All You Need to Know About Conspiracy Theories, Part 5

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We spoke last time – in Part 4 – that the world is moving toward a one-world system of governance. Whether that’s the case by some sort of intelligent design in the spiritual realm, or simply because human beings seem to think it’s the best way to go is up to each person to decide. However, it seems clear that this is taking place and to deny it is to deny fact.

If, after doing your own research and investigation, you prefer to believe that this is not happening, that’s up to you. For me, I believe it is extremely difficult to intelligently deny. Does this mean that everything conspiracy theorists tell us is true, we are to take as gospel? Not at all. If we cannot verify it to any real degree, then it is probably best to ignore it or at least, continue to research something until more information can be obtained.

In the case of a coming system of global governance, we have the testimony of Scripture. Beyond this, we have the testimony of the things occurring throughout society itself, some of which were listed in the previous article.

A good question or two to ask is how will this new, coming global system of governance actually take shape and where might it be headquartered? Obviously, the coming world order will not simply appear overnight, as the fence surrounding Berlin appeared. It takes time. World leaders must not push too much, though in many ways, there has been a great deal of pushing the envelope on their part. We’ve seen what happens when Islam tends to overrun a particular population and what that means for Christians, as for instance, in a nation like Great Britain, which has come increasingly under the auspices and laws of the European Union (EU). The only people who are truly suffering there are people who are Christians. This type of persecution is being ramped up under the guise of “equity” for all. Under these types of laws, anyone who is easily offended can make accusations and perpetrators are often simply rounded up, ending up in a court of law.

The Club of Rome is a group of elitists that formed in 1968 and that group has done the grunt work of dividing the world up into ten parts. That’s exactly how the world will be brought in line as one. Right now, the world has just under 200 sovereign countries. Without changing borders, the Club of Rome has simply dividing existing nations up into ten groups. Ultimately, as some indicate, it is likely that the world will be divided up into three areas, for the sake of trade. But ten is a nice round number, isn’t it?

The Beast who comes out of the sea in Revelation 13 has ten horns. Daniel 7:24 tells us the following:

The ten horns mean that ten kings will arise from that kingdom. Another king will arise after them, but he will be different from the earlier ones. He will humiliate three kings.

Is this simply coincidence? Hundreds of years ago, the Bible revealed that the final kingdom would include ten “kings” or rulers/leaders, which likely are responsible for a specific area of the world. Notice the above text tells us that “another king” will rise up and will not really be part of the first ten kings. Revelation 17:12 also speaks of these ten kings.

The ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but will receive ruling authority as kings with the beast for one hour.

In the above section from Daniel 7:24, we learn that this other king will “humiliate” three of the existing kings. Other translations use the word “subdue” (NIV, KJV, NASB), “put down” (ESV), “defeat” (ISV). The sense here is that he will take their power to rule from them either through death or by overcoming them in some other way. The remaining seven kings will then defer to this other king.

But getting back to dividing the world up into sections, it seems that this is the best method of organizing the world into a global structure that would be reasonably easy for those in power to control. But another question that is indirectly connected to this is whether or not this coming system is going to be truly global and if so, where would its headquarters be?

While many might automatically point to the United Nations, I would disagree for a number of reasons. The UN is essentially only an arm of the coming global system of governance. Its power is largely superficial and political. According to the Scripture passages noted above, this coming system of governance will actually have “teeth.” In fact, Daniel 7:7-8 provides us some interesting detail.

7 “After these things, as I was watching in the night visions a fourth beast appeared—one dreadful, terrible, and very strong. It had two large rows of iron teeth. It devoured and crushed, and anything that was left it trampled with its feet. It was different from all the beasts that came before it, and it had ten horns.

8 “As I was contemplating the horns, another horn—a small one—came up between them, and three of the former horns were torn out by the roots to make room for it. This horn had eyes resembling human eyes and a mouth speaking arrogant things.

romanempirePlease notice that Daniel sees this fourth beast (the final empire that begins as the Roman Empire but then is resurrected or revised as something much worse than it had begun. Daniel sees this fourth empire as “dreadful, terrible, and very strong.” Certainly, those are accurate descriptors of the Roman Empire at its zenith. Roman soldiers were feared above all others. You would go out of your way to avoid them, even as an average citizen in Rome who had done nothing illegal.

