The U.S. Needs to Support Israel

August 29, 2011 at 11:57 AM 1 comment

First, I have to say how glad I am that there are people of color on the GOP side of things who are at least willing to give Mr. Obama a run for his money.  Two individuals together would make one awesome ticket.  I’m referring to Allen West and Herman Cain, both African-Americans who love this country and support the values this country was founded upon.

Unfortunately, Allen West is not interested in running for president, but Herman Cain is interested.  As I’ve mentioned before, one of the most important (if not the most important point for me when I consider who will get my vote is the candidate’s support of Israel.  For me, this is a non-negotiable.  If the next president is not 100% in support of Israel, then he/she has no right to be president, in my book.

Rick Perry has come out staunchly in favor of supporting Israel as I have mentioned several times here.  Herman Cain also supports Israel.  In his latest e-mail blast, Israel was the subject.

Cain begins his comments with these works, “Imagine living in a neighborhood where most of your neighbors wish you would move away. Since you have a right to be there and it happens to be the home of many generations of your family, you refuse to be intimidated into leaving, even though you are violently attacked frequently, and sometimes family members are killed. Although painfully saddened, your resolve to remain there is not weakened.

“That neighborhood is the dwelling place of Israel, a nation surrounded by many of its enemies.”

Too many past presidents and even including our current one, has not only not taken this position, but has viewed Israel as problematic.  The belief by many is that if Israel would simply give into all the demands laid out for her, all would be well in the Middle East.  This is naive to say the least, and demagoguery at most.

First of all, the idea that any other nation has the right to tell Israel what to do is ludicrous.  The reality is that Israel is a nation that was created by God Himself, according to Scripture.  Yes, I realize people disagree with that, but I do not care what they think anymore than they care what I think.  I also realize that many today who believe that God did create Israel, also completely abandoned that nation after their rejection of Jesus as Messiah.  I disagree.  While I do believe God sent judgment (which happened in A.D. 70), He did not abandon Israel anymore than He completely abandoned them for all the times in the Old Testament they turned their back on God, rejecting Him and His statutes.

It is important that the most powerful nation on the earth supports Israel.  Aside from Canada, there is no one else, not even the U.S. that would step up to bat for Israel.

It will be very interesting to see what takes place this September when the Arab League goes before the U.N. in their attempt to gain recognition and credibility for a Palestinian State.  It will place a great deal of pressure on Israel and it will be interesting to see not only the U.N.’s response, but that of Israel and the United States.

Herman Cain went onto say, “Unreasonable and impractical demands by the Palestinians have stalled the so-called peace process for decades. This was not just a recent conclusion from one trip to Israel. This is from decades of watching the developments between Israel and the Palestinians as far back as the efforts of former President Jimmy Carter.

“One of Israel’s major frustrations stems from a lack of clarity about its relationship with the United States of America.

“Different administrations have always shown different levels of support for Israel, but the actions of the Obama Administration have signaled renewed and disappointing confusion about our support of Israel. Suggesting that Israel return to pre-1967 borders is a most egregious suggestion, which only serves to encourage Israel’s enemies to continue their hostility toward them.

“Let me be direct and clear. I support Israel’s position that the 1967 borders must stand. I also support the position that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and that Jerusalem must never be divided for political or any other reason.

“And for those who may challenge or remain silent on these two critical issues, I challenge them to spend the time as I have to experience and see what many people do not know, and what some people don’t want the rest of the world to know.”

I have bolded a few sentences from Herman Cain because they emphasize his very clear position with respect to Israel.  I also believe that Cain – if elected – would follow through on this support for Israel in very tangible ways.

I have said this before and I’ll repeat it here.  If America’s leaders were willing to ignore politics and the demands of certain voters and do the right thing by supporting Israel, I truly believe that this country would begin to regain its strength.

Honestly, maybe I’m being naive, but I hear many people say if only God would bless America.  The truth of the matter is that He cannot do so as long as the leaders of this nation stand against Israel.  He cannot do that because of His promises to Abraham in Genesis 12, 15, and 17.  He specifically said He would bless those who blessed Abraham (and the nation that came from him) and He would also curse those who cursed Abraham.

Blessing or cursing Abraham is understood to mean Israel, since it was Abraham though which God chose to create the nation of Israel through the promised son, Isaac.  It is interesting to note that the illegitimate son, Ishmael (whose mother was Hagar) went onto form Arab nations.  From Arab nations we get Muhammad and from Muhammad we get Islam.  From Islam we get suicide bombers and terrorists routinely.

Had Abraham not listened to his wife Sarah and slept with her handmaiden Hagar, Ishmael would not have been born and there would be no Arab League today.  In Abraham’s culture, a child born to Sarah’s handmaiden would have been her child.  The child would have belonged to Sarah had she chosen that, but she was the one who eventually told Abraham to cast Hagar and Ishmael out because of Isaac.

