Grave Influences – An Extended Review

May 18, 2010 at 10:16 AM

A must-read for all Christians!

We’ve lost the culture war.  I wish I could tell you otherwise and go happily along with the many Christians who still think we can recapture America, return to our moral and spiritual roots, and revitalize our wayward institutions.  But I can’t, and someone needs to tell you – loudly and clearly.  My job is not to be optimistic or pessimistic but to be realistic.”

And with those words, Brannon Howse is off and running in his book titled, Grave Influences.  We have very briefly reviewed this book previously, but felt it deserved a more thorough review.

Once you start reading, it is difficult to stop reading because each enthralling chapter takes you to the next one, and they all connect in one way or another.

Grave Influences is a small hardback book, measuring 6.25” x 4.5” x 1”.  It contains 23 chapters, spread out over 368 pages.  The subtitle of Howse’s book is “21 Radicals and Their Worldviews that Rule America from the Grave.”  Each of the 23 chapters is part of a specific section, one of five (though the TOC inadvertently lists them as Part 1, 2, 2, 3, 5):

  • Part 1 – Things Are Worse Than You Thought
  • Part 2 – Brought to You By the Occult and Pagan Spirituality
  • Part 3 – Compliments of the Apostate Church
  • Part 4 – Courtesy of the Educational Establishment
  • Part 5 – And Now from the Government-Corporate Complex

Howse begins by pointing out that attempting to reclaim the culture is futile.  It has already been lost.  What needs to be done is to focus on reclaiming the church.  Unless you’ve been living in a cave, or simply refuse to accept things as they are, you have no doubt seen a downturn in the way of the church.  Of course, we are talking about the visible church, not the invisible church.  The visible church – comprised of authentic believers (wheat) and authentic unbelievers posing as Christians (tares) – is on a crash course to hell.

The one thing that can cause a slowdown in giving up ground to the enemy is to understand how the enemy has worked since prior to the 1880s in this country.  What has been interesting is to see all of these people thrown together in one book, their secrets lying naked before us.  It is somewhat easy to consider Alice Bailey or any of the other radicals by themselves.  Though we understand Bailey’s impact in the area of occult teachings, it is only when we see Bailey in connection with the 20 other radicals that Howse highlights, do we begin to fully appreciate (and not in a good sense) just how massively complex the effort has been by Satan to bring about his kingdom on earth. 

When these 21 radicals are taken together, the full scale of Satan’s scheme is clearly seen and graphically understood.  In fact, finishing Howse’s book is a bit breathtaking because of the realization of just how organized the assault has been on society.

Grave Influences brings to the fore the reality that we are now facing, and how we arrived at this point.  It is impossible to come away from this book without comprehending that the effort has always been to create a one-world government with a one-world religion right next to it.  Ever since God confused languages and cultures during the time of the Tower of Babel, Satan has continuously worked to bring all of humanity together in an effort to not only recreate the Tower, but on a far grander scale.

Over the past ten to twenty years, English has become the global language.  Yes, people still speak their own language and in Europe, they often speak more than one.  Nation after nation has undertaken to learn English.  Apart from the third world tribes that literally live in prehistoric times in 2010, is there a nation whose citizens do not speak English?  It is not that people could not, or did not communicate before this, but because English has become a dominant global language, it has made the process of communicating that much easier.

Over the past forty years or so, technology has made it possible to communicate through the air, wirelessly.  I still remember the first cell phone I bought my wife.  It looked like an actual (old fashioned) phone with a cord that connected to a “bag” that was where the battery was stored.  It was larger than her shoulder purse!  Yet, at the time, it was impressive.  Now of course, cell phones have gotten much smaller, and far more powerful than any predecessor has been.

In the 1970s, I recall the first personal computers (PCs), which were DOS-based, had black screens, with white letters and no bells or whistles.  There was no such thing as the Internet because Al Gore had not yet “invented” it.  Jump ahead to today and we see that everything has gotten smaller and faster, and what would we actually do without the Internet?  We can literally see a news story halfway around the world on our phones, or computer in less time than it takes a newspaper to report on it.  I’m frankly surprised that newspapers are still around.

So we see that our world has changed and it has changed drastically.  There is no going back and as we look to the future, we can see that we are picking up speed as we go.  Satan knows that his time is limited.  The Creation has just about had it, groaning under the weight of the curse from the fall.

