The Growing Threat to Israel

November 21, 2012 at 8:45 AM 4 comments

I have to admit that I am a bit dumbfounded that there are so many people within Christendom who actually believe that Israel is the reason for the problems in the Middle East.  These individuals do not believe that Israel should be supported and that God has nothing to do with that nation.

It is not my intent to discuss all of the reasoning surrounding what I believe to be a completely misguided understanding of God and His Word, but I would like to address some of the basic ones.  Also, please note, I’m not opening this up for debate.  I realize all too well that people will read an article like this and decide they need to respond to “set me straight.”  This is exactly why I write books and articles.  It is for the purpose of presenting my opinion on a variety of subjects.  Because I have an opinion does not automatically mean that I am inviting debate.  I also fully realize that debating this type of thing really solves nothing.  I have yet to hear of anyone whose mind was changed because of a debate. People who feel strongly about issues should start their own blogs rather than come to my blog to simply start an argument.  It’s pointless and I will not waste my time with it.  I’m also not looking for compliments.  I am simply saying what I’m saying because I fully believe that my opinion is in line with Scripture.  Obviously, those who disagree with me believe the same thing about their opinion.  Let God judge between us both.

The feelings that this type of subject generates are often very strong.  It goes to the root of what people believe and no one likes to have their opinion denigrated.  I believe that the Bible is very clear on the fact that God supports Israel even today.  Are the Jews in Israel somehow better than anyone else?  Nope!  Are the Jews in Israel somehow not in need of true salvation as people like John Hagee teach?  Nope, they need salvation as much as the next person and if Hagee does not straighten out his theology, the eternal destination of the Jews under his errant tutelage will be on his head.

It is also extremely clear to me that God has specific purposes yet to achieve with Israel and Christians have an obligation to support that nation simply because the promises that God made to Abram in Genesis were never rescinded – ever.  Yes, I am very much aware of how certain individuals allegorize Scripture and make it appear as though the Church is the fulfillment of Israel and has, for all intents and purposes, replaced Israel.  This is nuts, in my opinion, and the only way one could arrive to that conclusion is by using the aforementioned mode of allegory.  Hundreds of books have been written refuting and rebuking this aberrant line of thinking.  Still, people are resolute in their erroneous belief that today’s Israel is a complete historical accident and God does not support that nation.  This is not what I learn in the book of Ezekiel, as merely one source, but what a source it is for us!

I pay absolutely NO attention to Preterists or Covenant/Reformed Theologians when they start discussing Eschatology (the study of the end times, or last days). I believe they are so far off base because of their tendency to allegorize just about anything related to the study of end times. Because of this, their utter failure to support Israel will come back on them. They simply do not realize that they are in actuality, standing in full opposition to God Himself.  Yes, that is my opinion.

In Genesis 12, God made His first promise to Abram. If we follow through on those promises, we learn that ultimately, God told Abram that He was going to create a great nation through him that would ultimately bless the entire world, and anyone who blessed that nation would be blessed. Anyone who cursed that nation would be cursed. I’ll say it again, to my knowledge, God has NEVER rescinded that promise.

Preterists and others get around this by playing word games with various texts of Scripture.  Ultimately, they believe that the Church has fully replaced Israel because of Israel’s rejection of Jesus as Messiah when He was on this earth. They believe that in AD 70 when Rome sacked Jerusalem, that this event was Jesus “returning” to this earth in judgment and to set up His spiritual Kingdom. They essentially deny that when Jesus said He will return again, that He meant physically, even though this is exactly what the angelic messengers reiterated He would do in Acts 1.

Because Preterists and others believe that the Church has replaced Israel, then Israel essentially does not exist as far as they are concerned. They view the nation of Israel today as a “fluke” of history; not something that God has specifically ordained. In my opinion, I do not find support for this in Scripture and again, the only way they can come to this conclusion is by allegorization of Scripture. They honestly believe that God is completely done with Israel and it does not matter at all about the modern state of Israel.  They believe if Israel did not exist, there would be peace.  They obviously lack the vision to understand the entirety of God’s holy Word.

