Inside Islam, Part 2

February 26, 2011 at 2:58 PM

We continue with this second installment of life within the Islamic community, with Baseema.

When asked about the cultural outfit or dress of the women in Islamic communities and countries, Baseema is equally straightforward.  “The burka was instigated by the Bedouin because of the average male’s propensity in that part of the world to breed with anything that moved.  It began as a way to stop other men from attempting to breed with each other’s property.  That was centuries ago.  It isn’t much different today.

When the hijab (scarf) was outlawed in Turkish public and government buildings, many Turks moved out.  The women I knew explained that it was their choice to wear it, which it is, but it’s not really for any religious reason.  It’s more of an indication to the men that ‘this is not a target, go rut somewhere else.’

The more a woman is covered, the less chance that she will be used.  In a sharia society, it is a safeguard, although not a very good one as scapegoats are always found.  I felt safe inside the hijab and abbayah[1] because the men left me alone the moment it was on.  That explains the terrible rapes carried out on western women by Muslims.  They really, really do not think they are doing anything wrong as to them western women are nothing more than ‘prostitutes’.”

So much for the concept that Muslim men honor their women and it is for that reason alone that they want them covered.  In truth, it seems that while it can be argued that a distorted sense of honor is part of it, the real reason for wanting their women covered is solely to keep other men away.

When asked what the reasons were for eventually leaving the Islamic community in which she had made her home for two years, she replied, “I left after two years because I had gained as much information as I felt I could at the time.

I gathered information about black-market firearms and cells.  I also gathered information about general crime such as a car theft ring that operated between two cities and a large stolen goods ring.  I gathered a lot of the general information I have shared here, as well as many names and contact places.

The guns I witnessed and the people who were bringing them in were mostly from Sydney in NSW, so there is some smuggling coming in from there.  There is a very large black market industry run by the Lebanese and Syrians up there.  It is all tied up with the car thefts.  The cars are stolen from Sydney and driven down to Melbourne, some of them with weapons inside, where they are hidden in the yards and garages of houses in the Muslim communities north of Melbourne.  The guns are hidden inside the door trims and behind the radios and stereos in the cars. I have seen the guns pulled out from inside the dashes and consoles of the cars as well.

There are a few Muslims who are ‘panel beaters’[2] and car detailers who spray paint the cars and swap engines over.  The house I stayed in actually had one of these men living there, and we had a lot of cars coming through.

To say much more about this would not be good.  There are many Muslims in their communities who actually spend their time scanning papers and magazines and books purely with a view to finding any anti-Muslim sentiments.  This is often how they will pick up on obscure documents and start their screaming attacks.  It is usually the unemployed or those on pensions.  They also have a few staff in their mosques that are given the task of seeking out discriminatory comments so they can all cry ‘hard done by.’[3] They are a truly, evil, insidious creeping disease.

This author has reported at least one incident at of a Muslim woman protesting her treatment by an Australian police officer.  Fortunately for the officer, the entire incident was captured on his dash camera.  Because of that, the officer was exonerated after the woman chose to bring her case to the public through the media.  What she failed to realize was that her actions, demeanor, and accusations to the officer were all video-taped as it happened, prompting her to declare that she was not the person on the video and that someone else had made the claim, acting as if they were her.

The stupidity of this argument is seen for what it is, but had the incident not been recorded on the officer’s dash cam, it is safe to say that it would have been her word against his.  In that case, the entire Islam world of Australia would have been up in arms until “justice” had been accomplished.  Of course, it would have been Islamic justice, born of lies and hatred.  That would not matter though, because it would have furthered Islam’s cause of being seen as discriminated against by the world at large.

Regarding the information that Baseema was able to learn during her two-year stint inside her Islamic community, it is clear that because of the danger involved, she has had to take steps to protect herself and her loved ones since she left that community.

I have had no indication that any information about my activities in the Muslim community was known to them.  I have changed my identity and location, and the federal police members I dealt with made sure I didn’t feel I had been compromised.  I was asked some time ago if I would be prepared to go back in.  At the time I said no, but I have left that option open.”

