Who Has Control Over Your Life Anyway?

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God had predetermined the end of Hezekiah's life...

God had predetermined the end of Hezekiah’s life…

In our previous article, we highlighted aspects of the recent tragedy that occurred in Orlando and a gay night club there called, “The Pulse.” You’ll no doubt recall that one lone gunman, killed 50 people before being killed by SWAT members. He was a radicalized Muslim and a Democrat. In spite of this, some still want to blame the “Christian right” for creating what they call “homophobia.” The truth is that if one takes the time to study Islam, it is fairly easy to see how a Muslim can become radicalized via the teachings found not only within the Qur’an (yes, I’ve read it, have you?), as well as the plethora of teachings from local imams in the many mosques throughout the world.

It was a horrendous act of cowardice visited upon people who had no idea their lives would end that evening. These violent deaths were perpetrated by someone who clearly had no regard for the value of human life. He also saw his actions as pleasing to his god, Allah.

In the wake of this tragedy, we noted last time that the blame game has placed blame squarely on every place it does not belong. Anything but Islam is the fault. If it makes people feel better, we can at least argue that there are elements within Islam that will undertake any form of violence in order to usher in the final caliphate and the Final Mahdi, who will allegedly rule over it. What we have throughout the world today is the making of this coming caliphate. The last one was the Ottoman Empire and it represented a fairly large geographical area. By the way, for a very factual, albeit too brief, history of Islamic caliphates, this article from Encyclopedia Britannica will help.

In President Obama’s extremely nuanced speech, he did not mention “Islam” or Islam’s “homophobia,” but instead continues to insist that more gun control is needed and completely downplays the reality that there is a direct connection between terrorism and radical Islam. He has always shown a particular penchant for portraying Islam as a peaceful religion. Yet, it is clear that not all Muslims would agree with him here. In fact, the preponderance of terrorist events would fully disprove President Obama’s rhetoric and beliefs. Yet, he clings to them still.

What I’ve noticed is that numerous gay individuals are throwing up their hands in disgust with many politicians. They are leaving the Democrat Party and voting for someone who says he will take care of business where terrorists are concerned. When it starts to hit home with people realizing that Islamic jihadists are out to kill and destroy specific groups of people because of their sexual orientation, some at least are willing to see the writing on the wall, while politicians continue to play their game of misdirection.

At least one group called “Pink Pistols,” a gay gun group, has stated that what needs to happen is that people need to start shooting back when individuals like Omar Mateen deliberately attempt to slaughter gay people. After all, we are talking about criminal activity, not religious persecution. If someone tried to break into my home to harm me or my family, I would do what I could to take them out. In fact, if I was in a public place and a shooter tried to kill me and others, I would not simply sit there waiting to be shot. I would do what I could to protect myself and others and attempt to take down the bad guy. What’s the worst that will happen? I’ll be shot and killed anyway, right?

Many within Islam (ISIS, etc.), are working very hard to build their final caliphate in which they believe they will rule the world. I firmly believe Satan is using Islam to foment the kind of change through fear that he needs to bring about in society. I also believe once he achieves his goals (as allowed by God), Islam will be crushed, but in the meantime, Islam’s efforts to bring forth this caliphate will also lead to the great reveal of the coming Antichrist. I believe this Antichrist will be seen and accepted as the Final Mahdi and at least some within Israel will trust him enough to enter into a seven-year covenant with him (Daniel 9:27).

We spoke about the greater potential for more gun-control measures, to gain more control over society. It may well culminate in the full confiscation of guns throughout society, at least where law-abiding citizens are concerned. No law enforcement agency will be able to obtain all guns from criminals. It’s impossible. My goodness, prison officials cannot even keep zip guns, knives, and cell phones out of prisons! Yet, even if this were to happen, murders will still occur, like the one in Paris just yesterday when a known Islamic radical stabbed a French police chief and then entered the home and held his wife and child hostage. Law enforcement stormed the home, killed the assailant, and found the woman dead, but the child alive. These tragedies here and abroad will continue to occur solely because no one has done anything about the growing problem of Islam. Instead, Muslim refugees are being relocated around the world without being vetted.

But the larger question for all Christians is this: what does any or all of this mean for us? While the politicians are politicking and the media in some instances is ramping things up while denying the obvious, Christians are focusing on what can be done to stop the government from attempting to infringe further on the 2nd Amendment. I cannot help but wonder if that focus is not only off-putting, but plain wrong since it has the serious potential of moving us from the Great Commission road and onto that of Dominionism.

Any one of us could face death each day. For the Christian, death is supposed to simply be the door through which we move that gets us from this life to the next one; our eternal reward. While I would not want to experience a great deal of pain prior to leaving this world, the fact remains that in spite of what we’ve heard, this is not our best life now. That life remains to be experienced to the fullest and it can only be experienced to the fullest by leaving this one.

Is God in charge of your life or are you, or someone else? Are there accidents in your life or in general, are things ordered by God? Is your death – the day and time – up for grabs or has God already and deliberately determined it? Is there anything you can do about that upcoming date with death? I’m speaking to Christians primarily, but in reality, this applies to all people.

Because of the sin of our first parents, that sin extended itself into every human being ever born into this world (except Jesus). How could it be otherwise? You don’t get perfect fruit from corrupt fruit. Once our parents sinned, they corrupted themselves and passed that corruption onto the entire human race. None of us have escaped. Part of that corruption includes death.

As I go through my life, I have realized that God has given me so many years, days, hours, and moments to live. I cannot change that. But, if I take care of myself, I will have decent quality of life while I’m here. If I don’t take care of myself, I will create a bad situation for myself from poor or declining health that will be with me and make my life miserable until that exact moment when God has determined that my life ends.

In essence, the day of my birth and the moment of my death were predetermined by God. He has numbered my days.

All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be, (Psalm 139:16).

Since his days are determined, The number of his months is with You; And his limits You have set so that he cannot pass, (Job 14:5).

There are numerous passages in Scripture that deal with how intimately we are known by God. He has numbered the very hairs on our head, our days are numbered, a sparrow doesn’t fall to the ground without God knowing about it and how much more valuable are we because we are made in His image?

Unfortunately, too many Christians act as though this life now is the best we’ll ever see! Wonder where that thought came from? I’m convinced that when my time to die comes, I will simply die. I may die from a heart attack, a car accident, a stray bullet, or only God knows what, literally. But unlike Hezekiah who begged and tearfully pleaded with God that his life be extended (and it was granted; 2 Kings 20), my life will end at its preordained time and I do not need to know when that will be.

The goal of this life is to learn about and receive salvation. This prepares us to live with God eternally once we leave this life. One could say then that the goal of this life is to be born into God’s family through the salvation that is only available through Jesus. This act of embracing salvation grants us a permanent place in God’s Kingdom after we live our lives to the end here on planet earth.

But so many Christians run around as though they’re losing their heads. They wring their hands and worry about this or that and wonder “where is God and why is He allowing all these ‘bad’ things to happen?” They believe that if we just take matters into our own hands and change society, things will be better. That is not what the Bible says will happen though and God has assuredly revealed His plans in the matter.

Christian, are you worried about things in this life? Do things make you tense and rob you of your joy? 150,000 people die every day throughout the world. A few days ago, we learned the names of 50 of them. But what about the 149,950 others? You don’t have a clue who they were and neither do I.

We need to stop fearing the things that are happening in this world. God is still in control. He has never vacated His position of absolute sovereignty over the entirety of His Creation and never will.

Who really has control over your life anyway? If you truly believe it’s God, then wouldn’t you act like He does?

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