This one mistake by Abraham continues to cost Israel peace and security.  It is amazing to consider it.  By the way, Muslims will tell you that Ishmael was the promised child, not Isaac.  According to the Bible, this is not the case.  Muslims will also tell you that the Qur’an agrees with the Bible, which is obviously not true.

Herman Cain has come out, along with Rick Perry and has stated that he will staunchly support Israel.  Who’s next?  Will any other GOP candidates do the same?  Ron Paul has taken a position against Israel and to me, it seems that candidates who are unwilling to step up and specifically announce their position with respect to Israel do not deserve my vote.

So far, only two candidates – Herman Cain and Rick Perry – have indicated their stalwart support for Israel.  If no one else is willing to do that, then they are off my list of potential candidates for president.

Many people apparently have huge problems with Rick Perry.  So be it.  They need to vote their conscience.  The game has only just begun and the only individuals I can cross off my list are those who have not announced their unbridled support for Israel.  As things progress, maybe other candidates will step forward promising their support to the nation that God created for the purpose of redemption.  If they do this, it will be easy enough to add them to my list.

Right now, there are only two people on it.  I frankly believe – and I’m sure other Christians will completely disagree with me – that any potential candidate for president needs to support Israel and that requisite must be very strong because it is at the top of my list.

Once all the candidates that will do so, have announced their support of Israel, then I will begin to chip away at those specific candidates to see what else they believe in and are willing to support.

Herman Cain is on my “potential” list because of his support for Israel.  Rick Perry is as well.  Who else will wind up being there only time will tell.  For me, what matters most is not a person’s plan to create jobs.  It’s not even his/her view on the 2nd Amendment or the entirety of the U.S. Constitution including the Bill of Rights, for that matter.  What is most pressing in my mind is where the candidates stand on the issue of Israel.

I firmly believe this country is in this mess because for the past twenty to thirty years, we have had one president after another who has increasingly distances himself from Israel.  We can take this all the way back to Jimmy Carter in recent history.  Since then, every president has done something to put more of a gulf between Israel and the United States.

Now we have Mr. Obama, who at every turn has positioned himself against Israel.  The major difference with Mr. Obama and previous presidents is that never in the history of the presidency have we seen so many alleged ties to radical Islam and even the Muslim Brotherhood, with respect to the Oval Office.  This is tragic and that is the first thing that needs to change.

These Islamic activists are the ones who are coaching the president and advising him on foreign policy.  I believe – as I’ve stated before – Mr. Obama does not really care about his job as president.  To him, I think it’s kind of a big joke.  The reason for that is that he is merely a puppet.  Everything he has he was essentially given and because of that, he has no real ownership in any of it.

What this country desperately needs is a president who stands with God in supporting Israel’s right to exist as a nation, in peace with her neighbors.  We have not had that kind of president for decades.  If our next president is not someone like Herman Cain, who without question supports Israel, then I believe this country will simply become much worse off.

If this nation opts to re-elect the current resident of the Oval Office, it’s over.  It really is, because he will have four more years to continue to deconstruct the United States, piece by piece.  It will happen.  Maybe that’s God’s plan.  If it is, then it is, but that still does not mean that I vote for that individual.

I believe God has spent the last three years especially, waking Christians up to the fact that this country is in dire straights.  Are we concerned about it?  Do we want to see change?

Sure, we can pray for things like more jobs, or more rain in drought-affected areas of our country.  We can pray for fewer natural disasters that are further creating havoc in America.  We can pray for all these things and more, but I honestly believe that these are merely symptoms of the overall problem in America and that problem exists not only because of Mr. Obama’s lack of support for Israel, but his advisers and others are completely godless individuals with a penchant for Islam, who want nothing more than to see Israel gone from the Middle East.  This has not been the case before, in any preceding presidency as far as I know.

If a person develops a rash, he/she can go to the doctor and he can prescribe something that will treat the rash.  If the rash gets worse or turns into something else, then that will need to be treated.  The rash is merely a symptom.  What may be ultimately determined is that  the person has a form of cancer.  In that case, by treating the cancer, the symptoms may eventually go away as well if the cancer goes into remission.  It would be foolish of the doctor to simply continue to treat the symptoms as opposed to the actual cause of the symptoms.

As Christians, we can pray for rain, we can pray that the U.N. will not take our guns away, we can pray that joblessness in America will decrease and gas prices will go down.  But all of these requests merely address symptoms of the overall problem.  That overall problem has to do with the fact that our current president hates Israel and wants to see her fall.  He has plenty of aides and advisers who side with him.

This is not good for our country.  As long as we have a president who stands against Israel, not only will those symptoms remain, but I believe they will become far worse.

We need a president who supports Israel.  Herman Cain is one such candidate.  Rick Perry is another.  Any other takers?

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  • 1. JMCS  |  August 31, 2011 at 11:49 AM

    If I were a US citizen, I would vote for Herman Cain. Unlike Obama, Cain has a plan. All Obama said on his speeches was “yes we can.” And his foreign policies only hurt the US. The US needs nationalism. Obama lacks both nationalism and logics. I think that Cain has everything Obama does not.


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