Inside Islam – a True Story, Part 1

February 25, 2011 at 8:21 AM

The following story is true and is shared here in multiple parts.  The names of individuals have been changed to protect their identity.  This is also a chapter in my next book that will be released, tentatively titled Evil Rising.  Not only is the world of Islam placed under the microscope, but other areas of Satan’s kingdom are explained as well.  This particular story that you are going to read takes place in New Zealand, within the past few years.

What Islamic leaders want the world to believe is that they are peaceful people, who simply want to live in peace, worshiping as they wish to worship.  Is this true.  From the story, you will learn of Baseema’s experience within the Muslim community she adopted for two years.  The reasons why she became part of that community will become obvious as you read her story.

In spite of the truth of her words, and the experiences of many others throughout the world, too many leaders and politicians in many countries, including America, seem to lack the fortitude necessary to stop Islam in its tracks.  Too afraid to be seen as politically incorrect, which may well cost them their seat in Congress, they prefer to accept the public face of Islam, refusing to acknowledge that Islam does present problems for the entire world if left unchecked.

For Baseema, it is very clear that the problem of Islam is real.  It is a growing threat to the freedoms of the Western society.  It is a threat that the world should either deal with now, or be forced to deal with it later.

Some of Baseema’s claims may appear difficult to accept because of the public face of many within Islam.  However, verification is not difficult because of the tremendous amount of history that has been written about Islam and its founder, Muhammad.

This is the story of one woman’s infiltration of Islam, essentially undercover; not all that hard to do for a woman who is willing to wear a burka.  Obviously, though we refer to her as “Baseema” throughout, her actual name has not been used, and some of the other details of her life are hidden or changed in order to protect her identity.  What she shares is true and should wake us up, if not fully frighten us.

While we are busy hearing one thing from the government and Muslim groups like CAIR and ACORN, and still another thing from the media, it would appear that this particular individual spent a few years living the life of a dedicated Muslim woman within the Islamic community in which the story was altogether different for her from the one that is normally presented to the world about Islam.  Is this merely a coincidence, or is what we are being fed the lie?

I took the time to ask her some pertinent questions about how she became involved with Islam and what it was like to be part of that community.

Baseema’s story begins in her own area of employment in her native New Zealand.  She noticed that since she had become part of a type of crowd control work force, many Muslim men had also applied for and received positions in that same line of work.

Watching these Muslims work, it became easy to understand why they chose to enter the realm of public security as their preferred employment.  There were often comments from non-Muslims regarding the work ethic, or lack thereof of these Muslims.

They were thuggish control freaks, and the more we got to know them, the more we realized that the oft-presented “softened” public face of Islam was a lie.  The realization that, in general, they didn’t seem to be as intelligent as the average non-Muslim piqued my curiosity.  It seemed impossible to have an intelligent conversation with more than a couple of them.

I had overheard some pretty alarming conversations between them about groups of jihadists etc., when a job opening came up in a Muslim company.  It was pretty amazing the way the timing fell into place.  I applied for and took the job.  After a short time, I realized they were very close-mouthed in front of us – the infidels – and they were also very abusive, so I attempted an experiment at a Muslim shopping center.  I wrapped a scarf around my head and draped baggy clothes on and discovered a whole different world.  They were completely different.  They spoke freely in front of me.  I discussed this with a friend in the police force and he suggested sharing it with a member of the federal police.  I was asked then if I’d be willing to pass on any information I gathered.  Agreeing, I moved into a house owned by Muslims in a Muslim community a long way from where I lived, began wearing the hijab[1] and put out that I was a new convert looking for friends.

For Baseema, essentially dropping out like that caused a number of hardships.  “I did lose a dear friend, who never understood why I suddenly disappeared, and I couldn’t discuss with her what I was doing because it was too risky.  That was sad, but I did think she would forgive me and was surprised when she didn’t.  My Christian faith remained completely untouched.  God was with me everywhere I went, and I believe He kept me safe.”

Living in that world certainly has its risks, as it did for Baseema.  The interesting thing though is that for those who appear to be genuinely interested in learning more about Islam and even possibly converting to that ideology, doors will to open.

The Muslim community in general is always excited to have converts.  I was very convincing and struck up several very close friendships with people in the community.  They were more than happy to involve me in their ‘religion’ and help me along the way.”

Spending time within her new Muslim community provided the opportunity to see what Muslim men, women, and families are like in reality.  What might be hidden from public view comes into full view behind closed doors.

The public face of Islam is totally different to the private reality.  I was already amongst them when the [World Trade] towers were hit and even though I’m pretty jaded by the world and its machinations, I found myself shocked by their behavior.  In public, they sympathized and made moving speeches about the tragedy etc.  In private they celebrated every time the death toll went up.  They channel a great deal of money into their mosques, and the two mosques close to where I was were two of the very pro-terrorist ones.”

All of this then leads to a question about how to receive Muslims.  Do we receive their public face, or do we acknowledge that behind closed doors, they hate anyone who is not one of them?  This certainly does not mean that we attack them – either verbally or physically.  It does mean that we may need to constantly be on our guard because of the duplicity that may exist within their community.

When asked how we should approach Muslims, or react to them, Baseema stated, “I would say to people, open your eyes. These people who are so friendly and nice, down at the local supermarket and fruit shops, fully intend to make Dhimmis[2] of you.  The mission of Islam is to rule the world under a sharia society of  government.  It has nothing to do with whether they like you or not.  Muslims are ruled completely by their religion.[3] The needs and wants of the average person are completely swallowed up by the edicts of the religion itself.  It doesn’t matter what they say to you, or how personable they are, or even how fair and intelligent some of them may seem.  They will all bow under the plan of Mohammed, which is in actuality the plan of Satan.  They will tell you Allah is the same as the God of the Christian Bible.  This is a lie.”

