Mystery of Iniquity Increases

May 30, 2020 at 3:30 PM 14 comments

Not long ago, I wrote an article dealing with the Mystery of Iniquity that the apostle Paul brings to our attention in 2 Thessalonians 2. I also presented this in a video message to our churchwide Sunday School class in digital format, which you can view here:


One thing I noted about this “mystery of iniquity” is that it is seriously on the rise. For those who take Scripture literally (not listeristically, but at its plain face value), it is patently clear that evil will grow to a point in which the entire world will become engulfed in it. This is all leading to the final one-world kingdom that was first prophesied in Daniel 2, when King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that upset him greatly. Daniel was the one who provided the interpretation of it and in that interpretation, five kingdoms would come to fruition one by one and then go away. The fifth kingdom would have traits of all the previous four kingdoms and would be ruled by the (not “an”), Antichrist. Satan has been preparing for this for quite some time; thousands of years in fact.

So whether anyone likes it or not, the plain fact of the matter is that in spite of any good that President Trump accomplishes, ultimately, the world will be overcome by a growing mystery of iniquity that will be personified in the Antichrist’s rule over the entire earth in the final kingdom of Daniel 2.

Case in point is what we have transpiring in society right now. We know with the recent Coronavirus (CV-19), there have been stay at home or shelter in place rules provided by elected government officials and unelected bureaucrats. It was interesting to see moms who dared to take their kids to an empty neighborhood park arrested for doing so. Others were either arrested or fined for daring to surf or waterboard in the ocean with no one else around or open their businesses. People who weren’t wearing their masks correctly were thrown on the ground by NYC cops and arrested. It was so asinine watching these things unfold.

However, with the recent apparent murder of suspect George Floyd by a white cop, whose knee was on Mr. Floyd’s neck, cutting off the airway, the world has come unglued. What happened to George Floyd was reprehensible and there is no doubt about that. At the same time, there is absolutely no justification for what is happening in the USA in recent days. George Floyd’s death is being used by the Left to destroy America from within with Floyd’s death used as a pretext.

What we are seeing is far more than simply a “grass roots” reaction to Floyd’s death. This has likely been planned for many months. It’s as if these anarchist groups (BLM and AntiFa), have been waiting in the wings for just the right moment to create problems and run amok in society. That moment came with the murder of George Floyd. Let’s not forget the threats that Bernie followers made if he was not the DNC nomination (“cities will burn”).

The only thing that makes this situation worse is the fact that most of the rioting and looting (as well as numerous cases of arson), have all occurred in mainly Democrat-controlled cities and areas and those Democrat mayors and in some cases Democrat Governors have done little to nothing to stem the violence. This is unconscionable.

We’ve heard mayors or governors blame “white nationalism” and admit that the people who are creating these problems are actually being bussed or flown into cities they don’t live in.

Others report that pallets of bricks magically appeared in some cities where no construction was taking place, allowing rioters to grab a brick and start creating the damage. Others have come in after them to start fires or loot.

All of this is so unnecessary and reprehensible. It is proof that Satan is alive and well and that he works through people either knowingly or unknowingly serving him and his plan to build a one-world government. We know that George Soros’ name is often attached to these situations, though the people at his Open Society deny that Soros is favorable to violence in any form. But someone is paying these people. Someone is footing the bill for them to fly in to cities where they do not live. Someone is paying for their food and provides a place for them to stay.

These people are truly anarchists. They’re not “white nationalists.” Anyone who believes this is an unmitigated moron. These people are MARXISTS as clearly as the chants they chant are MARXIST. They’re not hiding anything. They want a total overthrow to the United States and in that way, they are like George Soros who understands that until the USA is out of the way, a true one-world global government cannot come to fruition. He has said as much.

This is the growing mystery of iniquity that Paul spoke about roughly 2,000 years ago. This is not a blip on the radar. It is a growing time bomb waiting to explode and when it does, while the USA might still exist when all is said and done, it will be pulled under the umbrella of the coming globalized final empire ruled over by Satan’s spiritual son, Antichrist.

Here we are in society where CV-19 was going full bore, but then began to wane. Deaths were going down (oh, the horrors!), and even the number of infections was going way down. The “experts” keep warning us that we may see a second wave so don’t relax and are now saying there may not be a second wave. We were told wearing masks could save a life. Now? Oh, it’s largely symbolic and even the WHO is now saying that no one needs to wear a mask unless they are caring for CV-19 patients. The problem with that is the CV-19 virions are so small that they can easily pass through the cloth spacing in the average mask. If that’s true, then the WHO is wrong. In order to be protected from CV-19, we would need to dress like a virologist.

