Benghaz: The Continuing Saga

November 30, 2012 at 7:34 AM 3 comments

I wanted to put this information out in front of readers so that you folks can come to informed conclusions.  There are two links that I’ve provided in this article that will take you to the Canada Free Press website.  There, journalist Doug Hagmann offers an extended interview with someone he refers to as “Intelligence Insider” and the Benghazi situation.  Regardless of whether you believe you are reading absolute truth or not, it is certainly an interesting read.  In some ways, the information here reads like a great mystery novel.  The Intelligence Insider is obviously someone who at the very least, speaks with authority and appears to either have a tremendous imagination or actually knows what happened.  At least you will not feel as though your intelligence has been insulted by the time you get to the end and that cannot be said for any number of conspiracy-related websites out there.  Most often, when reading those individuals, you come away with a sense of embarrassment.

I recall watching a TV “reality” show hosted by Jesse Ventura (pro-wrestler turned governor of MN).  In one early episode, he speaks with the Alex Jones.  They are looking at some island or warship or something (my apologies; I’ve forgotten).  At one point, a “patrol” boat of some sort pulls in closer to allegedly watch the two.  (It could have been a security boat that the crew hired to keep them safe from marauders, who knows?)  When they see the boat, Jones turns to Ventura and states, “They want you dead, Governor.”  Uh…sure they did, Alex.  They didn’t pull up with a WAR ship or a gun-encrusted military boat, for goodness sakes!  At any rate, this is the type of conspiracy program that is built on a lot of hoopla and unbelievable allegations than anything else and what intelligent person is willing truly willing to admit they watch it, except for comic release?

At any rate, the links I’ve provided below take you to an article offering a great deal of insight into what was behind the events that culminated with the Benghazi attack that left Ambassador Stevens and several other Americans dead from an extended firefight.  Whether I believe the information is true and accurate really doesn’t matter.  If you are interested in reading the material, then I’ll leave it to you to decide for yourself.

One thing is clear to me:  there is ample information here that is very clearly presented and that information seems to make sense.  Essentially, each person who reads through the material will have to decide if the information presented is enough to arrive to the conclusions that the Intelligence Insider appears to want everyone to conclude.  It seems to be truthful and plausible.  That’s really as far as we can go though, isn’t it?

We cannot say without doubt that the events presented by some Intelligence Insider are absolutely true and simply a carefully concocted conspiracy story that is designed to replace the truth.  It’s just difficult to know for certain regardless of how plausible a story seems to be.  We know that foreign policy can create a web of problems and I have often wondered how much we – as average citizens – can really know about any foreign policy situation?

So, enjoy reading through this information and don’t get too hung up on it as I have a tendency to do. 🙂  We already know there is plenty of evil in this world and unfortunately, in too many cases, there is simply too little we can do about it except to understand it for what it is and turn it over to God, recognizing that He is Lord and all outcomes are His to command.

I’ll be back soon with another article on the Psalms.  I pray that you have a wonderful day in the Lord and that He opens your eyes in greater measure to the blessings He has poured out on you if you are in Him!  Remain close to Him throughout the day today.  Enter His courts with praise and allow thanksgiving to be on your lips.  Praise Him because there is no other!  He is God and greatly are we to praise His holy Name!

Part 1

Part 2

PS – Not counting this sentence, there are 666 words in this article.  Now that tells me something!  Obviously, the word count feature in WordPress is able to count up the amount of words easily and accurately.  What did you think I was going to say? 🙂

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  • 1. Sherry  |  November 30, 2012 at 6:57 PM

    That was quite the read. It seems to be that our nation may not ever see a return to her “glory” days when we were on the right side of world events for the most part. I sure don’t see any politician able to restore us after reading of this situation.

    A few things I want to mention: in one part of the interview it was asked if the Turkey consul general was setting up Stevens. This was something I had been wondering about and now we have the answer though I couldn’t quite follow it. on first read. Also, I remember reading about Russian subs sitting just outside our shores on the east coast. I kept wondering what it was about, too. The picture is coming in a bit clearer now. And the Mexican cartels and our open borders and Obama coming against Arizona’s Jan Brewer so strongly is starting to make sense. Along with saying No to the Keystone pipeline. Shoo, a whole lot of things that seem to be seperate issues are coming together to a common denominator-Obama helping the “enemy,” er, Saudi Arabian government and oil. I believe we are going to see war on our nation’s turf. And in the not too distant future, at that. God have mercy on us for the evil we’ve done in His sight!

    Thanks for sharing these articles. It seems too sensible to not be the truth or, at least, mostly the truth.


    • 2. modres  |  November 30, 2012 at 7:08 PM

      It is rather amazing, isn’t it? Either the “intelligence insider” is such a good liar that he/she can keep all the details straight with being tripped up, or he/she really has inside knowledge about what’s been going on.

      Things are getting very weird, very quickly. My wife and I were talking about this today and it is amazing that were it not for the Internet, just think what we would not know. It makes you wonder how much slipped by under the radar in past administrations because the Internet did not exist. Now, everyone has a phone that takes video and pictures and can be uploaded on the spot. No wonder our current administration is doing what it’s doing and obviously ignoring the rule of law. They seem to simply be plowing onward because they know they have a lot to lose if they get stopped.

      Regarding war inside our borders, I hadn’t thought of that, but it would not surprise me to see many terrorist actions starting to take place in the United States. I know that a number of them have already occurred and a number of others were caught before they became terrorist events. Even of those that have occurred, this administration seems willing to do anything but call them terrorist actions. There’s an awful lot of protecting going on and if it does come to a time of war here, that may simply be another misdirect to keep our eyes off the real problem underneath.

      There is a lot I still do not understand about the Benghazi situation, but the way the liberal media is categorizing anyone who tries to take it seriously as a racist, a bigot, or both tells me that we are getting too close for comfort to the real truth and that scares the administration.

      I do not recall ever seeing our media so obviously biased in favor of a politician before, but again, that may have to do with the fact that Internet was not available then so who really knows what was going on behind the scenes? Now, too much seems to be out in the open and when Mr. Obama or another politician lies, it is so obvious that it’s pitiful. The only thing they can do is to ignore the constant murmurings and try to go with business as usual, but even that makes them look obvious.

      We’ll see how things unfold.



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