Once we understand the background of our society and the technology that has enabled us to make such quantum jumps, it becomes far easier to gain an awareness of where the 21 radicals fit into the picture and how they have helped move things along.

What is striking is some of the verbiage that Howse introduces to the reader.  “Communitarianism” is a light version of Communism.  “This is the belief system that opposes both authoritarianism and individualism, and promotes instead a social organization that is governed by policies designed by civil society to limit individual freedom as required for the benefit of the community. [1]

Does this recall for you President Obama’s comment to Joe the Plumber during his campaign for election where he essentially stated that he wanted to spread the wealth around?  The tragic thing of course is that in any system like this, the rich get richer and the middle class evaporates into oblivion, so that only two classes remain: the rich and the poor.  Of course, everyone is poor on the same scale.  There always has to be someone to rule over the poor, and that is the job of the rich.

Howse lists six main worldviews, which govern societies throughout the globe and even societies within societies:

  1. Biblical Christianity
  2. Secular Humanism
  3. Cosmic Humanism (New Age)
  4. Islam
  5. Postmodernism
  6. Marxism/Leninism

Of the six listed, only one as we know contains truth because it is built on truth:  Biblical Christianity.  The others are all lies of the enemy, yet how much of the world’s citizens have readily bought into these lies?  Most have.

Howse also indicates a number of things that indicate what happens when a nation “has rejected the God of the Bible is that people begin to worship creation rather than the Creator God. [2] Paul speaks of this of course, in Romans 1.  People who insist on dismissing the God of Creation eventually get their wish and wind up worshiping anything that is not God.  Howse continues by stating that “By destroying the influence of Biblical Christianity within a culture, globalists remove their main obstacle to socialism, radical environmentalism, active euthanasia through socialized medicine, compulsory abortion, the end of parental authority, the elimination of an armed populace, private property, homosexuality (homosexuals are favored because they do not reproduce and add to world population), and the indoctrination of our children with their worldview.” [3] Take a moment to go back and read that quote.  It is mindboggling in its scope and it is happening in society the world over.

Of course, one of the huge pushes has been and continues to be population control.  This is neatly tied into environmentalism.  People should save the earth by using less, even if that means that some alive today suffer and die.  The goal is to have for the next generation.  This of course makes no sense, because we are literally being told that it is fine for people living now to die through starvation or something else, in order that future generations will have food available to them.  It is nonsense.  Yet because it has an air of selflessness, people adopt it greedily.  Go figure.

There is also a growing trend to blame Christianity for all the world’s ills.  Just Christianity alone.  Not even Judaism takes the blame, as does Christianity, though Jews do not escape the world’s wrath.

Howse believes (and I agree) that as America has increasingly turned her back on Israel, God has increasingly turned His back on America.  This is roundly denied by many within Reformed, Covenant and Preterist circles, yet it appears to be biblical fact.  As we continue to deny rights to Israel, we are asking for God’s judgment.  The two go hand in hand and judgment is unavoidable.  It is interesting that the Old Testament is filled with example after example of just how God judged nations who rejected or triumphed over Israel.  While He certainly used some of these nations to overthrow Israel (as a form of judgment on Israel for their waywardness), the nations that attacked Israel were culpable for their actions and were eventually “rewarded” for the same.

Over the past fifteen to twenty years, we have seen each administration pull back from Israel a bit more, making it easier for her enemies to gain more of a foothold in Israel.  We now have an administration that has not only thrown Israel under the bus, but denies it, believing that by doing so, the world will be convinced that President Obama is actually in support of Israel.  Granted, much of the world believes with the Arab nations that Israel should not be there in the Middle East, and certainly not as a sovereign nation.  Those of us who support Israel (on the grounds that that Land is GOD’S Land, and Jerusalem is HIS center of the world), know that the problem lies deep within anti-Semitism.  Who is the greatest foe of the Jew?  Satan and this is certainly the demeanor he has brought to the fore in virtually all nations and people.  He hates the Jews because salvation comes from them in Jesus.  They are the people he has no patience for and though he hates all of God’s Creation, he hates the Jew the most.