What I would strongly suggest is for everyone to read the book of Ezekiel in its entirety, from start to finish. You will see that almost immediately (in chapter 2), God begins complaining about the nation of Israel. He is exceedingly unhappy with them because during Ezekiel’s day, they were so involved in idolatry that at one point God asks Ezekiel: “Do you see why I cannot even go into my own house?” referring to the Jewish Temple.  Idolatry was rampant even from the priests who thought that what they were doing inside the Temple, away from the public, was completely hidden (cf. Ezekiel 8:17).  Well, not to God.

The most amazing thing to me is how God feels about Israel as we see repeatedly throughout Ezekiel. On many occasions, He says things like “it is not for you Israel that I am doing this, but for the sake of my holy Name!” (cf. Ezekiel 20:9; 36:22)

The issue that some point to regarding the Ashkenazi Jews and the Rothschilds has nothing to do with anything at all.  Some believe that the Rothschilds (the Illuminati) are going to use Israel for their own personal gain and take control of it one day.  This is ridiculous and it has nothing to do with God or the Bible.  It is part of the Elders of Zion fakery that too many believe to be authentic.

The truth is that the Jews right now – in Israel – are not special people at all. They are in dire need of salvation through Jesus Christ and that is the reality.  People like John Hagee wrongly believe that Jews today fall under a special “dispensation” that somehow allows them to bypass Jesus.  It’s a full load of garbage that has no basis in Scripture whatsoever.  Hagee and others like him give a bad name to Dispensationalism.  He is not a Bible scholar.

Once the Tribulation begins, God will then (once again) begin working on the nation of Israel to cull from them, His final Remnant. As we read through Ezekiel, we learn that God gathers His people BACK to the Land AFTER they have been scattered throughout the world. They arrive back to Israel from the many cultures where they used to live. What is very interesting is that these Jews are UNBELIEVERS when they are moved to return to the Land of Israel. They return to Israel in UNBELIEF and do not realize that it is God who has brought them back.

This began happening well before 1948 and has continued from that point. In fact, I believe this situation has ramped up solely because of the economic problems the world is experiencing. Many Jews feel they need to go “home” for safety and for a better life. Within two years, it is said that Israel will be completely self-sufficient energy-wise.

So, God has been bringing the Jews back to the Land in unbelief. In Ezekiel 37 we read about the Valley of Dry Bones and how God – through Ezekiel – and in several STAGES brought the dead bones back to life. Preterists ignore the clear ramifications of this passage by allegorizing it once again.  They do that a lot, while complaining that Dispensationalists don’t take the Bible literally (because we see the word “this” with reference to a generation of people in the Olivet Discourse as referring to a future generation, not the generation alive at the time of Jesus.  That has been dealt with by many, but to no avail). It shows that God resurrects Israel that was once a dead nation. No dead nation aside from Israel has ever been resurrected and this is important to understand. Also, throughout the text, God tells Ezekiel that the bones represent the “whole house of Israel.” Yet, Preterists and others say that the phrase INCLUDES the Church which, they say is the TRUE Israel. That’s garbage in my opinion.  Paul clearly identifies the problem in Romans 9 – 11 that Preterists and many others unfortunately misinterpret.  Ever heard a Gentile Christian say they are “spiritually” Jewish?  They have completely misinterpreted Paul’s words from Romans.  Gentiles are always Gentiles.  I am not more a spiritual Jew than the Pope is a Mormon.

As we continue traveling through the pages of Ezekiel, we learn repeatedly that God promises to protect Israel and fight for them. Why? For one reason: for the sake of His holy Name.  That reason is extremely important.  Please note that it has NOTHING to do with Israel or the Jews.  It’s all about God!  There should be no question about that.  Yet, the denials continue.

God is thoroughly angry with the Jews because of the fact that they have dishonored His Name. They have dragged it through the mud and because of them, God’s holy Name has become an epithet throughout the world. It is because of this that God will USE Israel (at great pain to themselves) to restore honor to His holy Name. He will – through Israel – show the entire world that He is God. Preterists say He will do this through the Church. That again, is garbage. If God did that through the Church, it would have no impact at all on the world.  The world will notice when God stands up and actually fights for Israel though, don’t you think?

When Ezekiel 38-39 occurs (Battle of Gog/Magog), God uses Gog (a title, like General) to gather his troops for the purpose of invading Israel. By the way, this has not happened in history yet, but it really appears as though we are getting close!  I believe – though I could certainly be wrong – that this event will take place prior to the Tribulation.