So with CV-19 waning what was the Left going to do? They needed something else to distract so George Floyd’s death at the hands of a rogue cop was the perfect opportunity and the Left used it. It took no time at all for them to mobilize throughout many cities in the USA and create the destruction because of their preplanning. Notice also that while many protesters (looters, rioters, arsonists, etc.), are wearing masks. Why, because they are trying to continue social distancing? No, it’s because it covers their identities. They don’t care about social distancing even though mayors and governors are urging protesters to wear masks. This is ludicrous.

But it’s not as if CV-19 is over either. Churches in California gathered together to sue the state to allow them to begin meeting again. Gov. Newsom has a tyrannical hold on the state so it went all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS) and the decision was just handed down recently. Ready? SCOTUS ruled in favor of (drum roll please) the State of California, not churches!

In essence, SCOTUS stated that California has the right to set aside the First Amendment! SCOTUS disagreed with the attorneys for the churches with their argument that the shutdown does not treat all businesses and organizations the same. Read about the decision here.

‘Although California’s guidelines place restrictions on places of worship, those restrictions appear consistent with the free exercise clause of the First Amendment,’ Chief Justice Roberts wrote in an opinion concurring in the unsigned ruling.’

Essentially, SCOTUS has nullified at least part of the First Amendment. This is another in a long line of victories for the Left and we can be assured that there will be more happening to further the Left’s cause over the next few years, during President Trump’s second term. This also is part of the growing mystery of iniquity.

So what about Q and all the things he has stated? Well, feel free to continue to follow and believe Q but it seems to me he’s made a few huge mistakes that outed him a bit, in my opinion. I don’t want to get into it too much, but I’m beginning to think that Q is trying too hard to make everyone believe everything is “okay” and there’s no need to be alarmed. The phrase “patriots in control” comes to mind, though it looks like anything but that is happening.

During 2018, he said, “2018 will be glorious.” I can’t think of what was glorious about 2018. This past January and February he talked about “game over” and almost immediately after that, Coronavirus happened, followed by this current situation.

This is abysmal. People’s lives and livelihoods are being destroyed and yet I continue to read things like, “Get the popcorn” and “best movie ever!” I don’t quite get it myself. Feel free to believe what you’d like to believe. I certainly won’t fault you for it.

In my opinion though, this all may be nonsense. The fact that patriots and conservatives continue to be lulled into a sense of submission waiting for the big “reveal” to occur with respect to the Deep State is ridiculous, yet there we have it. It’s been nearly four years and not one arrest. Four years and the Left hasn’t let up and the only thing Q can say is that the Left is using up all its ammunition. Folks, the Left won’t run out of ammo. There’s always something else they can use in their favor. They have too many people placed high in government, corporations and the media.

I’ve been following this Q thing since before Q; when FBIAnon posted. Then Q took over and became what he became. Some might argue, “well why are there so many hit pieces against Q? Doesn’t that mean that there is legitimacy where Q is concerned?” Not necessarily. It could all be part of the Left’s maneuvering to make it appear as though Q is the real deal. If no one objected to Q it would be more difficult to take it seriously.

Think of the flat earthers or those who don’t believe the USA never landed on the moon. Ever talk to those people? It’s kind of easy to relegate them to the lunatic fringe. The MSM doesn’t write articles trying to prove that the earth is not flat. Most people understand the earth is not flat. The same goes for landing on the moon. Most people believe it happened and those who don’t are relatively ignored or not taken seriously.

However, with Q, the Leftwing media puts out constant articles and misinformation about Q trying to brand him as a liar or someone who sits in his mom’s basement, hiding in the shadows there. Why bother with it? Their articles mean absolutely nothing. Why are they trying so hard? Why do they care? It’s possible they are told to act as if they care. The more they shine the light and oppose on it, the greater the chances of people buying into it. I actually think Q provides (or used to provide) info that no one else was providing. However, I now question why?

People who religiously follow Q believe the great reveal and victory over the Deep State is coming. It’s going to happen any day now. Soon, all the evil perpetrators behind spying on Trump, killing four Americans in Benghazi and all else will be brought to justice through military tribunals.

