Prepare for a New Era in Consciousness…

February 18, 2011 at 10:36 AM 3 comments

I received an e-mail advertisement this morning hyping a new movie.  The movie is called “3 Magic Words” and apparently when you know these three magic words, your life will change.

The blurb related to the movie says this:  “It doesn’t matter what religion you are, the color of your skin, or the country you were born in. What does matter is how you use this wisdom to enjoy the human experience and the adventure of being alive. Some material in this movie may be spiritually challenging. An open mind is advised.” (emphasis added)

I find that fascinating that the very first comment the filmmakers present is that religion does not matter because apparently, this movie and the 3 magic words associated with it supersede all religions.  Sounds a bit like “all roads lead to God,” doesn’t it?

What people continually fail to realize is that Christianity stands apart from all other religious and ideological systems.  All religions aside from Christianity insist that “salvation” (however it is defined by that other system) requires works on the part of the adherent.  Every cult or religion aside from Christianity highlights this aspect.

Christianity is the only system in which its Founder actually died for the sins of humanity and rose again.  No other system or religion claims that.  So important is this that if the death and resurrection cannot be denied successfully (like the attempts to deny it in Islam for instance), the attempt will be made to copy it at some point in the future when the Antichrist dies, and rises again (cf. Revelation 13).

Suffice it to say that this movie – 3 Magic Words – produced by Starseed Films, is nothing but New Ageism on the screen.  In fact, the producers make no attempt to hide the purpose and meaning of the film by stating, “3 Magic Words is a film that weaves together a tapestry of new age thought, quantum physics, philosophy, world religions, cosmology, archeology,  geometry,  and an amazing discovery about the nature of consciousness. This new understanding of consciousness will take us on an adventure of self-discovery and lead us into becoming a more evolved human being so that we can awaken the hidden power that we all have and share it with the world.  The 3 magic words are here to reveal an amazing truth about who we are and the power that this realization gives us. It’s a profound concept that is transformational not just for each individual but for the whole planet.” (emphasis added)

The write-up regarding the movie goes on to say, “The powerful subconscious mind, that is the infinite access to all knowledge, creates according to the pure word or thought and is the power behind all creation of your life.  So if our minds are so powerful, what thoughts or words can we give it to change ourselves and our world? What three words can we speak that will reprogram our subconscious mind in an instant?  What three words can bring us to an awareness of peace, happiness, compassion and self-realization? What three words can change the world?  Is this really possible?

The vastly amazing thing is that Satan has never had to change the lie he first uttered in the Garden of Eden (“you shall be as gods”)!  He has continued to use this very same lie repeatedly throughout history to today and the saddest part is that so desperate are people who want to believe in human possibility and potential that they willingly believe this lie because it turns them into a god, which leaves out the possibility that humanity needs Someone who actually IS God and who is separate from themselves to come and save us.

Humanity has learned absolutely NOTHING since the fall.  We still fall prey to the lie that we are powerful in and of ourselves and need nothing outside of ourselves to either save us from ourselves, or to create our own reality.  This is THE lie that Paul speaks about in 2 Thessalonians 2.  According to Paul, it is clear that God is now fulfilling what he (Paul) wrote about under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  He said that God would send a delusion so strong that if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived.  The truth is that the elect will not be deceived, but that is how strong this delusion will be and is now.  Why does God do this?  Simply because people have spent generations ignoring God and not wanting to believe He exists.  God finally says, “Okay! Fine! Have at it! Believe the lie you want to believe!”  The sense here is that God actually THROWS people over to the lie.  He doesn’t merely release them to it, but violently tosses them toward the lie.

What are the 3 Magic Words that will change forever?  The Web site does not say, but I can guess.  Can you?  How about “I am god“?  Will that work?  It is certainly what the movie seems to want to teach.  The Web site intones, “Humans have traveled a long road in trying to understand the purpose of their existence. Humanity has finally reached a pinnacle in its evolution where knowledge, unity and the desire for peace have brought them closer together in solving life’s biggest mystery; Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of human life?

Gee, who are we?  Why are we here?  What is our purpose?  Does anyone really want the answers if those answers are different from “I am god”?  Here are the answers:

  1. Who are we? We are beings, created in God’s likeness, with a body, soul, and spirit.  We have the capacity to understand morality because it is inherent within us.  We also have the ability to realize that God exists, that He created all things, and that we are here by His design.
  2. Why are we here? For one purpose: to glorify God and to enjoy His presence forever.
  3. What is our purpose? See above – everything we do is to glorify God.  Ultimately, God created us so that the entire universe would behold His glory, His truth, His justice, His holiness, and His love.

The New Age says we are gods.  God says we are human beings and apart from Him we can do nothing (cf. John 15).

This movie – 3 Magic Words – is another attempt by Satan to spread the lie that is fast becoming the truth for multitudes of people.  I read on the movie’s Web site a few of the comments:

  • will spread the word of the movie in South Africa. I say Halleluja to movies like this!
  • when will the movie be available on a DVD for purchase ??

People are interested, but you have to wonder why.  Have they not heard the same lie enough times yet?  On one of the Web site’s pages, it shows headshots of many of the people who are in the movie.  They all look happy, almost giddy.  Obviously, it would not do to show faces of people who are stark, or ultra-serious.  It’s like these people know something the rest of us don’t, and they are willing to stoop to share that knowledge with us.  Isn’t that swell?

I noticed that some of the names were known to me who are in this movie.  Neale Donald Walsh is someone whose name is bandied about within the New Age movement and also within the Emergent Church.  He is looked up to by many for his theological insight, which is the antithesis of biblical truth.

