Christianity, Practically Speaking

September 19, 2009 at 11:35 PM

wpd6910f04_0fOn the heels of Anti-Zionism’s Vitriolic Allegations, our newest work in-progress – Christianity, Practically Speaking – will hopefully be available within a month or so.  In it, we deal with the ramifications of being an authentic Christian.

Let’s face it, today, most people will tell you that they are “Christian,” however, the problem is that the definition of it can and does often vary from one person to another.  The definition of being a Christian must, of necessity be established from the Bible.

We hope to present a book that provides useful information, where the rubber meets the road.  Being a Christian has to start someplace and it must be within the individual.  It cannot be “put on” from outside, as it were, like many seem to want to do.  Is Christianity a religion?  Is it a set of rules?  Is it something that a person involves themselves in doing, which ultimately helps society?  Just exactly what does it mean to be a Christian?

We take the time to probe the Scriptural record, hoping not only to make the definition come alive, but we intend to cast aside the fodder that is often foisted upon Christianity, by people (well meaning, or not), who often simply wind up adding “things” to Christianity.

Christianity either stands or falls on its own merit.  It is either something altogether different from any and every other “religion” out there, or it is simply one among many.  To be a Christian means to either follow a set or rules, or a standard of living, or it means that something much deeper has occurred within the individual.

Looking to the Bible as our guide, Christianity, Practically Speaking, will hopefully make things simple, by sorting through the morass of viewpoints and opinions available today.

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