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December 17, 2016 at 9:01 AM 2 comments

politiciansAnd so it goes. I’ve been off all social networks for about two months or more. I stopped going and participating just prior to the recent presidential election. I notice I’ve been much more content and calmer; at peace with more in life.

Today, on the way home I chanced to turn on the radio and as I switched through channels, I heard the sound of the baritone from the Oval Office giving a press conference. I normally don’t listen, not because it’s President Obama but because he’s a politician. But I took the time to listen for a moment or two and what I heard flabbergasted me.

Apparently, this most recent election was hacked by propaganda mainly coming from Russia and according to President Obama, Putin had knowledge of it! When I got home, I did some checking and learned some of what I’ve been missing since I opted to tune out from social networking. Apparently, there are “fake news” sources (meaning: individuals, radio talk shows and anyone who is not on the left), that have been working over time to hijack this latest election, which, according to those on the left, fully explains why Hillary Clinton failed to win the presidency. This is what we are being told by the man who currently holds the highest office in the land.

Of course Hillary herself has jumped on the bandwagon to accuse Russia of using propaganda to destroy her chances of being elected as the first woman president. It’s really ridiculous but this is the left and it is what they do. It is clear to thinking people that both Clintons – Bill and Hillary – have done things and orchestrated events that have helped them come out on top. But when evidence comes to light that shows what may have actually taken place behind the scenes, it’s either called “fake news” or Russian propaganda.

It may very well be that America dodged a huge bullet with Hillary’s defeat. We’ll have to wait and see what President-elect Trump accomplishes during his presidency. However, as I’ve stated in numerous articles before, I don’t place a great deal of faith in politicians in general. Trump is first and foremost a businessman, so he may end up surprising us. Again, only time will tell.

But what is even more egregious as well as absolutely hypocritical is the fact that President Obama may have tried to circumvent the elections in Israel that occurred in January of 2015 in an attempt to keep Netanyahu from being re-elected! Yet, this same man is now supposedly concerned about Russia’s alleged involvement in America’s presidential election. If Obama did attempt to get Netanyahu defeated (and failed), isn’t that the same thing as he is accusing Putin of doing? Yet, with respect to Israel, it’s okay and above-board that Obama did what he allegedly did, but if Putin did the same thing with American politics, that’s not right?

But regarding this alleged Russian hijacking of America’s election, I have a few concerns. Wikileaks has released thousands of hacked emails that highlight the inner workings of the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. What it shows is how desperate many on the left are to gain and/or keep their power. They’re not above lying or blatantly attacking a candidate who is not part of the left’s machine. Most of the “real” news bureaus throughout America completely ignored the information revealed in the hacked emails and documents. Instead of going over it with a fine-tooth comb as if they were the Nixon tapes, they simply asked questions like “Who was behind this?” and “What can be done to fight back?” in so many words. Clearly, there was no interest in examining actual documented evidence from the Democrats and Hillary. Why has no one from any of America’s news organizations taken the time to determine what the over 30,000 hacked emails actually say? Instead of trying to figure out who was behind it (Julian Assange was), why aren’t truly hard questions being asked about and to Hillary and the DNC? It’s almost as though it’s verboten. Can’t be done.

Even though Julian Assange (Wikileaks) has stated flatly that he does not get his information from the Russians and Putin has also denied it (but what do you expect since he also is a politician?), people like President Obama and others on the left continue full steam ahead decrying the involvement of Russia in their hacking scheme that apparently rigged the election in Trump’s favor. However, no proof has been released to the public.

Is this really what happened? Is it possible that enough people saw Hillary Clinton for who she is and decided America’s top position does not need someone like her? Granted, in some ways, Trump is not the greatest asset either, but in terms of lack of corruption, he comes out better than Hillary.

Hillary has accused Russia of hacking and giving the election to Trump. Yet, Hillary sold 20% of America’s uranium to Russia. Why? It somehow clearly benefited her and her compatriots. Anyone who has any interest in finding the truth about Clinton can do so with little effort. However, the people who voted for her refused to consider this truth. I mean for goodness sake, rumors abound that the left paid people to riot at and during Trump rallies to scare people away. We have a Muslim woman who initially complained to New York police that Trump supporters harassed her and has now come clean about it, saying she lied. She was left with no choice since no surveillance footage supported her claims.