Yet at the same time, it is very difficult to get other people to believe that this is what Islam is and what Muslims believe.  In dealing with Muslims, many of them may seem perfectly fine and amendable to different ideas.  The truth though is that an orthodox Muslim cannot side with anyone outside of Islam.  Though they purport to want to worship with people of all faiths, that is impossible for them, because they ultimately see Islam as being victorious over all faiths.

Regarding important people within Islam and Baseema’s ability to have met some of them, it is clear from her own words that she was not able to ever meet someone who would have been truly important within Islam.  “I was not able to get close to ‘important’ people within the movement.  Nobody does.  This is why they keep the cells completely separate, so there is no link.  It’s all ‘through someone, who is through someone else.’  It is such a tangled web of connections that it takes many operatives with far greater resources than mine to break in.  But, having said that, it is the information from people like me that gets those people in the door.”

Yet in many cases, it is not necessary to actually meet any higher-ups within Islam.  Baseema shares with us the tone and tenor of meetings in which many Muslims interfaced.  That tone obviously comes from the top down.

I was in many meetings and rallies where the imams laughed about how stupid the general public is, and that it will be easy to take over the infidels because they are so concerned with political correctness that they are paving the way for their own defeat with pretty manners.

The plan is to avoid the use of nuclear war if possible because they want the world for themselves.  They say they have patience and they can wait to breed us out.  The instructions given out at all the mosques and dersanes (preparatory educational course – usually having a large female contingent) is to have as many children as possible.

The Muslim community all supports each other like a hive.  They are able to breed these large families because they exist on the welfare systems of the countries they are in and are also supported by the more affluent members of the Muslim community.  I personally knew of many families of 4 to 6 children all living on welfare.  The father usually sustains some kind of work injury, so in a lot of cases both parents are home.  They are the large breeding families, and are often supported by others.”

So we learn that a), Muslims do not want to use nuclear bombs to destroy because they will be doing themselves more harm than good, and b) outbreeding the rest of the world is already at work in places like The Netherlands.  They mean to outnumber the rest of the world one way or another.

Getting down to the roots of the matter, it is important to understand just what exactly motivates Muslims.  What are their core beliefs where Islam is concerned?

Islam is an ideology.  The religious aspect is the bones of it, holding up the body of government.  It is a very cruel, harsh and frightening ideology with very little of what we would call justice.  It is based on the hard Bedouin code of existence, which is brutal and completely at odds with western society and utterly alien to Christianity.

Mohammed was an egomaniac who married a much older woman who was comfortable financially.  When she died, he used that money to support his lifestyle.  The details of his many wives is sickening, right down to the marriage of a six-year-old girl who, the Muslims will proudly tell you he didn’t have sex with until she was nine.  He did.  It’s a lie.

Mohammed practiced “thighing”[4] with her as well as sodomizing her and molesting her from when she was six.  The head of the Muslim religion and ideology was a pedophile.  Pedophilia is practiced as the norm among Muslims, with small boys as they aren’t allowed to touch the girls unless they can manage to get them as wives.  This will all be allowable under a sharia law system.”

The world seems to want to ignore this and the most fascinating thing is how many within the political system of the United States and elsewhere seems so eager to want to embrace Muslims and the Islamic community in general.

They seem to believe that things like “thighing” and other sexual practices on children are not the norm and certainly, no good Muslim would ever practice them.  The truth though is that it seems equally as clear that Western society has little to no clue about the true inner workings of Islam.

It would appear that children are extremely important to Islam.  We noted that the more children born into Islam, the greater the Islamic population becomes.  Breeding them is extremely important.  If what we know about Muhammad to be true – his propensity to enjoy young girls for sexual purposes – then this is the other reason children are important to Islam.

Commenting on this, Baseema states, “As I explained earlier, I have heard the imams preaching that Muslims should have many children to slowly breed us out.  Children are a means to an end in Islam.  They are disposable, for the purposes of spreading the ideology like a cancer, for using as bombs – particularly the retarded or deformed ones.  That is another issue.

Many of the children are born with congenital defects due to inter-marrying, which they do to keep the family wealth close, and also so there aren’t too many family dramas, which are a tendency among Muslims.  They are a very aggressive and irrational group.  Honor killings aren’t thought of as such a shocking thing amongst them because of the disposability of children.  Muslims, if you pay attention are also doing their level best to worm their way into local, state and federal government positions.  This is becoming relatively easy now because the voting population is growing large enough to outvote the infidel, which is anyone who is not Muslim.”

Baseema continues with a warning filled with foreboding.  “Westerners, in general, have lulled themselves into a false sense of their own security.  Their political correctness will bring them undone.  In the anxious and earnest drive to be seen as ‘civilized,’ the western world is signing its own death warrant.”

The real tragedy should be obvious, if what Baseema tells us is true and there is certainly little to no reason to doubt it, based on the position of numerous Islamic countries such as Iran, as well as the multitude of protests against Western society involving Muslims from all over the world.

End of Part One. Stay tuned for the second installment soon.

[1] The hijab is the traditional head covering that while covering the head, leaves the face uncovered.

[2] placing the male member between the thighs of a child

[3] Dhimmis are Christians and Jews (and others) who do not embrace Islam, yet live under its rule.  They in essence, become slaves to Muslims.

[4] Islam, in the opinion of this author, is best seen as an ideology, which incorporates a religious mindset, but not solely a religion.

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