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September 17, 2009 at 5:49 PM


Newest book from Fred DeRuvo

One of the books I’ve been working on has just been sent over for publishing.  The book – Anti-Zionism’s Vitriolic Allegations – was a tough one to write, mainly because of all the verbal sewage I had to wade through to obtain the necessary information!  It is amazing how people can say and write the things they write, all the while stating without even blinking that they themselves are Christian.

The problem with the Anti-Zionist, is that all the while they are accusing Christian Zionists of harboring racist attitudes, they themselves seem to completely unaware of the fact that they are filled to the overflowing brim with hatred toward Jewish individuals, and those who deign to support Israel’s right to be a sovereign nation.  The tragic consequences of their beliefs have been center stage off and on through the centuries, yet in spite of the calculated manifestation of their own anti-Semitism, they gamely plod along, unwilling or unable to acknowledge what everyone else readily sees.

Anti-Semitism stems solely from Satan’s hatred.  He hates Jewish people, and wishes nothing but their complete extermination.  He has tried on numerous occasions to do that very thing, always being thwarted by God.  The Roman Catholic Church’s violence toward Jewish people, seen through the Crusades, and the church’s own errant Eschatology, brought horror after horror upon Jews.  Through Hitler, the atrocities that were committed against Jewish people are without equal, and verifiably recorded, in spite of what some would like the world to believe about the Holocaust.

More and more the visible Church has come off her moorings.  Because of Replacement Theology, Preterism and the like, many within Christendom have adopted the belief that the Church has replaced Israel.  This is wrong in and of itself, yet, the larger problem is the results of believing something like this.  It causes people to have nothing but contempt for Jewish people, in spite of Paul’s admonision in Romans 9 – 11, to be thankful for the Jewish people, because it is through them that salvation has come to Gentiles.

My latest book is my response and rebuttal to Anti-Zionism.  It is not so much that the Christian Zionist supports Jewish people and Israel, as a nation, because of its Jewish roots.  We support Jewish people and Israel because it appears to us, from Scripture, that this is God’s directive.  Though many have taken the time to present their opinion as to why they believe God has fully and with finality, rejected Israel, replacing her with the Church, in the end, it is their opinion.  It is an opinion, which the Christian Zionist does not share, and the main reason we do not share it, is due to the many promises in God’s Word, which have been directed toward Israel by God.  He has promised that He would never reject His chosen people permanently.  While I am aware of all the song and dance that has gone into making His Word appear to say that the Church existed in the Old Testament, and since the Church has replaced Israel, then God is still keeping His promises, etc., but in the end, all that has been really accomplished is turning God’s Word into allegory.

Christian Zionism supports God and His purposes.  If it appears to us that He has unfinished business with Israel that lies ahead, then so be it.  To support Him, and His work with the nation and with individual Jewish people within that nation, is to support God Himself.  To do otherwise, is to cancel support for God, and in effect, work against Him.

If God has a separate purpose for the nation of Israel that has not yet come to fruition, there should be no problem with that from anyone.  The difficulty though is that too many equate God’s WILL, with salvation ONLY.  They are unable to see beyond salvation to the possibility that God may very well have a separate purpose for Israel.  His salvation remains the same for everyone – salvation by grace alone, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.  This is the way we are to evangelize.  This is what God calls us to do.  We must extend the gospel to the Jew first and then to the Gentile wherever we are, and wherever we go.

God’s will for Israel is His business.  Passages of Ezekiel 20, 38 and elsewhere indicates that He will (and has been) calling His people back to Israel in unbelief.  He will have it out with them with finality, forever purging them of the rebel attitude that has for so long existed within the nation of Israel.  Once He accomplishes that, they will be prepared to receive His salvation – the only salvation that has ever been – through Jesus Christ.  It will be at that point, that this upcoming Remnant of Jewish believers, will be ready to enter in and possess the Land that God promised to Abraham.  We wait for that to occur.  In the meantime, we pray for the salvation of Jews and we pray for the salvation of their oppressors.  We pray for peace in the Middle East.  We know it will occur and we look forward to the time when Christ will physically reign as King of Kings, not only over Israel, but over the world.

The Anti-Zionist needs to understand that they are working against God and His plans.  Their retributive attitude has not one ounce of Christian love and their vitriolic bashing of Christian Zionists merely proves that point.  God is God.  He alone is sovereign and supreme.  His will be done.  Amen.

Interested in “Anti-Zionism’s Vitriolic Allegations”?  Find out more information HERE.

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