Playing the Race Card – Chris Matthews Style!

August 28, 2011 at 7:06 PM

Of course, we knew it would become the norm for liberal shills like Ed Schultz and now Chris Matthews to begin playing the race card.  We know about Schultz (and Sharpton’s) false accusation that Gov. Rick Perry is a racist and his recent comments using the phrase “black cloud” were said to refer directly to Mr. Obama.  That wasn’t the truth and intelligent people who heard the same (full) clip that Schultz only played in part know the real story.

Most recently, ever-myopic Chris Matthews moderated one of his nearly entire shows to discuss what he believes is, wait for it…white racist attitudes toward Mr. Obama.  The plain fact of the matter is that due to the fact that Mr. Obama’s approval rating is exceedingly low and not only are whites, but blacks are also moving away from Mr. Obama, the only thing Matthews knows how to do is to play the race card against whites.

Instead of addressing Mr. Obama’s failure to correct the problems in the economy and bring an end to joblessness, Matthews believes it has nothing to do with Mr. Obama’s failures on any level.  In fact, when push comes to shove, Matthews is sure that the reason Obama’s approval rating is so low has only to do with the Tea Party and white racism.

If we were to go back to Jimmy Carter’s presidency and dissect it, we would not be able to use the race card in any way (unless we were talking about a lower percentage of black Americans who decided they did not want to vote for Carter again), or the fact that the Tea Party stood in his way, since it did not exist then.

Why isn’t Matthews talking about Carter and his severe drop in approval over the course of his presidency?  Why doesn’t he do some research to try to determine if there was a lower percentage of black Americans who voted from Carter during his re-election campaign, compared to his first run for office?  Even if Matthews did find a correlation, he would not be stupid enough to say that black Americans were racist against Jimmy Carter, a white man.  That would be absolutely ludicrous and if he did that, you can bet Al “Every White Person is a Racist” Sharpton, along with his lap-dog Ed “I Wish I Wasn’t White!” Schultz would be the first ones out of the chute to charge Matthews with racism of his own.

I did not vote for Mr. Obama in the first election.  I have not changed my mind about him and in fact, nearly everything he has done has simply proven to me that I made the correct decision the first time.

Be that as it may, why do liberal pundits and leftheads believe that by playing the race card, they can actually pour more guilt on white folks so that they will vote for Obama?  Do they honestly believe that the average white person is as stupid as they are, because it certainly seems to be the case.

The most interesting thing is that on the same show, according to one blogger, Matthews spent nine minutes discussing how the GOP was going to use race as an issue in this next election! [1]  Meanwhile, it has been leftheads who have been using it like candy.

According to Matthews, the only reason that people – and white people especially – have decided to no longer support Mr. Obama is because of racism.  If that is the case, then it merely proves that whites voted for Mr. Obama in the first place because of white guilt when it comes to voting for a black American to the highest office!

This is simply another case of triple dog dare ya!  White people are going to be played like a cheap fiddle.  We are going to be lambasted about voting for Mr. Obama and if we do not, then it will become “obvious” that the reason we don’t vote for him is due solely to race!

Come on, Matthews, talk about the issues, will you?  The real issues, the ones like Mr. Obama’s seeming lack of concern about our nation’s economic woes.  How about his many vacations when problems existed in this country (like now) but he refuses to cut his vacation short?  How about the fact that he has taken so many vacations at all, as well as his wife Michelle, who has taken her share of separate vacations?

How about the fact that Obamacare is going to cost trillions in new taxes?  How about his stimulus package that did not work?  How about so many other things?

It is not merely white Americans who are upset with Mr. Obama.  I have talked to many people across the board, and people of color are just as fed up.  I guess on Matthews’ next show, he can talk about all the “Uncle Tom” black Americans who opted to not vote for Mr. Obama out of fear of white retribution.  In the end, it still comes back to white racism.

We know that Mr. Obama cannot run on successful record of correcting problems.  Just after taking office, he stated that if he could not turn the economy around in three years, he did not deserve to be a two-term president.  He also said he would rather be a great one-term president than a mediocre two-term president.

Mr. Obama is NOT a moron.  He knew what he faced when he became president.  The problem is that he has spent three years effectively doing nothing that would turn our economy around.  In fact, though he stated that it was his responsibility to turn the economy around, he is still blaming Bush for the economic woes.

Did Mr. Obama have a plan when he went into office?  Did he lay that plan out for the American people?  Mr. Obama’s main concern seems to have been hiring as many radical liberals around him as possible.  He is concerned with racial objectives and he is concerned with rebuilding mosques around the globe.  He seems to be concerned with anything that does not directly connect to our economy.

On one hand, he bashes the previous administration for getting us into Afghanistan, while on the other, he gets us into Libya.  On one hand, he blames Bush for the current economic difficulties, but routinely spends billions more than our Federal government takes in each year.

The plain truth of the matter is that while Mr. Obama may well be an educated man, the truth seems to be that his skills are not best utilized in the Oval Office.  That much seems clear, but not to Matthews and others.

Here’s the rub though.  I do NOT believe for a moment that Matthews, Schultz and others actually believe the tripe they are claiming.  I don’t believe that these individuals actually believe that Mr. Obama’s low approval rating has anything to do with racism.  I believe that because they are on the far left, they know that they can use the race card as a weapon against white individuals for the sole purpose of creating more guilt so that more whites will vote for Mr. Obama.

I really don’t think it’s going to work this time.  A huge percentage of people – whites, blacks, and other people of color – gave Mr. Obama the chance to fix our economy and create quality private sector jobs.  He has failed and he has failed miserably.

The only people who will vote for Mr. Obama in this next election are those who live off the government and really enjoy those entitlements like Welfare.  Other people who will vote for him are the Democrats and liberals who are already as liberal as you can get.  Beyond this, there will undoubtedly be some blacks who vote for Mr. Obama solely because of race.

The average person who has some intelligence and understands what is going on in the world, will not vote for Mr. Obama not only because he has not made a difference, but he has actually made things worse.

But let’s get past all of this, all right?  Is Chris Matthews not aware that Mr. Obama had a WHITE mother and an African father?  Does this NOT make him part white and part black?  If that is the case then how is it possible that if I, as a white American, do not vote for Mr. Obama, I am considered by leftheads to be racist?  That makes no sense, especially given the fact of Mr. Obama’s abysmal record for the past three years.

It is clear that the left is going to continue to play the race card, come hell or high water.  That much is obvious.  I think what they will wind up doing is pushing more people away because intelligent people will see it for what it is – asinine charges that have absolutely no basis in fact.  Moreover, it simply tells people that the issue of race is the only thing going for the Obama Administration.  It is obvious.  Too obvious.

The more the left continues to play the race card, the more myself and others will be here to remind people that it has nothing to do with race.  It has everything to do with a profoundly dismal set of failures during Mr. Obama’s first three years.  THAT is why people  – whites, blacks, and others of color – are going to vote for someone else, as opposed to Mr. Obama.

I cannot believe that Matthews, et al, actually believe that this is the best way to convince people that Mr. Obama should be given a second chance: racism.  What a joke.  What an absolute joke.


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