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Who Has Control Over Your Life Anyway?

Unfortunately, too many Christians act as though this life now is the best we’ll ever see! Wonder where that thought came from? I’m convinced that when my time to die comes, I will simply die. I may die from a heart attack, a car accident, a stray bullet, or only God knows what, literally. But unlike Hezekiah who begged and tearfully pleaded with God that his life be extended (and it was granted; 2 Kings 20), my life will end at its preordained time and I do not need to know when that will be.

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Blame Game for Orlando Carnage

What about the worst case scenario? What if guns are to be eventually made illegal to own and collected throughout society? A precarious situation to be sure and one that will cause a great deal of problems in society, but in the end, if a law is passed that makes it illegal to own a gun, then Christians must obey the law. Do I agree with that law, if it should come to pass? No, I don’t. But we’ve been going over Romans 13 where it certainly seems clear enough that Paul commands us to submit ourselves to those who have authority over us. The only reason not to do that is when leaders forbids us from preaching the gospel (Acts 4). Peter could not obey this directive and didn’t. But this was the only situation where Peter believed he could disregard the “laws” of man.

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