Folks, I’m amazed at how many Christians I come across on social networks who literally believe Trump is Cyrus and the USA is going to be “saved.” I wish they’d read the Bible. I wish they’d take the time to get their houses in order and understand what’s coming. I’ll admit I’ve been a bit misdirected by all of this as well, but I’ve also always said that no matter how much good Trump accomplishes, it won’t last. Q wants us to believe it will and he also professes to be a Christian.

Either God is correct and Tribulation is coming led by Antichrist, who will rule over the final global kingdom of the world, followed by the physical return of Jesus and then judgment of the nations, or…Q is correct. It really cannot be both.

I trust the Bible. I believe the mystery of iniquity is growing exponentially and will ultimately birth the final global empire first spoken of in Daniel 2. That empire will be led by the “man of sin” – the Antichrist. His intent will not be to rule the world just for the sake of ruling it. His intent is clearly defined the book of Revelation (and in numerous other portions of Scripture), where he will ultimately gather the earth’s armed forces in a last ditch attempt to keep Jesus Christ from returning to this earth as Victor and King of Kings. Can you believe the unmitigated gall of believing that?

Choose this day whom you will serve. While things will end well for all believers, it is very clear that road ahead is rough.

Faith needs to be placed in God, not elected officials, not unelected bureaucrats and not even some nameless person behind the scenes. Gird your loins for action as Paul would say. The worst (and then the best), is yet to come!


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  • 1. Debbie  |  June 3, 2020 at 2:44 PM

    Please..can someone explain to me why those two officers with a total of 23 complaints between them were still on the police force? Is it possible this was a deliberate event so as to result in the inevitable? It was being filmed by bystanders not counting the fact the officers have body cameras! I do not believe a sane officer would do what Chauvin did as well as other officers standing there condoning his actions unless they had another agenda or were put up to this by someone. Forgive my “conspiracy” thinking mind but the facts just do not add up. Restraint is one thing, this was out and out murder plain as can be and the intended result has occurred – riots in our streets rather than peaceful protests.

    As far as Q is concerned – I actually found Q by reading a blog of yours years ago. I believe Q has been providing information to help calm most rational thinking people and inform them that there are people in our government and military who still believe in America, the Constitution and rule of law….maybe even calm a people who would otherwise take up arms in Civil unrest. To be informed that there are people trying to clean up the vast corruption starting with Judges, Courts, CEOs and members of the Government who have resigned or were fired is a beginning. Thousands of them are gone. I keep thinking about our previous Speaker of the House who resigned! I do not put our President on a pedestal, but I do believe God gave him the reins of the US because He is not yet done with America or we would have a female president now. There must still be enough salt in this land to preserve her a little while longer. We certainly are getting an eye full of pure evil aren’t we? As a Christian, I for sure am seeing how important a spiritual life with the Lord is and how I need to be in the Word and prayer for this Nation and be part of that preserving salt. Others I pray are also seeing this as a Spiritual War. The corruption is so vast not just here in the US but world wide. I do not think Q team and POTUS even realized how deep and vast it was. Eight years will not be enough to change it – and whoever takes the reins in 2024 needs to be of like mind or all that is being done will be easily overturned. While I eagerly anticipate Christ’s return to earth, if it is not soon and these efforts to reform are overturned, then I pray to be with him in heaven already as America as we know her will then no more and I for one could not bear to see that.


    • 2. modres  |  June 3, 2020 at 3:40 PM

      Hi Debbie,

      As far as why those two officers were still on the force is anyone’s guess. It seems to happen too often and certainly, when Officer Chauvin was previously involved in another situation in which a suspect died, it appears that the DA refused to press charges. The level of corruption goes way beyond what we are capable of seeing.

      As far as any “conspiracy theories” go, anything is possible, isn’t it? There are numerous threads about all of the anomalies surrounding the entire situation where George Floyd is concerned. I just don’t have the time to search them out, but I will say it’s very possible that this event occurred as a catalyst for the events that followed OR it was a completely separate event and one that was jumped on so that riots, lootings and arsons could occur. This same thing happened with Rodney King and several other situations over the years. Collectively, it’s all working to usher in a total and complete overthrow of the USA. Unfortunately, it also appears that the three main antagonists in these current conflicts – AntiFa, BLM and Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement – are backed by foreign powers and foreign money. This is a very complex situation that is overtaking the rule of law in the United States by sheer force and mayhem if nothing else.

