Population Explosion and Its Effects

September 17, 2010 at 4:25 PM

I was watching a Nat Geo special last night on called Aftermath: Population Overload.  Interesting, but it went very much like a horror movie.  Overnight the population goes from whatever it is now to 14 billion people worldwide.  The show explained in graphic terms and enactments what might happen to the earth and the people on it.

As the population surged to 14 billion, the water on the earth was stretched as far as it could go and eventually dried up in spots.  Cities, towns, and countries tried to make due by taking salt water from the sea and removing the salt so that humans could consume it. 

One of the more interesting things is that everything is connected, possibly something we do not give much thought to these days.  As the population grows, the burden on food, water, and other resources takes its toll.  As water starts to run out, so does food.  Because of the lack of food, authorities are left trying to figure out how to feed everyone.  Water is rationed to TWO gallons per day, and even farmers have to cut back.

The strain on everything includes electricity, with increased demands putting additional pressure on existing (and old) grids.  They begin to give out.  In order to relieve this, local and state governments are forced to go back to coal because it is the easiest and quickest to get up and running.  Though nuclear power is planned, it takes 10 years to put one on line.  The world cannot wait ten years, so coal is used.  Even with coal-burning plants, the nationwide electrical grids are pushed to the limit and because of that, rolling blackouts are common.  However, these blackouts last from midnight, until sun up every day.

Of course, with the burning of coal, the air becomes putrified.  It’s not just coal though.  It is the additional load of automobiles on the road, creating virtual traffic gridlock everywhere.  The exhaust fumes and particulants pollute the air, helping to turn it to a hazy yellow.  People need to start wearing masks and health goes downhill fast. 

Imagine that there are many more homeless people because there is not enough employment to keep everyone working.  Because of this, people will become extremely desperate and will start breaking into people’s homes to take what they need.  If you have no way of defending yourself against these marauding people, they will be able to take whatever they want or need.  What’s to stop them from taking your home as well?

Tragically, futuristic-type “history” specials like this paint a very bleak picture.  However, in my mind, it is not that far off from what it may in reality, become.  We know that in order for Antichrist to appear, his entrance must be on the heels of something terrible.  He must enter as a savior to the world.  Not only that, but he must be able to enter with solutions to problems.

I have been studying satanic ritual abuse (yes, the same SRA that was attacked by “Christian” writers in the 70s and 80s as being non-existent) and what I have learned is that SRA is not only here, but it is here with a vengeance.  In one book, I noted that one of the ways of ensnaring children, turning them to dark side, as it were, is through a series of torturous situations in which they are ultimately saved by “Satan.”

For instance, without going into detail, a child (or two children tied together) might be left in a room and some unimaginable things begin to happen to them.  While these things are happening, they hear a voice that says to pray to Jesus and maybe He will come and save them.  They call out to Jesus and a man who looks as we might expect Jesus to look enters the room.  They cry out for Him to help.  All He does is laugh at them, spit on them, and slap them around.  He then leaves, laughing defiantly all the while.

Then the same voice tells the children to call out to Satan and maybe he will help them.  They do, and a man who looks like Satan (no, not with a red outfit on, horns and a tail), enters and immediately shows concern for the children.  He releases them from their bonds, takes care of what was troubling them, and them actually holds them in his arms and comforts them.  The young, impressionable children then learn to become attached to Satan in this way.  This process also causes their personality to “split” so that there is nothing but raw, undefined personality.  At this point, the handlers can create within those children any personality they wish to create.

Do you see how the children react when Satan enters?  He comforts, soothes, and saves, unlike Jesus who came, laughed, spit, and slapped.  In today’s world, there are many naysayers, those who argue that Jesus is never coming back.  They faill to realize of course that the longer God waits, the more opportunity He is providing for people to become saved.  His patience is for a purpose.

But then there will be catastrophe and out of the rubble, dust and ashes, Antichrist will stand tall, soothing the world, offering his solutions.  Because he comes with miraculous deceptions, the people will be even more ready and willing to accept him as the world’s savior.

I firmly believe from everything I have read and studied in the Bible, as well as those books written by others who believe themselves to be watchmen on the walls, this world is headed for a huge crash.  It will certainly be economic, but that will merely lead to civil uprisings, that will be dealt with through military intervention.

