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Mosab Yousef’s Prediction Regarding Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood

As we sat there, listening to Yousef, I must admit that I was impressed with the amount of carefree spirit he now possesses. He says he is unconcerned about whether he lives or dies. He believes, as should all authentic Christians, that his life is in God’s hands. Because of that, he just does not care what might befall him. He has stated that he travels the globe, yet does not see his family. That makes sense because if he did in fact, become a Christian, then he would be treated as if he did not exist and if the chance was ever there, he would be killed because he has left Islam and become an infidel. In fact, he has become worse than an infidel because Muslims would say that he once knew the “truth” (Islam) yet left it for something inferior; something that is a lie.

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Moving Toward Destruction

I’m sorry that there are any number people who will disagree with this assessment, but it seems clear enough that this world is hurtling toward a renaissance and it is not necessarily a good thing, at least in the near future.

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Muslim Mafia Has Infiltrated America

The reality is that the Muslim Brotherhood has been in the sights of the FBI and other federal agencies since 9/11 (it’s too bad it wasn’t before!). Our government has been working to dismantle the groups here, which are directly or indirectly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. If you don’t believe me, then I would suggest you purchase your own copy of Muslim Mafia. Fact after fact are listed – their infiltration, their rise to power, and what they are doing now.

Too many of you need to focus on the real problem, and stop hating Jews, believing them to be the source behind every problem. It is time for logical-thinking people to wake up, focus, and take back our country. However, the reality is that it simply may be too late for that.

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