Ezekiel tells us as soon as Gog steps foot on the Mountains of Israel (the mountain range that runs from north to south through Israel), God unleashes His mighty power with an awesome display.  A HUGE earthquake (that I believe will topple the Dome of the Rock mosque if it is still standing), hits the earth, with its epicenter near Jerusalem.  God literally attacks the armies with pestilence, fire and brimstone and actually turns the armies on each other. Israel does not lift one finger to help itself. God does ALL the fighting. God also directs His attention to the area where Gog came from (the far north) and destroys Gog’s home city leaving virtually nothing.

It is at this point that I believe many Jews will begin to have their eyes open. Remember, no one comes to God unless He calls them.  No one’s eyes are open unless He opens them to the truth.  Once they see the truth, they have a decision to make.  Will they or will they not receive the only salvation that is available? The rich young ruler rejected it.  The thief on the cross received it.  What about you?  What about the individual Jews of Israel?  Only God knows.

When the Tribulation occurs, God pours out His wrath and it is for two purposes: 1) to judge the earth, and 2) to gather His final Remnant from Israel.

The Rothchilds (the Power Elite, the Global Elite, the Illuminati, etc.) will NOT be able to take over Israel for their own purposes. It may SEEM like that will be the case during the Tribulation because the Antichrist (who rises from among the ten kings of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13) will try to make his capital in the city of Jerusalem.

The Rothschilds (or Illuminati) believe that Lucifer (Satan) is the good guy and that he is the one who has wanted to share truth with humanity. God is to be avoided and they think that Lucifer will win out in the end. This is why they are so busy trying to create a one-world government (under Satan’s orders) that is to be a combination of capitalism and socialism. As leaders of the world that they envision, they will enjoy all the fruits of capitalism while the rest of the world suffers under their imposed socialism.  Why do you think unions are becoming so strong these days?  It’s all to move us forward toward that system that the global elite envisions.  The unions, like the Muslim Brotherhood are being used by the elite.

For them, the Land of Israel (and Jerusalem especially) is extremely important because they believe that this is where they will control the world. To them, Jerusalem is “power.” They are very superstitious and believe that by Lucifer’s power, they will establish a final kingdom on earth that will allow Lucifer to rule as he was meant to rule. They will be princes in his future kingdom and for them, the dividing line and base of operations is Jerusalem.

I always think it’s fascinating when people tell me that Jews run the world. If Jews really ran the world (and the global elite DOES include Jews, but it also includes Germans and other Gentiles), don’t you think the world would act more kindly toward Israel? Instead, the average person believes that the problems in the Middle East would be solved if Israel was not present. People hate Israel because they see her as the problem. The attitude behind that comes from the global elite. They want and need the world to hate Israel so they can grab it for their own purposes. It won’t happen as a matter of permanence though, unless the Bible is untrue.

Please read Ezekiel, several times. Underline passages every time you read that the ONLY reason God is going to help Israel is because of His holy Name, NOT because of anything Israel has done that might be considered good. They are in complete rebellion to Him, but He will square off with Israel and go against them mano-e-mano. He says He will do this with an outstretched arm and with wrath poured out, (cf. Ezekiel 20:33).

We need to continue to support Israel solely because of what God is planning on doing in and through them to bring honor to His Name. But know this: do NOT make the mistake of thinking that the Jews are fine. They are NOT fine. They are rebels and they need His salvation. We should be in constant prayer for them.  I support Israel because of what God is doing. But I do NOT support the people of Israel. I support the LAND of Israel and I support what God is going to DO in and through the people of Israel.

What many do not seem to understand is this: how is it possible that such a TINY nation would be able to literally resurrect itself from the dead and over the years, become completely surrounded by Arab nations who only want to see every last Jew dead and/or out of the Middle East and yet, to the astonishment of the world, Israel continues to survive? How is that possible if not for the fact that God has continually intervened and protected Israel even though they do not realize it?

God is protecting Israel because He is using that nation to bring tremendous glory to Himself. Those people who cannot see that and believe that Israel is THE problem are standing in full opposition to God Himself. They are blind to His purposes because of their own lack of understanding.

