All You Need to Know About Conspiracy Theories, Part 3

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Nimrod wanted to rule the world...

Nimrod wanted to rule the world…

As we’ve noted in our previous articles in this series – Part 1 and Part 2 – whether or not many conspiracy theories are truth or not is probably something we will never be able to prove one way or another. Ultimately, it comes down to what each person believes about specific events and people in society.

But as I’ve noted, the Bible explains, highlights, and reveals information about the future that we would do well to pay attention to, because if anything, we will certainly gain much more by focusing in on God’s Word than all the books, articles, and speeches by people in this world about dubious or questionable events. I think this much is clear and if I’ve learned anything over the past five years or so, trying to get to the bottom of conspiracy theories is often pointless because there is no way that absolute truth can be determined.

With respect to God and His Word though, you either accept it as truth or you don’t. If you do not accept it as truth, then you are left out there on your own to determine what might happen in society based on the plethora of conspiracy theories that are said to exist. If you do accept God’s Word as revealed truth, then even though not every question regarding each and every conspiracy theory is answered, but they don’t need to be because the Bible provides the overriding or overall picture of what will befall society as we hasten toward the end of this current age, which culminates in the Lord’s return.

Conspiracy theories are those things which can often taken on a life of their own. The more they’re repeated, the larger they often become. In general, one major conspiracy theory exists that connects to nearly all others. It is that one particular family came into existence and because of them, a plan came to be to take over the entire world. Stemming from that, a network of operatives was created that has as its goal, to carry out the directives of that particular family.

Now of course, in order to bring this to fruition, that particular family would have to become exceedingly powerful and according to all conspiracy theories, this has occurred. The family in question is the Rothschilds family and it has been allegedly through them and by their hand that the world has been slowly corralled into obedience, dominion, and slavery.

Here’s the way I see things. As I noted in the last article, the Bible seems to clearly indicate that things will ramp up as we approach the end of this current age. When I say “age,” what do I mean by that? I mean that it seems as far as God is concerned, there are two ages, this age that we are currently living in and began at the Creation and the next age, which will start at the return of Jesus, His second coming.

Clearly, it is easy to see why things would tend to “heat” up as this age approaches its end. The second coming of Jesus represents the dividing line between this age and the next. Upon His return, this age ends and the next age begins. The next age constitutes His return, the judgment of the nations (Sheep and the Goats, Matthew 25:31–46), and the Millennial Kingdom in which Jesus will reign over all the earth (Genesis 12:1-3; Isaiah 9:3–7; 11:1–10; Jeremiah 31:33; Micah 2:2-4; Zechariah 12:10-14; Matthew 24:31; Revelation 20:2-7; etc.).

If it is true that Jesus is going to return in what is referred to as His second advent – if this is what the Bible teaches (and it does) – then it is also very obvious that the powers of darkness led by Satan himself is very aware of this future as well. If he is aware of it, why wouldn’t he try to stop it? In fact, I believe this is exactly why a final world ruler or “man of sin” will rise up toward the very end of this current age. He will have seven years to line up all of his ducks so to speak, gain as much power and influence as possible over all the nations, and amass a world army the likes of which has never been seen. All of this in a paltry attempt to stop Jesus from returning to the earth to judge and rule over it.

Again, if this is what the Bible teaches (and I have no doubt that it does), then there are certain things that Satan needs to accomplish in order to prepare for that coming day when Jesus’ feet will touch down on the Mt. of Olives and that mountain will split into two.

On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives which lies to the east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in half from east to west, leaving a great valley. Half the mountain will move northward and the other half southward, (Zechariah 14:4, NET).

It’s obvious that Satan would want to pull out all the stops to keep Jesus from returning. You see, I think that most people who are involved in studying conspiracy theories only get it half right. I’m not talking about their conclusions regarding some of the more major conspiracy theories that exist. I’m referring to what they tend to conclude because of those conspiracy theories. For Satan to stop Jesus from returning, he must have a truly intricate plan to overcome all of society. This is probably best made possible by using one main group or family of people from which he would direct all of his earthly affairs. It certainly is better than the alternative, which is to work through millions of people the world over and try to bring unity and coherence. I cannot see that working. Satan would need a base of operations as it were, in which to bring his plan to fulfillment.

The rewards for such a family of submitting to his rule would be tremendous, as expected. Satan would go out of his way to enrich them, which would make them more powerful than any other family on earth. He would need this to protect the family so that they would be untouchable. They would do his dirty work in exchange for more wealth, power, and prestige than any other human family. Of course, Satan’s expectations would be high as well because he has things to accomplish and if he’s going to make people extraordinarily powerful due to their tremendous wealth, he wants/needs things in return. It makes absolute perfect sense that Satan would desire to choose and one particular group or family of people. From there, he would work out his plan in and through them. Because of their tremendous power, their lives would touch everything and everyone on earth. Is it possible that even at some point, the “man of sin” might come from this same family line? It’s very possible indeed.

In my opinion, many conspiracy theorists rightly conclude that the world is being directed toward a full unification where nations’ borders will become non-existent, where a one-world, global currency will replace all currencies, including the dollar, and were people will be controlled more than at any other time in history. If you’ve watched “Man in the High Castle,” you get some idea of what that means, though this show is essentially a fictionalized account of what the world would be like if the Axis powers won WWII, instead of the Allies.

As we continue to move toward the end of this current age, the people who have been amassing power through their often times illegal gathering of wealth, will exercise more and more control over all aspects of society. How do I know this? Because something like this must occur in order to prepare the world to accept one final person who becomes the global leader of the world for even a few years.

History is replete with those who would be dictators and who were able to control an area of the world and populace even for a time. Most of these dictators simply don’t last that long. As technology has improved and in effect, made the world seem that much smaller, the chance of a dictator lasting long is even smaller than in previous periods of history. Of course, North Korea stands out as a unique example but they remain as they do because of the lack of communication and technology that is generally allowed in that country by its resident dictator. The North Korean government does all that it can to keep the world’s prying eyes out and certainly keeps its citizens from seeing or experiencing anything beyond its borders.

In general though, most dictators that have come and gone have designs on extending their borders. For them, ruling over an ever-increasing empire has been a common thread among dictators, whether it was Nimrod (Genesis 10-11), to Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito, or someone else.

The final “man of sin” (aka the Antichrist), will also see visions of grandeur, provided by Satan himself. Do you recall the temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4 in the wilderness? It was there that Satan offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would but bow to him (Satan). Jesus refused, but another will come, the “man of sin” who will likely hear a similar offer and will take Satan up on his offer quickly and with relish.

This tells us something very important about Satan and his control of the kingdoms of this earth. Knowing this allows us to look beyond the human beings that Satan may be using to accomplish his ends. We’ll talk more about that next time.

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