All You Need to Know About Conspiracy Theories, Part 4

February 2, 2016 at 7:02 AM 1 comment

oneworldI think we started to get to the heart of the matter in our last article, Part 3. The biblical truth appears to be that there is coming a one-world order that will fully engulf the entire world. That final empire will be headed up or controlled by one man, known as the Antichrist. I wish I could tell you who that person was, but I have absolutely no clue. While I believe he is alive today, right now, that knowledge does nothing because there are over 7 billion people on this planet, give or take 150,000 who die each day and many born to replace those.

If we knew, then obviously, many people in the world would likely try to assassinate this coming individual. That of course, would solve nothing, as Satan would simply find someone else. But of course, this is certainly one reason why the identity of this final ruler remains hidden for the time being. However, there will be a time when his identity will be fully known and his ambitions will come to fruition as well.

As I intimated last time, I think, while many conspiracy theorists are on the right track, they are missing the big picture. They do not understand that certain things must come to pass because they are clearly delineated in Scripture. They are foretold as what will become future history. Can we bank on that? Yes, I believe we can though people might disagree over some of the details.

As we’ll see, a final empire will rise as first introduced in Daniel 2 with the statue that Nebuchadnezzar dreamed about and it finally fell to Daniel to explain to the king what the statue and its various parts meant. In that chapter, we learn that God revealed through Daniel that the statue represented four empires. They are the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greece, and Roman. The interesting thing of course, is that this information was given to the king (via Daniel) during the Babylonian Empire. Yet, Daniel lived to see the Medo-Persian Empire as well. History tells us that the Grecian followed the Medes and Persian just as Daniel predicted and lastly, the world saw the Roman Empire come into existence and last for hundreds of years.

The interesting thing is that even though several of these empires grew really large, they did not fully take over the entire world. For instance, during the existence of the Roman Empire, the Hin Dynasty also existed. Though Rome reached into Northern Africa and to what became known as Great Britain, there is no mention of America or Australia or other areas of the world. Yet, it must be admitted that the Roman Empire was ferocious during the time it existed. Roman soldiers were feared.

The very last empire that is mentioned in Daniel 2 is what turns out to be the Roman Empire, which segues into something else, but still has the characteristics of the Roman Empire. There is much that we can say about that empire, that many scholars say is going to be the revised or resurrected Roman Empire that will be in existence just prior to the time of Jesus’ physical return to this planet. Daniel 7 informs us that this final revised version of the original Roman Empire will devour the entire earth.

“This is what he told me:
‘The fourth beast means that there will be a fourth kingdom on earth
that will differ from all the other kingdoms.
It will devour all the earth
and will trample and crush it, (Daniel 7:23; emphasis added)

While some commentators disagree over the actual meaning of the phrase “devour all the earth,” the truth seems to be that this final kingdom will include the whole earth. All we need to do is learn what is happening in the world today and what has been occurring to gain greater clarity into this subject.

For many years now, world leaders have been calling for a “new world order” or a “global government.” This new order is intended to oversee the entire world’s affairs so that peace can be established and maintained.

H. G. Wells, Winston Churchill, Jimmy Carter, Robert Kennedy, Richard Nixon, David Rockefeller, Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown – and many others – have all called for a “New World Order” or “World Government”. Henry Kissinger has said: “There is a need for a new world order”. This is in line with biblical prophecy as we near the end of the present age. But what sort of world government will it be? Prophecy says that, rather than relying upon ‘God and the Bible’, these rulers will be taking a stand against the Lord and against Jesus Christ (Psalm 2.2).

Most are familiar with calls for a global government. Have these calls been simply to unite a specific region of the world or the world itself? Clearly, for a new world order to work efficiently, the entire globe must be included in the mix. If only part of the globe has a “new world order,” then there is the potential of failure. The entire world of nations must be included in any form of true global governance in order to even hope to succeed.