God promised to Abram that He would bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her. He has never rescinded it and it has NOT been fulfilled somehow in the Church.

After the Tribulation, when Jesus returns, He will set up His Kingdom. During that time, those Jews (the final Remnant) that remains alive at the end of the Tribulation WILL go into Christ’s Kingdom and (finally!) possess the Land God originally promised He would give to them through Abram. It will have taken THAT long for God’s promises regarding the Land to come to fruition. At that time, they will have ALL the Land that God promised. All other nations will STRIVE to be surrounded by Jews! It will be an amazing turn of events.  Read the latter portion of Revelation for proof.

Like many of our world’s leaders, Mr. Obama is a pawn and in dire need of salvation, in my opinion.  Pray for him.  As I have stated repeatedly since his re-election, God allowed Obama’s re-election because of where this world needs to be in a few years. We are moving steadfastly (and at breakneck speed, I might add) to a one-world government that will come into being BEFORE the Tribulation starts, then it will break into ten parts, each ruled by one person (members of the global elite). It is from that point that the Antichrist rises from among those kings during the Tribulation period.  For the first half of the Tribulation, Antichrist is pretty quite.  For the second half (the last 42 months), he embarks on a reign of terror (Revelation 13 following).

I firmly believe that we have passed a point of no return. We are likely going to see some really interesting things happening throughout the world. More prophecy is going to be fulfilled.

God is absolutely in charge and in control of all outcomes. I am sorry this is long but I hope it helps. Stay with God PLEASE. Do not doubt. Do not pay any attention to these ridiculous arguments about some supposed “real” tribe of Jews. God will create His own Remnant in His way and in His time.

Do NOT listen to Preterists. They are WRONG. My heart goes out to them and the people who wind up believing them. If you are an authentic Christian, then I know you want to serve Him and believe and do what glorifies Him. In that case, avoid talking with people who stand in opposition to God. Their so-called arguments can be very convincing but in the end, when comparing what they say with Scripture, it all falls apart dreadfully. They are being led by Satan unfortunately, and do not see that. Pray for them that God will open their eyes.

God is working through Israel.  He will use that nation to bring tremendous glory to Himself, whether they like it or not.  He will protect them for His own interests.  God will do whatever it takes (including the upcoming Tribulation or what is also known as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble) in order to bend Israel’s will to align with His.  He will fully and finally gain the victory over their stubborn and resolute rebellion.  That is a promise that we see in Scripture repeatedly.

Those who stand against Israel today do so at their own peril.  If you cannot side with Israel (the people), then at least understand that the Land of Israel belongs to God and He gives it to whom He will give it.  Also understand that God is going to use Israel for His glory.  We must understand that the people of Israel will be sifted by God and those who remain and stand with Him will become His final Remnant.  It is for that reason that we support Israel, because of what God is doing and going to do.

We also need to remember, as Paul tells us in Romans, that we owe a huge debt to the Jew.  Why?  Because Jesus Himself (a Jew) was born into this world through that nation.  Because of that, salvation has been made available and has been extended to all the people of this world.  Without the nation of Israel, Jesus would not have been incarnated into this world.  He would not have lived a sinless life, nor would He have died a terribly painful death in order that we might live.

Those who hate Israel today are cowards, in my opinion.  Every time there has been a war or skirmish, Israel has gone out of their way to protect the lives of innocent people.  They have dropped leaflets over residential areas from which Hamas and others fire rockets into Israel, warning people to leave the area for their own safety.  In numerous occasions, Israel has called off air strikes because the risk of maiming or killing innocent people has been too great.

While Hamas terrorists use women and children to shield themselves against Israeli military, Israel does the exact opposite, with their military often shielding civilians from Hamas rocket fire.  Yet, the mainstream media plays along with Hamas against Israel.  They routinely show partial videos and photos of alleged Israeli war atrocities or someone dying due to Israeli fire, only to learn later that the part they did not show was when the same person got up – unharmed – and walked away from their death photo op.

It amazes me that such a tiny nation, surrounded by the power and might of large Arab nations has continuously kept itself alive in spite of the constant attacks and death threats from neighboring nations.  People who believe that God is not with Israel are completely blind in my opinion.  I realize that nothing I’ve written here will convince anyone of anything, if they are on the opposite side of the fence from me.