Because of President Obama’s policies, what are we seeing now?  We are seeing a President whose support for Iran and other Arab countries seemingly knows no bounds.  If he could get away with it, he would undoubtedly force Israel to give up half to all of Jerusalem along with all of the West Bank, which includes the Mountains of Israel.  He knows he cannot do that, so he bides his time, playing the game of politics.

He is the first president who has come out and stated that Iran should be allowed to have nuclear capabilities.  By doing so, he throws Israel’s safety to the wind, proving that not only does he care less about their safety, but is in full support of Iran’s desire to destroy Israel.  The game that President Ahmadinejad and President Obama play, as if they really do not like one another, is merely a game of politics and nothing more.

Howse makes another great point when he states, “Sadly, as America goes under, Christians who were committed only to the reconstruction of America or building a Christian America will retreat from the culture.  This is not how Christians should respond.  If indeed God is judging America (and I believe He is), and if His judgment is going to greatly increase (and I believe it will), then we need to use His judgment as an opportunity to preach the Gospel to the unsaved.” [4] Frankly, I could not agree more.  Whenever God sends judgment in Scripture, there is always opportunity to spread the salvation message because it is during times of judgment that people begin to look up.

For too long, Christians have been attempting to modify America, trying desperately to get her back to the days of old, when right was right, and wrong was wrong.  Those days are gone, forever.  We cannot and should not be waging a culture war.  We desperately need to be about the Lord’s business, and His business is not in saving nations, but saving lives of the lost.

Alice Bailey
Howse begins highlighting the radicals that have made this country what it is (under God’s watchful eye).  He begins with Alice Bailey and her publishing company, Lucifer Publishing Company, which eventually became Lucis Trust.

Most of us are undoubtedly familiar with Bailey and her occult connection.  She wrote 24 books, but it’s actually more accurate to say she wrote down what she was told, as in a form of dictation.  Maybe she was allowed to put things in her own words, but whether that is the case or not, the medium she said she gained this information from – the Tibetan – guided her into filling thousands of pages of text.  Of course, we understand that the Tibetan is none other than some demonic entity whose job it was to prevail on Bailey so that she would come to believe that the “truth” she was being given would begin a new age.  A new age it has created, but to what end?

Reading some of Bailey’s words is not too different from reading books by individuals who believe in Pleiadians, or other alien entities.  Bailey saw these beings as Ascended Masters, but today’s New Agers see them as aliens from much higher and more advanced civilizations.  It doesn’t matter really, because Christians understand them to be powers, principalities and spiritual beings opposed to God, who exist in the spiritual realm. It has always boggled my mind that people will take the word of these beings for granted, yet have tremendous difficulty believing that God exists and that He could have written a book.  These beings offer virtually no proof for anything they say, yet because they bestow extraordinary feelings upon human beings of love and self-worth, and freedom, then what they say must be true without question.

It is also interesting the way Howse provides the contrast and comparison between what he calls “The Public Face of Bailey’s Private God.”  People like Bailey act exactly like their god, Satan.  He is the master deceiver, presenting himself as an angel of light, yet he is the epitome of wickedness.  This is what he passes onto his followers, the ability to deceive through an angelic front.

In truth, Bailey has been a strong foundation for which Satan has begun building his kingdom, by toppling God’s standard of morality, in favor of his own.  This was really the first stone in the entire edifice of Satan’s new Tower of Babel, and it has been upon this stone that the phrase “new world order” is intoned.  It is fairly commonplace to hear that phrase used throughout the world.  As Howse points out, it does not matter if the people using the phrase are politicians, educators, religious leaders, or corporate CEOs.  What matters is that the mindset of the world is being directed to that one playing field, where a supposed order, which will emerge from the chaos, will bring in the utopia everyone has dreamed of since it was first lost in the Garden of Eden.

Everything from the past since Bailey has been leading to a one-world government and one-world religion.  Of course, unbeknownst to most, this government will ultimately be headed up Satan’s own son, the Antichrist, and the religion will come to be understood to worship him as god.  Satan will have his dominance for a time, at least in this earthly sphere, as he does in the realm of the air.

