Real Picture Emerging

December 31, 2020 at 2:46 PM 5 comments

Seems the real picture is truly coming into focus about a number of things that are actually related in my opinion. One is the abject voter fraud that has occurred in Georgia. The other is why Christians need to peacefully resist and how they can do that.

Resistance is Needed
In today’s world, I believe we are being lied to about many things but especially regarding Coronavirus-19 (and voter fraud). As I’ve stated before (based on information provided by many within the medical community), they have so far, been unable to isolate the actual CV-19 virion. This is remarkable in and of itself because all the testing is allegedly based on the presence of the CV-19 illness. Obviously, if they’ve NOT isolated the CV-19 virion, then the tests are clearly also NOT indicating someone as being infected with CV-19. If this is true, what is happening?

Attorney Lin Wood reminds us of our constitutional rights.

It seems clear that the PCR tests themselves are merely indicating the presence of viral material, most of which is not infectious, which also explains the many false positives. It is similar to the fact that we all have bacteria within our systems; some good, some bad. In fact, our digestive systems (biomes) include billions of bacterium and when we are healthy, the preponderance of that bacterium is good and helpful to our bodies. It is when our bodies become infested with bad bacteria that we begin to suffer negative effects to our health. Because we might have the presence of bad bacteria though does not automatically mean we need to be on antibiotics.

Good bacteria in our systems keeps us healthy. We all have good and bad virions as well. The reason we are healthy (if we are), is due in part to Herd Immunity, which humanity has benefited from for eons. Just now though, the WHO changed the meaning of Herd Immunity on their website from a natural phenomenon to one that allegedly only occurs as a result of a vaccine. Why? What are they telling us? They’re telling us we NEED to vax up in order to see Herd Immunity do its job. This is patently false according to many medical people.

The government is telling us we must obey, no ifs, ands or buts about it because it’s for our “health and safety” and if we don’t, they’ll bring down the hammer! A woman in Oregon is suing the governor there because she believes the governor’s office pushed social services to come after her and threaten to remove her children if she did not close her beauty shop due to “covid.” This is outrageous. Yet, you can go to Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, grocery stores and the like because they are considered “essential.” Absurd.

If you do not believe governments and others in power are not lying to us, there is little I can do for you except pray that God will open your eyes. But if the government IS lying to us, there must be a reason, right? It has to do with the fact that Satan is building his final world kingdom and doing so through human beings he calls his own and who are sold out to him either knowingly or unknowingly.

Because of this, I fully believe Christians have the duty to peacefully resist his coming rule. In doing so, we become lights to those living in darkness. It takes guts to actually do that, to resist the state powers, but it can and should be done.

But how is this done? How can each Christian resist peacefully while the directive to submit to governmental powers remains in place? We discussed that our previous article, “Should Christians Resist Tyranny?” so if you are new to this blog, please go back and read that.

Should Christians peacefully resist and if so, how? There are many ways, but the problem is muddied because there appears to be a growing group of Christians who believe if we “truly love others,” we will “mask up” and they also believe Jesus would’ve worn a mask. This is sentimental gobbledygook. It is born of “feelz,” not based in biblical fact. The idea is growing because more and more Christians are living their lives by how they feel about things rather than what even common sense tells us.

At my church, there are a few folks who wear masks. They are older and concerned about their health. If they want to wear masks, that’s fine. I’d like to tell them that rebreathing their own exhaled carbon dioxide is not good for them, but I doubt they’d hear it. I’d like to tell them that wearing masks may actually take the larger droplets of moisture they breathe out and, due to the mask itself, may actually turn those droplets into much smaller droplets (mist) and act as a nebulizer, allowing others to breathe them into their lungs even more deeply because of it.

I don’t say these things to them because I can see that these folks are afraid of getting “Covid” and don’t want to die, as if getting Covid means an automatic death. No one wants to get sick but at any given time there are many viruses, the flu and colds traveling around in society. Why is it that CV-19 is the supposedly the deadliest known to man? The numbers do not bear that out at all. All the CDC is doing is recategorizing numbers. It’s slight of hand or smoke and mirrors.

Take the time to read this article by a Christian woman who wrote it in response to another Christian woman’s opinion that all Christians should wear masks. It’s insightful and in-depth. You need to decide for yourself whether or not there is merit in what is argued there. The article is linked here: Why Christians Should Stop Bullying Other Christians into Wearing Masks

If you take the time to read the article, you’ll find that Chelsea Comadoll successfully argues against the first woman’s thesis, in my opinion. Read it. Absorb it. Go to the Scriptures. Determine for yourself what the Bible teaches us about “loving our neighbors.” I believe it is imperative to read the article and soak it in and to think on it. Pray about it.