Again, I am not interesting in debating this issue.  Like so many other debates, it is pointless.  I have no interest in wasting my time and you probably have better things to do as well.  If you are thoroughly convinced that Preterism is truth, then there is nothing I can say to help you understand that you are believing error.  You say the same thing about me, so where does that leave us?  Debate is pointless.  Take it up with God with an open Bible and I’ll do the same.

God willhave His way with Israel.  He will cull from that nation His final Remnant.  He will use Israel to bring great glory to His Name.  It is for that purpose that He allows Israel to continue to exist.  Those who call themselves Christians need to get it straight.  To stand against Israel is to stand against God.  You don’t have to like what they do.  You don’t have to agree with their policies.  But you have no choice but to stand with God in what He is doing in and through Israel.  God has appointed Himself as the One who corrects Israel, not you. He will deal with Israel.

To do anything else, is to invite God’s wrath on your own life.  Please consider your position and what you are doing.  The promises God made to Abram have never been rescinded – ever.

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  • 1. Lester  |  November 22, 2012 at 7:45 AM

    Some see the extreme view of replacement theology as it is called.
    You of course see the opposite. I see something in the middle as an independent free thinker. The new state of Israel is a fulfillment of prophesy! However the populace is mixed with Herodians, Esauites, Messianic Christians and Jews with many Roman Catholic and other factions of Christianity also the Islamics. the Zionist government is very fascist in it’s structure and outlook. Father does have His plans for the state of Israel and He has His plans for Spiritual Israel that is scattered all over this world. One must also realize that the natural Israel of the 10 tribes has been scattered all over the world also for Fathers plans. The Jews that are also scattered since 70AD are being used by Father for his ultimate plans in the natural as a salt that has given us science, commerce, philosophy, and much much more to the enrichment of us all. The Kingdom of God will be very interesting as it unfolds in the timing of our Father’s will. We still may see an very bad war in the Mideast with nuclear devastation. I hope and pray not.
    I guess I’m catching your long windedness! LOL! and hopefully your prolific writing ability will rub off on me also!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


    • 2. modres  |  November 22, 2012 at 3:51 PM

      Your comment – “as an independent free thinker” – assumes others are not free thinkers if they do not arrive to the same conclusions you do, Lester 🙂

      The interesting thing about the Jewish government is that under it, Christians, as well as those of the Bahai faith and even Muslims have more freedoms than they would have under Islamic governments.

      I also believe that when Paul speaks of a “spiritual” Jew in Romans, he is STILL referring to someone (like himself) who is Jewish in ethnicity. I know there is disagreement over that, but when Romans chapters 9 – 11 are all taken in their entirety, the implications (in my view) become obvious. I’m not sure if you are including the Church in your understanding of “Spiritual Israel” or not, which is why I am pointing it out here. Spiritual Israel is made up of Jews who believe Jesus is the Messiah. Spiritual Israel does not include Gentile Christians. We – as Gentile believers – are grafted INTO the (Jewish) vine. It’s not the other way around.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lester. As far as my “prolific” writing ability, I WISH I could write LESS at times. 🙂

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well! 🙂


  • 3. Sherry  |  November 21, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    I could somewhat understand this Replacement theology prior to May 14th 1948 being believed but after then? C’mon! That’s in-your-face proof that God is not done with Israel and many scriptures should have come alive to show that this was bound to happen-the resurrection of the nation of Israel. Israel is the apple of God’s eye and I would fear boasting against the nation we have been grafted into!

    I would recommend to those preterists to pray and ask God to reveal to them all of the lies they have been believing as truth, especially that “truth” due to traditional teachings. I did, though it wasn’t over this subject, and He answered my prayer. I threw out half my library of books because of it and now I seem read the scriptures with a clearer understanding (allegorical interpretation can get a bit hairy at times!). It is a prayer of mine to have discernment as I read any commentary or study of God’s Word. No matter who it is. Including my favorite preacher, C.H. Spurgeon. I sometimes wonder if he didn’t believe in Replacement theology but he was before the rebirth of Israel so I give him some slack, lol.


    • 4. modres  |  November 22, 2012 at 3:45 PM

      You make some great points, Sherry. Thank you for sharing.


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