People will appear to have gone crazy.  The idea of not having enough food or water drives people to do things that they would not normally do.  This craziness will simply create more of its kind and soon, anarchy will be the law of the day.  It may well be that no amount of military intervention will help stem the tide.

Just when things look as though they cannot get any worse, like Mighty Mouse, Antichrist is here to save the world!  For those who do not really believe we are heading into severe rough waters, they should think again.  The Bible indicates in numerous places that things will go crazy, including the environment and weather. 

I read not long ago that because of the lateness of the season, farmers cannot plant corn even though the rains started.  There would not have been enough time to allow the corn to grow to harvest due to natural weather and season cycles.  This will obviously have an effect not only on food consumption for humans, but for cattle as well.  Everything is intricately intertwined.

I have also read that the Illuminati is looking for a way to lower the population of the earth to a manageable 500 million.  How are they going to do this, since they don’t control the weather, etc.?  There are many ways they can control this without touching the weather.  They can control the economy and everything connected to that.

In some ways, these types of shows on TV seem to serve their purpose of getting people really riled up.  They begin to ask “What can we do?!”  Once they start asking these questions, then politicians and leaders come along with solutions like “euthanasia” as an option, for instance.  Abortion has always been highly valued by the Illuminati because it’s the perfect way to give people the way to control their own population growth.

Once the bottom falls out of everything, chaos will ensue.  When chaos happens, anarchy will result and death will become rampant.  As far as the Illuminati are concerned, this is the only way.  They cannot simply go around killing millions of people.  That would not be prudent, or secret.  During wartime, Hitler got away with killing millions of Jews.  Other ethnic groups also suffered greatly.  This happens during wartime because it is war.

When the next huge shift occurs, and chaos leading to anarchy is the result, think about the fact that much of this planet may go off the grid.  Communications will be down, as will electricity.  Satellites may not work and most cell phones and other forms of communication will also be out of commission.  During that time, there will be no on-the-spot reporter covering the murders of multitudes of people.  It will essentially be done in secret for however many days or weeks it will continue until the Antichrist chooses to rise and reveal himself to the world as savior.

Slowly, communication will be established, TV will go back on line along with possibly the Internet.  Once these things are back in working order, people will see the results and aftermath of the anarchy that took over the world for a time.  In spite of the fact that all of it was caused and controlled by forces more powerful than we truly realize, people will be so grateful that someone has come on the scene who has the ability, wherewithal, intelligence, and stamina to right the wrongs, to bring the world back from near death.

Watching the Nat Geo special simply prodded me into realizing how real the coming cataclysm is going to be for the entire world.  Those who cause it will be safely tucked away in their underground bunkers enjoying the best of what life has to offer underground.  On top of the ground, the mayhem and destruction will go on for what seems like an eternity, and then will “miraculously” slow to a stop.

Future chaos is coming and we honestly do not know how far in front of the Tribulation it will occur.  I personally believe that this future devastation will make 9/11 look like a child’s erector set falling to the ground.  Imagine a 9/11 in every major city across the U.S., or the world. 

We also have no clue when the Rapture will occur before the Tribulation either.  Those who prefer to react like a naysayer to this particular blog do themselves no favor.  It’s kind of like the 10 virgins, five of whom had oil in their lamps and five who did not.  Forgive me for taking that out of context.  I’m simply using it as an example of two sets of people; the one group prepared and ready, and the other group not.  I do realize that we the parable of the virgins refers to things spiritual, but again, this coming situation makes me think of it.

I would suggest that if you have done nothing to prepare for what’s coming, you may wish to do so.  Stock up on extra food.  Buy as many bottles of water as you can.  Secure your home.  Buy candles and matches, and maybe even opt to purchase some items that simply rely on the sun for electricity.  Get some campting gear and stock up on those propane bottles.

You may even want to gather some items for self-defense.  It couldn’t hurt.  You are allowed to protect yourself and your family from the criminal element.  Those who don’t will have to answer “why” they did not.

What is coming is not pretty.  It’s what’s coming way after the upcoming chaos that is beautiful; the physical return of Jesus Christ, who will establish His kingdom.  That’s likely a ways off yet (at least seven years), so in the meantime, I do not believe I’m wrong when I say that I believe He wants us to take measures and precautions.  It’s up to you of course.

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