Things we can do to peacefully resist unlawful policies:

  • don’t wear a mask
  • wear a face shield if you have to wear something (I went to the dr’s and was allowed to wear a face shield without the mask while there)
  • continue to reach out to people and offer your hand or “fist bump” them
  • ask people in your church if you can hug them (or shake their hand)
  • smile a lot and greet people while out in public without your mask
  • be friendly!
  • educate people about contradictions related to the CV-19 narrative
  • be gentle and unassuming; don’t be scornful to others
  • call and bother elected officials – they work for the people
  • ask your pastor/deacons to reopen church (if it is closed) because “zooming” doesn’t ever replace in-person fellowship!
  • go to local businesses whenever you can including restaurants. They need our support and will most likely not care about your mask but they have to put it on their door in most cases
  • use every legal means to remain FREE whenever possible
  • there’s power in numbers – get with others – business owners especially need to do this to survive!

Got any other ideas about peacefully resisting? I’d love to hear them and share them in an upcoming article. Don’t be shy. Share away! You can email them to

Unrelenting Voter Fraud
One of the best ways I know to gauge how illegitimate the CV-19 “crisis” really is, is to judge by what it forced people to do. Note that because of CV-19, absentee ballots were pushed hugely. Turns out that people like Mark Zuckerberg gave millions to have ballot drop-off boxes placed in Democrat areas nearly every block, while the same thing did not happen for GOP areas.

Absentee ballots are a major problem with this election. Yesterday, in the capitol of Georgia, a Senate subcommittee met on the issue of voter fraud. They had numerous people come into present testimony. One of those was Jovan H. Pulitzer who has created tons of apps that are used throughout the world. He specializes in forensic audits and his testimony at the hearing was remarkable. It literally blew the doors off the belief that there was “no fraud” and Dominion voting machines were “not connected to the Internet.”

After I watched the videos I’m about to link to, I actually called my state governor and asked him respectfully to get off his rear end and do something about the FRAUD.

In this first video, there is testimony from a number of people about the problems they saw while working at polls during the voting of this most recent general election. Around the twenty minute mark, Jovan Pulitzer begins his presentation in which he single-handedly dismantles the attestations that there was no fraud. It is astounding to me!

First, he looks at both absentee ballots – one for Democrat voters and one for GOP voters. He notes the differences between the two with the Democrat ballot having a bar code and all the printed registration marks lined up. Then he shows a GOP ballot, nothing that the bar code is non-existent and the printed registration marks are completely misaligned. This is not an accident. He noted that when the voting machine “sees” the GOP ballot, it will kick it out and it then must be adjudicated manually. This is where “trained” poll workers were taught to shift the vote and it happened many times over.

There were a few (obvious) Dems in the meeting who began to question Pulitzer’s comments but they could not prevail because of his logic. Following this, when he was done speaking, he sat and waited. While waiting, he was in contact apparently with a team of people who were actually successful right then and there (live), in hacking into a Dominion voting machine! These machines are not allowed to be connected to the Internet and the Dominion CEO clearly stated that this cannot happen and threatened people with lawsuits if they said otherwise. Yet, the team that hacked in did so via Wi-Fi and once in, they began communicating with the machine.

Turns out, the machine in question was somewhere in Fulton County Georgia and was at that moment, being used in the Georgia runoff election! After presenting this information, the Senate subcommittee had no choice but to unanimously vote to have the ballots forensically audited by Jovan’s company.

Here are the links:

With all the information that is coming out about voter fraud (and CV-19 misinformation), we need to ask ourselves, do we just pray and leave it with God? No, I believe we need to do what is right and that includes getting on the phone with our elected officials and hold their feet to the fire. They all work for us and many of them have become tyrants and thieves as they either turn a blind eye to the voter fraud or help make it happen.

If Trump actually was on his way to getting 305 electoral votes as attorney Sydney Powell states, that also explains why things were shut down in several swing states at essentially the same time on the night of the election. There is so much fraud, I want people to go to prison for what they have done.

This isn’t even about Donald J. Trump as far as I’m concerned. It’s about our voting process. Once that’s gone, we become a 3rd world Banana Republic. The Left will gain the majority in Congress and do whatever they want to do. All Christians should be willing to stand against that type of corruption.

Each of us could die today. The Rapture might also happen today. However, we don’t know the actual timing for any of that so we must push on standing up for what is right.

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  • 2.  |  January 2, 2021 at 8:59 AM

    Could this possible why we are told in Revelation “come out of her my people?”


    • 3. modres  |  January 2, 2021 at 9:26 AM

      Yes, Christians should always strive to live separated lives, Susan. During the second half of the Tribulation (which hasn’t started yet), it’ll even be more important for believers living them to separate from all influences of the Babylon system.


  • 4. Maranatha Today  |  December 31, 2020 at 3:41 PM

    Have a wonderful New Year. We are overcomers and we will peacefully resist!

    Blessings to you and your wife Modres. Thanks for all your wonderful encouragement and understanding during these times! Maranatha!


    • 5. modres  |  December 31, 2020 at 3:44 PM

      Thank you, Maranatha! Blessings to you and yours as well.



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