond in a major way under the guise of keeping Americans safe.  We’ve discussed how 9/11 and other events either got us into a war, dialed back our freedoms, or both.

This is one of the biggest reasons that wars and rumors of war are never off the table.  The elite needs these things in order to condition and remold society into what they need society to be.  As I said before, was the elite the reason why 9/11 (or the Oklahoma Bombing) occurred?  I don’t think so and in reality, did they have to be?  Doesn’t it stand to reason that many terrorist activities occur throughout the globe in any given month.

The U.S. is often seen by terrorists as the Great Satan. Israel is seen as the Little Satan.  What terrorist would not want to see the downfall of the U.S.?  Chances are great that as you are reading this, plans are made by terrorists (of which the elite would learn) and it can be decided whether or not to allow it.  Alternatively, they can also use logic to determine that at some point in the future, terrorists will attempt to attack and then attempt to condition and remold society with reaction through the media.

Years ago, the push toward national socialism needed to occur very slowly because it would have been extremely obvious what it was happening.  No way to hide it.  However, as the years have passed and more within the framework of socialism is in our nation’s government, it seems clear enough that the speed by which socialism wants to move the United States to a new world order with the rest of the globe has sped up greatly.  Cuddy notes, “The conditioning of the public in the past has been gradual, but as famous author H.G. Wells noted, the process will speed up in the end as the synthesis toward a World Socialist Government gains greater momentum.” [11]

But how does Nazism come into play regarding the new world order and the elite?  How does any of this tie in with Hitler and his grand scheme to dominate and control the world while using the Muslim Brotherhood to do so?  I promise that we will get to this!  I don’t want to overwhelm you with long articles that won’t hold your interest, but I felt it was important to summarize what we’ve been discussing so that we can present the information that will hopefully help you realize just how far the dreams of Hitler and the elite have brought this world.  The next article will delve into it.


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