Eagerly Expecting Aliens?

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In my last article I talked mainly about the increase in demonic influence that is occurring throughout global society and how it will increase exponentially and come to a climax during the second half of the coming seven year Tribulation. The result will be to pull society away from the one, true, living God as the the final global kingdom to be ruled by AntiChrist is built. There’s another aspect occurring throughout the world that will ultimately prepare the way to fully reject God. Though outwardly in appearance it’s not connected to Satan, he’s the actual source.

Recently this phenomenon has been coming more mainstream and taken much more seriously. In fact many are actually excited about the possibilities that exists within this realm. I’m talking about the subject of aliens from other planets and even galaxies with the growing expectation that aliens will at some point, reveal their presence to the world. I’ve written numerous articles on this subject over the years, and at least two books [Alienology and Demons in Disguise, 1], but it appears that today, an increasing number of people are considering the existence of aliens as a very real possibility and even look forward to their eventual “reveal,” seeing it as a very positive thing.

If you take the time to read through the article [2], and/or even watch the video, you’ll be struck with a number of things. First, the idea of outer space aliens is increasingly dealt with in a serious way that makes them out to be vastly intelligent, though somewhat dependent upon human beings for their continued survival. Apparently, they’ve all been very concerned about humanity’s propensity to destroy itself, which would ultimately affect them. Second, the concept of aliens itself has come out from behind the curtain of ridiculed by many to being far more mainstream and acceptable.

Unlike the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, aliens today are generally thought to be kind, powerful, enigmatic and wanting to help by guiding humanity on earth. However, what is also interesting (and rather recent), is that some people believe there is “infighting” among different alien cultures; some who would like to destroy the earth while others want the earth protected.

Generally though, aliens are no longer thought to be the malevolent beings often portrayed in movies of the past who come to the earth to destroy and/or take over. I recall watching “The Invaders,” starring Roy Thinnes as David Vincent, who had accidentally seen a saucer from outer space one night at a lonely outpost and then tried every week to convince people that aliens were real and meant our harm by wanting to take over and destroy us all because their planet was dying and they needed a new home. As a kid, my favorite model company produced the saucer from “The Invaders,” which I and thousands of other young boys bought and built. I still have a reissued version of that space ship. My wife and I have also begun watching the two seasons of that show again.

This change in the way society views aliens is due largely to the New Age movement and all the channeling between these aliens and human beings over the past number of decades and what these foreign tell us. It’s amazing how people automatically believe an “alien;” what they say and how they present themselves to people. It’s as though aliens cannot or don’t lie.

Nonetheless, the days of seeing aliens as ominously intent on destroying humanity are pretty much over. Even the Pentagon is now willing to admit what they’ve always denied, that aliens of a sort have at times, come into our space. They have videos and photos of those alien ships or orbs, though they are still hesitant to admit they’re aliens.

However, some folks – like the ones in the article linked below [2] – come right out and state what many want to hear; that a day is soon coming when these aliens will reveal themselves to the world and the world will change forever. Noting the comments following the article/video, many are very excited about the prospect and eagerly look forward to the day of their reveal. Obviously when that happens (and it will), things will instantly change throughout the world and I can predict (not as a prophet or seer, but simply using common sense here), that the presence of aliens will confirm to atheists that there is no God. The dam will fall away allowing people to believe whatever these coming aliens will tell the people of the world. I can see major press conferences in my mind’s eye where these alien beings will be given time to speak to the people of the world and multitudes will be absolutely delighted to think that these advanced beings have stooped to offer help and insight to lowly human beings. Will it be A.I. or something else?

Nephilim Nightmare Cover

Nephilim Demons are Here

Since people will see aliens, obviously then, God does not, at least not the God of the Bible. Some ethereal god of the New Age exists of course, but that god is malleable, made in a person’s image and/or what they believe God looks like, so god then, is different from one person to the next. In fact, if you read books by people who have claimed to channel alien teachings and wisdom, the Bible and the God of the Bible is often the first thing these aliens seek to debunk. I find that fascinating that they would spend so much time trying to gently but insistently cast doubt on the existence of God, or Jesus as God or the verifiability and veracity of Scripture. Why is that? Well, it can only be two reasons. Either these aliens are actually aliens and are telling the truth or they’re not at all what they seem and present to people, but are in fact nothing more than demons in disguise, pretending to be aliens. If they’re fallen angels, then it makes perfect sense that they would do their best to debunk Christianity especially and that would be the first and main thing they attack. I’ve noticed they never take the time to debunk Islam…

