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Blame Game for Orlando Carnage

What about the worst case scenario? What if guns are to be eventually made illegal to own and collected throughout society? A precarious situation to be sure and one that will cause a great deal of problems in society, but in the end, if a law is passed that makes it illegal to own a gun, then Christians must obey the law. Do I agree with that law, if it should come to pass? No, I don’t. But we’ve been going over Romans 13 where it certainly seems clear enough that Paul commands us to submit ourselves to those who have authority over us. The only reason not to do that is when leaders forbids us from preaching the gospel (Acts 4). Peter could not obey this directive and didn’t. But this was the only situation where Peter believed he could disregard the “laws” of man.

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Inside Islam – a True Story, Part 1

While we are busy hearing one thing from the government and Muslim groups like CAIR and ACORN, and still another thing from the media, it would appear that this particular individual spent a few years living the life of a dedicated Muslim woman within the Islamic community in which the story was altogether different for her from the one that is normally presented to the world about Islam. Is this merely a coincidence, or is what we are being fed the lie?

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Where is CAIR in Oregon? Where is Imam Rauf?

The next time a Muslim tells you that Islam is a religion of peace, ask him/her to prove it to you. Ask them to show you what Islam has done to engender peace. You will likely be met with silence.

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Muslim Mafia Has Infiltrated America

The reality is that the Muslim Brotherhood has been in the sights of the FBI and other federal agencies since 9/11 (it’s too bad it wasn’t before!). Our government has been working to dismantle the groups here, which are directly or indirectly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. If you don’t believe me, then I would suggest you purchase your own copy of Muslim Mafia. Fact after fact are listed – their infiltration, their rise to power, and what they are doing now.

Too many of you need to focus on the real problem, and stop hating Jews, believing them to be the source behind every problem. It is time for logical-thinking people to wake up, focus, and take back our country. However, the reality is that it simply may be too late for that.

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