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All You Need to Know About Conspiracy Theories, Part 5

But if this final revised version of the Roman Empire exists in the same general geographical area when it rises, will it still affect the United States? The short answer is yes, simply due to the fact that by that point, the USA will have effectively been swallowed up into a “region” even though it may still be called the United States. World leaders have been working hard behind the scenes to establish a North American Union for some time, one that is patterned after the EU and would include Canada, the US, and Mexico. Of course, it goes without saying that Internet sites like Snopes does what it can to explain it away. However, for the discerning reader who understands that a good deal of money to start and operate Snopes comes from leftist George Soros, their explanation falls short.

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The Coming Global Financial Crash

There it is again – global financial crash. When that happens (not if, but when), the world will reel from it. I think it is absolutely going to happen soon. There is also a great deal of Internet chatter related to another stock market crash, along the likes of the ’29 crash. It seems what our leaders have been doing is helping themselves, not the average individual in America and if Benjamin Fulford offers us any truth, the chickens will come home to roost and much of this will be made public soon.

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