Technocracy: Closing Society and Churches Via Invisible Enemies

January 1, 2021 at 12:11 PM 2 comments

Thankful for the folks at Way of Life Literature and their regular “Church Notes” where they highlight important issues of the day. If you are not familiar with them you may want to check them out and even sign up for their free updates. Just click on the link above to go there.

One of the things I mentioned recently is that we Christians need to resist the illegal mandates that are being handed down to us via executive fiat from leaders who are unfortunately, into being tyrannical. It’s not just here in the USA that this is happening, but also in other countries like Canada.

Way of Life points out a pastor in Ontario who has been fined $100,000 and faces up to one year in jail…for keeping his church open during the CV-19 “pandemic.”

Pastor Rock told the Post Millennial, ‘I think our justice system is under the spell of foolishness, but in all honesty whatever the courts decide or not decide, makes very little difference to me. I have a work for God, a mandate for God, and whether the court upholds this ridiculous charge or not, it doesn’t change my convictions’ (“Ontario pastor,” Post Millennial, Dec. 28, 2020).

Pastor Rock appears to be someone who understands the meaning and importance of church and like Dr. John MacArthur, stands against this unprecedented and illegal action of the state to keep Christians from gathering for worship. It would be one thing if everything was closed, but to insist that there are “essential” businesses and services with only those allowed open is absolutely incorrect. As MacArthur has stated, church of all things, is the most essential for today’s world.

Yet, we have pastors and church committees who voluntarily opt to close their doors because of illnesses in various members of their congregation. Did they do that during any previous flu season? Doubtful. But because of the hype surrounding CV-19, too many apparently believe remaining open is too dangerous. This ignores the fact that common sense dictates (and has always dictated!), that people who feel ill or have symptoms of illness would likely remain home.

Of course, with CV-19, we are told that this particular illness is also of the genius variety that has the ability to:

  • keep the carrier completely asymptomatic
  • if symptoms show up they may not show up for 14 days
  • if a person does become ill and gets better, they could immediately be reinfected and become ill again
  • kill people

The first three bullets are absurd. We already know that the idea of asymptomatic carriers is simply not true, but this is what health officials like Fauci are telling us. The idea that someone might be sick but have no symptoms for up to 14 days is also absurd. Is CV-19 a natural illness or was it created in the lab as a biotech weapon? What’s going on? We’ll never know and now, we are being told that the new variant of CV appeared in the UK and is now also in the USA. Since the MSM repeats the narrative constantly on their news programs, people who watch these programs as a steady diet eventually succumb to the fear-propaganda being spewed at them.

Why is all of society all of a sudden so afraid of dying when in point of fact, the overall deaths from 2019 to 2020 are essentially the same? Why are people now so afraid to go out of their homes without their cloth masks, remain six feet away from others, refuse to shake their hand or hug them, and essentially act as though every other living human being is a petri dish of terrible illness waiting to jump from them to others? Why is that?

It is because globalists have an agenda and they are pushing it hard. The MSM is cooperating by helping spread that message of fear. I just learned today that the World Bank is throwing its considerable power and weight behind the “Great Reset” proclaimed by the World Economic Forum (WEC). Why? Because they want the world to become one with no sovereign borders, no need for passports to get from one country to the next, but a health passport that tells officials you’ve had the necessary vaccines that “allow” you to travel.

Anyone who does not believe that the information of Daniel and Revelation is not coming to fruition is seriously blind. A one-world government is literally being built and it is clear that the powerhouses of globalism – the ones who direct the affairs of nations through governments – have truly gained a huge leg up on putting their agenda into place. I imagine when these folks get together, they laugh will glee, constantly high-five one another and offer celebratory toasts for what they have so far accomplished. The fact that there is no let up on any of this and even more coming down the pike, proves that they have taken the bull by the horns and are not interested in relaxing their grip.

So, we have people like the above mentioned Pastor Dr. Aaron Rock, who recognizes the inequities associated with the tyrannical mandates by government agencies in Ontario and refuses to kowtow. He clearly sees the problem and understands that it is far more important to give glory to God than to cave into the whims of evil people.