I’ve read many books that contained channeled information from aliens to people. Aliens always project a seeming “loving” way even when they attack Christianity. They go out of their way to critique it but not condemn it; move beyond it and its “superstitious” and “unscientific” nature, but not denigrate the people who believe the Bible or Christianity. They speak high praise of Jesus but insist as gently as they can that He and what He taught was often thoroughly misunderstood (just as Satan misled Adam and Eve through lies). It’s not what Jesus really meant when He said things, they tell us. He was there to guide people into higher realms of learning, to open our “pineal glands” or spiritual mind so that we could touch the divine and enter into the truth about life, death and in-between. He tried but we failed to understand what He truly meant so other “higher beings/ascended masters” had to come after Him to help humanity flesh out what Jesus really meant.

If the New Age is anything, it is a fake veneer of warmheartedness and acceptance of all things, except the Bible and Jesus. Taking the Bible at face value tends to restrict the beliefs of others and imposing on them the idea that they cannot be correct if the Bible and Christianity is believed to be truly the only way. Never mind that Jesus said He was/is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6), which pretty much negates the validity of every other religious system out there. But there again, we allegedly misunderstand what Jesus really meant.

So what we may expect is that one day, likely in the not too distant future, a freak show will occur in which demons masquerading as aliens will appear and reveal themselves to the world. They will exude love, warmth, intelligence and charm, while gently (at first), ridiculing Christianity and those who take the Bible literally, in its most plain and ordinary sense. They will enter into dialogue with the smartest of human beings that will shape future events. The world will come together as one to embrace these aliens and follow their lead. Everything else will fall by the wayside – wars, dissension, culture clashes, etc. – for a time and people will seek to come together under the direction of these aliens and the wisdom they exude.

Will this happen before the Tribulation? I believe it could and if so, there will be time for people of the earth to welcome them, highly esteem them (near worship), and begin to put their advice into practice. When Christians begin to stand up and call them out, the “aliens” will respond in a way that lightly mocks the Christians to release tension so that people will simply learn to ignore any concerns voiced by Christians without expending energy on them. This reaction toward Christians will seriously change during the Tribulation though.

But demons disguised as aliens, still hate people, but are able to hide that fact so that their demeanor will help people relax and take them at their word as those demons provide an aura of other-worldliness and super intelligence, which will leave people in awe. Most will never question whether aliens/demons are in fact telling the truth because most are taken in by the intelligence they project (as evidenced by the many books written on aliens/demons channeling information to human beings. The awe people have now (and will have after they reveal themselves), for these beings will override their sense of concern that may try to crop up from within.

We know that demons have been here since the beginning of Creation. We know they’ve been active in every generation. We know their activity has increased over the past five to ten decades and we know from the Bible that during the Tribulation, under Trumpet Judgment #5 of Revelation 9, demons from the pit are released into society. With the increasingly accepting attitudes of people toward “aliens,” and even a serious increase in expectation of their future reveal, that reveal will most likely happen. When it does, the world will be amazed and people (including leaders of nations), will fall over themselves for a chance to hobnob with these aliens. Those same leaders will want to work with aliens to bring about true world peace and very possibly, Antichrist will be on the seen and start making his rise to the throne of the final world order. It could also be that these aliens will fully support Antichrist, causing the world in turn to support him initially also.

All of this might not happen as well. This is conjecture on my part based on the things that are occurring in the world. I believe something will occur that will create a situation in society that will push the world toward a oneness never before seen and ultimately, into the start of the Tribulation. Alien reveal? The PreTrib Rapture? Major global (actual) conflicts that cause such devastation that people will demand peace at any cost? Only time will tell.


[1] https://studygrowknowblog.com/?s=demons+in+disguise&searchbutton=Go%21

[2] https://exopolitics.org/jp-mission-to-underground-spaceport-in-us-southeast/


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Increasing Demonic Influence Pushing Ahead with Resolve

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