Blame Game for Orlando Carnage

June 12, 2016 at 6:14 PM 3 comments

A Muslim. A Democrat. A Murderer.

A Muslim. A Democrat. A Murderer.

Planned Parenthood blames the Orlando mass shooting in which 50 people died on “toxic masculinity.” President Obama, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and others are calling for yet more gun control (as if the DOJ enforces the 9,000 laws currently on the books). Bernie says “automatic” weapons are the problem (even though the shooter used SEMI-automatic weapons, but Bernie likely has no clue as to the difference). One black politician blamed the shooting on “gun shows.”

Today the ACLU blamed the carnage on the “Christian right.” Everyone has an opinion as to who is to blame about what should be done. Even the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is calling for more “gun control.” Surely, you don’t expect them to accept any blame for what transpired at The Pulse, do you?

Of course, everyone has missed the real problem and most, I believe, have done so deliberately because of the agenda that’s being pushed. People who want to murder will find a way to do it. If this guy hadn’t had access to guns, he would have used a bomb. (Oh wait, they’ve already blamed the NRA for the Boston Marathon bombing.)

Folks, there are EVIL people of all stripes in this world. No amount of laws will tame them. I’m sorry that there are people in this world who believe the opposite is actually the truth. That’s embarrassing for them because they actually count themselves as having a certain semblance of intelligence that people like me allegedly don’t have.

I am deeply saddened that this tragedy occurred. I cannot imagine how terrifying it must have been for those who saw death coming.

It bothers me as well that politicians and others are blaming guns as if guns are the issue and have a mind of their own. They ignore the fact that bombs made from fertilizer and other chemicals were used in past atrocities. Yet, people without critical thinking skills today will agree that more gun control will solve the problem. Apparently these folks have never heard of suicide bombers. People like this radical Muslim – Omar Mateen – who want to kill people will find a way to do it. If guns are hard to come by, homemade bombs are available.

The reality is that there are several things in play here with this most recent tragedy that occurred at a gay nightclub called “The Pulse.” Let me list these realities – facts as they are otherwise known – for you so that we’re clear.

  1. This shooting was committed by a Muslim
  2. The shooter was also a registered Democrat
  3. The shooter had a concealed weapons permit, but guns are still not allowed in bars in Florida even if this is the case
  4. We are in the middle of Ramadan (June 6th – July 5th 2016), a very holy Islamic religious holiday of celebration
  5. The FBI has linked the shooter to radical Islam
  6. Both of the shooter’s parents are from Afghanistan, though the shooter was born in America
  7. It appears that the shooter’s father had once tried to run for president of Afghanistan
  8. The shooter was killed after SWAT members moved in to free hostages he held
  9. Homosexuality can be punishable by death in Islamic countries which practice Sharia law
  10. An Islamic speaker at an Orlando mosque is caught on tape saying “Gays must die.”

In general, people are deluded into thinking that more laws, more control freely given over to the government will alleviate crime, hatred, and all manner of evil in society. That is simply not true. As I said above, there are people who have given themselves completely over to the evil in the world. They serve it and in turn, the evil they serve makes them even more evil. Isn’t that what Paul says in 2 Timothy 3:13, pointing out that evil men will “wax worse and worse“?

But of course, the evil that we see in people like the shooter in Orlando is not the only type of evil. There exists another evil and that is the evil perpetrated by our elected officials who either turn a blind eye to the real reason these tragedies occur or do what they can to use those situations to remove freedoms from law-abiding citizens, or both. Let’s be clear on that. The evil is not just seen in the person who does the actual wicked deed. It is also in the ones who allow it to continue by providing excuses for that individual and I’ve listed many of those excuses being proffered above.

This is all another push by elected officials to do the bidding of the Elite, who ultimately work for Satan himself. Satan is pushing this world toward a totalitarian regime, to be headed by his spiritual son, Antichrist. In order for that to happen, Satan must have as much control as possible. Without that control, he will not ascend to his throne as world ruler for the final seven years of humanity’s history before Jesus physically returns.

If this is where the Bible says we’re heading, it is clear then – or should be – that God is allowing these horrific actions so that Satan can put into place the kingdom over which he will rule. You’ll recall from Isaiah 14 that he promised himself one day he would be “like the Most High” (Isaiah 14:14). He’s been working on it since and God has allowed it.

But back to our situation. What does this mean for us as Christians? As of right now, in spite of the federal ruling out west over nine states including California, that can give authorities what they need to prohibit people from having concealed weapons permits, we still have the 2nd Amendment, tattered though it may be from all the infringement that it has undergone. This of course, has been in spite of the very words within that amendment, which were supposed to prohibit any form of infringement.

But what now? Where will we go from here? Very likely, there will be more anti-gun legislation taking shape. President Obama will also likely use his pen to create more executive orders. Those who wrongly believe that more laws will result in fewer gun-related crimes and shootings will applaud any and all efforts by the president and Congress. If Hillary us elected, we can be assured of more gun control measures taking place. Eventually, there will probably come a day when concealed weapons permits will be outlawed throughout the United States.

As a Christian, what should you do if that happens? Clearly, you should obey the law and turn in your concealed weapons permit. In fact, they will all simply expire and there will be no opportunity to renew if laws prohibiting them go through. It’ll take a while, but it will likely happen.

What about the worst case scenario? What if guns are to be eventually made illegal to own and collected throughout society? A precarious situation to be sure and one that will cause a great deal of problems in society, but in the end, if a law is passed that makes it illegal to own a gun, then Christians must obey the law. Do I agree with that law, if it should come to pass? No, I don’t. But we’ve been going over Romans 13 where it certainly seems clear enough that Paul commands us to submit ourselves to those who have authority over us. The only reason not to do that is when leaders forbids us from preaching the gospel (Acts 4). Peter could not obey this directive and didn’t. But this was the only situation where Peter believed he could disregard the “laws” of man.

We’ll continue this article next time and focus in on several things:

  1. Why are so many Christians seemingly afraid to die?
  2. Why so many Christians believe they have to “fight” or work hard to help God gain and/or maintain His sovereignty?
  3. What should the Christian’s response be in case of the worst case scenario?

I’ll leave you with this question: who has control over your life?

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Is New World Order Just a Conspiracy Theory? Who Has Control Over Your Life Anyway?

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  • 1. linda  |  June 15, 2016 at 5:37 PM

    I guess pederasty is not a homosexual act in the Muslim community. I am confused or are they?


    • 2. modres  |  June 15, 2016 at 5:52 PM

      (Editor’s Note: for those unaware, pederasty is when a man has sexual relations with a boy.)

      Hi Linda,

      Within Islam, regarding pederasty, let me quote from an article on this subject:

      “In Muslim societies women are kept covered in burkhas, so the prettiest things that most unmarried Muslim men ever see are beardless pre-pubescent boys. Beardless boys are not regarded as male, so sex with them is not considered as homosexuality as it is between adult men. Being beardless means that they’re classed as female (‘catamites’) under sharia law. Consequently, in traditional Muslim societies completely clean shaving is frowned upon, as it sends the wrong messages about sexual availability. If full beards (Taliban-style) are not worn, then moustaches are required.” [1]

      It is permissible to have sexual relations with young girls AND boys. Muhammad himself is the role model for such child exploitation. It is only when a male goes through puberty that he must not have sexual relations with other boys (or men) who have also gone through puberty. This is a quote from (from the same article, whom you may recall from the Jimmy Carter years):

      “A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. If he penetrates and the child is harmed then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however would not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister.” [2]



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