Why Do Democrats and Liberals Lack Creative Substance?

February 23, 2011 at 10:43 PM

This is going to be short(ish) because I’ve been wanting to ask this question for some time and I read an article in the local news about the way legislators are attacking the budget problem for California.  It reminded me about my question.

I noticed that the Democrats essentially went immediately to the idea of raising taxes.  One Dem was quoted as saying that 7 to 8 billion dollars could be raised in the next year with new taxes.  Republicans prefer to go after waste and overspending in government.

So the question is – why is the first thing generally out of a Democrat’s mouth has to do with raising taxes?  Why is it Democrats and Liberals rarely if ever consider the tremendous amount of waste that currently exists in government at all levels?

Rather than a willingness to place all aspects of the budget under the microscope so that all the pork, the waste, the unnecessary expenditures can be done away with?  Instead, it seems like every year, more programs need to be funded, so that naturally translates to raising taxes on those of us who already pay far more than our fair share and cannot afford to pay anymore.

It really makes very little sense to me and it is frustrating.  It seems no one is willing to work within their own budget.  If the budget cannot be met, then rather than consider cutting the budget, we must increase taxes to keep the current level of spending.

Now, I’m sure that for most Democrats and Liberals, paying for everyone’s social needs in this country is tantamount.  This means that we do not question if a person is here legally, as one for instance.  We simply pay their needs.  If they need food, we buy food.  If they need clothing, we provide clothing.  If they need money for college, that is provided.

But is that what the government exists to provide?  This may sound harsh, but why should the government automatically be expected to provide for anyone and everyone who has a sob story?  I’m not talking about removing all social services, but I am talking about eliminating long-term and generational social services.

I read that a number of schools may stop providing free lunches to students who cannot afford to pay.  Of course, the reason has to do with a lack of money.

I also read that Rhode Island may layoff nearly 2,000 teachers very soon.  It seems to me that government has gotten so large that the only thing Democrats and Liberals know how to do is take more of my hard-earned money so that others can continue to receive handouts.

Think of it.  The idea that my taxes go for untold numbers of abortions each year, in spite of the fact that I have no say in that.  How about the fact that illegal aliens by and large receive more social services than I could ever afford, and they get them free?  These are merely two examples of many.

Look, I am tired of paying the exorbitant amount of taxes I pay because Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, and other “progressives” do not have the guts to cut services to those who do not deserve them.  The fact that many public employees today earn far more than the average privately employed individual seems unconscionable, yet it exists.

What are we going to see as this year goes by?  More bickering in the various governmental legislatures.  More pointing fingers at legislators across the aisle.  We will hear distortions and blame and we will hear of an unwillingness on the part of Dems and Liberals to cut anything out of the government, except for the obligatory things that make it appear as if the intent is there to cut more, but of course, the Republicans will be blamed for not being able to go further.  This is what Mr. Obama has done with his new budget, yet the paltry amount he says he wants to cut amounts to nothing when compared with the entirety of national debt that exists (and he seems intent continuing to rack up as much as possible the longer his presidency goes on).

What will change?  Nothing.  As long as Democrats and Liberals believe that the only solution to budget crises is to raise taxes, nothing will ever be accomplished.  Where does it say in the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights that the government is in place to provide for all the needs of people who believe the government owes them?

All governments exist because of the taxes of those paying taxes.  Taxpayers can generally only afford a certain amount of reasonable taxation.  Beyond that and it begins to take its toll on the taxpayer.  Yet because the taxpayer earns money, it is not how much taxes he pays by which he is judged (for loans, college tuition, etc.), but how much he earns that locks him into a specific level.

I am not opposed to paying taxes (giving to Caesar what is due Caesar, so to speak).  What I am opposed to is being at the whim of every individual in government who believes that taxpayers are there solely as an endless source of revenue for all their pet projects.  It needs to stop, but unfortunately, it will not happen.  Instead, more arguing will continue, along with blame and finger-pointing.

This is unfortunately what has become America.

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