Israel at the Hands of the Media

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Just today, it was revealed that letters from schools in Spain were sent to the Israeli Ambassador in Madrid.  “‘The letters, addressed to the Israeli ambassador in Spain, ask “Mr. Ambassador, how many Palestinians did you murder today?’  The letters are apparently all from the same school in the Valencia region. Israeli officials believe that the children – who are in elementary school – were put up to the “project” by school officials and teachers.”[1]

It is fascinating, isn’t it that the world views Israel as the culprit and the problem not only for what is going on in the Middle East, but essentially throughout the world.  People blame the 9/11 World Trade Tower attacks on “Jews.”  Why?  Because there is one particular gentlemen whom people believe had a great deal of money to gain from that incident, so because of that, the entire 9/11 was set up, with the collusion of our government.  Oh, and the gentlemen in question is Jewish.

The “Rev.” Jesse Jackson can call New York City “hymietown,” and along with Al Sharpton (another “Rev”), can make other condescending and anti-Semitic remarks about Jewish people, and it’s not a big deal, because he’s Black, therefore he understands what it means to be held down by “the man.”

It is funny though how everyone believes Jews control the world’s affairs.  Interesting.  They apparently control all major corporations including the Media.  But let’s stop and consider for a moment, that if this is true, then their PR campaign is obviously failing.  Seriously, if the Jews actually run everything as people charge that they do, then either the Jews are not as smart as everyone gives them credit for being, or they are simply masochists.  If they do run the Media, then you would think that the world would be swayed in favor of Israel and the Jews.  Not so.  In fact, to hear the Media tell it, it is only Jews that are creating casualties in the Middle East.  It is due to their apparent bloodlust that they need to continue to slaughter Palestinian after Palestinian.

Who knows though, maybe it IS true.  I shop a men’s store in my area when I’m in need of a new suit.  The store is owned by a Jewish family.  There you have it!  Obviously, the Jews run the men’s suit empire as well.  I guess I should look for another place to shop.  Oh wait, I can’t, because any place I shop is either owned or controlled by Jews.  Gosh Wally, I guess you just can’t win for losing.  I have no choice but to my suits from Jews.  Oh, the horror!

There are many, many stupid and gullible people in this world, who actually believe that the Jews have conspired together to create Socialism, as well as a continued problem in the Middle East, in order that the world would look at the Jews as the victim, when in truth, they are not only not the victim, but the perpetrators, and the real threat to freedom.  This is what people believe.  Yet, their believes do not fall in line with reality.

If the Jews have somehow banded together to form these elite coalitions in order to gain control of the world, they are obviously doing it all wrong.  They need to go back to the drawing board and consider where they have failed to gain the opinion of the public in favor of them and their motives.  Jews throughout the world are looked down upon.  It is generally believed that they have no right to be in the Middle East at all, and especially not as a nation.

If I hear one more individual say that Jews are the problem, I will likely empty the contents of my stomach.  The plain fact of the matter is that IF Jews are the problem, then they have completely forgotten to unite as one.  If it’s merely a few Jews who are “running the world” so to speak, then why are all Jews being badmouthed, criticized, and targeted as the “bad guy”?  Somewhere along the lines, IF the Jews are running things (especially the Media), they have failed miserably to gain world support.  So, either the Jews are not as smart as everyone gives them credit for being, or this belief that they are running the world is a fantasy, a mirage, put in place by individuals who have so much power, that they are simply manipulating the players of this world, like one huge chess game.

Are all Jews “good” by humanity’s standards?  Of course not, but neither are all Jews “bad” by those same standards.  Are all white people “good” by humanity’s standards?  Of course not, as there are plenty of “bad” white people (and black people, and latin people, etc.).  Yet, it is becoming increasingly more fashionable to blame Jews for the world’s ills.  A person who does this, instead of being criticized, actually receives accolades!  Today, what the Media cares to share with us regarding the problems in the Middle East is how often Palestinians are allegedly killed or brutalized by Jews.  What the world NEVER hears about though is what the Palestinians are doing to these same innocent children, turning them into Jew-haters as almost as soon as they are born.  It is tragic, but there it is…and the worst thing about it is that it goes unnoticed by much of the world because the Media (controlled by Jews apparently), never let’s us see these images.

Look, as far as I’m concerned, ALL Jews just as ALL Gentiles need salvation.  They need Jesus as He is the only one who offers true salvation.  If God judges each one of us by His standards (The Ten Commandments alone), not ONE of us would be able to stand before Him and be declared INNOCENT.  Not one of us.  We have ALL broken God’s Laws.  Interestingly enough, while the Mosaic Law, including the sacrificial system, was given to Israel, it was given for a higher purpose than for simply covering over sin, allowing us to reestablish fellowship with God.  It should be completely obvious that sacrificing bulls, calves, rams, sheep, doves and whatnot has no lasting effect.  That system cannot and never did remove sin permanently.  If that was the case, Moses would have been able to offer sacrifice for Israel once and for all.

The sacrificial system was put in place to point to something much higher.  That something was found in the Messiah, Jesus Christ.  He came, He lived a perfect life, following every part of the Law perfectly, down to the last jot and tittle.  It was because of that, He was able to become a sacrifice for our sin, which lasts forever.  His one sacrifice allowed God the Father to pour out His wrath on Jesus, instead of on us.  This and this alone is what allows God to redeem those who believe in Jesus’ act of propitiation.  Without Christ, we have nothing.  The only reason the Mosaic sacrificial system worked at all, was because it merely pointed to something much greater than itself.

The sacrificial system under the Mosaic Law has no merit in and of itself.  In fact, long before it was put into place, God was redeeming people the same way He has always redeemed people: through faith.  Because Abraham believed God, that belief was counted for righteousness.  God was able to credit Abraham’s account with God’s own righteousness (made possible by the death of Christ).  That righteousness for Abraham, is the exact same righteousness that we receive when we believe that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, died on the cross with the shedding of His blood (without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin), and rose from the grave three days later because the grave could not hold Him.  All people, regardless of race or ethnicity, need the salvation that only comes from Jesus.  The Jews are included in this invitation.

Those of you who are angry with the Jews because they “crucified” Christ obviously do not get it at all. Christ came to die.  As a Gentile, I am JUST as guilty of killing Jesus as any Jew is, because it was MY sin that placed Him on Calvary’s cross.  For that, I am and will be eternally grateful!

You folks that need to blame the Jews for everything need to wake up and wake up quickly.  You are a pawn, used by the Media to further their efforts to eliminate a Jewish state.  Oh sure, you’ve got all your reasons, but they are merely fed to you from the same Media that you believe is owned AND controlled by the Jews.  Think again, folks.  If the Jews (as a whole) owned and controlled the Media, it seems to me that what we would be hearing and seeing from that same Media are stories and images that support Jews and the state of Israel, while coming down on the Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah, and all the rest.  This is certainly not the case though, is it?

You can live only for so long with your heads in the sand.  While your head is there, the rest of your body is exposed and one day, you will be completely run over by this same Media that you have sworn is owned and controlled by the almighty Jew.  Something is wrong here.  Either the Jews are absolute morons (though they’re smart enough to purchase and own controlling shares in the very Media that hates them apparently), or YOU have it wrong.  I vote for the latter.  Enjoy these images of what Palestinians do to instill a deep hatred for Jews in their children.  So who is it that is setting their children up for slaughter?


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