      As far as Q is concerned, people should be free to believe Q or not. I honestly do not know what to think because it has taken so long to bring about anything that even smacks of justice. We’ve got Gen. Flynn who was exonerated by the Dept of Justice only to learn that the judge overseeing the case – Judge Sullivan, a Clinton appointee – is acting like a prosecutor now. He does not want to let this go and appears to think he can drag this on for many more months. I’m not quite sure what the DOJ is doing except sending him excoriating letters, but clearly, Sullivan is acting beyond his purview.

      I do agree with you that Donald J. Trump became president because of God’s ultimate design. That is very clear from Scripture, but the same applies to every other president who came before him. I also agree with you that there is a good amount of “salt” that is acting as a bit of a dam against even more evil being kept at bay. Absolutely.

      Regarding all the CEOs that have resigned, certainly, that’s at least some indication that things are progressing. However, if we consider just one resignation, that of Eric Schmidt of Google, even though he’s gone, if anything Google has become even more fascist in their censoring of conservatives and their desire to create a greater surveillance of society. In other words, I think what Google wants in the United States is what they helped create in China where there exists a complex social grading system that gives everyone a grade. Those who score low have privileges and liberties taken away and are even limited in where they can go and what kind of a job they can hold. Moreover, the police in China have special glasses that allow them to view crowds and instantly determine who they see and learn all about each person. This has been accomplished because of technology provided by Google and 5G towers/satellites. 5G allows the transfer of data at extremely fast speeds and that is coming to the USA. In fact, several places like California already have it. This all happened after Eric Schmidt resigned.

      It’s certainly possible that Q and even POTUS have underestimated the depths of corruption. But early on, Q would often say, “We have everything.” One wonders if they have everything, why at least some of it could not find its way to the surface? The dribs and drabs of information that has essentially slow-dripped its way to the surface have given the Left plenty of time to discount or ignore. All in all, there really hasn’t been much impact that I’ve seen. I could be 100% wrong though as others seems very excited about what they “see” happening. Admittedly, I don’t think like an autist and a lot of Q’s comments make me go, “What?” I don’t get them and it’s even difficult to trust what the Anons produce.

      Time will tell, but it would be good for all Christians to understand the times in which we live and to draw closer to the Lord. That’s our safety net.


      • 3. Debbie  |  June 3, 2020 at 4:03 PM

        Thanks for your thoughts on this and this wonderful blog. I am being reminded again through these written words not to focus so much on Q and what is going on – distractions that are just not healthy for the spirit.


      • 4. modres  |  June 3, 2020 at 4:42 PM

        It’s true, isn’t it? I seem to have to relearn that every day and I start my day off in His Word! So glad this world won’t last forever. Life with Jesus is what it’s all about.


  • 5. Sara F  |  June 3, 2020 at 2:35 PM

    One last comment regrading submission to government. I must confess that because of Romans 13 and verses in 2nd Peter I was unsure of the christian responsibility regarding assembling, masks and so forth. I am so contemplating that in advance of a possible forced vaccine. It is not a sin to take a vaccine, albeit perhaps deadly, but unless the premise is under worship of the beast and renouncing Jesus, a vaccine is not sin. your post at first challenged me and I have since come to see my error in these verses. We do not assemble but not because of the virus, because there are no churches anywhere that preach the Bible anymore. At least not in our area. I am sharing this sermon. Not that you need it, but I sure found this man an encouragement and he shares your view as well. God bless you.


    • 6. modres  |  June 3, 2020 at 3:53 PM

      I agree that taking a vaccine if mandatory would not be sin unless it was directly associated with worship of the Antichrist. In Revelation though, where it speaks of not allowing people to buy or sell unless they get the mark (Revelation 13:17), the essence of that appears to be reminiscent of times during the Roman Empire. Often, Roman soldiers would willingly have the name of a commanding officer they highly respected tattooed on their bodies. During the Tribulation, I think it’s safe to say the same thing will occur with people then who will willingly have the mark of Antichrist’s name on them. Even though the text says “required,” most will gladly have his stamp on their hand or forehead. You’re also correct that the vaccine, if made mandatory, can create health problems just like the one for SARS did a few years back.

      It is really weird to see so many churches not assembling and simply obeying government orders. It’s weird and it likely has to do with what you’re saying – people go to church out of habit regardless of what is preached from the pulpit. It’s part of what we DO, so when we can’t meet, we meet digitally. But consider Roman times when Christians were so persecuted that they had to hide in the burial catacombs to have worship services because if they worshiped openly, they were in danger of being arrested or executed. Yet, they did not stop assembling. Thanks for the link and I’ll check it out today or tomorrow.