Howse points out that Bailey supported the UN, and it is not surprising that the UN adopted her outlook, mentality, and beliefs.  Over the long haul since the time of Bailey, three essentially world views have merged:

  1. Evolutionary humanism
  2. Hindu pantheism
  3. Occultism

Note one of our previous posts on Kryon, who also has ties with the UN.  Who does not see these individual strands at work in societies throughout the globe?  Together, they create an attitude that devalues human beings and elevates a strong global government.  It becomes for the good of all, instead of the rights of the individual.

Helen Schucman
Writer of A Course in Miracles¸ Schucman’s work was resurrected, or at least brought to the fore by none other than Oprah Winfrey and Marianne Williamson.  For the longest time, any author who appears on Oprah’s show and Oprah winds up endorsing, book sales increase 100 fold or more.  Course is a New Age tech book, presenting point after point of what it means to know God, what it means to be God, and what it means to live as God.

Oprah Winfrey literally came out of nowhere.  I remember seeing her in the movie, “The Color Purple.”  Then all of a sudden, she’s a talk show host and not a particularly great one either.  Somehow, she became popular seemingly overnight.  Personally, I believe her near-instant popularity derived from the fact that she adopted and embraced numerous forms of New Age thought and spirituality.  The demon gods were pleased and gave her wealth, admiration, and loads of success.  It is just uncanny when one person gains that much from nothing.  We have at least two other examples of that as well, in the author of the Harry Potter series, as well as another author, who wrote the Twilight series.  Both of these series deal in aspects of the new age and occult.  Both of the authors came out of nowhere, complete unknowns.  Yet, today they are rich, famous, and their books have become either TV series, or movies, or both.  How does that happen?  It happens when people give themselves over to the demons who present themselves as Ascended Masters, or something else.

Howse points out that for Oprah specifically, she entered into the New Age realm after rejecting her Baptist roots.  Howse points out “she rejected the doctrine of her Baptist church because she didn’t like it when her pastor claimed God is a jealous God.  The notion of divine jealousy offended her, and ‘that’s when the search for something more than doctrine started to stir within me’.” [5]

It is incredible how often I hear church people rejecting out of hand, some doctrine or truth in the Bible because they do not like it.  In cases such as this, that individual is setting themselves up as their own authority, and ultimately as their own god.  Their rejection of some Scriptural truth is normally predicated upon the fact that they simply do not understand it, nor can they see that truth from God’s perspective, which is the only perspective worth anything.  In essence then, people like Oprah and not only guilty of calling God a liar, but are contributing to the fact that they have encouraged multitudes of others to do the same thing! 

Julius Wellhausen
Next on the list is Julius Wellhausen, who is known for his “higher criticism” of the Bible, which led to his rejection of the fact that Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy were written by Moses.  He points out differences in verbiage, vernacular and other things to make his case.  It was jumped on by other critics who were itching to find some way to castigate biblical truth.  This rationalization by Wellhausen and adopted by others in Germany’s society became the reason why the Bible and Christianity in Europe began to change into something it is not.

All of this led to a type of humanism, in which the Bible was brought low (as was the God the Bible purported to point to), and man was elevated to a supreme status.  It was this humanism that led to the success of Adolph Hitler and other dictators, like Mussolini.

Kierkegaard and Nietzsche
Søren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche are well known names within religious and philosophical circles.  Kierkegaard, known for his existentialist outlook (after rejecting Christianity), believed there was no absolute morality.  The idea is actually nothing new, since we know that the idea was scoffed at by Pontius Pilate (“What is truth?”) in response to Jesus’ point about truth.  Nietzsche is not only known for declaring that God had died (God is dead), which of course presupposes that He existed in the first place, but he came to hate Christianity so much, that he referred to himself as the “Antichrist.”

With Kierkegaard and Nietzsche, the stage was set for apostasy, which we see thriving around us today.  Howse makes the logical connection between the beginnings of this apostasy with the two men just referenced, and the Emergent Church of today.  In point of fact, there is little difference, if any.

If truth is subjective, as Kierkegaard believed, then anything goes.  There is no standard by which everything is judged in this world.  It is all up for grabs.  It is clear to see this all around us and even within parts of the visible church.  If there is no true moral standard, then obviously, the Bible should not be considered the standard, but possibly only a standard.  It is left up to the interpretation of each person to decide for themselves.