But the problem is hidden often because the government(s) says they are simply trying to keep people “safe” and that we should allow the inconveniences for the betterment of all of society. Doesn’t that just pull your heartstrings even a bit? Since when are globalists concerned about we peons? Since when have globalists been the promoters of true life and liberty? In fact, they are NOT. The same people who contend they are just trying to keep us safe from death dutifully ignore the fact that their vaccines have killed, made sterile or paralyzed thousands in other countries throughout the world. These same people pull out all the stops to ensure that a woman has the right to murder her unborn baby at any stage up to birth, with some arguing that even after the birth, the child can be allowed to die.

But we are to believe that these people truly want to save lives? That’s dishonest at best, and genocidal at worst. They do not care about us. They believe they were put here on this earth to rule over all people. They see themselves at the top of the pyramid with everyone else at the bottom. Their agents and those useful to them will also share a bit in their glory because they need those “worker bees” to accomplish their goals.

The goal has always been to derail belief in God, to eliminate Christianity though that cannot be done. And it is only Christianity that they are concerned with, which is why (for now), Islam is given minority status protection in places like England. It is also why LGBTQ+ is given the same type of growing protection. People of the same sex relationships cannot naturally have children. They adopt them and in some cases, they use a surrogate mother to birth the child they will take as their own. LGBTQ+ people will eventually fade out of existence because they are unable to procreate naturally. It is because these people cannot have any children that globalists defend their “rights” because they know that ultimately, the population will drop in that group. Globalists also push support for them because that lifestyle is in direct conflict with Scripture and it’s not simply one or two Scriptures either. God does not support that lifestyle and that is clear throughout Scripture, in many places.

In effect, anything that attacks Christianity directly or indirectly is what globalists support. That is patently clear. So it should not be a surprise that when this “pandemic” started, churches were told to close their doors, while big box stores and a few other things were labeled “essential” and allowed to remain open. In places like NYC Islam was unaffected during Ramadan though in spite of the CV-19 “pandemic.”

I read of one area where fast food restaurants were told to close and did so. However, the Walmarts remained open and interestingly enough, though the fast food establishments near Walmart were closed, the fast food establishment inside Walmart was open. How does that work? Where is the logic? Why couldn’t the surrounding fast food places at least have their drive-throughs open? There is little to no logic in a dictatorship.

If you take the time to watch/listen to this video of an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, you’ll find out more of the details. She tells us that what is happening to our planet (Planet Lockdown), is due at least in part to the fact that globalists are trying to create a huge shift in order to do their Great Reset. For decades the US dollar has been the reserve currency. The globalists are attempting to shift away from that, but she says their new system is not ready yet. Fitts says they are trying to “extend the old and accelerate the new and that makes for a very chaotic thing since much of the new is being tested and tried and prototyped and involves many different industries…

Fitts says this new system is what she calls “the end of currencies.” As I’ve mentioned before, this is exactly what Technocracy entails. It is not a currency-based system but a energy credit-based system. The goal is to have zero energy usage so that what a person or company uses they also replace; hence zero energy usage. In the future, the globalists want all of us average Jane and Joes to replace whatever energy we use so that energy will conceivably last forever. This is because globalists do not believe in God the Creator as outlined in Scripture. They believe they can be the captains of their own fate. They also believe that they will find a way for THEM to live forever here on this planet. Because of that, they must ensure that the planet will also live “forever.” To ensure that, they must limit human population and any energy used must be replaced.

These lies they’ve been told by Satan himself is what they are using to build their coming one-world kingdom. Of course, the Bible points out that this particular earth will not last forever and will be destroyed by God Himself when He creates a new one unmarred by sin (2 Peter 3; Revelation 21, etc.). The Bible also tells us that while people will live forever (their spirits), they will do so either with Him (eternity) or without Him (Lake of Fire). In essence everything the globalists believe is based on lies from Satan, whom they call Lucifer and whom they believe to be the true “lightbearer” and one who will overcome the “other god” (God of the Bible). This is why there has always been an attack on Judaism and then Christianity and that hatred will prompt greater attacks on God and those who have salvation because of His redemptive work on the cross, as time moves toward the coming Tribulation.