The Roman Empire grew exceedingly large for its day. Without tanks, armor, bombers, machine guns, and bombs, Rome managed to create an empire that stretched from the Mesopotamia all the way to Great Britain (Britannia) to the west. As far north as what was to eventually become Germany and as far south as the northern portion of Africa. Note also that Israel and the Middle East was also part of the Roman Empire.

In fact, all four of the empires Daniel highlights in Daniel 2, 7, and elsewhere were kingdoms that included Israel. Daniel 11 highlights the fact that the constant friction and animosity between the king of the North (Syria) and the king of the South (Egypt) meant that Israel became a pawn between these two kings. The same will exist toward the end of this particular age.

EUAnother point to consider is that all four of the kingdoms mentioned by Daniel were essentially all in the same geographical area of the world. Babylon, Medo-Persia, Grecian, and the Roman Empires were all merely variants of the same geographical empire. Alexander’s Grecian Empire was larger than the Medo-Persian and the Roman Empire, though having expanded further west was about the same area. This tells us something very important. It tells us that the final version of this fourth empire will also likely be in the same geographical area and will also incorporate the Land of Israel and much of the Middle East.

If we compare the current EU with the old Roman Empire, you’ll note that it isn’t quite big enough. According to the image, the EU doesn’t incorporate Turkey or points further east, including the Middle East or Israel. It also does not include northern Africa. What does that mean? It could mean a number of things. Either the EU isn’t done expanding or the EU is merely the precursor to the final version of the revised Roman Empire that will exist during the final years of this current age. However, the EU is certainly a great starting point for the final, revised Roman Empire to appear.

By the way, for some great information on the question of a federal world government, click here or here. You’ll learn about how in 1942, world leaders wanted to reimagine the world. Obviously, in its early stages, if leaders were serious about this, it would have to be done covertly since people at the time would not have put up with this rearrangement. Much of today’s world doesn’t care. They want to be “taken care of” by governments. They would welcome a world that did this, which is why Bernie Sanders is someone that more and more people want to see as president. He wants to give everything away. What people don’t realize is that there is not enough money to do what he proposes for more than two or three years. But people don’t concern themselves with those “trifles.”

In any case, it is very likely that the final empire will be headquartered in the same general area as was the original Roman Empire. Again, it appears from Scripture that God will allow ten rulers (“kings”) to reign over the entire earth. This will occur once the world is fully harmonized or globalized. As these kings rise to take their regions (“kingdoms”) the little horn of Daniel 7 and 8 will also rise to take his seat among them, even though he himself is not part of the original ten (cf. Daniel 7:24). In essence, this little horn has simply waited for everyone else to do all the difficult work and then he will step onto the world’s stage, vanquish three of the kings to show he means business and the remaining seven will give him their loyalty.

What is interesting is to realize how hard the globalists throughout the world are currently working to bring all things together into one system of global governance. They do this for their own benefit, not yours or mine. They want to gain absolute and total control over all the earth and once they do, ten individuals at the top within the global elite will be “rewarded” with a kingdom within the global system. That smaller or regional kingdom will satiate their desire to rule. While this is happening, the little horn who has simply been watching things transpire from outside this inner circle, will step up, get rid of three of these rulers and become supreme ruler over all the earth.

But if this final revised version of the Roman Empire exists in the same general geographical area when it rises, will it still affect the United States? The short answer is yes, simply due to the fact that by that point, the USA will have effectively been swallowed up into a “region” even though it may still be called the United States. World leaders have been working hard behind the scenes to establish a North American Union for some time, one that is patterned after the EU and would include Canada, the US, and Mexico. Of course, it goes without saying that Internet sites like Snopes does what it can to explain it away. However, for the discerning reader who understands that a good deal of money to start and operate Snopes comes from leftist George Soros, their explanation falls short.

Even though, as Snopes says, no agreements have been signed, that doesn’t mean that work to unite all of North America has stopped. It continues. It’s all done under the rather innocuous idea that Canada, America, and Mexico must cooperate for the benefit of all. This refers to trade, etc. Snopes even quotes from a publication from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) a globalist think tank. Snopes closing paragraph says it all and I’m surprised they were willing to admit this.

None of this is to say that the three North American countries might not someday decide to form closer ties along the lines of the European Union, perhaps with a common currency and more fluid borders. But there is currently no official governmental plan underway to make all that happen by 2010.

Next time, we’ll talk about why this must be and why God is going to allow it to happen.

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