    • 7. Debbie  |  June 3, 2020 at 3:58 PM

      Sara, I too listen to Pastor/Teachers whose churches are in Texas and who teach the Bible in its original language and have for many years now. I struggle with the command not to forsake assembling, however, I believe the study of the Word is what is the intent of the verse – do not forsake gathering for the Word even though the Government at the time was oppressive. So far, we are heading in the direction of Rome, but there are still doctrinal churches out there and they are allowed to teach – just not in my area. I wish I could find a church with fellowship and good sound teaching, but have not found one here. That is probably why my state is in such shambles – not enough salt to preserve.


      • 8. modres  |  June 3, 2020 at 4:43 PM

        It’s interesting that so many people who read my articles here have commented about how difficult it is to find a Bible teaching church. It is difficult for sure and sometimes, it’s better to simply get together with other Christians on a weekly basis if there’s nothing else around.


  • 9. Sara F  |  June 3, 2020 at 1:52 PM

    Yes. It’s way beyond the elections now. I agree with you also about Q. I found myself placing more emphasis on that than the Word of God. We must beware of anything that exalts itself against the Word of God and throwing out a few scriptures here and there seems to easily distract us sheep. Thank you so much for these posts. Much needed in these dark days. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless and strengthen you.


    • 10. modres  |  June 3, 2020 at 3:41 PM

      Thank you, Sara. You as well.


  • 11. Sara F  |  June 3, 2020 at 10:58 AM

    I have been following you for some time. This is really accurate and on target. Also Appreciated your comments previously as to how churches are using Romans 13 as an excuse to ignore God’s commands. In Chicago, a courageous pastor Courtney Lewis is standing against the state, shepherding his congregation which is in the inner city while the mostly liberal churches around him mask up, stay home and work for “social justice”. Not one church standing with him, at least publically. The irony, they are all for “social justice” unless its a christian pastor who is standing for Christ! Perilous times indeed. The American church landscape seems to be identifiably morphing into state churches vs the saints in the Body of Christ.


    • 12. modres  |  June 3, 2020 at 11:12 AM

      Thank you, Sara. I know what you mean and it is disheartening to watch one church after another cower to the state all under the misinterpreted words of Paul in Romans 13. Jesus essentially did the same thing on the night He was betrayed when He rebuked Peter for taking out his sword (Luke 22). The truth seems to be that Peter was actually attacking ROME when he struck the ear off of the High Priest’s servant. People think Jesus was speaking against defending yourself and having no weapons. The Roman Empire was a massive government where the average person had few rights. Roman citizens had more rights, but not by much. Roman rulers could dictate law at will. We don’t live in that type of society with that type of government ruling over us. If we did, it would be a completely different story.

      What’s going on in society today with CV-19 and now riots, lootings, and fires is a continued way to keep people locked up inside out of fear. These are absolutely perilous times with a great deal of misinformation and lies passed off as truth. Christians need to rise above all the lies and simply live the way Jesus expects us to live. I’ll be praying for Pastor Lewis as he continues God’s work among those of the inner city. It must be tough with that particular mayor enacting the type of rules she hands down. I originally thought that this would all extend until the November elections, but I’m becoming more convinced that this will all continue until well after the elections, even after Trump is likely re-elected.


  • 13. Maranatha Today  |  June 1, 2020 at 3:53 PM

    I don’t know if you have seen this, but it’s shows pretty much all that went down. May Floyd rest in peace and his murderer be brought to justice. Wicked times we are living in.

    This scripture comes to mind:

    Prov 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.

    The Spirit of Pride is manifesting like never before. We know this led to the fall of Lucifer. Majority of the leaders of this world have this demonic spirit. The elite and all the nefarious ones have this spirit. The traits are:
    Control, Domination
    Critical, Judgmental

    We pray that God will expose all who have this spriit and judge them accordingly. This in my humble opinion is the key to ALL the wickedness playing out in the world at this moment. Think of any key players in the things going in today and most if not all the traits of the Spirit of Pride can be seen. Blessings and Maranatha.


    • 14. modres  |  June 1, 2020 at 6:00 PM

      Thanks for your thoughts and I’ll check that link. It’s true what you regarding Scripture and it is sad to see it come to life like this with so many.


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