One of the biggest pushes within the Emergent Church, aside from de-emphasizing the inerrancy of Scripture, is a socializing of the gospel.  All one has to do is read through just one of Brian McLaren’s books, and it becomes very clear what his views are on the subject.  McLaren, together with others like Tony Campolo preaches a different gospel, that Paul would say is no gospel at all.

They believe that the gospel comes alive when it is seen in the lives of professing Christians who are concerned about society (though it does not have to be seen in Christians for a person to actually BE a Christian according to Tony Campolo).  Do they have enough to eat?  Do they have places to live and/or sleep?  Do they have jobs?  In other words, the emphasis should be on improving the conditions of society, rather than presenting truth that will help a person gain eternal life.  While authentic Christians obviously need to be doing what they can to help the poor of society, the idea that people need salvation should never be ignored or relegated to some back room somewhere, only to be brought out as a last resort.

In truth, the forces, which have been at work behind these individuals, have worked hard and diligently to create a society in which everything is literally turned upside down.  Instead of valuing human beings because we are made in God’s image, humans are seen as valueless.  It is the entirety of society, which has value, not the individuals that make up that society.  Because of this, abortion on demand, murdering the elderly and infirm (called nicely enough euthanasia, or “youth-in-asia”), and even going so far as to place animals above human beings as some cultures have done, like India.  Starvation is rampant there, but it is forbidden to eat a cow because it could be a relative who has simply been reincarnated as a bovine.

This trend is absolutely absurd, but such is the way things go when Satan is allowed to turn God’s Creation upside down with himself at the top and the pinnacle of God’s Creation (man) on the bottom.

Educational Establishment
As far as the educational establishment goes, there are some well-known names there too.  John Dewey, the Frankfurt School, Betty Friedan, William James, Alfred Kinsey, and others dot the educational landscape.  What astounded me was the connection of almost every one of these individuals with Socialism or Communism.

Dewey was heavily involved in the influence of the American educational system.  Perhaps the most astounding piece of information Howse reveals is the peculiar interests of Edward R. Murrow!

In fact, what I frequently heard myself saying as I read Howse’s book was “No way!” or something similar.  In truth, there appears to be very little difference between the Republican and Democratic parties.  While some Republicans are truly conservative, the GOP itself is very one-world oriented, as is the Democratic party.  Both have been pushing American society toward the believed utopia of the one-world government, through Socialism.

What has always amazed me is that though Socialism has never worked, anywhere in the world, people continue to talk it up, believing that it is the only real way to go so that people are treated fairly.  One church-going individual told me that he firmly believed Jesus was a Socialist and he pointed to the early church in Acts.  Here, they sold what they had and gave it to the body so that everyone in the local body could benefit.  This has nothing to do with the concept of Socialism, and everything to do with the love authentic Christians are to have for one another.

The reason neither Socialism nor Communism do not work is that people are what we are, fallen, corrupt human beings, incapable of living altruistically.

If/when the United States becomes a Socialist nation, three things will happen:

  1. The poor will get poorer
  2. The rich will get richer
  3. The middle class will evaporate

The rich folks will never have a problem in either Communism or Socialism because they rise above it.  The people who are not wealthy are the ones who are grouped together to live off the hand of the government.  What rich person would not want a Socialist or Communist agenda, as long as their riches stayed where they are, in their wallets?

Does anyone honestly believe that if this country becomes Socialistic that people like the Kennedys, or the Bushes, or even President Obama are going to be the first to step up to the line and spread their wealth around?  This is not what Obama meant when he stated that during his campaign.  What he meant was that he wanted to take from the middle and upper middle class and spread what they get out to the poor, thereby putting people on an even playing field.  Even when the rich go bankrupt, it isn’t long before they can climb right back on top.  William Randolph Hearst did this, by borrowing one million dollars from his mistress.  In short order, he was back where he had been before he lost all of his money.  No such thing exists for the poor and middle class.

Benjamin Bloom
Benjamin Bloom is another individual Howse highlights and anyone who has ever taught in the public schools knows of “Bloom’s Taxonomy.”  According to Howse, what Bloom and others did through standardized testing is not what we are told why it was started and used even to today.