But the claim that “fake news” sources abound – and that comes from President Obama himself – and it has “forced” the left to take drastic measures. Like the false meme, “Hands up, don’t shoot!” the left will continue to push their lies in spite of evidence to the contrary. In fact, the folks who control Facebook have hired partisan individuals favoring the left to combat “fake news.” What this means is that anything that does not align itself with the left’s ideology will be labeled “fake,” and those in control likely hope will end the discussions. I imagine that suspension of accounts would be next. Are we moving toward censorship or not? Seems to be the case.

This is the biggest problem with those on the left. They cannot handle a civilized discussion and they certainly cannot handle a loss. What we’ve got here is a complete failure of those on the left to acknowledge what was simply stated by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) recently.

Democrats need to stop trying to justify and “start learning” why they lost, adding their candidate was one “people did not like and didn’t want to vote for.”

She further noted, in response to a question about the election being won by Trump due to hacking by Russia…

I think that is another of their justifications in a long list of justifications of why they lost. And they need to start learning from why they lost. They completely misread the American people. They were out of step, and they had a candidate that the American people did not like and didn’t want to vote for.

The whole thing is so ridiculous, it’s appalling, yet we are expected to believe that “fake news” reports concerning Hillary Rodham Clinton proved to be so filled with false propaganda that the average human being was unable to see them for what they were and instead saw them as gospel truth forcing them to move away from Clinton and latch onto Trump. It’s absurd and if one considers things, the left has been trying to hijack the political system for decades. This is simply another attempt.

The terrible reality is that anything that has been actual truth is played off as “fake news” by the left. This is pure Hegelian Dialectic in play here. Believe me, the left knows how to manipulate and use pyschopolitical assaults to achieve their own ends. It is what they’re doing here.

The cloud of corruption that encircles Hillary Clinton became way too much and it covered her completely. Only stalwart and die-hard leftists (as well as those easily swayed by the left), felt they needed to continue to support Clinton. There was simply way too much against her and the only ones who were mentioning problems at all were pooh-pooh’d and downplayed. In the end, it didn’t work and Donald Trump was elected.

I’m quite certain that funds and donations coming into The Clinton Foundation have already started to seriously dry up. Without her direct involvement in Washington’s politics, she’s unable to make any promises to donors.

It appears that the left is licking its wounds but rather than admit mistakes were made and instead of providing a Democrat candidate that most people could get behind, they pushed Hillary out to the middle of the stage with all her corruption, her dead weight, her favor-mongering, her attacks on the 2nd Amendment and other things.

Rather than acknowledge like mature individuals that they lost fair and square, they now have resorted to creating this extremely lame excuse about the Russians hacking things at the DNC and regarding Hillary’s campaign. Is the information released by Wikileaks true or not? If it is true (which is very likely one of the reasons that past DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigned in disgrace), then shouldn’t that information – which, once again, is made up of actual emails and other documents from the DNC and Clinton campaign – be taken into account and seriously looked into?

Instead, those on the left want us to believe that Russia put the information out there and the same left is more concerned with trying to play the blame game against Russia as opposed to even deigning to discuss the contents of the hacked emails and documents.

Ultimately, even if someone deliberately released all those hacked emails and documents for public viewing, the question should not be “who did it and why?” The only question that should be considered is whether or not the actual emails are true.

The only question to ask is are all the leaked emails and documents true, not who released them and for what purpose. The left is desperately trying to create a situation that does not exist rather than face facts that are all too apparent to thinking people.  Rather than acknowledge this, the left prefers to host the blame game. It’s what they do and it shows the left’s mind and that they are incapable of dealing with actual facts and God forbid, the truth.

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  • 1. Paul Faruga  |  December 22, 2016 at 11:12 AM

    You cannot get much further left then Russia. Why would they want to sabotage a potential government that leans more to their way of thinking ?


    • 2. modres  |  December 22, 2016 at 11:25 AM

      Agreed. The whole idea is absurd. It’s merely an excuse.


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