What always comes up in any discussion of Islam is the idea perpetrated by Muslims that Islam is a religion of peace.  Baseema provided us with her insights into that as well.

The attitude of the average politician is, as the Muslims predicted, ignorant.  Many of those in government don’t really want to know because that would mean taking action, which also might mean looking racist or discriminatory.

The current political climate is a ‘do nothing and try to look as good as possible’ whilst doing that ‘nothing.’  The attitude of those in this part of the world in general is ‘she’ll be right mate’ or ‘it’s none of our business, don’t get involved.’

To many Muslims, Islam is an ideology or religion of peace, because they believe that once the world is ruled by Islam, it will be peaceful.  Their version of peace is, sadly, the western version of a horror story.  It will involve all aspects of sharia law and terror for the average person.  Death or subjugation for the majority of western women and an almost slave-like status for the men would be the norm.”

It would seem then that too many politicians and leaders are simply hoping that Islam will go away or at least stay on their side of the fence.  If Islam has anything to do with it, that will not happen.  It is not an option for radical Muslims.

This may also be part of the problem for Western society.  We generally break Muslims into two separate groups and this author has done that as well.  However, according to a growing body of evidence, this may in fact, merely be cosmetic.  In order to be a solid Muslim, the Islamic code must be believed and enforced.

There are times when Muslims are allowed to play along in order to pretend that they are willing followers of ideals outside of Islam, in spite of the fact that many of those ideas knock heads with the Islamic code.  Baseema says as much when she notes, “There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.  They just like to make you think they are.”

Should we listen to someone who spent two years within the Islamic community, or should we listen to those who are the public face of Islam?  The question seems moot; the answer, obvious.

With respect to the Ground Zero mosque that proponents want built-in the shadow of the WTC, we asked Baseema how she believes that endeavor would be seen by Muslims throughout the world if it is ever built.  Would they see it as a victory?

Yes.  It will be seen as the western world capitulating completely.  It will also step up the efforts of groups like CAIR.  It will be the proverbial foot in the door.”

Along these lines, we also posed the question concerning the way in which Muhammad pronounced victory in an area he had conquered.  If history is any indication, it is clear that when he conquered a people from neighboring villages or communities, the first thing he did was to destroy churches and synagogues and rebuild in their place, mosques for Islamic worshippers.  Is this truly the way Muhammad did things or is that simply an inaccurate way of Westerners looking at a situation?

It is believed that this is correct.  If the world falls under a sharia society there will be no more churches or synagogues.  None.  There will be no Christians either, or Jews.  The few that are left will have to go underground.”

The future does not look good if people continue to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to what is happening in the world today.  Islam is most certainly on the rise throughout the world.  They have in fact, become emboldened by their gains and that is pushing them onward.

It does not help at all that too many politicians are more blind than most, because of a sense of political correctness.  Whether or not Islam can be pushed back is certainly a question that deserves an answer and there are a number of groups attempting to do just that.

However, should these and all other efforts fail, people need to know what they will be up against.  Imagine a world in which sharia is the law.  It would force the world back to a day when Muhammad lived, when Bedouin tribes fought for control, when life meant little to nothing and there was great honor in fighting to the death for Allah.

What has changed from then to now is merely the modern technology associated with today’s weaponry, as we have seen.  It is far easier to kill thousands of people in one shot today, than it was in the past.

People who are willing to unflinchingly look to the future to see what will become of civilization should Islam gain the upper hand are the same individuals who know that going underground will be the best way to survive.  Those who refuse to acknowledge the true portent of Islam’s increasing invasion and permeation throughout the world will be overtaken by it, without sympathy.

We will complete this with our next post.  The contents printed here will appear in our next book, Evil Rising and should be available within the next month.

[1] The abbayah is the traditional robe worn by women in Islamic countries.

[2] A slang term referring to auto bodywork repair person

[3] To feel treated unjustly/unfairly

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