Fitts asks, “What they are trying to do essentially involves all the money on the planet, so it’s big, it’s messy and it’s complicated. The challenge they have is how do you market a system that if people understood, nobody would want?

And of course, the way you do that is with the healthcare crisis. Because the question is if a few people want to control the many, how do you herd the sheep into the slaughterhouse without them realizing and resisting? So the perfect thing is invisible enemies. So we had the war on terrorism…invisible terrorism…and now a virus that’s perfect because it’s invisible. You can’t prove that it doesn’t exist because it’s invisible…”

Fitts goes onto say that invisible enemies are always the preferred ones particularly if they scare people because if you use fear people will cower and want to be protected from that invisible enemy. Think about how this is working out in society right now. The invisible enemy called CV-19 (and the apparent more contagious new variant), is a constant reminder that death is just outside every door. If we are not careful, death will find its way inside and kill us. This has pitted people against people in vicious attacks, either physically or verbally, or both.

The tragedy of this as it plays out on Christians alone is truly unfortunate. My wife and I love our life together. We love our children and our grandson and our two other grandchildren on the way. We enjoy spending time with them and not one of us worries about CV-19. We all know that death is never that far away. While driving to one of our children’s homes, we could be involved in a fatal car accident. We could have an accident at home that could take our lives.

I just heard from my dermatologist that the spot on my back is indeed melanoma. But he said that he was able to give me the best possible bad news ever – that it is at stage 0 meaning the cancer cells are still simply on top of the skin. I go in a few weeks from now to have more of it excised surgically so that it will all be gone. He’s confident that I’m in no danger. But it could’ve easily been much worse. A friend of ours died from cancer that started as a melanoma on his neck. He waited too long to have it dealt with and by the time he went in, the cancer was already in his lymph nodes. He died months later.

But society is now so preoccupied with CV-19 that we are not collectively concerned about anything else, yet there are tons of ways that people die. I’d like to remind everyone that over 155,000 people die every day throughout the world. That happens DAILY and no one is concerned about deaths from car accidents, cancers, stabbings, old age, or anything else. All we care about is how many “cases” of CV we have in the world on any given day.

Folks, we need more pastors and people like Dr. Aaron Rock and John MacArthur. These people are being forced to close their churches and face huge fines and jail sentences if they don’t. Yet, here in places where there are no general lockdowns, some close church if a few families get sick in the congregation. Instead of reminding them that they should stay home, church is closed. This is ridiculous.

Our testimony needs to ring out as a clarion call that Christians and Christianity will not be silenced. We will not go quietly to our homes and offices and worship God privately, through a Zoom meeting. Our public worship is a testimony to a lost and dying world and those who decide that for “safety’s sake,” the church should close even temporarily do a tremendous disservice to God and that church’s testimony to the world.

More pastors need to be willing to go to jail by defying unconstitutional orders to close churches down. Those who do not are, in my opinion, not being faithful to our calling in Christ. Satan is building his kingdom right now and too many within Christendom are aiding and abetting that build. It is unconscionable and, I believe sinful as well.

While it is important to take precautions during any season of illness, it seems we are too quick to ask “How high?” when the state orders us to “Jump!”

Brothers and sisters, that should not be. We have a much higher calling. Folks, if you are not looking up now, please start.

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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  January 1, 2021 at 3:36 PM

    Happy New Year!

    “I just heard from my dermatologist that the spot on my back is indeed melanoma. But he said that he was able to give me the best possible bad news ever – that it is at stage 0 meaning the cancer cells are still simply on top of the skin. I go in a few weeks from now to have more of it excised surgically so that it will all be gone. He’s confident that I’m in no danger.”

    Amen! Total healing in Jesus’ name!

    “Our testimony needs to ring out as a clarion call that Christians and Christianity will not be silenced. We will not go quietly to our homes and offices and worship God privately, through a Zoom meeting. Our public worship is a testimony to a lost and dying world and those who decide that for “safety’s sake,” the church should close even temporarily do a tremendous disservice to God and that church’s testimony to the world.”

    Amen!!! Blessings and Maranatha



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