It is not merely the words of leaders directing our attention to a coming global government either. We must ask ourselves what, if anything, has been occurring and continues to occur in order to bring this sought after global order to fruition. Can we look back to over time connecting us to the early 1900s for instance to see what, if anything has transpired that makes it appear as though a new world order, consisting of a global governance is in the offing?

Certainly, there is much within Scripture that tells us of a coming one-world system, which will include a one-world religion. Of course, the Bible is clear that this one-world religious system will be an apostate system and interestingly enough, the final one-world system is likened to Babylon and is seen as a beast with seven heads, being ridden by a harlot (Revelation 17:3). It would seem the Babylonian system of old first created by Nimrod never really died. Satan has kept it alive in order to utilize it at the end of this age.

But some of the things that have been occurring in the world to usher in this new world or global system of governance are historical fact.

  • 1935: A NWO symbol appears on the back of the US dollar bill
  • 1940: H. G. Wells publishes a book entitled ‘The New World Order’
  • 1945: UN is founded
  • 1948: World Council of Churches (WCC) is formed
  • 1954: Bilderberg Group is formed by Joseph Rettinger and Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, and funded by the Rockefellers.
  • 1957: EEC is formed under ‘The Treaties of Rome’
  • 1968: Club of Rome is formed
  • 1973: Trilateral Commission is formed
  • 1974: Universal Product Code (UPC) introduced in retail stores
  • 1990: George H.W.Bush spoke on ‘Toward a New World Order’
  • 1995: World Trade Organization (WTO) is formed
  • 2002: American FDA approved the ‘VeriChip’ (human implanted microchip for electronic ID)
  • 2009: The body responsible for managing the Internet, Icann, takes over from the U.S. to become more global
  • 2010: Creation of a European Army receives strong backing from Germany
  • 2012: German Finance Minister says: “the euro region needs ‘a real fiscal union”

Beyond the verifiable items listed above, things continue to move the world in the direction of global governance. We see this largely in the European Union (EU) and the United Nations’ directives. We know, for instance, that the debt of many nations has spiraled nearly out of control. This makes those nations dependent upon central banks that loan money to nations so that they can continue to operate (pay debts, etc.).

No nation should be in debt to a central bank that has no connection with that nation or government, but this is the case all too often. Nations need money to run. Without money, those nations will collapse. However, instead of a nation relying on its own infrastructure (including tax base and ability to print its own money based on internal values), central banks exist really as a means of extortion for those nations. Huge sums of money are loaned nations at high interest rates. Those high interest rates are designed to force the nation into austere measurements for their citizenry and it also pushes that nation toward default. When that happens, the central banks swoop in to make more loans at even higher interest rates. This of course, further cripples that nation’s ability to buy product and continue running. They become beholden to the central banks. The bankers make money hand over fist from that nation because of the high interest loans.

If you or I lived like that, we would quickly go bankrupt. Nations are different. As their debt increases along with their inability to repay loans, the central banks take more control over that particular nation. This has been going on for several hundred years with the Rothschilds and their penchant for gaining tremendous wealth through loans to kings/nations with extremely high interest rates (what the Bible calls “usury”). This is why China, as a for instance, is demanding certain things happen in America (like greater gun control) since they have purchased much of America’s debt. This gives them “ownership” to an extent.

Globally, this has been going on for several generations in modern times and has left countries like Great Britain and the United States reeling from multi-trillion dollar debt that really cannot ever be repaid. This will ultimately lead to some form of global economic crash and the Bible speaks about this coming crash in Revelation 18. When Babylon crashes, the merchants of the world will grow fearful, weep, and mourn (Revelation 18:9-10).

It really doesn’t take a genius to understand that this world is being forcefully moved toward a global system of governance, a one-world system. The Bible speaks of it and we can see things taking shape throughout the world. In that sense, because there is ample evidence of it happening, it is not a conspiracy theory, though it is still being treated as such by those who are unwilling to admit it.

Next time, we’ll talk about this final, revised “Roman” Empire and what it might look like based on how things look now and the direction things continue to move.


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