Folks, 3 Magic Words is simply the same lie Satan has been using for centuries, but it is wrapped in a different package.  There is going to be nothing new here.  Not one thing.  There will be happy people, filled with joy and laughter, sharing what they have learned that the “universe” has told them.

Satan comes as an angel of light to deceive (cf. 2 Corinthians 2).  I am amazed at how many different ways he can repackage the same lie and make it look new every time!  Do not fall for it!  This lie is just that – the lie that he has been using since the beginning of humanity.  Why change something when it works so well?

With the world heading toward chaos, I’m actually amazed that there are people like those in this movie, who seemingly cannot see that same chaos.  They blindly go through life believing that said chaos is merely a natural byproduct of people who do not know how to create their own reality.  They see the life, the death, and the struggles in between and they are not affected because these things are simply the results of the universe attempting to wake people up.  If they do not wake up in this life, they have future reincarnations in which they will get another chance to wake up.  No worries!  The cycle of life continues until everyone reaches the same level of existence!

Folks, the lie that Paul warned of is here now.  Pray that God will remove the blinders from your eyes, your neighbor’s eyes, your friend’s eyes, and your family member’s eyes.  Preach the word – the gospel of Jesus Christ – in and out of season.  That means preach it when people are receptive to it and when they are not receptive to it.  Keep preaching it whether they listen or not.

This is our job.  This is our calling.  This is the Great Commission.  We must be about the Master’s business!

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  • 1. starseedfilms  |  January 1, 2012 at 3:06 PM

    If you have seen 3 Magic Words The Movie then you know what the 3 Magic Words really mean. So…what’s next? What can you do to change the world? We are now entering into a new age. This is the time we have all been waiting for and it is finally here. You can be sure that many changes will be taking place in the world and in the consciousness of humanity

    There are many ideas about the coming 2012 prophecy and what it means. We have prophecies by Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Michael Gordan Scallion, Delores Cannon, The Ancient Mayans, the Hopis, the Aztecs, The Bible, Tibetan manuscripts, Native American folk lore and many more. Many people have called the coming 2012 prophecy many things. It is now clear that people have misinterpreted the Mayan’s “End Times” to mean the end of the world. The correct meaning is the beginning of a new one.

    Hopis say that the first world was destroyed by fire that came from above and below. The second world ended in a polar shift and the planet toppled from its axis and everything was covered with ice. The third world ended in a flood. The Mayans and Aztecs say the same thing and they all believe that the current world we inhabit is the 4th world and that the end of one world is only the beginning of the next. The coming Fifth World is said to arrive following a cycle in nature affecting our entire Solar System, where our Earth births an Egg and then moves “up” within our system to reach its crowning place. All of the Earth’s life is then said to be “raised” to its perfected-eternal form and they refer to this period as the “The Great Purification”. During this period of Purification, time is said to change where we all have the opportunity to choose between the fifth world or something else. Many metaphysical documents say that by December 21, 2012, a new shift in consciousness will happen on the planet where everything changes from an old paradigm of separation consciousness (that we are separate from the cosmic source of all creation) to a totally new way of thinking, one that unifies all things.

    This is a time of great awakening and you have chosen to be here at this amazing time in Earth’s history. We made it! You have done all the hard work! It is time now to prepare for a new reality where all is one, and we finally realize that there is a cosmic god force that is the source of all consciousness. Prepare for the new world where we can work together to create a safe environment, protect nature, and love the planet and all of its inhabitants as we love ourselves. Prepare for the new world when we shift to self-sustainable clean energy environments, toxic free waste systems, an end to the hoarding of resources, a unity of all the world religions and a union of countries into one spiritual community where we all work together in harmony to create peace, love and freedom on the planet. Prepare for the new world where everyone will feel their connection to the source and see everyone as divine aspects of their own self. Judging, blaming, criticizing, or hating will be a thing of the past as everyone takes full responsibility for who they are being and how they are living. Wishful thinking? I think not! This will be the year that you will begin to see the shift take place as we are all waking up to the reality that we are all one, that we are one with all of nature… that we are living, breathing, sentient aspects of the entire cosmos. Thank you for volunteering to be here for the new age! Welcome to Earth-2012.

    Have a Happy New Year!

    Michael Perlin
    Director of 3 Magic Words


    • 2. modres  |  January 1, 2012 at 6:28 PM

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for writing. I purchased a copy of the DVD.

      Respectfully, I disagree with your assessment of December 21, 2012 and much of what “3 Magic Words” teaches. In the end, there is nothing really new there though you likely believe there is, but when all is said and done, it’s the same old New Age jargon that has been preached for years with the possible exception of the date of December 21, 2012. Certainly, we’ll see what happens.

      What you are describing is the nucleus of a true new age. However, it is unlikely that humanity can sustain such a “harmony to create peace, love and freedom” simply because the Bible teaches that all people are sinners. IF man was able to usher in such a society where hatred, judgmental attitudes, all forms of criminal behavior, and the rest became the hallmark, what you and others fail to consider is that there will be people then as there are now who are not at all religious and who place no faith in what the New Age teaches.

      I’m also aware that within the body of teaching found throughout the New Age, there is believed to be an event coming that some refer to as the “Great Evacuation” when all malecontents will be removed from the planet. These have kept “mother earth” from evolving to the next spiritual plane. Once the malecontents are gone, this evolution can then occur.

      While this is a relatively new teaching within the New Age, the apostle Paul taught this very thing some 2,000 years ago. It is called the Rapture and it is an event in which all true Christians will participate. Many within the New Age sees us as the malecontents; the ones holding back true spiritual growth. We will be gone, but we are not the malecontents.

      I pray that God will open your eyes to His truth.


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