Muslim Mafia Has Infiltrated America

March 1, 2010 at 10:51 AM

For those people who think that it’s the “Jew, Jews, Jews!” who have banded together to take over the world, and destroy society as we know it, it might be a good idea for these folks to shift their gaze to another group that literally began infiltrating America roughly 40 years ago.  Their intents and purposes are extremely dangerous, yet many within these United States view their presence and work in America as altruistic.

The Muslim Brotherhood, based in Egypt, is often likened to the Italian Mafia.  They are organized, and are connected one with another throughout the world, and more specifically, throughout the United States.  In fact, it has been largely easy for this group (and its many offshoots) to set up shop in America, due to the fact that, “‘We can have as many organizations as we want,’ no questions asked, thanks to America’s tolerant and pluralistic society.”[1]  The previous statement, made by CAIR official, Omar Ahmad, indicates how easily our own laws of the land can be used against us.  This is exactly what this Muslim Mafia has and continues to do.

While many of the organizations that have been alive and kicking in the United States prior to 9/11, were shut down after it was determined for the Feds that many to most of these organizations were simply money laundering fronts, in order to take in cash, and get it over to terrorists throughout the world.  Many of their charities were seen by our government as criminal enterprise and were also shut down.  The fact that groups like CAIR qualify for non-profit status means that they are required to report precious little to our government.

So what does the Muslim Mafia want (and it should be noted that not ALL Muslims are involved here, nor do they wish to be.  We are speaking of those Muslims with a Jihadist mentality that believes the United States should be overthrown, violently if necessary)?  From their own documents (confiscated during an arrest of one of the leaders in the U.S.-based organization), our government has learned:

  • It has stated clearly in its recently declassified U.S. charter that it considers the United States to be its enemy”[2]
  • the long-term goal is to destroy the United States from within, by using its freedoms and political processes against it.
  • their ambitious plans include a complete U.S. takeover, replacing the Constitution with Shariah, or Islamic Law[3]

It is obvious that these groups take their job seriously.  They have been working toward that end since the early 1970s, and continue to this day.  The Roman Empire was destroyed from within by its own citizenry that seemingly thought they were too powerful, too well protected, and no one would dare come against them.  They were wrong, as history has shown.  They were overcome by marauding bands of Germanic tribes, who swept in when Rome was actually at its weakest, though the citizens felt their empire was impenetrable.

Is this what America is coming to? While people focus on the “Jew” and “Israel,” we have groups right here within the borders of the United States, who seek nothing less than the complete overthrow of our great nation.  The attitude of most people in this country mirrors that of Rome’s people.  We believe we are strong.  We believe that if we just stop “antagonizing” Bin Laden, Hamas, Ahmadinejad, and others, they will leave the United States alone.  That is a dream!  As long as groups like the Muslim Brotherhood exist, they will not stop voluntarily.  In fact, that they will not stopped until they are completely quashed.

Their intent is not to simply overthrow the United States.  Their intent is to overthrow the world, turning the entire planet into one that is governed by Shariah, and all of it done for Allah.  Ahmadinejad recently made comments about how the United States is keeping the last Mahdi from appearing on this planet.  What is the solution to that?  Simply to take out the United States.  Of course it seems highly improbable, and unlikely that this could be accomplished, yet undercover and protection of our own laws, splinter groups and branches of Muslim Brotherhood have made huge inroads into the fabric of America.

They spent their time blackmailing large corporate banks, deciding who they will help and who they will work against during every election that is held in the United States, and all the while presenting themselves as nothing more than a social network for Muslims here in the United States.

Oh but wait!  This can’t be true!  Behind all of this there just has to be a Jew somewhere, perpetrating this evil.  It has to be, because Jews pull the strings, and hold all the cards!  My, oh my, where can we turn for truth?

The reality is that the Muslim Brotherhood has been in the sights of the FBI and other federal agencies since 9/11 (it’s too bad it wasn’t before!).  Our government has been working to dismantle the groups here, which are directly or indirectly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.  If you don’t believe me, then I would suggest you purchase your own copy of Muslim Mafia.  Fact after fact are listed – their infiltration, their rise to power, and what they are doing now.

Too many of you need to focus on the real problem, and stop hating Jews, believing them to be the source behind every problem.  It is time for logical-thinking people to wake up, focus, and take back our country.  However, the reality is that it simply may be too late for that.

Click here to order your own copy of Muslim Mafia:  Yep, I want to order one!

[1] Gaubetz & Sperry Muslim Mafia (WND Books, 2009), 232

[2] Ibid, 230

[3] Ibid, 230

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