Buddha is Okay – Jesus is Not

May 17, 2010 at 2:34 PM

New idol for San Francisco

Can you imagine if a statue of Jesus was erected across from San Francisco’s City Hall?  We all know it could NOT happen, but let’s say that it did.  There would be protests and a declaration to keep church and state separate on Constitutional grounds!  People would take great offense at the idea that someone who spend taxpayer dollars to have something like that erected in San Francisco.

Apparently, this same idea of separation of church and state does not apply to a statue of Buddha.  Prophezine.com announced that a Buddha statue 26 feet in height was put in place across from San Francisco’s City Hall.  Mayor Gavin Newsome is quoted as saying, “The installation of Zhang Huan’s spectacular sculpture in the Civic Center marks a high point in the Shanghai-San Francisco Sister City 30th Anniversary Celebration and a milestone for the San Francisco Arts Commission,” said Mayor Gavin Newsom. “By bringing this incredible work of art to the City, we underscore Shanghai and San Francisco’s bond as two of the world’s most important centers for arts and culture.”

Of course, people will argue that Buddha is not a religious figure.  Really?  Buddha is an individual who is believed to have become enlightened.  Once this occurred in his life, he is said to have learned the reasons of human suffering.  There were four strands to this, which became known as “The Four Noble Truths.”  Strictly following these four steps is said to bring any human being to a state of Nirvana.

While Buddha himself may not be God (as Jesus claimed to be), he is revered by many, to the point of worship.  Essentially, Buddhism is a religious and spiritual practice, by which proponents hope to achieve this supreme state of liberation, or freedom.  Buddhism has been and remains classified as a religion.  The difference of course, is that authentic Christianity worships Jesus as God.  In Buddhism, the individual becomes enlightened due to an inner state in which our resident deity is unleashed so to speak.

The other thing of course, is that Buddhism does not promote what many term an intolerance of other religions (except where Christianity is concerned).  Christianity by its very nature cannot be equal to these other religions, solely because Jesus wiped the table clean of all of them in John 14:6, when He said that He is the way, the life and the truth and that no one comes to the Father except through Him.  Not so with Buddhism, or any other religion.

Buddhism to some degree, has been assimilated into what is termed the New Age movement.  This in turn, has become part of the Emergent Church, which relies heavily on an experiential aspect of religion to lead and reveal truth.  In religions such as Buddhism, there is really no absolute truth.  It is all relative.  Not so with Christianity, which claims to have and express absolutes.

As Prophezine.com points out, this statue of Buddha is nothing more than an idol, because of its connection with a religious practice and spirituality.  God says that we are not to make idols.  We are not to make a statue of Jesus and worship that statue.  Anything that becomes to us an idol is wrong and in spite of the fact that Mayor Newsome believes the presence of this idol across from SF City Hall is wonderful, it is not wonderful.  It is merely another rung in the ladder that leads San Francisco away from God.  It is the city thumbing its nose at the Creator of the universe.

One day, God will do more than simply thumb His nose back…

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