I have to shake my head in disbelief because I spent ten years in the public schools teaching grades four through six.  The standardized tests were ridiculous at that point in time, and the process of using Whole Language to teach reading and writing was even more ridiculous.  I could see using Whole Language to teach spoken language because it is a very fast way to pick up language, much like being immersed in the language.  However, Whole Language has absolutely no capacity to teach kids writing, reading, or spelling.  It’s just not part of the system.  Is it any wonder we have young adults today who cannot read, analyze, write, or spell?

Karl Marx
Marx, like other Socialists and Communists believed many things very strongly including the idea that there is nothing higher than man.  A quick look at the Emergent Church and its beliefs brings out that fact even there.  The Emergent Church has made Christianity man-centered, and what the Emergent Church has done for Christianity, Karl Marx and others have done for corporate America.

Most may be familiar with the ten facets of Communism, but how many of us are aware of the 45 goals of Communism?  I was not, and Howse brings those out.  It is also unbelievably shocking to realize how much our own government has adopted nearly all of these goals!

You see, according to Howse, the goal of people like Marx, John Maynard Keynes, Sigmund Freud, Margaret Sanger and others, has been to infiltrate America and destroy it from within.  In fact, everyone mentioned in Howse’ book has had a hand in that, whether they were/are actively aware of it or not.

The tragic truth is that the way this has been done to the United States would have required the constant vigilance of sentries placed in every area of society in order to notice and then flesh out the perpetrators.  This was not done and for good reason.  It would have been impossible.

Satan has undertaken (under God’s watchful eye), to overthrow America, because of the fact that this country was founded on Christian principles and because of our long history of support for Israel.  However, instead of coming at us in a true frontal assault that would have been noticed, he did the more intelligent thing, and placed people in various roles throughout America’s society.  As each person began carving out their niche, endeavoring to eradicate this belief, or that, which by itself may not have seemed like, or amounted to much, taken together, the amount of energy that the devil has spent overthrowing America from within is nearly unbelievable.  If not for the fact that the Bible warns us what life will be like in the end times, it would be very difficult to believe.

Yet, this is what has occurred and most of it right under our noses.  Might does not always make right.  Sometimes, insidiousness is the best way to go and if we look back, through the pages of history, with the help of Howse’s book, we come away with much more than a glimpse of what has transpired.  What we see today are the results of Satan’s diabolical web that he has spent untold amounts of time spinning.

By the time Alice Bailey came onto the scene, Satan was able to work faster and smarter and things picked up speed from there.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not high-fiving Satan by any means.  I am simply saying that he has been allowed (the operative word here) by God to do what he can do to bring prophetic truth to fruition.

What we are seeing today is the result of it.  Though the culture of America is indeed lost, Howse indicates that not all is lost.  In fact, as far as God is concerned, nothing is lost.  Instead of hiding in a closet or underground shelter somewhere, Christians should be up and out, witnessing for God, in order that the lost individuals that will turn to Him for salvation will do so in a timely manner.

I cannot imagine living during the time of the apostles.  What they and authentic believers of that day went through was horrific.  Yet, God saved lost members of humankind.  Though the world was falling apart, God was at work, bringing multitudes to Him for eternal life.

Our world is falling apart.  Creation is more than groaning.  In many ways, with the recent rash of earthquakes and volcanoes, it appears to be vomiting.  We have a president who is the most Socialistic of them all and seems to not care one iota what anyone thinks of him.  Not only is he callous, but he is narcissistic to a level that surprises many.

If we were to simply focus on what is happening in this world, we would likely be in dread.  However, this we do not have to do, because the authentic Christian knows that God has already gained the victory.

Christians must endeavor to use the times to kick it up a notch or two when it comes to evangelizing the lost.  We can no longer sit on our soft, comfortable sofas, believing that someone else will do it.  Time is short and we are moving ahead at such speed that one wonders how things can remain attached to this world.

God does not want us in fear.  He wants to us to understand what is happening around us so that we will take the Great Commission much more seriously.  Brannon Howse’s book is a must-read for every authentic believer.  It takes the reader through the process by which this country (and eventually the world) has been overrun by demonic activity in the areas of the occult, the apostate church, education, and corporations.  Grave Influences is a telling book that unveils how the enemy of our souls has worked in this nation’s history.

As Howse says, this can be the Christians’ finest hour.  I concur, so let’s get to it!

[1] Brannon Howse Grave Influences (Worldview Weekend Publishing; 2009), 29

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