Racially Motivated Hate Crime Flies Under the Radar

September 24, 2010 at 3:52 PM

Just read today that back on the 25th of May, in Seattle, Washington, sixteen-year-old Shane McClellan was walking from a friend’s home when he was accosted by two men, one black and one Asian.  Initially, they asked Shane for a light, but then they became violent.  From there, they forced him up the stairs that led to a dead end area where they not only held him against his will for several hours, but beat him with his own belt, pushed lit cigarettes into his skin, and called out racial epithets while doing it.

Where is Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton?  Where is the general outrage?  The suspects yelled things like “the white man has kept us down’ and ‘this is for enslaving our people.” [1]

Why haven’t I ever seen this story on the news?  I can only imagine what the outcry would be if the tables were turned and the victim was black, with the perpetrators white.  We all know what that would look like in the news and how often we would see a replay of some journalist asking an insipid question to the victim like, “How did that make you feel when they beat you and used racial epithets?

Again, I have to wonder why there is no moral outrage.  I did some checking and found that one of the alleged assailants had previously been arrested for carrying a concealed gun without a permit.  What happened?  Nothing.  His sentence was deferred.

I read the other day that police officers really cannot protect people from crime.  In essence, their presence is supposed to curtail crime, but since there are fewer police officers than necessary, they cannot be everywhere at once.  Because of that, police often wind up coming to a crime scene after a crime has occurred.  They are there to clean up and assess and hopefully, gain enough information to catch the person(s) who did it.

You cannot walk blindly through this world thinking nothing will happen to you.  My wife and I have had talks like this often.  She travels and I want her to be safe.  Besides praying for her safety, we have talked about how she could be more safe in the way she walks, how observant she is toward her surroundings, and by carrying a hand-held legal weapon that can damage someone in case something does happen.

When I first started dating my wife about 25 years ago, I noticed that she rarely locked her car doors.  I helped her recognize that it was important to do so.  Then I noticed that after she got into the car, even though she had gotten in the habit of locking her doors, it was the last thing she did before putting the car in gear.  We worked on that so that she now locks the door as soon as she is in the car.

I do not understand why people miss the obvious, but in my wife’s case, she had grown up in the town where I met her and even though I could see that things were not safe, this was the same town that she had ridden her bicycle all over when she was younger.  It is difficult to see how things change when you are in it.

In the case of Shane McClellan, I’m not sure if being more observant would have helped him or not.  The article states that when he first saw the perpetrators, they were at the top of the stairs.  They got his attention by calling out to him for a light.  Obviously, most people would stop.  In just a few seconds, they were down the stairs and had placed themselves right near Shane.  He tried to push away from them, but was immediately punched.  They then herded him up the stairs where he was beaten for two hours.

When I walk wherever, I am observant.  I am constantly taking in my surroundings.  One time, my wife and I were coming out of a restaurant at night.  I immediately began looking around and noticed a dissheveled man walking between cars in our direction.  I guided my wife away from the man, who started calling out about wanting some money.  I kept walking, and informed the man that we did not have any cash to give him.

We arrived at the car and got in quickly, locking our doors behind him.  As we drove out, the man turned toward us and showed us how old he was with his middle finger.  The reality is that this guy could have had a weapon and wanted to inflict damage.

What can you do when someone wants to commit a crime and in Shane’s case, the crime was motivated purely by racial hatred.  The stupidity of the comments that Shane had to put up with is that neither the perpetrators or Shane himself was around on this planet when slaves were owned by white farmers on plantations.  As far as “whitey” holding anyone down, people act as if as a white person, I am related to every other white person.

There are plenty of jobs I did not get because I am white.  There are plenty of scholarships my daughter did not receive for college because she is white.  There are so many opportunities out there for people of color that it borders on ridiculous and barely any for white men.

If a white police officer (or simply a white man) does something terrible to a person of color, all hell will break lose.  Jackson and Sharpton en masse with all their brainless followers will swoop down and grab as much media attention as possible while they harp on the tragedies that continually befall people of color.  Yes, there is racism in today’s world, but it is not all coming from whites.  Racism is a two-way street and it is incorrect to say that it is fine (or at least understandable) for people of color to commit racially motivated crimes against whites because it is “payback.”

Crime is crime.  It is all wrong.  The idea that there needs to be some measure of payback because some individuals are unwilling or unable to see that they are responsible for their own lives is unconscionable.  It is morally wrong.

I do not ever recall seeing Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton at an event in which a white person had been abused or mistreated.  I DO recall living in New York state during the Tawana Brawley debacle.  With her lies, she accused white officers of abusing her and writing racial epithets on her stomach and other parts of her body.  Her story fell apart, yet that did not stop Al Sharpton from making a name for himself.  To this day, in spite of the allegations and charges he directed at white police officers, he has yet to apologize.  I stopped holding my breath long ago.

The world is being guided and directed toward a cataclysmic explosion of humanity.  I doubt seriously that it will be all that long before we see a complete crash of much of the world’s economy, civil rioting leading to anarchy and race wars.  But it seems as though this is what our “leaders” want because only when something like that happens can a new world order rise from the flames and rubble.

The idea that people actually believe that racially-motivated crime is permissible under certain circumstances is a joke.  No crime is permissible in a democratic society.  It is only “allowed” in an anarchy, when everyone needs to fend for himself.

The day Shane McClellan was beaten and bloodied, he had to fend for himself.  Two goons beating up on a sixteen year-old boy.  What bravery.  What astonishing judgment.  This is the problem with criminals.  No matter how smart they think they are, they simply show continually how they lack the brain power to sufficiently deal with the ramifications of their own crimes.  They think, so they are.

With people like this walking the streets, it should be a reminder to us that we can never be vigilant enough.  I’m certainly not saying that we need to go around thinking that every person may be out to get us.  That’s nothing more than paranoia.  What I am saying is that we need to keep our eyes open, be aware of our surroundings, and take every measure to ensure our safety when we are out in public.  There are too many things that can happen if we are not careful.  God will protect His own, but he expects us to live accordingly.

Shane McClellan was beaten unmercifully because of the color of his skin.  Given the fact that two racists attacked him, he was powerless to defend himself because of their height and weight against his.  This never made the news in my area and I doubt it made the news in your area, unless you live in or around Seattle.   The question is why not?  Why did the media decide that it was not important enough to cover and broadcoast a piece of news about racially motivated crime?  It obviously has to do with the fact that the victim was white, not black.   There is no other reason.

I don’t want to be a victim, do you?  I certainly do not want to be one solely because of the color of my skin.  If I was victimized because of my skin color, it would probably not make the news.  You would never hear about it.  It is tragic that the media decides what I need to hear and whether some story is important to share with the world.

Since this did not fit their prescribed news slant, it was not worthy of coverage.  Had it been Joe Nameless minority victimized by a white person, you can bet we would still be hearing about it on the news months after it happened. 

[1] http://www.seattlepi.com/local/427133_crime22.html?source=mypi

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